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Walking in a winter wonderland~
Fluffy jongkey gift for @herewegobebe​ ♥
Thanks to @choiminoh for helping me get their faces right!!

a day in december: cold outside

on ao3

“another one where ladybug and chat are trapped inside a—" 

YES. i wanted to write a reveal today let me live

@shxnmxm​ said: Mari and adrien stuck in a blizzard (or ladybug and cat noir for a reveal lol)


“Ladybug?” Chat whispers.

She exhales shakily, watching her breath condense into a cloud. “Y-yeah?”

“This isn’t looking g-good.”

She shakes her head. “The akuma—”

“I-I think we have m-more pressing matters at— hand, my Lady.” Chat rubs his hands up and down his arms.

Ladybug closes her eyes and leans against the wall. She gasps and yanks away when her back hits the ice. “N-nope.”

Chat sinks to the bottom of their near solid ice prison. He reaches up and tugs on Ladybug’s hand. “C-come on, might as well get comfortable.”

She doesn’t even bother pretending she’s going to fight him. She lets him pull her down into arms, sinking into his body warmth. “I don’t like winter,” she grumbles. She needs to talk to Tikki about better insulation for these suits. For average temperatures it’s fine. For blizzards, it is not. For akuma attacks during blizzards, it is not. For ice akuma attacks during blizzards—

She can’t feel her hands or feet.

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  • Truth be told, I miss you: sagittarius, pisces, gemini, taurus
  • Truth be told, I'm lying: leo, cancer, aquarius, virgo
  • When you see my face, hope it gives you hell, hope it gives you hell: aries, scorpio, libra, capricorn

Here’s some Skeleton Dance tap dancing !  

Because La La Land’s Soundtrack is stuck in my head, I just saw it yesterday and I love it so much !   

bonus: (messy) sketch under the cut

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oks, I know Mccree seems to have lost his arm sometime after he decided to go on his own and leave Overwatch before shit went down, but hear me:

Jesse taking damage during a Blackwatch operation, his left arm so injuried it doesn’t even look like an arm anymore, bleeding from his multiple wounds. Gabriel has to carry him to safety, while screaming for medical attention to get there. Among the pain and while losing conciousness McCree can only think that Reyes came back for him.

shot in the dark by @twentyeightghosts

He wakes up just past noon on Saturday to a text from Goody, sent at 2am: Sorry for radio silence, feeling better now. You want me to finish that paper?

Billy rolls onto his back and scowls at his phone, texts back no its a group paper we have to finish it as a group and then the whale emoji like maybe thirty times.

What do whales have to do with group projects, Goody texts back ten minutes later.

b/c they r majestic like our group paper will be, Billy texts back, with just three whales this time.

had this stuck in my head until I decided to draw it ╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭

Me, before binge watching “Strange Magic” about 15 times: a normal, properly functioning person.

Me, after binge watching “Strange Magic” about 15 times: *kicks down the door to my room wearing black and purple makeup*: I’M COMING STRAIGHT ON FOR YOU

I hate that I’m not her. I hate that I can’t make you laugh so hard you cry, and I hate that I can’t make you feel like she can. I hate that I can’t kiss you or hug you like she can. I hate that I’m not her.
—  M.E
“He hasn’t l-loved me for a-a while.”

Something I wrote based on ’s video edit that I highly reccomend you to check out, I will be linking the post on my twitter so i’d highly suggest you check it out so you can get a idea on where I’m coming from and trying to put together. :) you might cry a little bit but go watch it seeing as its fucking amazing!

Dedicated to: @luminescent-jaspar

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SUMMARY: Did they love each other anymore?

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They’d been fighting a lot lately.

More than usual.


“Well maybe I want to bloody go out and spend time with my mates instead of being in this goddamn flat stuck with you!” Joe shouted.

Caspar winced but he kept his head held high and went back to his email that he’d been writing to one of his agents. He didn’t cry anymore when him and Joe fought. He didn’t let himself break and feel terrible because they always fought lately.

It was like a routine.

“I told you, Joe. Go out to the pub and have fun while I stay here and work.” Caspar said calmy as he typed.

He could hear Joe let out a noise of anger and soon his laptop screen was being slammed shut and if he hadn’t moved his hands away from the key board like he did in that second then his fingers would’ve been in some deep shit.


Caspar looked up sharply at his boyfriend, his eyes were wide and he could see just how pissed off Joe actually was.

“I’m so sick of having to go out without my boyfriend because you want to stay at home and work on your stupid videos. Do you know how it feels?” Joe shouted.

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