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Strange Magic Rent-A-Palooza!

Tomorrow (Sun Aug 23), you can help support the movie Strange Magic by renting it off of iTunes. If a good number of people all rent it at once, we could bump it up the iTunes rating charts and hopefully get it more of the attention it deserves.

Never seen the film? This is the perfect time to check it out! 

Already seen it? Rent it anyway! Recommend it to friends and family! If you enjoy the film, also consider buying it.

How you can participate:

(Unfortunately a lot of the sites that WERE renting out this film has inexplicably stopped doing rentals for it, and it’s now only available to rent through iTunes, though it can be bought on any movie selling website. That means you will need iTunes installed and an iTunes account. Sorry about that. When I started setting this up, there were more options.)

1: Go to this link

and click the “View in iTunes”

2: Once it opens. Select “Rent HD”

3: Enjoy the film!

Disclaimer: This is a fan run event and is in no way affiliated with Disney, LucasFilms, Apple, or any of their affiliates.. The organizer of the this event (moi), receives absolutely no financial gain from this event. I just like the movie and want to spread some lofe for it.