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BTS Reaction to you being a bad cook.

A/N: I wanted to do one of these was unsure of what or who to do it on. LOL I really hope it hasn’t been done before. I don’t want to seem like I’m taking anyone’s creativity o.o


I can see him not caring about your bad cooking. Honestly he would laugh but not in the ‘making fun of you’ way but in the ‘My wife is so adorable’ way. He’d then smile flashing those to die for dimples and hug you saying, “It’s okay jagiya! I’m no good at it either! Let’s just order some take out hm?”

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LOL I can see him making a face as he took the first bite out of “dinner” but then shrugging it off and continuing to eat. Eventually looking at your worried face saying, “Jagiya, you know your cooking is awful? But I’m a believer that everything gets better with time.”

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10/10 can imagine him making a face at you. Then going over to you and grabbing your hands. Making sure to smile, “Jagiya maybe I should do the cooking from now on because the only thing that should be this burnt is my burning love for you.”

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This cutie would eat it with the biggest smile because he’s just so happy to see you putting in that effort to cook for him. He would look at you afterwards and hug you. Kissing the top of your head, “Look at my jagiya making me food, I love you so much!”

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I can picture him poking at his food and trying to hide a smile. Then trying the food eventually swallowing and looking at you with the most innocence in his eyes eventually giving you a shy smile. Looking awkward and confused on how to tell you in the nicest way. “Jagiya, my beautiful Jagiya, we can try cooking together in the future.”

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Like Hoseok I can imagine this boy just being extremely happy at your attempt of cooking for him. He would most definitely eat it all and make sure to wash away your worries. “My jagiya is most definitely the best at everything!”

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This boy I can imagine eating all of his food because he can literally eat anything. He honestly probably won’t even notice the taste too much except that he wants to do something for you too. He’d smile at you, “Jagiya, let’s take turns cooking! I want to cook for you too!”

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A/N: I really hope it’s not similar to anyone’s or anything! But anyways enjoy. I had fun doing this. It’s really cute to imagine and I would like to do more! LOL n.n

Coachella // Cole Sprouse

Hey, could you do a Cole Sprouse imagine, where him and the reader are together at Coachella with the rest of the cast. And they all ship them and it is just really cute and fluffy. This would be awesome. Thank you in advance 😊

A/N: Hi guys! I’m sorry it took so so so so long for me to post my stuff, but I am a busy girl (what am I saying? I spend most of my time on Sims and playing video games) and school is almost starting back up again (it’s saturday and i’m talking 11pm right now and i go back on monday help) but I will try to do this for you 💕 Btw, this is short bcos I have never been to Coachella so I couldn’t really describe the experience omg. 

Warnings: Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Words: 867. 

Characters: Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Ross Butler, Casey Cott. 

You were beyond excited as you walked through the front gates of the biggest music festival you’ve ever attended. You had Cole holding onto your hand tightly, making sure you wouldn’t get lost within the crowds. Camila and Lili were both chatting to you about the fashion, and their outfits. You wore something simple, just like Camila and Lili. A ‘Boho Chic’ styled outfit, paired with white Converse and your hair was in loose curls and you had a huge smile on your face.

Looking up at Cole, seeing his brown hair fall perfectly over his face. His white shirt and blue jeans were simple and you loved it. A lot.

“What are you staring at me with heart eyes for?” Cole whispered in your ear, a chuckle following his question as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer to his body as you walked to the H&M tent with him and the rest of the cast.

“Because you’re a beautiful specimen and I think you’ve casted a spell on me to make me look at you all the time.” You grinned, shaking your head a little as you looked around, seeing an abundance of celebrities floating around. There was music playing from the live performances and you were honestly so amazed by the relaxed atmosphere. Cole laughed at your comment, pressing a kiss to your temple. You could hear Camila exclaiming how cute you two were as a couple and Lili quietly agreeing with her. KJ, Casey and Ross were all wolf whistling in the background, making you blush and bite your lip.


You were currently dancing with Camila and Lili to the music at the stage where you were with everyone you had come with. It had eventually gotten a bit sexual, where it ended up with you grinding up against Camila, her hands on your body. You were laughing, since you were a bit tipsy and high off the adrenaline, along with Camila, and Cole was standing over with KJ, Casey and Ross. Cole was muttering under his breath. He heard KJ laugh at him. “Jealous are you, mate?”

Cole raised an eyebrow at KJ, chuckling a little bit and shaking his head. “I’m just gonna let her have fun. She’s had a tough few months, so I’m just letting her let loose.” Cole shrugged, running his fingers through his hair and walking up behind you, leaning in to whisper in your ear. “I’m gonna go and get some drinks for the clan. I’ll be back soon, okay?”

You turned around, apologizing to the girls before looking up at him. “I’m gonna come with you, okay?” You took his hand, your bag at your side. You made your way through the crowds, headed towards the little stall where drinks were being sold. You asked for 7 bottles of water, pulling your purse from your bag, but Cole had already handed them the money, telling them to keep the change before taking 4 out of the 7 bottles of water. “I could’ve paid for them, Cole.” You laughed, holding the three bottles, walking besides your boyfriend.

“You don’t need to worry about it right now, my beautiful. I just want you to have fun with us all.” He spoke as the both of you arrived back to your group, who were now all finished with their dancing, and had sat on the grass, just a little bit away from the crowds.

“You two are honestly the cutest. Like, cuter than Michael Jackson and Tatiana Thumbtzen from his music video or whatever.” Camila commented, thanking you as you handed her and Lili a bottle of water, handing the other water bottle you had to KJ, who was also seated next to Camila.

“I think we aspire to be David and Victoria Beckham, actually.” Cole smirked, his hand snaking around your waist, pulling you closer to him. You blushed, looking at Camila and rolling your eyes.

“Well if you pop out babies like the Beckham’s do, I will be astonished and honestly cry.” Lili laughed, making you face-palm, unscrewing the bottle lid and taking a drink.


It was getting towards dark and you were currently wrapped up in a blanket, sitting next to Cole, who was wrapped up in the same blanket, sipping a cup of coffee, from the Thermos that Lili had filled up. “Have you enjoyed today?” Cole asked quietly, his lips brushing against your ear, taking a deep breath.

“I did, actually. Thank you so much for bringing me along, Cole. You didn’t have to.” You smiled, turning to look at him and pressing a kiss to his cheek. You stood up, dropping the blanket and starting to pack your stuff into the back pack you had bought along.

“What are you doing?” Cole asked, watching you put both of your stuff away. You motioned for him to give you the blanket as you spoke.

“Packing. As you can see. I want to spend some time with my amazing boyfriend in a cold hotel room.” You smiled, watching him nod and start to pack up to.

Boy were you happy to have a guy like him in your life.

Special Instructions (4/?)

Summary: Drunk Emma really likes pizza. She also really happens to like the cute delivery guy who seems content to carry out all of her wishes via the “Special Instructions” box on the website. (AO3)
Rating: E (fuck it, I’m upping the rating bc I know this will turn into filthy smut by the end)
Word Count: ~3000
Chapters: One Two Three

well this was a bitch to rewrite since the original chapter got accidentally deleted. sorry for the wait, babes. have some UST. 🍕😏

reader requested tag: @lenfaz @ilovemesomekillianjones @like-waves-on-the-beach @emmaswanchoosesyou


Special instructions: spook me!

It had been nearly a month since Emma had gotten stupid drunk at home and thrown herself at the very attractive pizza guy whose name she now knew was Killian Jones.

Jones, as in, “Jones Bros. Pizza.” Literally his last name, and apparently a poorly executed cartoon caricature of his fucking face, was on the logo on every pizza box she’d gotten from them and she’d had no idea. She hadn’t really given a flying fuck to the name of the place before; she just knew that they had a website, online ordering, quick delivery since they were located only a few blocks north of her apartment, and actually great tasting pizza that wasn’t hit-or-miss like the big chains.

With that revelation came another: Killian was not a delivery boy.

Well, he wasn’t supposed to be one. He was co-owner of the place, along with his older brother, and only went out on deliveries if he was filling in for a sick employee, or if he needed a break from the atmosphere (read: his overbearing brother), or, as it turned out, if her name came up on the order list. (He’d been sick the night that his sister-in-law had delivered to her sober self; go figure.)

It had been a pretty damned good feeling to know she got special treatment. After their first encounter, he’d been “captivated” and felt “compelled to see her again” (his words) – yeah; sweatpants, HANGRY, hot mess Emma in all her broken-hearted glory. She sent him a middle finger emoji as a reply to that particular text message, assuming that he was being a sarcastic ass but somehow knowing that beneath it all he was probably sincere.

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😍I love you PaRappa, you're just so cute!!!! Sorry if I went a bit crazy there heh 😅... You're just really cool and I kinda look up to you: you inspire me to never give up and always believe.

…Sorry Reformed, you were great, but I think it’s time I saw other episodes. 

My baby girl Pearl’s got issues, but that’s nothing new, is it? You can take Rose out of the picture, but you can’t take the picture away from the Pearl. Or something.

I’m ready to see Pearl really tackle her grief over Rose - really get in there, get dirty, slap it around and beat it into submission. She has to move on eventually. Right?

This episode was great throughout. Started strong with a cute song, then the promise of sword training for Connie, a wonderful song (either my #2 or #3 of the series, easily) that got rather dark, and another look at Pearl’s tragic love life. I do hope to see Connie continue her training and maybe even become a fully-fledged member of the team. She’s got that sword in the intro for something, right? 

Sworn to the Sword gets a 10/10, easy peasy. This was a beautiful episode, and a fantastic addendum to Rose’s Scabbard. I think this episode also drew first tears for the season, so it’s got that going for it, too.

Since I’m no longer able to see the title of the next upcoming episode, it’s been suggested that I try to predict the next episode. And honestly? That’s incredibly tough, since the next episode may be a huge lore dump or a cute townie episode or anything inbetween. My guess is somewhere middle-of-the-road; maybe we’ll actually see the sword training continue with the “midair and underwater dueling exercises?” That’d be cool! Or maybe a nod to Peridot or Malachite? I don’t expect anything major, though. Something like that?

Whatever it is, I guess we’ll find out next time. 

See ya then! ~

I made this drawing of Adrian from Los Brujos  for @pigdemon !! hope you like it

Espero que te guste este dibujo !! Hace tiempo queria hacerte un dibujo pero me daba verguenza  :,D al final decidi hacerlo jajajaja, y dibuje a Adrian por que es demasiado cute <3


I’m really sorry for the inactivity, people! I’ve been through a lot of life stuff and I didn’t have strength or time to take care of that blog. Too much school-related stress. But yeah, Have some cute Alphi. ^^

I kinda redesigned her (eyes and freckles) while also I came up with the idea when I started talking about Alphys with friends on twitter. Anyways. Hope you’re doing good folks, I haven’t forgotten about Alphyne!

Is Spider-Man Ticklish?

Request: So I’m really stressed with finals coming up these next couple of weeks could you just make something really cute and fluffy with Peter Parker please?

Warnings: None

You laid across the your boyfriend Peter with your head in his lap.

“Hey Pete?”

“Hmm?” He said sleepily.

“What happens if you get scared half to death, Twice?”

Peter turned so he could see your face better. “What?”

“Y’know, Like, You’re scared half to death once, so does that mean by the second time it happens your completely dead?”

I don’t know?

You shrugged. “Okay”

“How about this… Is Spider-Man… TICKLISH!?!?”

You began jabbing your fingers into Peters sides. He remained stone faced and looked at you with lips pierced together.

“You’re no fun” You huffed and crossed your arms.

Peter laughed at your childishness, and poked your side.

You let out a high pitched squeal and grabbed your side. Peter seemed very shocked by the sound that came out of you.

“Is that so?” He asked as he began to poke into your side even more.

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Centipeetle for the character ask!

  • First impression: she’s cute but i dont get why people like her so much. she kinda seems like a stray dog trope.
  • Favorite moment: this might sound weird but centipeetle triggering herself when she remembers what happened. its just super relatable as someone with ptsd
  • Idea for a story: idk. somewhere along the line maybe steven tries again? but this time with a support group.
  • Unpopular opinion: im okay with her being in that spaceship. steven really cant do more for her
  • Favorite relationship: her relationship with steven was cute
  • Favorite headcanon: centipeetle and her crew are all  in a polyamorous relationship

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Hi darling ! I'm really fan of your tumblr 💚 Could you do some headcanons about à slytherin/hufflepuff couple ? (I'm a Slytherin and my poor boyfriend is a Hufflepuff ☺️) Thank you so much !

sorry they took such a long time! the following are the result of my brainstorming….

slytherin/hufflepuff couple headcanons

• slytherin trying really hard to stay mad at hufflepuff about something, struggling loads because hufflepuff is so damn cute and keeps pinching the slytherins cheeks and ruffling their hair and shit
• slytherin picking out pieces of cereal or nut that the hufflepuff doesnt like from the cereal packet for their babe
• slytherin with a hangover being greeted in the morning by breakfast in bed from the hufflepuff
• no space in the bed because hufflepuff’s childhood toys are taking up all of it
• hufflepuff constantly taking photos of slytherin and slytherin getting embarrassed​ and ducking out of the way of the camera (but actually liking the pictures later cause hufflepuff has a knack of making them look good)
• slytherin awkwardly confessing their love to the hufflepuff
• slytherin making romantic evening dinners for hufflepuff with steaming food and smoking candles
• hufflepuff getting upset by someone and slytherin asking “who should i kill?”
• slytherin fluffing hufflepuff’s hair in the morning

[reblog with your idea of slytherin/hufflepuff headcanons!]

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I have really long hair that hasn't been cut in 6+ years and I decided that I want to cut it like, really short but with longish bit on the top which I think would look really cute on me. However, when I brought it up to my mum she says no because, and I quote exactly what age says, "I like long hair" and now I'm sad bc I was really excited about it

aw i am sorry my love!!! maybe try to persuade her a bit more, bc at the end of the day it is up to you!!! tell her that it would boost your self confidence and make you happy :’)

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what do you think of the ship sheith? do you like or hate it? (sorry, aking cus there are lots of haters)

I actually don’t mind it, I think it’s really cute. It’s prob one of my third favourite ships. But in my opinion, I see Keith and Shiro as more of a younger brother/older brother dynamic? I think their brotherly love is more cute and pure than a romantic love, because they look at and value each other as family and that is so special, means they have a rlly strong bond

And I don’t even acknowledge the “Keith is underage so shipping him with Shiro is illegal” bull crap that all those anti-shaladins spread around, it’s just stupid

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[[hallo!! im sorry to bug you and im hiding in anon ;3c but i wanted to say your art is so cute and you seem like a really nice person!! i hope ur havin a nice day!]]

[this is so cute omg,, thanks to this message, I’m having a great day!! tysm ♡♡

I hope your day/afternoon/evening/night is lovely as well!!! 😊💕]


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(pardon me as I blind ya’ll with my white skin lolol.. And it was really bright out today so I look squinty xD~ I don’t wear makeup, so what you see is what you get. I’ll probably delete this later as I’m so shy I almost didn’t respond to this ^^;;) 

About my home screen wallpaper - sometimes it’s Mamo, sometimes the ocean, but I change it quite often. Some of ya’ll know by now that I like BTS, so yeah. BTS, Park Jimin and his eye smiles and Mamo’s music has been getting me through a lot during this move. ^__^~

Post a selfie, lock screen, home screen, and last song you listened to.

Tagging these lovelies if they want to whenever they have time:
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I can be your Hero with Gladio or Ignis, please.

ooooop. Well, when I was planning this for Gladio it was based off the song ‘Hero’ by Enrique what’s-his-name but screw dat angsty life.This is gonna be cute.

 I planned on making Iggy’s one fluffier (because I was gonna do both). However, if you really want Ignis’ one, please let me know - or give this answer a lotta love. 

Once more, sorry for taking so long to reply. School stated last week and I kinda neglected homework until then XD It’s also pretty short but I hope you still enjoy it!

Gladio looked at you from afar, smiling as he leaned against the wall of the training room. You were dead set on learning how to fight. He knew that you weren’t fond of the rumours spreading, telling you how you weren’t worth the shield’s time because you couldn’t fight or look after yourself.

He was amused that you had wanted to learn, but seeing how quickly you gave up…it hurt him. Knowing that you thought you had to be able to fight in order to be with him hurt. Because he loved you due to your inability to fight. You were his reality check and he knew the dangers that fighting brought better than anyone. 

He didn’t want you throwing yourself into the fray because people were telling you that you weren’t good enough. You were. In fat, you were more than enough. 

Nut he didn’t have the heart to stop you when you looked so determined and distraught about it.

“__.” He addressed you sternly. “You an’t fight like this. You need food, drink and rest.

You shook your head. “I want to be able to defend myself when you’re gone. Who knows how far this war will go.” You took a defensive stance. “So let me.”

“Not until you’ve taken care of yourself.” He approached you in a couple of strides and he grasped your hands. “Or you’ll never be able to take care of yourself.”

When you sighed, he pulled you into his secure embrace, keeping your arms around waist.
“I know, Gladio… I’ll try.”

When he saw you again in Lestallum, he brought you into the same embrace, letting you know that he was there for you. He held your head gently to his chest and kissed your crown as your shoulders shook in his grasp, your tears seeping through his vest and onto his skin.

“We’ve lost, Gladio…” You spoke painfully. “The empire has it all and the Glaive are gone…”

The royal shield looked to shared a glance with the Prince, who had been watching the scene and listening intently to your words. “No…”” He looked back at you. “There’s still hope left.”

“You really think so?”

He allowed you to pull away slightly and he brought his palms to cup your cheeks. “You need to hang on to any hope you have now.” He pressed his forehead to yours. “Can you do that for me?”

You nodded, your hand resting on his chest as your tears silently fell. Yeah. “I can do that.”

Gladio smiled gently then and he kissed you firmly, yet the touch was soft. “I can be your hero. So let me.”

“I know Gladio… I’ll try.”`

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I got a really cute new bra and I have no one to share pictures of my wearing it with. )':

I am sorry for saying this dear but dang relatable


It’s a bit late, but it’s still Friday somewhere so I figured I would submit.

This is Mari (full name is Marigold) the Weasle. She doesn’t really have a back story but she idolizes Sonic (not in a romantic way) and I think if she ever met Tails, they would be good friends too.

This isn’t actually her most up to date design, but it’s the best colored picture I have.

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gossshhhh you're so cute. like. transition goals af. (if you don't mind me saying so) I'm crushing on you hard, lol. I think I might have sent you a message like this before, so I'm sorry if it's annoying, but I just really wanted to say how much I admire you as a person, and also think you're very very pretty

Its actually a little weird hearing people consider me some kind of transition goals? but thanks i suppose