sorry cailan

Man, I love that Ostagar cut scene so much! Maybe that’s because I love the Battle for Helm’s Deep from the LotR films and there are some obvious cinematic similarities? Who knows.

But anyway, my question today is for Cailan: why did you charge? You had a beautiful choke point in your possession, and you had archers and mages on high parapets and platforms surrounding that choke point! Hold the mabari, hold your men, and wait for the darkspawn to charge you! Force the darkspawn into the choke point to make it easier on yourself, and wait for Loghain (if he’d decided to not betray you) to flank them. They will overextend, and Loghain’s army will divide the horde in two. Now you have one section of the horde stuck in a narrow choke point for you to pick off one by one, and Loghain’s on crowd control until your boys can come through and help him push the horde back.

Or at least that’s what would have happened if your uncle liked you and didn’t think you were the worst king ever…

I’m going to try really hard to be calm, even though I am not calm at all right now. I am freaking out, flapping my hands like an idiot, trying not to scream.

I commissioned rayeliann to draw a scene from this drabble that I’ve reblogged a million times, and wow, oh my goodness, I am still in shock and awe of how incredibly amazing this is. Thanks again for such a wonderful piece!