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Cool? (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Could you do a Peter Parker x reader where the reader is an avenger and she is Peters age and she has a huge crush on him but shes really shy, and barely ever talks to him because she is too shy, but the everyone but Peter knows. and they know that Peter likes the reader also. so they try to get them together? Sorry if this was really long/ confusing!!

(A/N) Y’all I’m sorry I’m such a shitty person, but I feel like I needed to post stuff to keep you guys entertained. I feel as if this wasn’t really what the request wanted but this was the direction it ended  up going in and I hope it’s up to the requesters standards. Also, I must say that this will officially be the first thing that is posted on my main blog. Much love!

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Dru ft. her weight

ok so I just want to clarify that I have never ever seen a single post about how Katniss Everdeen was clearly starving and malnourished (in the books), therefore making her unhealthy, but she was skinny.

but Dru is out here working out just as much as any hard working shadowhunter and is fat but people are out here writing essays on how she’s not fat because ‘fat = unhealthy’ though it was confirmed by Cassie herself that Dru was fat??

guys. Dru’s fat. she’s not unhealthy. get over it.

I don’t know how to put this into words, but I’ll try my best.

I haven’t been able to function properly today. I’ve been in a constant state of numbness. I’ve been in disbelief. I’ve been in denial. I’ve been in grief. Everything else just flies by me in a flash, and I haven’t been really able to think about anything else. Chester is really gone.

I’m glad I got to see LP perform, if just once. I remember the event. I remember crying tears of happiness when I saw Chester bounce around from behind the corner onto the stage. It was one of the most happiest moments of my life, and I hadn’t been able to feel like that in a long time.

I’m sorry we couldn’t help you, Chester. I’m sorry that we couldn’t save you from the feelings that you felt when you decided to end your life. I’m truly sorry. Thank you for blessing us with your music and the soul that you poured into it. I hope the place where you are now is better than the place you were in. Thank you for everything. We all love you. 

This was supposed to be a quick coloured sketch but it took me way too much time and it’s not exactly how I wanted it to turn out. Buuuut,it’s our boy, Mateo and I felt bad not posting it. 

I just love the close connection Mateo has with his grandfather despite having never met him. Through his heritage, his mother’s stories, the books Alacazar left behind,  Mateo has a deep bond with him and hopes that one day he’ll be a worthy royal wizard, like him.


ok, ok, i know i’ve been saying i’d get to asks and to bear w/ me but… i just really don’t want to do this blog anymore. i’m so, so sorry you guys. i know i’m leaving you guys hanging but i’m just… i’ve lost all of my motivation for this blog, in all honesty. it’s just kinda… unfair to me that i have over 1k followers and the average amount of notes i get each post ranges from 10-50 notes. i know that sounds selfish, i know it does… i just don’t wanna do this anymore. i’m always really scared to post something new on here because i don’t want a repeat of what happened when people sent asks in saying to tell them if i was going to kill michael because it was really scary for me, and i’m still extremely sorry if i hurt anyone’s feelings or made anyone uncomfortable because it was not my intention. i don’t want to continue this blog, and will be either deleting it or not posting on it anymore in case anyone wants to look back at it. i have a really, really good idea for a new ask blog, however, and would much rather pursue that one than continue this one. please note: i’m still a kid. i don’t know what the fuck i’m doing and i’m trying to make decisions for my well-being. thank you for everyone who encouraged me to make a post about this and pushed me to tell everyone how i’m feeling, instead of putting this off forever. this has been a fun ride, and i’ll see you guys on the next train. :)

-mod twiz

edit: i just forgot, but in the meantime while i’m making the new blog, have my main!

edit 2: i finished the ask blog. ask away!

Sorry for a non merch post, but do any of you wonderful people play Dokkan Battle w/ LR Broly as your deck lead? Obviously he basically breaks the tournament, and while I’m proud to be number five in my local bracket currently I’d really like to not lose a spot in the top ten after I go to work this evening, you know? So I’ve got to get the points while I can. So if you do and want to majorly help me out while hanging out with my above pictured badass Rose please send me a message with your friend code?

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Izuku, Bakugou, Todokori, Iida, Kaminari, and Kirishima discover their supposedly Quirkless s/o is actually hiding an amazing quirk because she doesn't want to be a hero; she can't handle the pressures that come with it.

My dear @onliafaze , I am going to do these one at a time cos I do not want you to wait forever and I am getting really into these. So first up is Midoriya! I wrote this even though it is over my character limit cos this was requested before I had posted my rules and it seemed unfair not to write it just because of that. These were supposed to be hc but I have no self control so sorry about that XD. ~Admin K 🎶

What was he going to do? These psychotic…things were destroying everything in the area. Three of them. These things looked like they were made of the odds and ends of all kinds of animals. With the body of a lion, a thick snake’s body coming from the spot where the lion’s tail would be, and from the waist up, they were human—they were the stuff of nightmares. They had terrifyingly large fangs dripping with poison, and it was obvious very quickly that the power of those snake tails had the power of being lethal with the right amount of force. Bat wings a kilometer in length sprouted from their lion backs.

People were running around like mad, desperately trying to escape them. People with all kinds of powerful quirks, but with no training to use them properly. Pro heroes had to be on their way, but who were these villians? Would the heroes even know how to stop them? First things first, he absolutely had to find ___ and get her to safety. His girlfriend was his number one priority at the moment; he could try to fend off those other guys later, but being quirkless in this situation? ___ was not safe here. He screamed her name, desperately calling to find her.

Where is she? Where is she?!


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I just wanted to say thank you for all the "how to adult" advise that you have posted up. It really helped kind of calm me down and gave me somewhere to start in regards to finding living space etc. I hope this doesn't come under "Sam Advises" (If it does, I'm sorry and please feel free to ignore), but is it just me or the Chicago housing market insanely last-minute? Its July 20th and yet mid-August rentals aren't up. Is this usual or am I just looking in the wrong places?

Aw, I’m glad I could help! I do what I can.

I don’t know if it’s like this everywhere, but as a mostly urban-space dweller I’ve always considered the “open beginning [a month or two months or whatnot] from now” apartments to be the exception rather than the rule. I’ve worked on the assumption that you rent what’s open now, rather than trying to find a place that will be open a month from now, and you just have to swallow an extra month or two weeks’ worth of rent. That has seemed to be pretty standard to me, but I’ve almost always rented through a listing agency, so that could also be part of it.

What you’re seeing also may be impacted by the fact that Chicago is full of colleges, so like, ten million people will want to rent starting in mid-August, and a lot of people start renting sooner to avoid that rush. 

I’d recommend Chicago Apartment Finders; I’ve rented twice through them and found good places to stay. You just gotta watch them, they tend to show you two shitty apartments and then one only mostly-shitty apartment to try and get you to rent the mostly-shitty one so they don’t have to take you to more apartments. Good luck!

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what I find a little ridiculous is that you went around to a bunch of popular blogs asking them to check yours out so that you gain followers super fast, but you don't follow back. i also noticed that you posted about having 100 followers two days after you made your blog and like obviously because you sent the same cookie cutter message to a ton of blogs.

im not really obligated to follow back everyone that follows me? not everyone posts the things im interested in? sorry if you feel that way tho. and for the “popular blogs”, they post things i like, so i follow them and just ask for them to check out my blog, they followed me back bc they wanted to? but ya know u do u

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Any advice for someone who feels like their friends don't really care about them anymore? Ever since high school ended, all my friends have found significant others and it feels like no one wants to be around me any more. I'm sorry to bother you with this; you get so many requests everyday. Your blog always makes me smile, though, even on my worst days.

You’re never a bother, darlin! I’m not sure if you wanted advice from me or a post with a character, but I’ll tell you what I think, and if you want a new post just let me know, alright?

Leaving high school is a big thing, and it can be hard to stay close to your friends, with everyone going off to college or getting new jobs. And when your friends are dating, they may not realize they’re making you feel left out by spending so much time with their significant other.

If I were you, I would try telling your friends that you’re feeling left out. It can be hard to voice your feelings, but it will help. I hope your friends understand!

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Hi! This seems like a really friendly alternative to tumblr, but I did want to clear something up: if someone posts a work that should be tagged but isn't multiple times (e.g. not tagging something like "g0re") they would be banned, right? But if someone accidentally doesn't tag something, or doesn't realize that it should be tagged a certain way, would they be able to contest a disciplinary measure? Sorry if this has already been asked, and have a wonderful day!

Yep! For the first tagging mistake, we’ll only give a warning and explain how to tag it in the future. However, we’ll become less lenient if you keep making the mistake, so be careful. Thank you!

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Were people really mad you reposted something not-Voltron related? Holy fuck, people need to chill. I don't know anything about Justice... League? Is it called like this? Sorry, a Let's Play in the background distracts me. Anyway, do what you want, it's your blog. I will still follow you and I love your art. Plus you play Overwatch, high five dude! I recently discovered my love for McHanzo... Hah, it's such a nice ship. :3 Have a great day! :D <3

Yeah. I don’t know if I’m too sensitive or not. But every time I reblog /post something not vld relate. I lost followers. So I tried not to reblog things. But now I understand that it’s your choice to follow me or unfollow me.

I’m appreciate everyone who follows me. But this is not an art blog where I put my works and then gone and post again. I live here. I use this blog to follow my otp (duh) I use this blog to connect with people. You can see I answer asks a lot (and chat too.) Because I love to share and talk about things I love.

I have 3 sideblogs now. (Actually 5 but let’s not talk about that) I don’t want to make more. 😂

ps. I heard someone put notification when I post? You really don’t have to.

I might not post anything at all until ss3 comes up 😳

Thank you

Sorry I haven’t post much lately. I have to deal with art block, insomnias and laziness. I am also very tired as I don’t get enough of “good sleep” and on top of that the nightmare I had recently just fucked me over man, brought back lots of bad memories, hahaha! There are lots of things that I want to get done such as the Amusement park thingy, answer some cute asks I received, work on my mini comic, plus a wonderful submission I got that I really want to show you guys, and I want to go back to writting too… but I just lack motivation to be honest. Moreover I wasn’t proud of the way I was drawing for the last asks, it was messy and terrible and I wish I could do better but right now I’m just… tired. (。•́︿•̀。)
Also, my tablet is slowly dying. It’s six or seven years old now and I had some troubles with it the past week, making it harder to draw.

So yeah… I’ll come back slowly hopefully. I’ll try and answer some of you tomorrow and try to get things done!

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I'm sorry but I'm just going to rant a little bit. So there's this social media app called Vent, and there's a BTS/Army group there and someone freaking posted how he/she is the only one who really disliked Jin and I was like wtf? Why would you ever dislike him? But I didn't want to start a war so I simply stayed silent but that post irritated the hell out of me. Honestly why can't people just appreciate all 7 of them? *end of rant* (I am so sorry btw)

honestly everyone has their own opinions and i understand that army may not like jin but like ???? why post it ??? no one cares if u dnt like a member u can keep it to urself srsly i dnt understand ppl like if u dnt have anything nice to say dont say it at all????? dummies

sadly, i’ve decided to close femadols down. this is not exactly what i’ve been aiming for when i started this blog and i had faith that it’ll be a fun experience. it has been for the longer period of time, but not anymore. i want to thank everyone who’s been helping me to keep things going and for all the work. and i want to thank everyone else who’s been supporting and showing love to this blog. it’s been really nice. i am really sorry. 

When I was in middle school and I didnt have a Tumblr, every day I would check to see if my favorite fandom artists had posted anything new. This one artist who I liked for a really long time went inactive for a while, and I don’t want to do that. Sorry if I haven’t posted any art lately. I think i have to order a new pen for my tablet, but I’ve also been busy playing lots of accordion and filling up my sketchbook for school!
Here is my redbubble if you’d like to help me out:

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I want art thieves to be sent to another planet. I cannot handle this anxiety right now. holy shit. That person on your post that said they steal from me? they just baited me on twitter.

I’m so sorry to hear that, dude, it really sucks. I’ve had some arguments with people on G+ who were all saying that we were the ones bullying on them for calling them out about stealing out stuff. As you can probably tell, it wasn’t pleasant haha Someone also said that there are some netiquette rules about this sort of things? Like, some people think that reposting other people’s stuff is actually totally legit and okay because there is no actual copyright on the thing and the thieves cannot be “punished” in any way. I don’t know, it’s a big mess and I just want people to understand how frustrating it is to see your work straight up stolen are reuploaded without you consenting to it or even knowing

also i just wanted to say: i love being tagged in tag memes or any posts(it makes me feel valid and good af) and if i see u tag me i will (I WILL) respond no matter what,bc it really means a lot to me buuut if i dont respond there is only one explanaion- i didnt see it bc i was away for a longer period of time and it got lost in my activity since i mostly use mobile. im very sorry if that happened bc i want to do all these tag stuff,rly,