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Sorry to botheer you, but could you explain the whole Batfamily members and relationships to me, possibly including all the Robins and Batgirls/Batwomen? Because I'm new to thefandom, but my friends like it a lot and I want to understand it really well. (I plan to read the comics but I don't know where to start, it'd be great if you could help me with that too!)


so I was gonna explain how they all joined the batfam, but after like three tries where I lost it I changed my mind…if you want a whole novel-length answer about that, let me know and I will try to provide 

So as far as I know, the Batfam consists of:

  • Bruce Wayne
  • Alfred Pennyworth
  • Dick Grayson
  • Barbara Gordon
  • Jason Todd
  • Tim Drake
  • Stephanie Brown
  • Cass Cain
  • Damian Wayne
  • Duke Thomas 
  • Harper Row (?)
  • Kate Kane
  • Selina Kyle

So Bruce is Batman, and the Dad™. All of these except Kate, Selina, and Alfred are his kids (ignore anyone who says otherwise). He’s legally adopted Dick, Jason, Tim, and Cass, and Damian is his blood son. He and Jason don’t always get along, but they love each other.

Alfred is Bruce’s butler (but so much more) and he’s like Bruce’s father, and he loves all these kids like they’re his own grandchildren. 

Dick is the Big Brother. He was the first Robin, then Nightwing, then Batman (Bruce died but got better) and now he’s Nightwing again. He is full of so much love for all of these guys it’s not even funny. 

Barbara was Batgirl, then she retired, then she was shot and paralyzed, and she became Oracle, which was the best thing to happen ever tbh. She’s the tech support and don’t let the wheelchair fool you–she can still kick your ass any day. 

Jason was Robin II, then he died (he got better) and then was Red Hood. (people might tell you Red Hood is a villain. Don’t listen to them. Unless they’re talking about when the Joker was Red Hood. Then yeah, villain.) Jason is close with Tim, has an okay relationship with Dick, and a really complicated relationship with Bruce. (if you want more details on that, ask @acejasontodd because she knows way more about Jason then I do)

Tim was Robin III, then Red Robin. He used to date Steph and stalk the Batfam. He’s close to Dick and Jason, and he and Damian pretty much hate each other. He’s the brains in the family (though Babs is probably smarter) and he and Bruce are similar, so they’re fairly close, too.

Steph is my absolute favorite, so there might be some gushing. She was Spoiler first, then Robin IV (the first girl Robin!!! How cool!!!) then Batgirl III. She’s a member of the dead robin club, and her relationship with Bruce is arguably worse then Jason’s. She’s BFF with Cass, is close to Tim, fanon has her close to Jason, and she’s definitely close to Damian, too. 

Cass was Batgirl II, then Black Bat. She’s really cool and she’s Bruce’s only daughter (although I hc Bruce considering Steph and Babs’ his kids, too, so). She’s really close with Steph and Tim, and also with Bruce, because they share similar views on the Mission. 

Damian is Bruce’s blood son, and he won’t let you forget it. He’s snobby and uptight, currently Robin V, the baby of the family, and some have fondly (or not-so-fondly) nicknamed him “Demon”. He’s super close with Dick, and he considers Dick a mix of a father figure and a brother. Fanon has him close with Jason, and he’s the third member of the dead robin’s club. Some people don’t see it, but he totally had a crush on Steph. Like, big time. He and Bruce’s relationship is strained, but they’re working on it. 

Kate Kane is Batwoman. She’s Bruce’s cousin on his mother’s side, and they’re around the same age (?). She’s like the cool aunt for the kids. Kate is also DC’s lesbian icon, which is funny, because back when Batwoman was first introduced way back in the Silver Age (?), she was added to make it “less gay”. 

Selina Kyle is Catwoman. Some call her a villain, some call her not a part of the Batfamily, and those people are lying. She may not be a good guy, and part of the Sirens (with Ivy and Harley), but she’s still a Batfamily member.

okay, that’s all. 

I lied because there’s still New 52. So DC decided to reboot, and now Steph and Cass aren’t a part of the Batfamily, Tim is “dead”, and Harper Row and Duke Thomas exist. I know nothing about how they came to join the Batfam, but Bruce has adopted Duke and he’s now Lark (?) and Harper is Bluebird. 

as of n52/rebirth, Steph is Spoiler (was never Robin or Batgirl–which, worst decision ever), Cass is Orphan (again, never Batgirl), and Babs was never Oracle (literally the worst thing to happen to Babs since she was shot for the sake of Bruce’s character development). Personally, I like the preboot better, but you choose where you want to start. 

I have literally no idea where to rec you to start reading comics, so you might want to ask someone else for that. I know @acejasontodd has Steph and Jason recs, and I’m sure @cassandracain-wayne has Cass recs, but other than that idk :/. 

Hope this helped!


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