sorry but i'm getting really annoyed with these things

Rant time soz

Okay I’m going to get hate for this I know but I have to say this. People are really taking this “chav” thing wayyy too seriously. I’m British and Ill be honest literally everyone uses the word chav, it isn’t portrayed as such a bad thing here, it’s more of a joke and people don’t take it literally. It just annoys me when people hate on louis for using common british sayings that he’s probably been saying his whole life and complain and see him as this horrible person because they looked up the “definition” when here people don’t even care.

Of course some people may be offended and they’re allowed to be!!! That’s okay!! But it’s kinda frustrating when people who have no idea of british culture and sayings just look up a definition and assume he was trying to be rude and imply things he wasn’t. I just wanted to let you all know that here in England it’s really really common and I’m certain louis didn’t even think about it when he posted it, he didn’t mean it in a bad way. I hope the press and media don’t take it the wrong way either :/ Also I’m not having a go at anyone personally! I’ve just seen a few posts and thought I’d say something :)

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Oh no no you are not annoying at all! What I meant is an MC with really similar personality of Jihyun (V). I really hope that it's more understanding now but it wouldn't be a bother at all for me to reword it one more time of needed to. I can't describe what so I just put it simply like this . I'm really sorry about it

I understand now Anon, sorry you had to reword it. I hope you like the headcannons, sorry if it wasn’t what you wanted. 


  • “Huh MC you remind me of     someone…”
  • Oh no
  • Oh. No. 
  • Oh come on!
  • Kinda can’t get passed it at     first
  • Because like??? It’s V
  • The man Yoosung disliked beyond     belief     
  • He tries not to see it but it’s     not easy…
  • It’s sought of like the while     ‘comparing-to-rika’ thing but with V    
  • It’s highly annoying 
  • “Gah! I’m sorry MC, you’re     just like him… I can’t get it out of my head…”
  • It hurts 
  • “Would it be better if I     were more like Rika?”    
  • “Yeah! Rika was     amazing!”
  • “So can you not like me     for me, Yoosung?”    
  • That made him feel absolutely     horrible     
  • After that he stops seeing you     and V as a combined thing     
  • He sees you
  • He sees V 
  • And that’s how it is 
  • If I’m completely honest I     don’t think Yoosung could fall for someone who is like V
  • Maybe after the truth comes out     he could see you in a different light 


  • Didn’t notice the personality     similarities at all
  • If you had the same hobbies as     V, she might notice     
  • “Oh MC, you’re in to     photography? So is V, you should talk to him about it”
  • Unless someone points it out,     she probably isn’t gonna notice    
  • If someone does point it out,     she’s confused
  • “But, MC is MC? And V is     V? They’re different”    
  • Jaehee you’re missing the point 
  • She does notice it now
  • So at RFA parties she compares     you two, not in a bad way, and sees what people are talking about 
  • but it doesn’t bother her
  • She loves you, not V
  • Even if you are similar, she     fell in love with you, not V. 
  • Practically Perfect in every     way is a great description for Jaehee 
  • That being said, sometimes she     has to stop herself from questioning if you and V are related 
  • Probably does some sort of research 
  • She’s just curious ok


  • Kinda sees it but kinda doesn’t     it 
  • Like Jaehee, he’s more of a     ‘but they’re their own persons’ kind of person 
  • He’ll get really defensive if     Yoosung anyone doesn’t see you as you    
  • Also, he knows how pressuring     and scary it can be if you’re forcibly compared to someone else 
  • And he really doesn’t want you     to change because he loves you    
  • He finds it very amusing when     you and V talk, because it’s like V is talking to a mirror
  • Probably has to stop himself     from asking V why he’s talking to himself a lot 
  • But Zen appreciates your kind     and caring nature     
  • He’s fine with you sharing     traits with V


  • noticed it straight away 
  • Asked if you knew V before hand
  • You know how you sometimes     adapt friends characteristics when you’re around them a lot?
  • He thinks maybe that’s what’s     going on because you’re so similar    
  • He finds it so easy to talk to     you 
  • And V isn’t around much, so he     really needs someone     
  • He’s glad you’re there to help     him
  • Of course, he sees you as your     own person
  • It was a little weird to have     romantic feelings for you    
  • Because it was kind of like     having feelings for his best friend    
  • But it was you??
  • He’s gets over it quickly     though
  • He really appreciates the     understanding nature you and V shares    
  • And he loves seeing you and V     talk, because it’s like the two brightest suns in the world colliding 
  • It’s beautiful 
  • Also apparently Jumins poetic 


  • Probably jokes about it at     first
  • Of course
  • Says you and V are long lost     twins     
  • But then all the stuff with     Mint Eye happens
  • He probably pushes you away     more than he would with anyone else 
  • You’re like him, what if you     hurt him as well?     
  • Can you really be that     different?     
  • It takes some time 
  • But 
  • He loves you, he does, but give     him some time to accept that V betrayed him
  • Let him sort out that it was V     and not you     
  • Once that’s done he needs you     by his side
  • Your understanding and caring     nature really helps him    
  • He stops thinking about V after     you, it hurts him too much to think of you as him
  • Or to think that you are     similar     
  • Or that you might hurt him
  • No, no that’s not fair on you. 
  • So, he puts V out his mind, and     you’re just you.


  • please don’t make him think     about that
  • Please don’t make him see your     face when he has nightmares about killing that man
  • If he compares you to V, he     will start seeing himself kill you. It wasn’t you, but what if it was?
  • He didn’t know V, the only     thing he knew was he was once an obstacle in Rika’s way
  • That’s what he did think, now     he sees him as an innocent man that lost his life 
  • Because of him
  • So he doesn’t think you have     similar personalities     
  • And even if he did know V and     who he was     
  • Why the hell would he care? 
  • He loves you not that man 
  • But please don’t make him think     about you and him being similar 
  • It will hurt him so much
  • Whoever pointed it out better     be ready for the backlash     
  • Because if Saeran starts to     think about that
  • It will break him 
  • So just keep being yourself and     keep being there for him     
  • And let him love you for you 


  • Someone pointed it out, and he     just kinda…
  • Who?
  • The kid that got killed by the     Saeyoungs brother?     
  • Okay sure whatever you say…
  • He didn’t know V, at all. 
  • So??? 
  • Gives 0 shits 
  • In general if he has a partner     that is as kind, sweet and considerate as V he’ll wonder what we did to     deserve it      
House of memories

Words: ~1750 (this is way too long for what it is)

Genre: Nostalgic fluff (I was sad don’t judge me)

Warnings: A bit of swearing, but that’s all.

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I feel stupid for not knowing the answer to this, but are Dre and Adre two different people? I hear those names pop up all the time and I'm just getting confused >.< sorry if this is annoying


don’t you dare be sorry! That’s a PERFECTLY good question! It’s okay!! XOXO 

Adre’s the name I gave Dre’s kid-self so I wouldn’t have to continue typing out “Kid Dre” or “younger Dre” etc etc! Adre sort of became his own person since he’s been doing so many things outside of how I pictured Dre’s past really being like though, so I guess you can consider them two different people in a way!

Gosh, I’m confusing myself answering this. AHAHAH *hughug*

Honestly whenever I read about jyp working on a new girl group I get so mad because what about 15& what about Somi are you gonna include them too or just let Somi go on hundreds of variety shows and kind of but not really debut and let Jamie keep hosting asc and occasionally do other things what are you even doing with Yerin she’s a solo artist but all she’s really doing is featuring in songs what are you gonna do with her?? Make new groups like thats what your living is made off of but Christ take care of the idols you have

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I'm really confused on the Zuke/Fidget Spinner thing? Idk what all happened and was said. All I'm getting is that Peri is autistic-coded and she said she would love fidget spinners ?? Which doesn't seem much to argue over so I think there's something else information wise I'm not getting. Also sorry if you're getting a lot of messages about it. I'm sure it's probably annoying at this point.

She said she’d be obsessed w fidget spinners, I’m pretty sure u can see the problem of someone who is not autistic saying an autistic character should b obsessed with fidget spinners. Not to mention the deleted scene of peridot literally being taught to eat

tbh I feel bad for having to put someone back on my byf because I feel like I’m being overdramatic and it’s probably overwhelming to new followers to see all that but I’m not taking them off of it until I feel safe they’ve left me and my mutuals alone

@mrscarstairs said: what upsets me is that the tmi characters don’t really have any reason to be in the story, but cc still forces them in it. meanwhile, jem actually has a plausible reason to appear at least a few times and yet cc refuses to include him except very briefly in lady midnight. that is what makes me mad. when people ask why Jem (and Tessa) aren’t in it, cc claims it’s cause the story isn’t about them. well then, if that’s how you feel, quit bringing the tmi ppl into the series

LEGIT, like please can she stop dragging them into it. They’re really not needed in the story, like I’d be totally fine it was a brief thing but it’s just constant. It’s almost like she doesn’t want to let them go and it really gets on my nerves because I came to read about the TDA charterers not the tmi ones. Jem and Tessa, I’m cool with but everyone else just annoys me

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This is probably a stupid question, and you probably already answered this somewhere, and I'm really sorry if I'm just bothering you with another stupid question, But, do you have a backstory for Flower Boy? I'm really really REALLY sorry if you answered this, you probably hate me for not checking everywhere, but I was just wondering. I'm sorry for bothering you with my stupid long question, and I hope you have a fantabolus day!! (again, sorry for bothering you, and being an annoying lil' butt)

i dont think troye’s gonna get a backstory since he’s my sona and hes ,, me?? uhh only things u gotta know about him i guess is that he’s a sorcerer n he likes cats

so update accounts on Twitter are spreading around a petition for people to sign, and literally begging for more tour dates, so that Harry will add more tour dates to his first tour? are you… kidding me? why can’t they just leave things alone and be happy for those who got tickets? why are they forgetting that Harry’s probably going to be around for years and years, touring albums and performing new songs and feeding us what we long for?

fans also seem to be getting mad at the wrong person with all of this. yes, it’s Harry first solo tour and yes, Harry had a say in where he wanted to perform… but, he probably didn’t get into specifics and say he definitely wanted to perform in a specific arena in a specific country under a specific capacity. his tour team and management are the ones who organise that… it’s not Harry’s fault that he’s not coming to your country, or that he’s not selling enough tickets or he’s only doing one date for a specific place.

it honestly breaks my heart that not all of us will have the opportunity to see him on his first tour. it really does. i cannot stress that enough… because… we all deserve to see him on his FIRST tour, performing his FIRST album, as a solo act for the FIRST time. we got him here. we supported him up until this point. it would be a perfect thing to give back to us for all those sleepless nights and money spent on him. 

so - and i cannot stress this enough - i’m not trying to be horrible to those who don’t have tickets, because it is unfair that you didn’t any for this tour and i wish he did have bigger venues to be able to hold all of us, but, i highly doubt Harry’s team will add more shows because they seem to have it all set out in stone of where Harry wants to go and what venues are best suited to him for this tour. if they add more, they’ll either have to bring the start of the tour closer or make him work right after New Year in order to get these extra dates performed and done. which means, he’ll have no time to properly celebrate the new year with his family… which is something he missed out on when being in the band… his career is now under his control. 

these update accounts make it sound like this is his ONE and ONLY tour and that when it finishes, it’ll be completely over for Harry and he’ll disappear from us for the rest of his life and do nothing else… completely forgetting that he literally indirectly tweeted saying that he’ll (most probably) tour next year - “if you’ll have me”. he’ll be back. he’ll tour again! and before we know it, he’ll be in stadiums, performing to 90,000 people with the best aesthetic and the best music and the best stage presence. he’s easing himself into that. dipping his toe into the water, if you will. he’ll be there - it just takes some time.

i don’t know why, and i don’t to sound whiny or be a bitch to those who didn’t get tickets, but, this really annoyed me… maybe because i’ve seen it all over my Twitter timeline… update accounts kind of urk me in the wrong direction anyway, but, this is just the tip for me right now. :((

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Allow me to explain "Ayato is just Ayato". It is obvious that if Ayato wins, his ego will exceed normal capacity, causing everyone to get annoyed with him. If Ayato loses, he'll be really butthurt and still annoy everyone. I'm sorry man, but sometimes ya gotta accept losses Ayato.

Kou: Legit.

Subaru: Let me clear one thing: we’ll are all already annoyed with him.

Ayato: Tch, you’re just envious of me being the best.

Kino: Who would be envious of a redhead who would beg on his knees to have his last serving of takoyaki?


Ayato: I’ll destroy you.

Here’s a bit if thought and explanation:

First things first; I love Percy, I adore him as a a character and Taliesin is just absolutely wonderful and amazing and a brilliant actor and I really, true, genuinely adore Percy. In no sense of the word do I hate him or his story or anything about it.

But, keeping all of that in mind, I AM extremely tired of seeing him get so much of the spotlight; both in canon and fandom. Now, fandom I can’t really get too upset about, I mean, it’s not like people can contr who their favorite character is, I can’t really blame anyone for that. But I CAN get upset over just how much fucking emphasis he gets in canon. Like, I don’t hate Matt and I’m not really mad at him, but it does seem like quite a lot of the story and plotline places emphasis on Percy and I’m just really tired of that. He got an entire major Arc to himself, let someone else get the spotlight for a bit.

Characters who haven’t gotten nearly as much emphasis and deserve it far more: Pike who got those few episodes with her family, which was the first real show of her as a character and any developing into her background, and it was really cool and fun, but I felt really cheated since it looked like we were gonna get something really deep and cool and interesting, only for it all to be a con, I know that Ashley is gone a lot but that still felt really cheap to me and I think Pike deserves more; Grog, the Westrunn arc was like my most favorite thing in the world cause we got to see more of Grog aside from bumbling, strong idiot, like he was thinking critically and really showing the sort of person he is, but that’s all we really got, even taking in the fights with Groon to consideration, he still hasn’t gotten much and I want to see more about his character, now we might get something if they go for Kord, but I’m still left severely wanting more; and, of course, Scanlan, who had a minor plotline with the discovery of his daughter that really wasn’t anything ALL important and at the forefront, and had to leave and come back to get anymore real development, development that it feels like a lot of people ignored or didn’t seem to notice, and of course we really haven’t gotten anything for him background wise, and it seems like more of a push for him to end up with Ioun here, whether or not it’s pigeonholing, I fucking hope he’s her champion and he gets his spot for a little bit like he deserves.

Recently I feel like I’ve lost a lot of my ability to feel emotion. It’s not that I can’t feel others emotions anymore, I’m still very empathic, I just don’t have a great range of my own feelings right now.

At work I get annoyed with my co-workers fairly often, but it never lasts very long.

My Dad is visiting right now, he’s weak and tired all the time. I want to do things with him, but I really can’t. He’s here for my birthday which is nice, but now that he’s 71 and had numerous terrible debilitating diseases and a heart that’s only working at 50% most of what we do it’s sit on the couch and watch movies.
He has told me at least 25 times during this visit that he’s probably going to die soon and is making sure that I understand what is wrong with his heart. I can’t think of anymore ways to tell him that I understand and he doesn’t need to keep telling me. I wish we could just be able to enjoy this little bit of time we have together and not have to talk about your impending death constantly, is that so much to ask?
I’m not the one dying, so I guess I don’t understand what it’s like, but I feel like I wouldn’t want to constantly be reminding the people I’m trying to spend time with that my death is looming closer on the horizon every day.

But really, in the front of this, I wonder, where did my emotions go? Are they walking themselves away so as to protect me from the heavy shut I’m in the middle of?

I guess we’ll see.

anyways i’d really appreciate it if people stopped putting smackle with random guys in order to make themselves feel less guilty about their ships. she can survive without a man, she doesn’t need to be stuck with someone who either she’s literally never met or someone where every interaction they have is twisted to seem romantic when it’s really not in order to make the ship seem legit. like if you don’t like who she’s with at the moment bc you want him to be with someone else, just admit it and ship what you wanna ship, don’t force ships that aren’t really ships (or shouldn’t be romantic ships bc the scenes they have are actually kinda problematic).

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If you're going to reblog/post a lot of stuff you should queue it so your followers don't have to scroll through three pages of their dash being nothing but posts from you. It's really frustrating.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

I get what you mean, and I definitely have people that I follow that do similar things, but here’s the thing; It’s a blog I set up to make me happy, not others. And while I appreciate people who enjoy my trash blog, and love the content i reblog on it/share similar interests with me, (thank you guys u r literally the bees knees) I can’t, nor do I want to, please everyone. I literally get people upset at me for not posting enough, and people upset for posting too much. If I post too much and it’s annoying you, you’re not obligated to keep following me, and I won’t be offended if someone did stop following me for posting too much at the same time! You’re also here to enjoy yourself, and if my blog is not helping you enjoy your tumblr experience, please leave it behind! My blog is meant for me to enjoy, and setting up a que takes more time than I want to waste on it. I’m sorry if this is frustrating to you, or even an annoyance, but I’m not exactly running this blog for popularity, or for anyone’s sake other than my own. Maybe someday when I want to put more time into my blog I will do a que again, but for now my time is limited and sporadic mostly. 

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon sentence starters- Chapter 4
  • "Looks like I'll be on my own awhile."
  • "I thought I'd come to meet you, since we live so close."
  • "Well met, my friend (NAME)!"
  • "Wow, you're just as annoying as ever."
  • "Boy, I really messed things up again."
  • "I feel like I just cause problems for everyone around me."
  • "Urk! It looks like I may have made things even worse."
  • "I knew it. I just make messes for everyone... and ruin everything..."
  • "Sorry (NAME), for always being such a pain."
  • "I'll try to be more careful from now on."
  • "It's hard to get your feelings across to others sometimes."
  • "It doesn't matter what they say... I can do it!"
  • "I'm going to achieve my dreams! I'll do it, and I'll show them all!"
  • "D-dude, (NAME)! Seriously! How dim can you be?"
  • "Alright, let's give it our best shot!"
  • "Why is everything my fault, huh?!"
  • "Now, now! I'll have none of that cheek from you."
Get to know me tag ✌

So I was tagged by @diamondsforyoo (i love your url by the way, seriously) so here goes nothing, i guess :)

Rules: Answer 30 questions and then tag 20 people you would like to know better

Nicknames: Zabou, although nobody calls me that because it’s a self-imposed internet nickname and I don’t even know if it’s actually a thing 😂 I’m kinda cringy, I apologize

Gender: Female 

Star sign: Leo 💅

Height: I’m going to take a guess and say 1.63 cm because i haven’t really checked in a looooong time lol

Time: 11:46 pm 

Birthday: August 22nd 🎉

Favourite bands: For the sake of my own sanity i’m only gonna say Monsta X, BTS, Blackpink, and a slightly different genre, One Ok Rock 💕

Favorite solo artists: Hyolyn 💕 and uh, Suga’s solo stuff as Agust D?? Idk lol

Song stuck in my head: I NEED U - BTS, I’m trash

Last show I watched: Gravity Falls because I’m a kid 

Last thing I googled: Kumamon 😂

Do you have other blogs: Nope. Or maybe I do but they’re probably old af and I already forgot the password lmao

Do you get asks: I got one once, it was awesome haha

Why did you choose your url: Because a certain human being AHEM 💕 YOO KIHYUN 💕 AHEM is too perfect and beautiful for me to handle and he needs to be stopped ASAP so that nobody dies for at least two seconds. Yeah.

Following: 1106, I got a little carried away heh

Followers: 59, jesus christ, I’m a freaking loser 😂😂😂😂

Favourite colours: Any pastel tones, but mostly lilac, and also neon blue and pink ✨

Average hours of sleep: Usually 6 or 7 if I’m not too lazy to wake up in the mornings lol

Lucky number: 16 ✨

Instruments: I currently play guitar, and a teeny tiny amount of drums 

What am I wearing: Black shirt and black jeans, i’m feeling a bit emo today 👌

How many blankets do I sleep with: Two, I get cold easily but i don’t really mind, I like cold weather better anyways

Dream job: I don’t know if this is even a thing, but like, translator in the entertainment industry?? Or just a translator in general idk 😂✨

Dream trip: Japan, Korea, Russia, China, Hawaii and some of those other cool-looking islands of the Pacific 💕

Favourite food: Hamburgers are my life 

Nationality: Mexican ✌

Favourite song right now: 뱁새 ✌ I can’t seem to get BTS out of my mind lately and I’m so done already, SO DONE. 

I’m a weirdo and counted the questions, so here’s three more to complete the 30, yay.

Pets: A dog named Balto and a fish named Sauron lol

Favourite ice cream flavour: Mango and rasperry 

What’s in my bag/purse/backpack: (is this even a good question, what am i doing) Russian manual, two notebooks, vanilla cookies, candy wrappers, a small bag with pencils and stuff, wallet, water bottle, sunglasses and a raincoat ✨

You all seem like cool people so hopefully I’ll get to know some of you a little because i really don’t know how to start an actual conversation ugh, I’m so bad at being a normal human being, seriously

Also, you don’t need to do this if you don’t want to, this is all just for fun really ✨ I’m kind of annoying anyway, so I understand 😂 

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I updated the trans pride hands to this for now. Mostly because I wasn’t particularly proud of the previous versions. They were too flat, and the pronouns looked too sloppy - something I liked at first, but wasn’t too fond of the longer they were posted. Hopefully, I’ll figure out a way to incorporate pronouns into this version in a way that looks better. I’m thinking wrist tattoos, but not 110% sure on how I’d go about each set of pronouns just yet in a way that’d both make sense and look nice.

So again! If you’re interested, there are 48 products with this design available on them. Everything from stickers and prints of various sizes, to clothing and books! Every penny I make off the items sold through my Redbubble (and eventually, my storenvy), no matter what is purchased, goes towards helping me pay for top surgery (hopefully just the travel expenses - I’ll know for sure soon). This is also not the only design! I’m slowly adding things as I go. There are two designs posted so far.

Please reblog! Every ounce of help, no matter what form that takes, is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

I’m doing what I can to save every penny possible, and I feel weird asking for help at all, but I’ve quickly realized that every cent I make now goes towards bills, rent, food, etc. and I’m usually left with pennies or literally overdrawn by the end of the month as it is. I’m looking for part time work to attempt to make more than what I already do, but I’ve yet to find something. So if someone likes something in my shop and is willing to purchase it, it would really help me out. Reblogs and any kind of word of mouth is also a massive help, and I really, really don’t know how to really thank the people who have helped so far. 

Click here to visit my RedBubble account! Items available for purchase are under the shop tab! If the link doesn’t work, here’s the url:

Thank you all so much!

- Wyatt Mars

fukery  asked:

Hello there I hope I'm not annoying you! I was looking through the Mob Psycho tag and found your post with your headcanon anout Mob being autistic and I was wondering if you could tell me more about it because it seems interesting! Again sorry to bother and I hope you have a lovely day

hey!! ur not annoying me at all! to me, one of the main things that made me lock in this headcannon is the “get a clue” scene. as an autistic person myself who also has trouble “reading a room” “reading a face” or “getting the joke”, this scene really struck a chord with me. mob’s trying to have fun with the other kids but they think it’s creepy that he can’t “read them” ie “get a clue”. 

another thing is his constant neutral face. a lot of autistic people have a habit of showing their emotions through other means than facial expressions which is very much mob to me. he shows his love for tsubomi through through trying to impress her, not by “flirting” (aka the bane of all autistic ppl. i do not flirt, nor understand flirting). 

the third thing (not the final, though, there are more smaller things) is the whole concept of the counter itself, going from 0-100 with how emotionally volatile mob is. to me, i can relate to this, and relate this to mob being autistic, because it seems a lot to me like using spoons throughout a day/week. if you use too many spoons (have too many emotionally or physically draining/upsetting things happen to you), a meltdown is going to happen sooner or later. these can be small or large depending on how it’s handled by yourself and those around you. 

mob goes into a removed, trance like state based around whatever the central feeling is (rage, sadness, etc) and has no choice but to surrender to his overpowering, confusing, and terrifying emotions. for a normal autistic person, this is expressed through going nonverbal, crying, shutting down, etc. for mob this is expressed through massive destructive bursts of energy.