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Okay so

After watching the last boy video and the MV as well (and crying a river of course) I have my interpretation of the MV. It’s totally personal, I accept any other opinions. I just want to share my POV- idk if someone did this yet but I really want to tell this to somebody (disadvantages of being the only kpoper in your close friend circles lol) if someone did already, I’m sorry.

Well, we see that Mark is having the time of his life with all of the members individually. In my personal point of view per member, I can see that:

• Mark and Haechan are like brothers even since predebut days, from those days until now. That won’t ever change, they assure it with the classical handshake of them and the teasing Haechan does when he scares Mark at the bus stop before greeting him. Their relationship won’t change no matter if he gets to leave the unit.

• Funny and cute moments never stop when he is with Jeno. At that rate, that they even postpone the farewells and goodbyes at the end of schedules (since they sleep in different dorms) by making time and enlarge the minutes of their own free time talking or making excuses to keep having fun, laughing and forgetting tensions.

(Oh god in this one I got too emo tf)

• There’s trust and respect in Renjun and Mark’s friendship. After Mark giving him a piggyback ride, as if he was carrying his little brother, Renjun carries him instead. I thought the metaphor of that symbolizing him taking the leader role in the group and along with this, carrying the responsibilities and weights that any leader role has. (God and in the previous ep everything was so funny- I’m about to cry again)

• With Chenle, they showed that even if they had normal, sad, tense times or even fights and arguments with each other as a group, they’d always apologize and forgive each other’s mistakes, going back to the fun, usual and endearing moments they always have.

• Isn’t something more emotional and delicate than a good time and a motivational speech between the leader hyung and the maknae? I’m sure that besides the funny times they have, yaja time and all of that stuff, there are moments where our little Jisung is a bit uneasy. According to that, I bet that Mark gave him speeches of not letting himself fall, go ahead no matter what and without losing his charms. That besides everything you must jump into the water (lol) and swim, and that they won’t ever leave him alone in this process.

Showing the filming process in the same MV gives us the feeling that they really had fun while doing this, besides what we saw in the previous episodes. Enjoying the moments, laughing out loud, being the Dreamies we all know: loud, cute, funny and teasing babies. (AnD THE PROUD AND SOFT SMILES THAT MARK GAVE THEM–)

The skate park scene showed everyone playing. Thinking about the previous ep where everyone was playing except Mark (who was just looking at them sitting in that pole) made me reflex about him looking at them with an external eye while they do their schedules and performances without him, as he watches from the distance when he’s doing his schedules in U and/or 127. So, in the MV, they show that scene but slightly softer, as they all lay on the ground after a hard day, back to be the siblings, the family they always were.

And as the day ends, a cycle ends. They all show their spark, their charms, as they share their last moments with him. The twilight is over them, as they light their little firework thingies and watch them shine and show sparkles of joy. Their periods in Dream is like a firework. It’s a shiny moment, filled with excitement and happiness, but as a firework, it’s a limited time which you have to approach. If you don’t, you’ll waste a firework, you’ll waste a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Mark had, once again, the time of his life feeling young and free along with all of these small beans who had to be leaded, and as a bird mom, he taught them to fly; and now it’s their time to fly by themselves, because as we realize that, he proudly shows his burned firework, showing as well that his time in Dream is over, but he used all of the firework, he shined all the time he could and he approached the whole moments he had with them.

Idk if you agree with me- but thinking about this makes me feel emo yet emotional(?). It’s painful for them and for us to see him leave, yet we are happy for his growth, knowing that he will get some rest and he is leaving them prepared and ready for this challenge that being an idol is. Besides, he is still going to see them…

…fuck I started crying already. Have a nice day/evening.

also when it mentioned simon the zealot at the beginning…..a big deal is always made of jesus’ naming of peter, but imagine w me, jesus calling both simons and being like “well this is going to get confusing; from now on the fisherman simon is peter” “why am i called little rock’“ “it’s a metaphor”

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First kpop group you listened to?

The first ones I properly listened to was 2pm 

First group you actually knew the members’ names?

It took me awhile but BTS

First bias ever?


First song to make you emotional?

I’m not actually sure?? Songs don’t normally make me emotional but Day6 songs however…oh my- I smile, letting go, you were beautiful and many more


Top 3 favorite male groups

NCT, Day6 and B.A.P

Top 3 favorite female groups

Blackpink, Red Velvet and f(x)  (I have to be honest I don’t really listen to girl groups, if so it’s normally random songs from different groups)

Top 3 favorite solo artists

Jeong Sewoon (my babbbyyy), Taemins solo work and Eric Nam? (I don’t listen to many solo artists, if so I can’t remember their names atm) 

Top 3 songs of all time

Lets be real I need to write more than three

  • Pray - B.A.P
  • Cypher pt.4 - BTS 
  • Bingo - 24K (this was also one of the first songs I got into) 
  • All of Day6 songs (but to mention some…letting go, I smile, Hi Hello, I need someone, colours,  you were beautiful, first time and I’ve just realised I’m about to just write all the songs so I’m going to stop there) 
  • My House - 2pm 
  • Another World and Mad City - NCT 127
  • I could go on…
  • ok I said I was going to stop but I’m listening to Get the treasure - Shinee and forgot that it was such a bop

Top 3 biases

Johnny (if y’all couldn’t tell already), dancing king sungjin and Bang Yongguk 

Top 3 fandoms you’re part of

NCTzen (if this ain’t obvious), My Day and Baby

Top 3 choreographies

I don’t understand the number three 

  • Dream in a dream - Ten
  • Shape of you - Produce 101 s2 (sooo good) 
  • The 7th sense - NCT U 
  • Limitless, Good thing and cherry bomb - NCT 127
  • Flame of Love - Taemin 
  • There’s more but this is all I can think of atm


Ultimate bias group?

I love too many groups but I’ll go for NCT (obviously) and Day6

Ultimate male bias? 

Johnny aka Tall baby bean

Ultimate female bias?

(don’t really have one bc I don’t know much about many girl groups) Lisa - Blackpink???? or Amber - f(x) bc I actually know more about her and how her personality is 

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its 3:30am and I just woke up in a cold sweat because I realized noragami’s plot is literally a joke.

hiyori’s name is one syllable away from hiyoko, the japanese word for chick, i.e. a baby chicken. she becomes a half ayakashi and is then able to see beings from both the normal world and the far shore, as well as astral project herself and travel to places of the far shore that normal humans can’t. she gains the latter ability after running across the street to push yato out of the way of oncoming traffic.

noragami’s plot is literally: why did the chicken cross the road? to get to the other side.

More Watertribe Lance
Also avatar Lance this time because we talked about this with friends and we are lance trash we wondered what kind of pet Lance would have if he was the avatar… Like Aang has Appa and Korra has Naga.

And we ended up with a Peacock-Lion because it just suits him perfectly

(also it was supposed to be Keith’s pet -bc yeah it’s definitely more a firenation-ish beast- but things happened ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i’ll write headcanons someday lmao)

I just love and respect Jin so much and learning about his father made my respect for him grow ever more. Usually children from those families end up running their businesses but Jin had his own dreams and passions and he went to college so that he could make a name for himself. When he was scouted by bighit without having any singing or dancing skills he auditioned and got in, and proceeded to train and practice tirelessly while still working on attaining his degree. Despite coming from a well off family he lived in that little dorm and used his pocket money to buy groceries so he could cook for his members. He always remained humble. I always remember that moment during their concert when Jin’s family was in the audience and he was in tears, talking about how his mom had to hear other moms talking about how proud they were of their sons and how he wanted his mom to be proud of him and show him off as well. And he finally got that and he made something of himself, on his own will, and his mom could brag about him too. I am just so proud of him. He gave up that comfortable life to make something of himself and he’s now in one of the biggest groups in kpop. I just love and respect him so much.



ft. Georgi as the good supportive friend and also as the one who drove them there because no one trusts Viktor with a car anymore

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concept: in a heartbeat but jasper and david


i was thinking maybe this was like after they get back and i was gonna do a bg but then i was like “but wait jasper’s all fucked up right lmao” so just take this i guess

once again, it’s me. i know i’ve been really problematic and on & off lately but i’m not 100% happy with this blog so i’ve deleted a ton of posts (all except some asks and original content and i think i want to change my tag system) but this is just a tiny (which will end up being very un-tiny) list of things i’m still learning.

  1. Wear the best shoes you can, because those shoes will take you to great places. (via shizuka todo from hana yori dango)
  2. you are owed nothing for your friendship
  3. memories are only as important as you make them
  4. the biggest decisions are often made at the worst times
  5. buy waterproof mascara because when your eyes glisten with tears, there is always one person who thinks your eyelashes have seen the universe
  6. medicine is something to never be ashamed of
  7. when it is dark and the whole world is silent, you are a god and unstoppable for the blood pounding in your veins is the loudest thing you can hear
  8. find someone you love who you think about at 2pm crossing a busy road, not a 2am when you’re all alone.
  9. sometimes people use you. it’s their loss.
  10. destroying is not bad. for destroying is simply a form of creating. it is the raw, unadulterated, powerful form of your thoughts.
  11. those empty notebooks you have can contain anything as long as you open them up.
  12. it is alright to cry everyday
  13. just like it is alright to not cry for months
  14. listen to the world and to silence for it is a tremendous feat to turn nothing into music. listen to the noises of the cosmos as we keep spinning and spinning and know it is the same sounds that the gods heard.
  15. you will probably never do work when you are meant to - but you should
  16. yes they could be the greatest thing that can ever happen to you. yes they can fill your sky with stars. yes they can capture all the world’s butterflies just to put in your stomach but it doesn’t mean they should. find someone who isn’t only there when it is dark.
  17. know when fruits and vegetables are in season
  18. the greatest feeling is closing 10+ tabs that you had for a project or ticking 10+ things off a list but never compromise on something you only half completed.
  19. it is better to walk with an empty bag knowing you have done work than to walk with a heavy bag and worries of all the work you have to do.
  20. there is never enough time
  21. you make mistakes and that’s alright
  22. stick to your morals because they will be the only thing that is always there. they are the discomfort when you are pressured into something else and they are the pride when you stand up for what you believe in.
  23. it is not cool to lie to yourself
  24. sometimes investments don’t work out. whether it’s money, time or love. 
  25. never measure the strength of a friendship by how long you’ve known each other.
  26. it is never not your choice.
  27. when the fingertips of dawn touch your bedroom window and mist covers everything like a blanket, the silence before the sun rises is when you hear the cries and songs of angels and all things thought to be legends.
  28. you are worth it. and most importantly
  29. you can do it.