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I have really bad anger issues and I really hate that because I don't like hurting people just because I can't control my feelings. I know you're still get mad sometimes but you've been much better than before, so I was wondering if you maybe have some suggestions that could help that aren't "exercise more" or "go see a professional" or "just calm down"

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A sneak peek of Shukashuu’s feature in My Girl Vol. 20, releasing October 18th! She will appear along with Anchan and Rikyako!

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Hey y'all! There’s not really any special reason for doing this, but I’ve never done one before and wanted to! 

To anyone who follows me, thank you so much! Without you guys liking and reblogging everything that I’ve written and made I wouldn’t be where I am today and I wouldn’t have the confidence to be able to even share my personal content with y'all! I remember being so nervous to share my first piece of writing, but now I love it thanks to y'alls love and support. I have had the time of my life being a part of the 5sos fam and am eternally grateful for all the wonderful friendships I’ve made along the way and now it’s my turn to show my appreciation back! 

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“The threat is real… As leaders we have to think about our people’s security above else. Keep your cool.”  @mindofjen @tacticianwinter@ronyascribbles@random-delights


summary/request: au where A almost drops something and in their attempts to stop it from hitting the floor, they accidentally project it at B’s face 

pairing: younghyun x reader

genre: fluff (??), awkward meeting

word count: 648

a/n: i’m sorry if this is awful i really tried man, i did

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Finals week was draining you - both mentally and physically - and it seemed like it took forever to pass. Your dorm room smelled a bit like mold (you didn’t have time or energy to clean it) and your desk had papers, stationery and food wrappers all over it. 

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You know it’s funny my stories take up so much space inside my head; I’m constantly thinking about them, engrossed in one universe or another, and constantly at least trying to work on them with a word document open. But I hardly talk about them irl. It’s like they’re this huge part of my life and my personality but… no one knows about it. So it’s almost like no one really knows me. Not really. Because so much of who I am is broken up and scattered inside all these different worlds and characters. And I’m not blaming my friends and family (well, except my parents who have never taken it seriously), because it’s not their fault that they might not be interested in that kind of stuff, and it’s certainly not their fault that I can’t seem to find the words to talk about it. Maybe it’s because I’ve been taught that no one wants to know about it. Maybe it’s because the ideas are too big for me to funnel down into words. Maybe it’s because they are too personal, too vulnerable parts of myself that I just don’t know how to share. Maybe it’s a bit of all.

I know this probably is very scattered and doesn’t make much sense. But I just think it’s interesting that this is such a huge part of my life and of myself and yet it’s a part that basically no one else sees. Even if they read my writing, it’s such a tiny glimpse of the ideas and worlds and characters bubbling inside me. But I guess if you do read my writing, you know more about me than someone who doesn’t.