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Girls having fun~

  • Harry: Did you eat the last biscuit?
  • Draco: What do you mean?
  • Harry: I mean there's an empty box of biscuits in the cupboard. Why would you put the box back when it's empty? That's just mean!
  • Draco: We both know it's a cruel world.
  • Harry: Ugh, Draco! You know these are my favourite!
  • Draco: Is it too late now to say I'm kinda sorry?
  • Harry:
  • Harry: Are you quoting Justin Bieber to me? Incorrectly?
Be My Boyfriend


“Dean, be my boyfriend!” Castiel hissed.

Dean’s attention was pulled away from Charlie (who snorted into her drink) when Castiel grabbed his arm.

“Uh,” Dean said, feeling like he was missing out on some vital information. Castiel’s wide eyes were a little too bright and his cheeks were flushed with pink, indicating that he was probably a little bit drunk, though that still didn’t help clear up the situation.

“Come here!” Castiel dragged Dean by the arm across the crowded room until they stood in front of a short brunette who Dean thought was named Meg. Castiel wrapped his arm around Dean’s waist and squeezed him to his side.

“I told you!” he told Meg triumphantly. “I have a boyfriend!”

Meg looked Dean up and down incredulously. “You’re dating Dean Winchester?”

Starting to catch on, Dean put a possessive arm around Castiel’s shoulders. “Yeah, he is. Got a problem with that?”

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Here’s some Skeleton Dance tap dancing !  

Because La La Land’s Soundtrack is stuck in my head, I just saw it yesterday and I love it so much !   

bonus: (messy) sketch under the cut

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the power of kiwi is that it’s always stuck in my head 24/7 even when I’m listening to harry’s other songs. So you get harry being all pleading like “maybe one day you’ll call me and tell me that you’re sorry too” and my brain that goes “IT’S NONE OF YOUR!!!!!!! NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!!”


AU. Lance and Keith get stuck in an elevator - no phones, no one to come for hours yet, and Lance’s claustrophobia… this can only end in disaster.

or, that one au i hijacked from @yaxxm​. sorry.

Two hours of being stuck in an elevator with Keith fucking Kogane was, quite possibly, the worst thing that had ever happened to Lance.

It definitely wasn’t great first date material – not that this was a date, of course, but still.

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daily reminder

How I imagine Shou, Teru, Mob, Ritsu, Serizawa, Reigen and Dimple playing Monopoly.

Shou: Dammit, Hanazawa! This is the second time you’re letting him off the hook. He needs to pay!

Teru: Excuse me, but is this your hard-earned property? No it isn’t. Plus his trespassing doesn’t affect me at all. Go ahead, Kageyama-kun.

Mob: That’s nice of you, Hanazawa-kun, but Shou’s right. This isn’t fair on the rest. Here’s my last–

Teru: Please, think of this as a token of my gratitude.

Mob: Okay, but it still doesn’t feel right.

Teru: Then, repay me, maybe, another way?

Mob: How?

Teru: *winks*

Shou: Ugh, I think I’m gonna be sick. I’m not playing no more. You’re all cheaters here

Ritsu: No, you’re staying. Stop being a baby and level up

Shou: You’re just saying that cuz he’s your brother

Ritsu: You’re just saying that cuz you’re on your last dollar

Shou: And who’s fault is that?

Ristu: Sorry, dude. Tough break

Reigen/Dimple: *snickers*

Serizawa: Dimple, please, this the fourth time now. Possessing Reigen still classifies as cheating

Reigen/Dimple: Ah, but how do you know for sure we’re talking about monopoly?

Shou: I hate this family