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“Sorry for not believing in you“

(A/N): I‘ve always wanted to write a soulmate AU, so this is a big deal for my crippling author career. Enjoy x 

Words: 2,062

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The air is like frozen lace on your skin, delicate and cold. The sky is washed with grey, watery light illuminating thin patches to brilliance. That special cold and pale light, only the winter‘s sun can give, makes everything glow with slippery ice. It‘s the perfect day for staying home but sadly, you had to work today. You‘re seated at the bus stop with both arms crossed over your chest, hugging your body, as if that could provide you with some kind of warmth. 

All of sudden you see a woman getting dragged by her poodle towards another dog owner across the street and as expected, they collide. The man has lost his hat due to the incident, causing a royal blue strand on his head to become visible and remarkably stand out from the rest of his hair. Instantly noticing the phenomenon, the lady lets a loud gasp escape her lips and urgently draws the guy‘s attention to her streak of hair, that coincidentally has the exact same pigment as his. The next thing that happens is acted out just like in the movies, the lovers jump into each other‘s arms and share a passionate kiss as they pull away. At the same time, the royal blue pieces of hair from each one of them loose their colour and blend into the rest. Eventually, it seems like the scenery has turned out to be the complete opposite of a simple coincidence. Oh, the things you‘d do to finally experience the same spectacle…When will it finally be your turn to find your soulmate?

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listen up assholes, I left the bbs fandom bc a lot of you guys don’t understand basic human decency. And seeing all the posts on my dash about the whol deli/rious problem, only makes me more fucking angry

this guy has been faithfully putting videos out for years. Every day, he edits footage and films, all for his audience. And what do yall do to repay him? invade his privacy, shove smut and ships in his face, yell at him for making a mistake in a fucking video game

im honestly amazed at how STUPID some of you are. some of the shit you’re doing is illegal, and some of it is straight up fucking awful. the only thing he has asked is that you respect his privacy and respect the fact that he doesn’t want to share every single bit of information with yall. and i respect him, because with the way some of you are acting, who KNOWS what would happen if he would

so why don’t you scrape together the basic human decency left in you and delete that photo and shit. forget it happened, and move the fuck on. enjoy his content, and for gods sake DONT ASK HIM ABOUT IT. respect the fact that he wants to keep his private life private

anyways, rant over. im pissed as hell at some of you, and i know that probably doesn’t mean shit to some of you, but i hope when you get sued for invasion of privacy or some shit, you’ll learn your damn lesson

thank you

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just wanted y'all to know your rick counter has helped me keep track of how long i've been clean ever since i got out of rehab, every time y'all are on my dash i think "oh yeah! another day has passed!" and the numbers line up pretty well even though they're not the same, so thanks for doing the lord's work 👍

Sorry it took so long to reply to this, but this message really struck a cord with me. I’ve struggled with addiction in the past too. I’m really fucking proud of you! This message makes me happier than you can imagine.

☀️ Mod Summer ☀️ 


I’m gonna update my rules in a sec, but I think this is really important to say now–

I may start unfollowing people who are constantly super self deprecating and defeatist about themselves, their work, and their portrayals. I understand having a lack of confidence, really I do, and I know that anxiety is also a thing. We all have those days, me included! But to constantly see someone refer to themself so negatively is… Really draining? Like. We’re all here to have fun. It’s not a popularity contest, it’s not a freaking full time job, it’s tumblr rp. No one here is ‘better’ or ‘worthier’ of being here than anyone else, because everyone brings something unique and wonderful to the table. It’s perfectly fine to be self-critical. Everyone has things they need or want to improve on. But to the extent I’ve been seeing…?

It may apply to art rather than rp, but one of my heroes and biggest inspirations atm Sean Chiplock (aka the sage Halcyon and a few bosses from Echoes, as well as Revali, Teba, and the Great Deku Tree from BOTW and I forget who he voices in Persona 5, but he’s in that too!) actually managed to articulate this in a way I’ve really wanted to, but could never find the words to do so with. The link to his post is here, but I’m just gonna go ahead and quote it anyways because it’s important–

Stop this.

No, seriously. I’m not saying this as a joke; stop doing this. Or at the very least, don’t tag me in your work if you’re going to be defeatist like this. Have real, quantifiable confidence in the output of your efforts.

If you truly, honestly believed the work you did was “horrible”, why would you share it with the person you want to impress? Wouldn’t you consider that to be an insult, to effectively tell them “this is bad, but I’m showing it to you anyway because I don’t care to put in more time/effort despite thinking it’s horrible”?

I am incredibly happy with the time you put into this, the accomplishment of your life goal, the details in parts of the piece (the face/feathers in particular are incredible), and especially your persistence in not letting program errors prevent you from completing the picture. But I do not want to enable this kind of self-deprecating behavior by playing the counter-person who goes “Oh nooooo don’t say thaaaaaat, it’s wonderful” in response to being told someone’s submission is garbage. Rather, I’d be the kind of person who would more likely respond, “well okay then, you’re right; it is terrible” and let you fulfill your own prophecy.

If you think it’s horrible, let me know why; explain to me what faults you find in the image, so I can at least see that you’re thinking critically and acknowledging areas for improvement to address the next time you start a new project. If you struggle with a subject matter, tell us what about it proves difficult so that if/when you seek advice, the educated/experienced know what kind of info you’re looking for. That kind of constructive self-criticism is openly welcomed even if it’s not always accurate, because if someone disagrees we at least can point out the specific reason why.

Please, take pride in your work; if you can’t, don’t be surprised if no one else wants to either.

Seriously, guys. Take pride in your own efforts. If you think you can improve on something, then by all means feel free to say so or seek advice. But don’t constantly sell yourselves as ‘terrible’ or ‘not worth it’, because people will start believing you when it’s honest to goodness not true. 

Um… That’s all I really wanted to say. Sorry for stretching your dashes, I just thought it was important enough to warrant doing so. Please, guys. I love you all. It breaks my heart seeing this level of self-deprecation, but I really don’t want to enable more by being the person to go ‘nooooo I love yooooou!’ all the time. 

Dear anon (you know who you are)

This blog supports ALL characters unequivocally. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, my plan is to feature all the characters in their positive fundamental characterisation.

Look, I love getting submissions, give me more of that! , they do help out a bit. But if you’re gonna submit a post that obviously bashes a character…well, don’t. They will never see the light of the day on this blog. If you’re hoping this blog would be a platform for certain character’s bashing, I’m sorry but let me divest you of that misconception by stating this again. This blog doesn’t condone character bashing. Not Mary. Not Moriarty. Not John. Not Molly. So, if you’re thinking one day it’ll feature…you’ll be very disappointed.

Cmon guys, don’t we see enough of it on our dashes? Let’s make this blog a happy and friendly place for ALL fans of BBC Sherlock .

Have fun following and Submiiiiiiit!

— a whisper from someone, anxious to find comfort.

i’ve been a fool, all this time. 
wondering about the empty sheets,
for something that only could be found in a smile.

i’ve been lost in the thought of
a dream that was no more than reality,
a touch to refill my broken bones.

i was a girl who never believed
that love could ever be.

yet i found myself being a woman
hoping it finds me.

but how fool was i,
to think i was worth of it all.

Sorry to clog up your dashes with this, but I have to say something:

Thank you.

Thank you to every single person who has contacted me through asks, DMs, texts, etc over the last few weeks.

You seriously don’t realize what every single one of those messages mean to me.  I’ve been teetering on the edge of completely losing my mind over the last few months.  I finally reached that point a few weeks ago, so I walked away from the one part of my life I could actually walk away from (writing).  I needed some time to think about everything that’s been going on and figure out what to do next, how to get back what used to make me so happy, and how to survive my own anxiety about every single aspect of my little world.

At the moment, I’m working on a literal inspiration board for a project I’m planning on really diving into in August.  On it I have quotes, pictures, and some of the sweet messages I’ve received over the past few weeks.  As I was pining them, I re-read them, and it just hit me so hard just how many kind souls there are in my little corner of the fandom.  Reading them has filled me with so much joy, so much inspiration, and so much EXCITEMENT about everything.

I’m not going to make promises I can’t keep.  I’m still not sure what I’m going to do about Elysian.  I’ve kicked around the idea of maybe condensing (throwing out) some of the plot points so I can shorten it and maybe finish it so I don’t leave anything unfinished, but every time I think about posting, I feel this wave of nausea (not to mention the fact that I don’t really want to cut any of the plot lines out which honestly might cause more problems for me in the fandom), so I’m not sure if I have the energy to even attempt it. 

But then I think about some of the words of encouragement that you guys have sent me and I honestly didn’t think anyone really cared that much about that fic until now.  Like, I thought I could just stop posting and maybe one or two people would have noticed.

Anyway, that’s not the point.  The point is that I wanted to thank you guys for every single kind word you’ve thrown my way (especially over the last several weeks).  They have seriously meant so so so much to me.

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Ooooh it is your birthday? Happy birthday! You always brighten up my dash and I appreciate your existence!

  • Anonymous said: Happy birthday uvu. Ive been following you for so long and I’m glad the shinee world still has you. Have a good one!
  • Anonymous said: happpy b-day angel 
  • Anonymous said:  Happy birthday~

Thank you so much for everyone who wished me a happy birthday <33 it was indeed a happy day and i’m grateful for all of your lovely messages,  you’re truly the best followers anyone can wish for ;;;;;;;ily all ;;; 

it’s appreciate your mutuals/followers day!!

its the last day of nohate awareness week, and all the love i have seen spread across my dash in the past few days has been wonderful. i want to thank all of my followers for being extra amazing these past 3 months, you all have made running this blog special. I still can not believe that almost 3.5 k of you deal with me lmao. 

and to my mutuals, you are all such amazing people and im thankful for all of you! but an extra special shout out to @jaeeg , because of you i was able to meet such wonderful friends, thank you <3 

Hi guys its me, juju! So this personal-turned-jongdae-turned-messed-up blog of mine has reached 2k followers and I want to thank all of you who’s been here with me for making my day brighter for the past 2 years. I really really want to follow everyone back but I need to restrict the content of my dash so I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart. OTL

For those who made effort to initiate a conversation with me. For those who keep on sending me words of encouraging through asks and message tho I take forever to answer and reply. For those who never give up to tag me in the tag game even when you know in the end I eventually forgot to do it. For those who liked and reblogged my random gifs. For those who actually read and enjoy my tag(!!) and for those who basically exists here, thank you for not giving up on me, xie xie, terima kasih, salamat, arigatou, gomawo mianhe saranghae! 

I might be quiet and not funny to be with like others and my blog is far from what people call as high quality content but I really do enjoy and I’m so happy to be with everyone here even if we never talk before. I’m going to grad and starts to work full time soon so I might not be as active as I am now (pffffttttt you know I’m still going back here like, everyday). Again, thank you guys and I hope we can support our boys together for as long as we can!

These are the awesome blogs I’ve been following and I’m not going to differentiate mutual because that will take me another year to finish this and I can’t let that happen. I remember I used to restrict my dash with jongdae content only but then I get to know more amazing people which are you guys I mentioned here so I want to specially thank all of you for blessing my dashboard everyday!^^


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I just want to thank you for your thought of the day posts. It may seem silly, but they mean a lot to see. I've been going through a really rough time lately, and seeing them pop up on my dash has helped me little by little until I actually felt okay for the first time in weeks. So, thank you for that little thing you do because for me, it means everything.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been going through a tough time. We’ve all been there. You can do it! I believe in you. Try not to stress over things you can’t change and take everything one day at a time. Good luck with everything, I hope you feel better soon! ☀️🌹

[Sorry for always taking so long with my replies! I super appreciate everyone’s patience with me!! As it stands I will owe replies to the following amazing people: 


If you are waiting on a reply from me and I haven’t posted it/mentioned it here please let me know!! There are times I can’t catch up on my dash and my activity feed has been super unreliable as of late so I probably missed it. Also if anyone would like a starter also just fire me a message or reply to this post! I hope you’re all having an amazing day!]

I doodled this last night during my break between work projects and school projects. There has been endless talks of an Ocelot Convention for days now on my dash and I blame Vale and the anons.

Even the ever romantically oblivious Big Boss would realize something was wrong with a room full of Ocelots.  

ok but like I can’t stand the blorgeys who are saying that we don’t care about lincoln bc he was in a het couple like (a) the couple had interracial representation which is so important (b) lincoln is a person not a ship like I’ve only seen clexa fans talking about trending for ricky and talking about racism and bi/homophobia like I’ve seen upset blorgeys but a lot of the time it’s “so so so upset about lincoln but will continue to watch the show” like no???

I even admit when ricky said he was being bullied I was hesitant to stop watching because I craved representation so much with excuses like “we don’t know the details” or “i’m so upset for ricky he doesn’t deserve that” but I continued to watch the show and this is something I regret and feel sorry about having not spoken up about at the time. Yes, Lexa’s death ignited a passion in me that hadn’t yet been reached, yes I was ignorant of all of the mistreatment of poc and I am truly, deeply sorry. I don’t, however, support this idea that clexa fans only care about lexa like my dash has been filled with lincoln all day and angry rants about jason whereas all I’ve seen on most blorge blogs is a sad post about how they’ll miss him. Clexa fans are boycotting and standing up for what is right. This is happening later than it should have, we know this now but the lack of a similar response by the blarkes is really saying a lot to me.

Just because your show is about survival and is post-apocalyptic doesn’t mean you get a pass as to the social stigma and issues facing the communities you claim to represent. He can’t say “look we have so many poc we are so forward thinking” and then turn around and kill/mistreat said characters under the belief that in his world anybody can die.

Equality and equity are two very different things and in the 100 mistreating their poc is an example of equality in treatment resulting in inequality with regards to social awareness. In America young black kids are growing up right now afraid of the police, who are supposed to be the ones protecting them out of fear of persecution. To any of my poc followers out there, I am truly sorry about Lincoln and I will fight for him as I have with Lexa. To anybody who doesn’t see a problem with this, step the fuck up and realise the racist, queerbaiting undertones of this show before it’s too late.

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Hey, um, I was wondering if you ever got my messages? I sent in two upd8 related asks (one about [S] GAME OVER update and the other dealing with the Rose's death update) and I was just wondering if you got it? You don't have to answer those of course, but I was just wondering if you received them cause I feel like tumblr has been eating my messages lately and I just wanted to see if they got through. Sorry for bothering you ahhh!

I’m not sure, sorry ;v; there were a lot of messages about those and many were similar, I think I replied to all the main points tho, maybe check on my asks tag from the past days?

Anon:OHHHH MY GOSH IM SCREAMING. I haven’t seen you on my dash in WEEKS and I was wondering if you were inactive or something? But I saw your upd8 Art in the Homestuck tag and realized I accidentally unfollowed you. IM SO SORRY

!! it’s ok anon shh


Since it’s already the end of 2013 I thought I’d make my first follow forever to thank the amazing blogs that have made my dash so great this past year. ♥ I tried to include every blog I follow but I did this in a hurry so I’m really, really sorry if I missed anyone. Thank you all for being a delight to follow and I hope your year has been as wonderful as you’ve made mine. (。ノω\。) Happy new year and all the best in 2014!

Bolded urls are my friends and some of my favourite blogs. You guys are all cuties and I’m really grateful to have met you. ♥

aka-chins / akafuri / akahshi / akashis / altairis / ao-kaga / bakashiseijuro / charlesleeray / chizu / dai-k-i / do-junerenjaegerbombed / exoai / fukukaicho / furihatakoki / furihatakoukifuwacchi / garekicchiH-K
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Ok so this idea popped into my head where Marinette started her day of the month and an akuma attacks and she's cranky and in pain from the cramps and Chat notices and she snaps at him and he eventually finds out its that time of the month and after the battle when they're out of their transformation Adrien visits her with hot chocolate, a movie, blankets, stuffed animal and pain killers. And they snuggle together to watch the movie with hot coco.

(Thank you for sending something in anon! Sorry this is overdue though ;A;/ )

This could not get any worse, Marinette thought bitterly. Today so far has got to be the worst day of my life.

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I’m back

The past four days have been so emotional but also very necessary, those who’ve been with me for a while know my moods can be very intense but they always pass. This one felt like it wouldn’t, it was an all time low, even for me.

It’s not over, I know it’s not, but I feel better now. The past days have given me perspective, or a reality check, whatever you want to call it.
Saturday was spent cleaning out our old apartment, a shitty job that had to be done and it also means we can really leave it behind us for now and focus on the new. Did I mention I don’t do change very well?

That stupid rumour was a trigger for me, I never handle those things well but I always handled them before, this one just came at a very wrong time for me, and I cracked. I shouldn’t blame that on Tom, it’s on me, for not knowing when to step back.
Anyway, Sunday was spent as I love them most, at home, quiet, doing nothing and everything at the same time. I need those days, they charge me for the rest of the week. I don’t function well without them, I hadn’t had one in the past month. 

I haven’t looked at Tom’s face for 4 days, that may seem like nothing to some of you. For me, believe me, it’s a lot!
Anyway, this is what helped me:

- I know what Tom is to me now and what he’s not and that is fine, it’s never been anything else and it never will be. I’ll have fits of frustration and sadness over him again I’m sure but when I feel one coming now I’ll take that step back again and go do something else that makes me happy.
- Real life, mine is really not so bad and I should try and be a bit more thankful for that!
- My husband, I’m sure I’ve been a pain to live with these past weeks (well, years) and he’s still here, still being sweet and putting me first like he always does. He may not be a Tom Hiddleston but you know what, he’s mine, always and completely and that’s worth more than anything else right now. And did I mention the healing powers of Sunday morning sex? (because I hadn’t had one of those either in the past month!)
- Friends, I may not have them in real life but I sure have them here, the amount of messages I got, people reaching out to me, even outside of Tumblr, has made me feel so loved. I am still getting back to all of you and for those who asked, yes I am on Kik and I will add anyone who asked or that wants to talk to me outside of this site.
- Writing, oh god writing! I just…YES, writing!

I’ll stop now cause this post is getting a lot longer than I intended to, sorry! 

So I’m back! And I haven’t been on my dash or the Hiddleston tag in the past days, is it safe to come back out there?! What did I miss? Ease me back into this, gently if possible (yeah who am I kidding?!)

You can all tag me in anything Hiddleston again from now, in fact please do, I prefer seeing new shit in my tags than randomly on my dash!

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I know I’ve been tagging a lot of you in my personal shit, please always feel free to just ignore those tags, I won’t take it personal ;)