sorry but i really wanted to gif this scene

I’m sorry but I just can’t get over this scene and I just It gives me so many feelings Hiccup’s holding back the sadness of Toothless not being with him for the holidays. You can see that in his eyes. He’s smiling and he’s happy for everyone else but he really misses Toothless. And then Astrid approaches him, sensing his feelings. She knows he wants his dragon back and she wants to make him feel better about the holiday, wants him to be happy. But she also really wants to thank him for selflessly going out of his way to bring back the village’s dragons, to bring back her own best friend, and so she cheers him up and thanks him at the same time. She sympathizes with him, telling him that she knows it’s hard for him to see everyone with their dragons when he himself does not have his. She takes his hand in hers gently as she’s consoling him and whether it’s voluntary or not it’s a simple gesture that ensures that she’s there for him. She puts her hand under his chin and tilts his head up to look at her and she locks eyes with him, telling him a heartfelt “Thank you” as her hand shifts and kind of curls around Hiccup’s loosely. Then she kisses him and hugs him tightly, and it’s literally the cutest Hiccstrid scene in the entire franchise in my opinion. I can’t explain to you how much I love this scene. I love it so much and I wish these two had more moments like this.


under different circumstances, i think you and i could’ve really had some fun.


Octavia trying to help Jasper fight his trauma after getting speared.


Every creator is sensitive and easy to hurt. Yet, they relentlessly give criticism, judgement and more orders. That’s why, in order to protect myself, I had donned my armor.


“You always did things in such a roundabout way… And I know all about how Gramps cut you out…

“Bring it on. See, Master’s enemies are my enemies.”