sorry but i'm getting really annoyed with these things

The most annoying thing allistic people do is say “SORRY the world isn’t ALWAYS SILENT” and go about life being really loud but GET OFFENDED when autistic pals cover their ears and it’s like?? I know the world isn’t always silent Karen but if you can’t save me some discomfort by being a little bit quieter, then can you at least let me do it myself??

Anyway the lesson here is that a lot of allistic people don’t fkn care if autistic people are comfortable and they take autistic comfort and sensory issues as a damn joke

House of memories

Words: ~1750 (this is way too long for what it is)

Genre: Nostalgic fluff (I was sad don’t judge me)

Warnings: A bit of swearing, but that’s all.

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I feel stupid for not knowing the answer to this, but are Dre and Adre two different people? I hear those names pop up all the time and I'm just getting confused >.< sorry if this is annoying


don’t you dare be sorry! That’s a PERFECTLY good question! It’s okay!! XOXO 

Adre’s the name I gave Dre’s kid-self so I wouldn’t have to continue typing out “Kid Dre” or “younger Dre” etc etc! Adre sort of became his own person since he’s been doing so many things outside of how I pictured Dre’s past really being like though, so I guess you can consider them two different people in a way!

Gosh, I’m confusing myself answering this. AHAHAH *hughug*

look, if you aren’t a certain race you don’t get to speak for that race. If you’re white, you don’t get to speak for poc. If you’re of one racial group, you don’t get to speak for another. I’m sorry, but that’s really rude and you have no right to complain about things for another group. They will speak out if they have an issue with something and it’s up to you to support them, not speak for them.

This guy asked me to go to the movies with him and this is so stressful I’ve never been on a date like this before and im one of those bitches that memes around in the theater (like someone falls or some shit and I’m like lmao me when I think about my grades) and some people get really annoyed by it but also some people think it’s awkward to not interact at all during a movie so idk?? But he’s rlly cute and funny and smart and likes the same things I do so I hope it goes well lol

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Hey, I was wondering if you have any tips on getting fluent in a foreign language. I like to think my English is pretty decent (I tend to get A's in English for school) but I know that if I want to get into an American college I need my English to be perfect. Also because I need to do the SAT's and those have an English part (side note it costs 90 euros to do then, what???)

Hi! So based on your message, I think you’ll have no problem getting along at a university in the States. I teach mostly international/ESL students, anywhere from freshmen to juniors, and frankly some of them have a much lower level than you seem to. Of course I can’t say that with any confidence, based on one paragraph, but… you don’t need perfect English anyway. It might help you if you have one of those dick professors who grades grammar strictly, but that isn’t common unless you are in a business program (based on what I’ve seen at my uni). tl;dr about that - I might want to talk to you more to gauge your level better, but I think you would be fine.

But your main question was about fluency. This honestly takes time. And you could focus in a couple of ways. Reading is a fantastic way to improve vocabulary. There are a lot of learner podcasts out there (I don’t know of any for English specifically, but if anyone wants to comment that’d be cool?) if you are concerned about your listening skills. I’ve used them for French in the past. They aren’t lessons necessarily, but one I listened to was news, it was just paced a bit slower and was intentional for non-native speakers. I have studied French going on 8 years now? And I still wonder when I’ll ever hit that point where I would confidently say I am fluent. And that’s with a lot of formal education.

I think you just need to decide on your goal, because native-like proficiency for a non-native speaker is so, so rare. Literally, those people get written about in research articles. So you should decide, I want to use English for this purpose (e.g. going to university in the US) and shoot for that. Which honestly, it doesn’t need to be perfect for that. Native speakers mess up all the time, and they still graduate. And I know it can feel like you are being held to a different (higher) standard, as an international student. I think this is probably why my international students do better than my American students, tbh. They just try a lot harder. But don’t hold yourself to a native-speaker standard, as much as it might be tempting to, bc that is… not realistic. You just need to be able to navigate the situation you see yourself in.

(Sorry this took me all day to respond to and I feel like my response was all over the place, let me know if you want more info about anything in particular.)

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(I know this is explained in your FAQ but my anxiety is urging me to ask anyway) do you mind if people message you on tumblr to discuss things like a possible self-dx? I really just want to make sure I'm not going to annoy you and I'm sorry for asking something that's already in the FAQ

It’s okay! It wouldn’t be bothering me. I get lots of messages about self dx and other stuff and it doesn’t annoy me. Sometimes I don’t respond right away, but not because I’m bothered. I’d prefer messaging off anon through the IM feature, but anon is okay too if need it. 

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Hello there I hope I'm not annoying you! I was looking through the Mob Psycho tag and found your post with your headcanon anout Mob being autistic and I was wondering if you could tell me more about it because it seems interesting! Again sorry to bother and I hope you have a lovely day

hey!! ur not annoying me at all! to me, one of the main things that made me lock in this headcannon is the “get a clue” scene. as an autistic person myself who also has trouble “reading a room” “reading a face” or “getting the joke”, this scene really struck a chord with me. mob’s trying to have fun with the other kids but they think it’s creepy that he can’t “read them” ie “get a clue”. 

another thing is his constant neutral face. a lot of autistic people have a habit of showing their emotions through other means than facial expressions which is very much mob to me. he shows his love for tsubomi through through trying to impress her, not by “flirting” (aka the bane of all autistic ppl. i do not flirt, nor understand flirting). 

the third thing (not the final, though, there are more smaller things) is the whole concept of the counter itself, going from 0-100 with how emotionally volatile mob is. to me, i can relate to this, and relate this to mob being autistic, because it seems a lot to me like using spoons throughout a day/week. if you use too many spoons (have too many emotionally or physically draining/upsetting things happen to you), a meltdown is going to happen sooner or later. these can be small or large depending on how it’s handled by yourself and those around you. 

mob goes into a removed, trance like state based around whatever the central feeling is (rage, sadness, etc) and has no choice but to surrender to his overpowering, confusing, and terrifying emotions. for a normal autistic person, this is expressed through going nonverbal, crying, shutting down, etc. for mob this is expressed through massive destructive bursts of energy. 

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you are never annoying! you never was and probably never will be and im sure your followers love you and care about you so if you wanna talk about one piece hell yeah and if you wanna talk about problems and let it all out we are fine with that too, its just human and totally normal lol. i wish you all the best hope things will get better and easier soon for you take care of yourself!

i deleted the post this is in response to but thanks so much!!  this is a really kind message.  idk after every post i make i feel like i worded it wrong or it was probably unnecessary etc etc and i regret it but you guys usually make me feel a lot better about it by supporting me nonetheless.  it’s been a long weekend for me but my mood is already much improved since yesterday 👍 

Mixy wants to tell you something.

Hello everybody,

So after a long time of thinking I want to get rid of something that burns under my fingers for a long time. I’m sorry when I annoying you with my depressing posts. (If it is so please please tell me). You are all so nice to me, and I post things here that ruins the mood. What I really want to say is

THANK YOU!!!!! I love all of you!!! When I created this blog I would never have dreamed that I reach the 34 brand. My mood improves every time I see your posts, my posts liked or interacted with me or My characters. And I want to give you something. Unfortunately, I do not know what I could give you. If you can think of something you can tell me. I’m looking forward to doing something for you.

i hate when people review my fanfictions with comments like “this is not accurate to the book” or “no that never happened did you even read the book” because i’m just like the entire point of fanfiction is that it is NOT what actually happened in the book (or movie, tv, etc.) like how are you so stupid.

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Could you write a luke one where he has a twin brother & you & luke are dating but his brothers jealous? Thank you!

a/n: also sorry this took so long, anon :) i hope you enjoy it! I almost fell asleep towards the end so let me know if you catch any typos lol (in which Luke has a twin brother named Rob)
word count: 2450
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At face value, Luke and his twin brother Rob were the same; they had the same blue eyes, and the same nose; the same dimple, and the same blonde hair. They both even had the same ring through their bottom lip. They were both sweet – or they could be – and charming, and they were both funny, in their own ways. But it was around there that the similarities in their personalities separated. Rob was cocky – to a fault; much more arrogant and far more lucky with the ladies where Luke was more reserved, more shy, but that was probably what drew you to him in the first place.

For all intensive purposes, they were entirely different people; but they were close, and Rob had always been your friend, too. So it wasn’t unusual that your Friday night movie watching date with Luke featured Rob sitting on the couch opposite you, joining in conversation and commentary with you.

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So so this might be the weirdest ask ever. Yesterday I watched some of your marathon before going to bed. After that I have a memory of participating in the chat, saying strange things and you getting annoyed. I'm 95% sure it was a dream, but in case it wasn't, I'm sorry for sending strange and annoying messages. In my defense, I was literally half asleep...

Well, I don’t know who you are, Anon, but as far as I recall I didn’t get annoyed at anyone in chat, or at any rate I didn’t say I was. So you’re off the hook!

almost. :D

It is my belief that almost nobody who is on the internet in 2017 is getting enough damn sleep. A few years ago I realized that really, after eight in the evening, I did nothing productive and very little that was actively entertaining; I just existed while awake. Which was fine if I wasn’t tired, but often I was tired and fighting sleep. When I went to bed earlier, I started making better decisions, not just day-to-day but better life decisions. About my health, my job, my sanity. Sleep helped me adult.   

So as someone who now goes to bed at eight pm in order to get eight hours of sleep a night, it is my duty to say unto you: 

If you’re nodding off while online, there is nothing on the internet that is so important you can’t either miss it or look at it when you wake up. If you feel sleepy, accept the gift of rest your body is offering you. Set your alarm appropriately, black your phone or tablet, minimize your computer browser, and go lie down. You don’t have to wash your face or brush your teeth or any of that crap which is a pain in the ass and makes you less likely to get to bed. Just go lie down for a bit. If it turns out you can’t sleep, you can get up in ten minutes and come back. If you sleep, good. Sleep is healthful and helps you function. :)  

Okay, lecture over, now you may go. *ruffles your hair*

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hey i'm sorry if i'm bothering you but i don't know who i should ask right now. do you perhaps have any motivational thing to say to someone who wants to be a musician? i have this maschine mk2 since last january and i still didn't manage to create anything mainly because depression is holding me back and i really want to be a producer in the future and write my own lyrics and so on but i have no motivation at all i cant even get out of bed and i feel so helpless idk sorry if i'm annoying

Just listen to music you like until you get that feeling™ when you really love the song you’re listening to. When you’re in that mood, try to recreate that song (you won’t be able to). You will instead create a song that has the same feel of that one song you love, but is your own.

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So you did the BTT reacting to their Nyotalia selves awhile ago, so may you please write the same thing for the Allies if you haven't already? Thank you and I'm sorry if you've written that before!

france would be really happy, kinda freaked out but really excited because seeing a nyo version of yourself has got to be pretty interesting. he’d want to get to know her well and would probably check through all his proposals with her

america would immediately want to challenge her to everything he enjoys to prove that he’s the ‘alpha’ and then be annoyed when theyre perfectly equal at everything

canada would be kinda confused about how its possible but once he started talking to her he’d really enjoy it and spend lots of time hanging out with her and just generally enjoy her company

england would fight with her. he’d find her too uptight and stuck up, only later realising that he’s exactly the same and shes literally just nyo him

russia would adore her, she probably reminds him of ukraine and theyd get on super well, even if it can be a bit awkward at times 

china has probably known his nyo for years and regularly spends time with her. they probably used to play pranks on people and pretend that china had been turned in to her somehow (magic)

- Admin Hannah


You guys all made an abomination very happy :P

I got (and I am still getting!) lots of wonderful, funny, and sweet messages about having Fatal on your devices. He’s quite tickled and doesn’t really know what to do with himself. He’s just so flattered.

Fatal also promises to behave and to not do bad things to your mobile device, kindles, or desktops :)

guys I know you’re getting really tired of hearing me talk about it, but I’m still $75 short on my student loan payment( the whole payment is $421). If I don’t have the payment in by next Friday( my paycheck this week has to go to my rent and I won’t get paid again until the 12th) at the latest, they are going to slam me with a $118 late fee on top of whatever I still owe on that payment. If you guys would consider helping me out, or just signal boosting I would appreciate any help you’re willing to give.

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will you please explain to me brucenat? sorry if i'm being annoying but i really do not get it. it's forced, out of character, and came out of nowhere. plus, nat's characterisation really upset me. i seriously don't see it. maybe i might hate it a little less if i knew the reasoning behind it.

“It’s forced”

First of all, I don’t doubt that someone pushed Joss Whedon to throw romance in this sequel because the first one was absent of it. However, to me, I don’t see it forced in the context of the movie: Time has obviously past since the first Avengers…years if anything. There are so many subtle things you will notice from the first Avengers that comes into their relationship here: you see Bruce pushing that baby carriage…You see Natasha trying to calm BRUCE down in the Hellicarrier, although admittedly she’s not good at it at this point, but you can see how she goes from a more mechanical way of talking to Bruce to a more…humanly way. She’s realizing if anything will get to Bruce, it’s to treat him as a human being and not a bomb. (”Doctor? …. Bruce?”) 

Avengers 2: The team, mostly Bruce and Nat, have structured a system in which to bring the Hulk back in after a mission. (Otherwise who knows how long it would take and what Hulk could destroy in the mean time? They needed to sort that out. This, along with “Code Green”, are just a few examples of what they’ve been doing to make things slightly more bearable for Bruce.) Nat, as you see throughout the film through flashbacks, has a lot in common with Bruce. They believe they are both monsters in their own ways (Nat killing innocent people and ignoring her instincts) and Bruce…well he’s pretty straightforward. While he does show control over the Hulk in both Avengers 1 and AoU, he still poses a risk to Nat and the team and people around him in certain situations. (ex: Scarlet Witch mind control and Ultron firing at Nat when she’s trying to bring back Bruce.)

“Out of character”

This hurts me, because a part of what makes Natasha an interesting character is her struggle to be open with people. She’s always hiding behind a mask, and it’s only in recent films like TWS where it’s hinted she wants something more. She wants to be more than what she was forced to be her entire life. So what does she do? She tries to be herself. TRIES… being the keyword here. That’s why some of those flirt scenes are awkward…she’s not used to being herself. It’s a different experience that she’s still trying to understand. But she’s seeing herself in Bruce, the real her, the one that’s scared to be open with others. So she takes this opportunity to experiment whether she can not only help herself get where she wants to be as a person, but also help Bruce come out of his shell, as we see throughout the film that Bruce is not entirely comfortable with hulking out for missions. Only when it’s extremely necessary will he Hulk out (”I know it’s where I can do the most good, but it’s also where I can do the most harm”) He doesn’t trust himself, he doesn’t understand the parts of him that are the Hulk and so his distants himself from it unless desperately needed. Bruce is not as far down the road as Nat is though at this point, because his nightmares become a reality. Nat’s backstory is her past, and she’s had time to really think about what she wants and who she strives to be. Bruce was thrown into a relapse of horrible feelings because all his fears became true. This would be as if Nat was forced to kill innocents again. In Avengers 1, we see Bruce take that first selfless step forward, embracing the Hulk to take down an alien invasion. You know, something pretty serious. In Avengers 2, he’s now thinking more critically about how much he wants to embrace the Hulk for situations like this. So what does Bruce do? He decides that he’s not ready and definitely not willing to put anyone in harms way anymore because he still has trust issues with himself. So he leaves in order to figure himself out, become more “one” with the Hulk (which we actually sort of see in the quinjet, at least the beginning of it), and who knows, learn how to change back without relying on someone else to do it for him. He cares so much for the people he loves that he’s willing to leave until he can set things right. He can’t love someone else until he loves himself first. 

What the hell I’m sorry this became another Bruce centered response when the ask was about Natasha. >_< ; I’m sorry. I’m more of a Bruce anaylzer. If you want more explanation, check out maidenpools …she has a lot of thoughts about this whole relationship that really made a lot of sense to me…

LOOKING AT LUC*YA BLOGS MAKE ME WANT TO SCREEAAAAMMM BUT I CANT STOP LOOKING AT THEM like why do they only look at things that *help* their ship but ignore the clear facts? Lucas needs Riley to stay calm and cool/collected. He keeps losing his cool all because he and Riley aren’t as close bc of Maya! Lucas looks as if he’s going to turn Charlie “creepy creep creep” Gardner into stone with a look and Lucas chills as soon as Riley looks at him and smiles!! All Maya does to help Lucas stay “calm” is get physical with him and make jokes in poor taste idk js. ALSO I have not seen one luc*ya blog say anything about the biggest foreshadowing ever: SENSE AND SENSIBILITY!! Riley is sense. Maya is sensibility. Farkle is both. Lucas is sensibility. Charlie is sense. Cmon luc*ya look at the facts for once and stop thing that posters behind the characters in the pilot mean ANYTHING!!