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TESTING THE WATERS | PART 5 // Yoongi Series ft. The Bangtan Squad

part 1part 2 part 3 part 4 ☂ part 5 

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we get a lot of smut and relationship stuff here so what about somethin different. got any headcanons for how various characters might dance or dance styles they prefer?

Im assuming I get to choose here?? sorry its a mess LOL

Bakugou Katsuki …he’d be into tango. I want to tango with spicy ass Bakugou???

Midoriya Izuku Is into tap dancing! It’s so fun!

Fumikage Tokoyami Im sorry I really tried to resist

Mina Ashido and Uraraka Ochaco both do lots of Jpop. Mina knows every kyary pamyu pamyu dance by heart and Ochaco is an avid fan of the older H!P dances (Sorry I love Tachiagirl)

Present Mic has learned at least one Beyonce routine

Yaoyorozu Momo does ballet sometimes!! It’s relaxing.

Kirishima Eijirou and Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu Have been to a mosh pit. “Thats a dance right??” says Tetsu

All Might Is the square dance champion (yehaw)

Lool this is a day late but I just want to make a post made up of some of my favorite FF writers who I think all deserve a follow! (I honestly have not been SUPER big on reading fanfics lately, and I’m sorry for that guys)

@sanguine-fairy - An incredibly amazing person and I love her. But on top of A GOLDEN PERSONALITY, is great writing skills! She can write for any pair and keep them in character! Honestly, her ability to write for all kinds of characters is amazing. I absolutely love her headcanons. 

@gsut​ - This girl is so GOOD. Like, seriously. I don’t get any judgmental vibes from her and that is AMAZING. She is a lot of fun to talk to as well~ Ellery comes out with some pretty incredible Mineel and Sildarts pieces! I really enjoy her style of writing.

@shell-senji​ - Okay, like, I love this person so much. She is BRILLIANT, and has such a great sense of humor! She is a great person to talk to and right now is working on an amazing cross-over fic featuring Inuyasha and Nurarihyon no mago called Embracing Fear. It’s Kagome x Rikuo and just– so WELL WRITTEN. I honestly haven’t even seen Nurarihyon no mago and I still am able to read the story <3 That should say something about the descriptiveness of the writing!!

@impracticaldemon - THIS CUTIE RIGHT HERE. Seriously, she spreads happiness wherever she goes. I love her T o T She writes Hakuouki and Fairy Tail~ she is ALSO really big on descriptiveness! I admire that so much.

@smartcookie727 - This girlie gives such great advice and is honestly just a joy to talk to in general! Seriously, I love talking to this human. She also writes a TON of Gajevy (I truly am sorry that I don’t like this ship girlie T_T) and also very nice SMUTTT. Seriously, like. If you wanna read smut, go check out her stuff!

@thefairywrites - One of the first people I really got around to talking to here on tumblr! She is the SWEETEST OMMGGG. She is such a joy <3 And her writing is also great! She is currently working on an original story and I’ve had the priviledge of getting a sneek peek <3 It’s REALLY good guys. 

@summylise - Another super amazing human (I swear every single person on this list is just an incredible human being and I’m so lucky to know them) She writes a lot of Nalu! So if you dig Nalu, go check her out <3 You wont regret it!

@raijindork - I found this amazing person very recently! So much BIXLUUUUU, I seriously really like this pair and I need to get around to reading more of it when I have the time to actually do more reading. But seriously, yess. But not only bixlu, ALSO LIKES GRAYLU? AND COLU? like… yes, hello there ;D Such an interesting writing style! I love it tbh. 

@mistye-dawne - Very recently discovered this person as well. Like. I loveee the writing, they have written so much GRAYLU AS WELL. Like, Really nicely done as well? I love it so much, and I love you. And Thank you. THANK YOU.

@xambedo - This writing is so high level I don’t even– like, seriously. I loveeeeee her writing. I need to read more of it when I get the chance x_x It was a beautifully written Kacchako piece that drew me in <3 now I’m here for the long haul!

I appreciate all of the content you guys put out, thanks for being awesome!

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You and Carter have been dating for a few months now and so far the relationship consisted of a lot of parties and fancy dinners that you two escaped to have sex. You liked him , you really but you can't help but feel insecure that maybe he doesn't feel the same way that you do and for him, this is just fun. You are in your room crying because your emotions got the best of you " Princess, are you ready?" You hear Carter asking, you forgot that you two had plans tonight part 1

When he sees you crying, he rushes into the bed pulling you in his arms “ Sorry I forgot, give 15 minutes that I will be decent.” You try to get out of his arms but he doesn’t let you “ Tell me what is wrong.” He pleads you shake your head no. You are going to sound so silly “ Come on princess, I not letting you out until you tell me” You look into his blue eyes “ Do you like me or this is just fun for you?” He let of go of his embrace “ Why do you ask?” You shrug “ I just need to know,” part 2

“ I love you, I am so sorry that I didn’t make you feel that you were loved but I never felt this way about anyone.” You smile kissing him “ I love you too,” You rest your head on his shoulder, you feel him taking off his shoes and tie lying on the bed and pulling you on top of him “ Can you explain what was wrong? I know that I can be a dick but I try really hard not to be one with you.” You shrug Part 3

“With us it always parties and sex. We never have a quiet night in and today i really need one” He takes his phone out of his pocket and text someone “ How about we order some food, and watch one of your favorite movies? Then we can have a nice bubble bath together and cuddle all night?” You really want to say yes “ I know how much you want to go to that party.” He holds your face kissing you “ I want to spend time with you, i don’t care how and this way i can be in my underwear.” part4 the end

Oh I love soft Carter so much - Gen

Tender Tuesday™

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I miss you being on tumblr :'(

AW ANON IM SORRY! I am way more active on Instagram just cause I post a lot on insta stories and stuff, and I’ve been so busy preparing for school.. BUTTTTTTT I’ll try my best to stay more active on here and answer more Nelo asks cause they’re super fun I just .. No time hahahaha

So. Ever since moving to Lewisburg, a couple things have changed. 

We eat in more. Mostly because this move left our wallets very sad, and I haven’t yet found a job to replace the one I had back in Florida. Because of this, it means I also spend about 20-30 minutes cleaning the kitchen each night.

I go to bed around 10 pm. Mostly because this is when Victor goes to bed, and it’s nice to fall asleep together. He has to wake up at 5 am most mornings—working my way up to that.

On most nights, I have a beer. I never used to this, but there are lots of local brews sold in the stores here and we thought it’d be fun to try them all. As it turns out, wee me at 5′1ft and 108lbs gets fuzzy after only one beer. Consistently.

I think I’m going to switch to tea. XD 

Sorry, local business. 

My muse is smol, and so am I. 

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Tbh I take a lot of depression naps and I honestly don't want to ever wake up. I feel like Bucky and Sam would figure that out and would take the time to do random tasks around the tower with me to keep me awake and more aware. I'd have fun laughing at them going back and forth with each other. And when it's evening and time to wind down, they'd feed me sweets and pasta, cuddling me while watching fun movies.

I’m sorry :( I hope you always wake up and yes I think theyd keep you occupied 

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🌸 Tattoo artists!Jikook for anon 🐉



Dapper Prom!Owls and Cats from @silvercistern​‘s fic Character Development  

If you haven’t already read this fic, do yourself a favor and read it. If you have, then please re-read it haha

Your two complicated sons




Halloween with the RFA Members

I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween! These mini strips are based on @zens-ponytail​‘s (angst queen) head canons about the RFA entering a Haunted House Attraction ++ mixed with the RFA Halloween Party Outfits! Please read the headcanons on her blog to better understand what’s happening *v* ♥

I added Unknown bc why not;;; he didn’t want to wear a costume but he lets MC match with him anyway hhhhaha!! ++ V coming soon – or not LOLOL ;;; will fix some stuff tomorrow ahaha i’m so tired


°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°- ALL the jack(s)


i was preparing this in extra with my other S&P artwork for the #septicart event but i maybe pushed me a bit too much and ended up severally sick.  ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ(plz, quick advice, take care of ur body moar than me and mah booty)

ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ im not very happy of this drawing btw,i had a lot of fun but i feel like it’s rushed and messy. so lame!


this aside,I’m also sorry for my inactivity this past week. I was too weak for doing anythin’ except reblogging stoopid stuff that made meh giggled .i’ll reply to the asks and e-mails that i received asap.