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hey there it's me again :) nice to see ya, I uhm saw Anie past and I feel really sorry for her, I can understand now how much in common Abel and her can have and.. I would like to ask you if Abel can in some way avenge her painful experience, or even protect her for real, and I love the kids she dreamed :D

OMG! Vampire! 

First, I’m sorry for answering this with my bad English. q_q

Awww! It’s cute of you to feel sad about Anie’s story.
Well, it is true that Anie did not have a happy past, after the cancellation of their program, the whole town hate her.
They beat her, humiliated her and took away everything she loved.
But, now that Anie has reached ToonTown, she does not see the need to take revenge, she is much happy, her life, her friends and the encounter with Abel, brought light into her life.
Of course Abel can get revenge for her! But it’s a whole city we’re talking about, it’s true that Abel is very strong, but Anie does not want anyone to avenge her, much less the person she loves, Anie does not want something bad happens to Abel just for her, Anie would ache that the same people who made her scream in pain for so many years would hurt Abel, she would feel guilty.
Anie does not want something bad to happen to the people she loves.
Abel is already doing a lot for her alone with his presence, which Anie can see and help Abel that makes her very happy.
But if Abel still wants revenge for her, you can, but Anie will be very scared. XD

W-w-wait!, ¡¿What?! REALLY?!


Well…thanks!. :,,,D

One Night

Fionn meets a girl at a party and he is absolutely mesmerized.


Inspired by Palace/Curse by The Internet

Warnings:Drug/ alcohol mentions, cursing, mentions of sex

Fionn doesn’t know how he got here. He is dancing between two girls, one pushing into his bum the other grinding into his pelvis uncomfortably.

He’s sweaty and feels constricted in his current position and wants nothing more than to push them off. He’s really never been to a party before.

Fionn feels the rush of alcohol in his veins and it doesn’t persuade him to adjust to the situation. He just becomes more irritated each second as he tries to let loose, but he can’t.

His hands fly up in frustration and he pushes himself out of the sandwich. In response the women grab at his arms yet he continues pulling away and pushes through the large crowd of dancing people ready to find his friends and demand them to take him home.

Yet he can’t find them and stands on the coffee table for leverage to look out into the sea of sweaty and drunk people.

“Can I get a hell yeah!” The DJ yells which catches Fionn off guard and he flinches bringing his hands over his ears.

“Hell yeah!”

He feels someone tugging at his pant leg and looks down only to see a girl about his age looking up at him with the most caring look and Fionn really needs it.

He removes his hands from his ears and he feels the tension in his face calm.

“Are you okay? Do you need water?” She shouts over the music,“Get down, we can figure it out.” She extends her hand out to him and he grabs it stumbling into her as he gets down.

She smells nice for someone who came to a house party like this. He can’t help but wonder what someone who looked as innocent as her was doing here but she pulls him over to a couch, away from all the alcohol and weed that is being passed around.

When he sits down the room is spinning and he is finally convinced he has had too much to drink. He’s slouched on the couch arms lazily falling on each thigh as his legs are spread open.

She kneels between them before talking loud enough for him to hear.

“Can I do anything for you? You look really bad?”

He goes to speak yet when he does he feels like vomiting and the girl is quick to move out of the way and grab the ziplock bag full of straws on the floor before handing it to him.

He lets it all out in front of her, he doesn’t even try to do anything to disgust her less.

When he is done though, he is disgusted by himself and expects the girl next to him to cringe. Yet she hasn’t shown any sign of that and looks like she’s more worried than the mix of whatever he drank earlier and his lunch.

Fionn reaches for the plastic bag under his foot and drops the ziplock bag in and knots it tight before sliding it near the couch and falling back to his recent position.

Things get really hazy for him now and the music is a blur. He has an easier time focusing on the texture of the couch than the DJ yelling obnoxiously into the mic.

He feels her touch on his neck and practically melts into it. He hates being touched, but this is different. Fionn goes out to reach for her hand and holds it in his own.

She’s confused and he knows. It makes him smile, yet he just wants to hold her hand because he wants to touch her and this is probably the closest he can get because he doesn’t want to cross the line.

“I’m Fionn.” He whispers into her ear.

She squeezes his hand,“I’m Y/N.”

He watches as her lips move to make her name and then back to her loving eyes.

“You’re beautiful.” Fionn breathes out completely mesmerized by her entire existence.

She gets flustered and he can tell he’s made a mistake because she looks uncomfortable.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t…”

“No,“She starts,“It’s okay. You’re just drunk and you know-”

“Doesn’t mean I can’t consider you gorgeous.” He states matter o’ factly.

Fionn peels his eyes off her for a second and he sees his mates taking shots off the kitchen counter. He sighs.

“Your friends?” She guesses and Fionn nods to confirm her suspicious.

They sit still for a while watching as the people dancing start to gather closer to them and now practically everyone is tripping over them.

“Hey,” she whispers in his ear which send shivers down Fionns’ spine,“There’s a room upstairs. It’s my friends brothers room since they still live together. He’s out of town and she leant me the room if I needed for tonight.” She says picking with the hem of her dress.

Fionn gets it’s now, she’s only here because her friend wants her to get laid and frankly Fionn isn’t up for it, he doesn’t want to bone someone who clearly doesn’t want to either. He’s drunk yet he can get that straight.

“I don’t want to have sex with you.” He says.

“What?- No, no,” she laughs,“I got the room for that reason but I wasn’t planning to use it like that. You could go lie down, that’s what I meant.”

Fionn’s eyes widen,“Oh, oh. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to just-”

“Yeah yeah.” She says to him trying to move on,“Do you want to lay down?”

His head moves against the back of the couch and then finally he nods in approval and she pulls him up and hooks an arm under his shoulder to help him walk straight.

Fionns’ head is a pounding mess and the music doesn’t help.

She pulls a key out from her bra and opens the door and Fionn wobbles in, falling straight onto the soft mattress.

Y/N doesn’t turn the light on and Fionn is grateful. It’s like she knows.

She shuts the door behind her and he hears her laugh in the dark. Her laugh is like his favorite song tonight.

Fionn snuggles into the pillow and shuts his eyes. He would love to admire her more yet it’s so dark he can’t even see her.

He hears her though, she’s shuffling around the room until he hears a thump and sees light from the night sky through the window. She sits in front of it and just stares out. There isn’t much to look at but she sits there and just watches the trees, the other still houses and the cars that would rarely pass by.

Fionn is practically asleep but he hears the door open and shut after a couple of seconds.

He opens his eyes and sees she’s gone.

Fionn wakes up and he feels disgusting. His eyes are heavy and he never wants to get up, but he has to of course.

He runs a hand through his hair before pushing himself off the bed and out the bedroom door.

It reeks, and people are sleeping in the hallway and it leaves Fionn surprised, believing that only happened in the movies.

As he walks down the hall he remembers the girl he met last night. Y/N. Everything but her is foggy and he really hopes they didn’t do anything because she seemed too nice to even touch that way.

Fionn sees his friends on eachother, all huddled together on one couch and he shakes his head. No one could take him home. He would need to take the tube, and he felt like a fucking mess.

He opens the front door and pushes himself out groggily.

Fionn is ready to leave the area but he sees her sitting on the lawn to his left, knees up to her chest as she looks up at the sky.

“Hey.” Fionn says softly approaching her.

She looks up in his direction startled yet smiles when she sees his face.

“Oh, Fionn.” She waves a cute little wave at him before he sits down next to her, “How did you sleep?”

Fionn pulls his cigarettes out of his pocket and takes one,“Alright considering I was pretty much out of it.” He says reaching for his lighter in the other pocket.

“I’m surprised you remember me.” She chuckles.

I remembered you because you are memorable Fionn wants to say.

He presses his lips together around the cigarette and attempts to light it, struggling to turn it on.

Y/N takes the lighter from him and crawls in front of him.

He notices the small wrinkles around her eyebrows when she concentrates and the way she bites her lips to focus on the task.

He wants to kiss her. But he shouldn’t. And he doesn’t.

“These are bad for you, you know.” She tells him once she lights it herself and hands him light.

He laughs,“Why’d you light it?”

She sits in front of him and shakes her head,“Because I wanted to help you.”

Y/N pulls his hand that is holding his cigarette away.

“What?” Fionn asks sticking his head closer to her dumbfounded.

“You have a mole. It’s just cute.” She states reaching out to stroke his chin. Y/N notices how odd she sounds and stands up and creases her eyebrows,“I’m sorry.”

Fionn stands up and takes one more drag before dropping it to the ground in which she steps on it in response,“Its alright, it’s okay.”

She crosses her arms and looks down at her shoes and up at Fionn.

“You’re beautiful.” He slips out and she looks up at him nervously.

“You know it’s a lot scarier when someone says that sober. You don’t know their true intentions.”

Fionn shrugs,“Yeah well, I just wanted to tell you so you know I mean it when I’m sober and when I was drunk.” He’s so awkward and he doesn’t know if he has struck himself any points.

She smiles and Fionn swears he has never seen anything better.

Y/N cups his cheek and leans forward, to Fionns’ dismay, kissing the corner of his mouth, yet the contact between her lips and his
skin is enough for the both of them.

“I should go. I told my uber to wait up the block. Gave him the wrong street.”

Fionn is disappointed she is leaving. She was so caring and he wanted to return the favor. But she turns around and waves at him again and grins before she strides down the sidewalk.

Fionn wants to run to her and grab her and tell her she was the most capturing person he’s ever met. He doesn’t want to let her slip away and he doesn’t want to stop admiring her but it’s too late. He’s out of his thoughts now and she’s gone.

He walks back into the house and kicks a plastic cup littering the floor is absolute in frustration.

“You’re into Y/N?” A girl seated on the couch by the window asks. She is probably hungover too, her words come out slower than they should.

“You know her?”

The girl laughs and he notices that girl was one of the ladies he had danced with the previous night.

“Of course I know her. She took you up to my brothers room.”

Fionn hates this conversation but just nods,“Yeah she did.”

“You didn’t sleep with her right?”

“What?” Fionn is taken back although he should have expected it. It scares him to think Y/N sleeps with multiple people whether it’s true or not,“No. I didn’t. I wouldn’t. I was drunk.”

Her friend smiles,“Good. Her number is on my fridge, just for emergencies. Put it to good use.”

Art student Jungkook

Heeey~~ Guess who’s back? Lol me
I did another Jungkook one (sorry not sorry) but saw a fanart of Jungkook and i was like i need to get this down, and i thought i’d share with you guys ^^ i hope you like them ^^

  • Best of the school
  • I mean it
  • Everyone is talking about him
  • How talented he is
  • His arts
  • And he’s handsome 
  • (so expect everyone dying around him)

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a world alone; peter parker

requestCould you do a Peter x bestfriend!reader where they have a really cute tickle fight and it leads to them kissing? tysm!

word count: 1,173

warnings: uhh cute teenagers? super bad writing. it goes from cutesy to overly dramatic i dunno. btw bad ending too, what a surprise

a/n: i’m sorry this took so long and i’m sorry that this one’s far shorter than it should be!! i’m not sure if i’ll be able to upload fics over my vacation, would anyone want “would includes”/preferences to fill the void? maybe maybe i can do that. i listened to a bunch of lorde while writing this so i just chose a song to name this after. love you <3

tags: @kaliforniacoastalteens

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You were quite close to Peter Parker, so knowing he was ticklish wasn’t anything magical. The boy was always ticklish all over and he’ll probably never grow out of it, there wasn’t a spot on his body that was immune to tickles. It gave you a grand advantage over him, since although you yourself were a bit ticklish, you could only be affected when tickled in specific places.

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People: so handsome😱
How sexy😫
What happens to all😑
Night: girls, girls please I have to go😥
People: you’re really cute😍😍 waou also you are of first 👆😱I would love that you went with us😫😍
Night: hehe y-yes😅 ….. but seriously I have to go 😅😅… …… look ……😯 that boy is my salvation😃✨look who it is😄
My best friend in elementary school😌😜
On / off: e? 😅No, I do not think you’re confusing me with a person😦😧
Night: Help me please🙏😭these girls are crazy.😂😜
I know where to hide,😬but I need to
Someone, 😁so that they do not follow me😅
Hehe sorry,😅😥 what’s your name?😅😃
On/off: 😯on/off

Hehe espero les guste esta parejo ta se me ase muy adorable
Night y on/off de : @corage232


But, here’s a little something I felt like doing one night. I was brimming with energy to draw, but had no idea what to draw. Then, it hit me. 

Why not draw some oc’s? 

SO HERE’S A BUNCH OF THEM. Pictures under the cut to spare the longevity of the post. All drawings ARE SFW. 8D

@askthewatermage @highseaqueen @morose-deserter @merchant-of-magic @exiled-sorceress @ionian-storm-chaser @demaciansilence

I’m also sorry if the quality of the pictures aren’t that great. Message me if you want a better picture. >u<);;

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I was just wondering how you have those custom pictures in the frames in the background of the house pics. Is it custom content or something else... sorry if this didn't make any sense, I don't know how to really explain it.

hey duder!!!

they’re actually pics taken in game by my sims on the lil cute cameras u can give them! the frames are cc and they’re sick asf!!! they come in all these cool styles and shapes!!! 14/10 recommend

so i pose my sims how i want, get another sim to snap a picture of them thru their lil camera, and stick the picture on the wall, THEN slap a cool ass frame over it!!!

if u head on over to my WCIF tag and scroll down a bit (i’d link u to it directly if i could but i’m layin in bed half asleep n my laptop is all the way downstairs and ugh e f f o r t) there’s an ask like “WCIF the frame used for the selfie hanging next to em and johnnys bed” or something to that effect, and the link under that will get you to the bomb ass frames!!!!

hope this helped and all made sense for u friendo!!! have a wonderful day/night!! goodnight, god bless 🌙

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HEY well i just finished seven's route for the 2nd time and i dont have any friends who play the game so pLEASE TELL ME WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW THAT I FINISHED ALL THE ROUTES AND SECRET 1 AND 2 i really want to play a route again but i also want to sleep how i used to sleep before this game HELP im sorry i just needed to talk about this with someone

If you hadn’t played the Christmas and April Fool’s DLCs, I would try that. Oh, and don’t forget the Valentine’s Day Special, it isn’t like the DLCs with chats and calls, but it’s very cute and some of them are soooo sexy (I’m talking to you, Saeyoung). If this isn’t enough, well, you can do like me: sell your ass to Cheritz and buy their other games, Danelion and Nameless on Steam :)


I got my hair cut and colored.  I look cute and I’m not sorry.

bonus picture of me at my computer.

(I really need to learn how to style my hair like this hnnnnnngghh)

things i liked about the defenders

  • excellent title sequence
  • all that matt murdock goodness
  • foggy trying to make amends with matt
  • matt and jessica’s friendship
  • specifically that scene she referred to matt as “my friend” like 6 times 
  • honestly im just a really big fan of the matt/jessica dynamic
  • luke 
  • just any scene with luke in
  • that scene when luke and danny first meet and danny’s tryina beat luke up and luke’s like u srs rn
  • luke and claire’s cuteness
  • claire kicking ass
  • that scene elektra straight up killed alexandra that was p dope
  • stick dying finally

things i did not like about the defenders

  • anything to do with elektra and matt
  • i love ‘em both but fuck em being together
  • i would have preferred her committing to the evil stint rather than that fucking kiss at the end im sorry but nope 
  • honestly i prefer the idea that the elektra he really knew died on that rooftop 
  • honestly most of the stuff with danny why is he basically a child all the time 

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Just.... how was your first date ? Where ? What were you two wearing ? I'm curious.

B: Although, Fell was kinda distracted. He was nose-deep in his is dating manual most of the time.
F: I-I was TRYING to make sure everything went PERFECTLY???
B: It did! It was really cute that you were so nervous about making it special!

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do you like the dream daddy videos on dapg?

I liked the first more than the second, although the second was really cute too! I’ve only watched this second one once, so I want to watch it again before I decide whether it becomes a fav or not.

It’s just really hard for me to stay focused on these types of videos, where they’re mainly reading off of a screen. I’m not really hooked on the storyline, and I don’t care who they date. I think it might be better that I don’t know the outcome though, because it seems like the people who do keep getting upset with every choice they make. It’s a lot easier to watch when your response to every choice they make is a shrug and an “eh, why not?” because I literally do not care lol

I love the banter they do in between though, and how they make all their decisions together. I think it shows how they are in real life, especially when they’re deciding what events to attend and etc. I also like seeing how Phil reacts to Mat, because I think he’s got a crush on him lol! And at the end, when they go over what they do and don’t like, I enjoy that.

So, yeah, I look forward to the Dream Daddy videos, cause it’s Dan and Phil and they’ll find a way to make it entertaining, but I don’t really care about the “Dream Daddy” universe at all.

Edit: I also like that, so far, there have been no accusations of racism this time around!

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just stumbled onto your art and i really really love your style it's so so cute, you've never been at all interested in drarry have you (loldonthatemeplsaskingforafriend) anyway have a good day ^//^

Hahaha, why would I hate you for your cute question anon? :D thank you for liking my stuff  ^3^ I am happy to talk to you guys <3 Hmmm I am really sorry for your friend, but I am not so in to HP. I don´t say that I don´t like it, I really love to look at fanarts from Drarry, but I can´t imegine me drawing them… I hope your friend is not upset because of that and maybe likes my current ships/drawings, too :3~

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I followed you because your profile pic is jude law and that was when I went through a phase where I was in love with him when he was younger and I sat through one of the worst movies I've ever seen only because he was in it and I thought he was cute also you're really funny and cool and I love ur blog!!! k bye that's all sorry for the lack of punctuation

thank you so much!!!! but also what was the bad movie. was it alfie