sorry but wats the name of their ship

alexielmihawk  asked:

Hi, I love your art, I wanted to ask you what do you think of Barto/Cavendish? If you ship them, have you ever considered them in a poliamory relationship with Rebecca? (I'm sorry, I just really really ship them and I'm trying to spread the ship)

Thank you, dear~! I do ship Romeo/Cabbage but I’ve never really shipped Rebecca with anyone. (I hc her as Ace but not Aro~)

I don’t ship it, tbh, but you keep at it, brave soldier! Them three in one room makes for very fun times! XD


my babies <3 i decided to make an evil twin brother and named him Coal..because…black hair with ember colored eyes…i know im fucking creative, bitches should learn from me <3

pnmai, i meant why not ship yuuya with silver instead luls. and ure right im against yuuxanita XD