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Late-Night Apologies

Summary: Your boyfriend Jughead got into a fight with his dad and needed someone to talk him out of his rage.

Length: 1,684

Note: Slightly nsfw?

“All was well,” you read before closing the final Harry Potter book. You sighed and put it on your nightstand before sinking back into bed.

Friday night and you were home alone. Even your parents went out for a date night. But your boyfriend was going to have dinner with his father, who’s not really that active in his life. You definitely understood why he wanted to meet with him so you encouraged him to go. You just wished that you had made other plans instead of staying home alone, stewing in your loneliness. Normally you’re out at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, at the library, or just wandering around town. But because Jason’s killer was still on the loose, your parents strongly objected to your late-night walks.

You got out of bed and checked your phone for a message from Jughead. Nothing. Bored, you scrolled through your old messages with him and laughed when you came across a photo of him sleeping with a Snapchat filter on his face. This time he was wearing the flower crown but you had plenty others of him with different, more feminine filters. He teased you about it when he woke up and saw the evidence but you told him if he stopped falling asleep while you were watching movies, he wouldn’t end up with his face on a meerkat.

A smile spread across your lips but your stomach sank a little. You’ve only been without him for a few hours but you already missed him. Is this normal for a high school senior to feel this way about a boy? Isn’t that kind of feeling supposed to be for adults, who are ready to spend the rest of their lives with one person?

Just as you turned on your David Bowie playlist with plans of curling back up in bed, you heard a tapping on your window. You looked over and saw Jughead, looking angry and disheveled.

“Jughead?” You asked, surprised to see him. Quickly you opened the window and made way for him to climb in your bedroom. One of the great perks about having a first floor bedroom is having first floor windows so your boyfriend could sneak in easily. No ladders involved.

“What are you doing here?” You asked.

He wouldn’t look at you. His hands were in his pockets, his head was bowed down. “I’m so sick of him,” he replied.

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Jack/Steve Parallels

When I first began watching Agent Carter, I went in thoroughly believing I would not ship anything but then Jack freaking Thompson happened. (Chad Michael Murray has and always will be a life ruiner. One Tree Hill anyone???)

Anyways at first, I did not like Jack nor did I ship Cartson but as time went on, I began growing a bit fond of him and I began to notice something.

Jack Thompson, for all intents and purposes, is the SRR golden boy. He’s the Chief’s right hand man and in the eyes of everyone, a decorated war hero. Now this is a time when the idea of the war hero is celebrated. Steve’s sacrifice saved millions of people. Steve is the embodiment of the war hero at that time. It’s not coincidental that Steve is both the sublime representation of the all-American boy look and Hitler’s Aryan race which hey guess what? Is exactly who they’re fighting. So I find it interesting that Jack too has the stereotypical blonde hair and blue eyes which 1) lends to his image of the golden boy and 2) further creates similarities between the two.

Now while Jack is lauded as a hero, like Steve albeit on a much smaller scale, the difference between Steve and Jack is that Jack isn’t a hero and Peggy knows this. I think the part that really drove this point for me was watching Jack panic in Russia and him telling her the story on the plane (the feels)

Whether his freezing up was because he was reliving the scene at Okinawa or he was genuinely just too scared, Jack proved that despite the surface similarities between him and Steve, internally he is nothing like him. Not on the battlefield or off it. On the surface, Jack is a problematic character. He’s sexist and arrogant and a bit of an asshole but when you dig deeper you can see that he’s not a bad guy. He’s a good person that’s done the wrong things. Steve, even on the surface and as much of a sarcastic little shit as he is, you can tell that he’s a genuinely good person and that is why Erskine chose him. 

Another distinctive parallel between Steve and Jack is their manner towards Peggy. Steve has always admired Peggy from the moment she punched that guy in the face for disrespecting her. Growing up with a single mother probably ties in to that.

Jack discredited her abilities at every point prior to Russia although I believe he does it 1) to push her buttons and 2) because part of him does know what she’s capable of and the fact she isn’t treated so by their peers is it’s own form of guilt (I’ll get into this later on in the post). I mean LOOK AT THIS FACE. She just sassed him to high heaven and back and he’s looking at her like she put the stars in the sky.

After Russia, Jack not only treated Peggy as an equal but also wanted her to be taken seriously by the others in the office. He even went ahead to give her the credit on Leviathon which conflicts with his natural opportunism. When her connection to Howard came to light, he was confused because things didn’t add up. He knew what Peggy was capable off and that she was no traitor.

Jack, like Steve, is adorably awkward around women. Jack has no idea how to respond to Angie’s tears. Steve doesn’t know how to talk to Peggy or his date at the Expo.

They both have an acute sense of guilt. Steve blamed himself after Dr. Erskine died and after Bucky but Steve’s brand of guilt is based off survivor’s guilt. He feels guilty that they died and he lived even through the ice. To some extent, he feels guilty about Peggy too. His face in CATWS killed me.

Jack’s guilt is more based off the fact that he killed those soldiers in cold blood when they’d come to surrender and he was being applauded for these actions, treated as a hero. He is living a lie. His own internal opportunism is in conflict with his moral sense of wrong and right. In the finale, he’s once again lauded as a hero and I know a lot of people are pissed about this because “they ruined his development” but this is completely in tune with his character. This is going to be another reason to loathe himself. The first thing he does when the Senator walks in is look back at Peggy because he knows that this should have been her’s. He feels guilty that she’s not getting the credit she deserves but as so many others have pointed out: this is the 1940′s. Misogynism is still a very real thing and those bureaucrats would have thought Jack crazy for giving credit to a woman. (Great post on Jack’s development here -some Peggysous bashing so read at your own risk if you ship them- and one on the misogynism here )

I think this is the most interesting aspect about Jack’s obvious attraction to Peggy and his character development. This is his face when Peggy reveals that the vial is Steve’s blood and she says she took it because she wanted a second chance at saving him.

The man is drowning in his own guilt and I don’t believe for a second that this attitude would not affect his view on relationships let alone one with someone like Peggy Carter. Not to mention that he believes his competition to be Steve. I think that if Cartson were to play out realistically, Jack would struggle with feelings of inferiority and would want to be good enough for her. We’ve already seen him change his treatment of Peggy after Russia and I think that his interactions with Peggy do play a significant role in his character development.

Personally, I just find it fascinating how similar these two men can be yet so different. Jack Thompson and Steve Rogers, in my eyes, are the perfect character foils in regards to Peggy’s affections. I’m sorry if I didn’t explain this as clearly.

relas-telvanni  asked:

I was just wondering, have you thought of anyone who would be perfect to play your OCs if they were live action? :D I sometimes see someone and I'm like "Yes! That's my character! I need to cast them!". Sorry if that's been asked before :)

Yeah, sure. :) I did make a sort of a “fan cast” for my characters quite a while ago, but I’ve since then found some better candidates (and actually made two new characters) so this might be a good time update my list with my current faves.

So, on the left side: the actor as seen in a role/photo that made me go “oh hey, that reminds me of character x”. On the right side: my quick and dirty photoshopped version of them to further illustrate my point… :P

Skaila: Rose Leslie

Bron: Chris Pratt

Laraniel: Alyssa Sutherland

Brenna: Emeraude Toubia

Varril: Tom Mison

Noelie: Eleanor Tomlinson

Davius: Hrithik Roshan

And then there’s Meirami who is a bit challenging to cast for obvious reasons, so I’m just going to skip the whole CGI Khajiit thing and base my choice on the human version of her. And therefore:

Meirami: Naomie Harris