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Hi Jo!So I'm super excited for the next ep, I'm hoping that it'll fix all of the mistakes that were made in 2x07. until that, let me sneak in a random question into your ask box: do you think malec call each other nicknames/pet names?

Hi Nitsa! Same here, I’m excited and I hope my internet here is strong enough to sustain my livestream~

I mean, we all know Magnus uses pet names with like, everybody. Biscuit here, darling there, sweetheart over at the back. So Alec isn’t surprised when he’s fumbling around the kitchen and Magnus shows up, one hand combing through bed hair and another muffling a yawn and mumbles out “what’s cooking, pumpkin?” As much as Alec thinks that’s endearing, he hates that he has to suppress the idea that he has used the nickname on one too many lovers. So the next time they’re kissing in bed; hands under each other’s shirts, long legs tangled in an organised mess and Alec slides his fingers along Magnus’ ribcage just right, tearing a breathless “Alexander” out of him, Alec steels himself. 

“I love it when you call me that,” Alec pauses, a few seconds longer, betraying the casual tone of his voice. And Magnus is astute, even when he’s seconds away from dragging Alec down towards him because his lips are not where they should be, and he drags out, voice thick as honey, “Of course, my Alexander”, with a steady gaze. And Alec knows that Magnus gets it, and he finally seals Magnus’ lips with his.


Alec’s awkward with nicknames. Now that he’s thinking about it, he realises that the only one whom he calls with a nickname is Izzy and doesn’t everyone call her that? Well, except Magnus; and now that he’s thinking of him, he’s troubled over whether Magnus would like to have that: a pet name. Darling? Too common, Magnus practically calls everybody that. Baby? No way, he’d rather die than have to call someone that. Mags? Alec makes a face. 

“What’s with that face? Wait, don’t tell me Izzy made this,” Jace glares at the spoonful of stew he was about to put into his mouth and his eyes dart between Alec and the pot in between them. Alec’s confused for a moment but he shakes his head and puts his spoon down, to which Jace sighs in relief and shoves the spoon into his mouth. 

“Jace, what did you call your…girlfriends? I mean, did you call each other using pet names? Does it come naturally? Like, how do you suddenly go from calling someone by name to calling them by something else? What’s that something else? How-”

“Wait, wait, wait. Slow it down, bud. Are you talking about things like babe, princess or things like that?” Alec nods solemnly at the question and Jace’s confusion suddenly turns to smugness. He was about to make a jab at that but Alec shook his head and Jace dropped it out of kindness from seeing his parabatai so troubled. He merely shrugs and offers, “Don’t think too much about it; it’s gonna come out forced if you overthink it, and yes, I can totally see you overthinking right now so don’t even deny it, I know you Alec,” Alec huffs but he takes the advice to heart and tries not to wince when he has to get his boyfriend’s attention and has to settle for “Magnus”. 

And when it finally happens, he just has to mess it up, or so he thinks, when he picks up a phone call mid-mission and in his distraction, he answers with, “Hi love, what’s up,” after which there’s a silence that’s a beat too long and Alec realises that he’s fucked up because he hasn’t even said the three words and this order is totally wrong and oh god, Magnus doesn’t feel the same yet, does he? He’s this close to flinging his phone to the furthest end of the world when Magnus clears his throat and replies, voice a little unsteady, “Well, Alexander, I love you too, if that’s what you were trying to say,” and Alec is amazed by how Magnus always knows and never in his life had he wanted to be a warlock so badly just so he could portal to right where Magnus was and kiss the stars out of him.


The melody of sun and moon,
Having even seemingly enraptured this heart of mine,
In the midst of this established cycle of life and death,
We crossed paths “here” in paradise.

The story of us isn’t over yet.”

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(Another “Arthur Returns” headcanon! I had this scene running through my head while getting some projects done and thought it couldn’t hurt to do a quick sketch… but then a fic also happened. Sorry for not keeping my priorities straight, like geez… but I hope this misuse of time is enjoyed!)

He’s just in shock, Merlin told himself as he watched the water rise. He’ll be fine, I just need to give him more time… Time. There’d been far too much of it. Too much waiting and hoping and hurting. Now, Merlin couldn’t help but wonder if being absent from this world for all these centuries might’ve had some grievous effect on Arthur. He always imagined that if Arthur returned (when he returned) he’d be the same as he was before. Was that so foolish? Wishful thinking, perhaps… because the man Merlin found on the shores of Avalon was a far cry from the King he’d known and adored…

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50 ways bellarke has said "I love you" (without saying I love you)
  1. “I need you.”
  2. “We need each other.”
  3. “Together.”
  4. “I trust you.”
  5. “You left me.”
  6. “I can’t lose you too.”
  7. “You won’t be by yourself.”
  8. “I’m sorry.”
  9. “Get some sleep.”
  10. “You’re forgiven.”

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do you know any good monsta x blogs?? i need to see more of them on my dash! pls n ty :)

sorry i just got off post limit!!! but here are (i believe) all the mx blogs i follow or blogs that are multi that also reblog mx!! but if i’m missing anyone i’m sorry !!

@amohyunwoo / @jooheons / @jooheonied / @joohecn / @stardustshope / @94wons / @lejooheon / @hongbombs / @yookihyeun / @leejihxxn / @universeas / @jhps / @jisoox / @chanyoel / @changkkung / @channkyun / @changkyuun / @monstaexo / @monstebex / @m-onstax / @madtwn / @wonhontology / @wonhobe / @w-ooshine / @mcnstax / @wonhoiisms / @wonkyunie / @lostinmonstax / @monstx / @wildheoniepie / @hyungnu / @hyungwonslays / @hyungmon / @honeyvevo / @dinojaeee / @w-onhos / @turtlechae / @shitwonho / @minpuphyuk / @kihqun / @kihyunsgirl / @kihyuh / @kihyunsbb / @kittyminhyuk / @flawlesskihyun / @eldoradc / @tuanm / @24jb / @chanybaeks / @1leeminhyuk / @wonholes / @wonhoslegs / @peachyjyp / @babywoon / @imchangki @ch-hyngwn / @bunnywonho / @ckyun / @limchangs / @mon-trash / @c-kyunjpg / @baeksgfriend / @iamwhatimman / @changkiho / @triplekimsquad / @kihyoonnie / @calemiel / @hotseok / @itsrapmonster / @jeonheart

I need some advice y'all

Ok tako hell manager again ! Sorry it’s really long the short story version at bottom. (TLDR?)

So normal I’m just an opening manager, I barely work with any cashiers and I’m usually off Sundays. Lately, I’ve been working Sundays (nbd , right? ) im only 20. Been a manager since I was 18, so I usually am pretty chill with my cashiers since they’re close in age to me so I get it.

But, this one girl let’s call her A is so disrespectful, does not do her job and when asked she refuses.

The other day, I put her on drive thru because I knew she wasn’t going to clean the lobby. So, with my job you HAVE to say certain things to customers, ex; is everything on your screen correct?.. A refuses to say half the stuff she’s supposed to. I repeatedly ask her “A, remember to ask if the order is correct please” all day long. She wouldn’t. She kept messing up orders because she was on her phone. I would be on the line making food and she’d start washing her hands and putting gloves on saying “Ima wrap stuff for you” ?? I’d tell her no, I need you in drive thru now.

So it finally got almost time for her to go it was like 4:15-4:30 she was off at 5.I said “hey before you go can you please take care of the lobby and do the boxes for me?” She did it, no problem. She still had time left on her shift so I asked if she could go clean the parking lot.

Me: Hey, one more thing could you go clean the parking lot for me?

A: there isn’t any trash out there.

Me: um.. yes. There is. *points at all the trash in parking lot* could you please?

A: I just did all that stuff and now you want me to go outside and clean in the cold? My nose is running.

Me: yeah all that stuff you did, was your job. So yes, can you please go sweep for me?

I start to close out her register and doing other things, I notice she’s STILL not outside sweeping. You know where she is? ON THE LINE. MAKING FOOD. she isn’t even ALLOWED to do that! She’s a cashier! I was getting kinda annoyed at this point. I said “a, please go outside and sweep for me please.”

She finally does it. It’s 4:55. I said “ok thank you for today. You can go ahead and clock out.

a; it’s not 5 yet?

M; um.. it’s 4:55 you’re finished everything I need you to clock out please.

A: no, Im getting my hours. I’m not clocking out.

We bickered back & forth for a bit and I just gave up. She stood there for 5 minutes waiting for two THEN clocked out. As soon as she left I changed her timeclock to 4:55 because she didn’t do anything for 5 mins.

Before I even started working with her, my store manager warned me she doesn’t like doing her job.

Should I have written her up for being disrespectful all day? Was I too nice? Do I need to be stricter?

I don’t want to be a mean manager, I know I’m not at work to make friends, but I don’t want to be THAT manager ya know? Cause I used to be a cashier, I know how it is.

-cashier wasn’t doing job, very disrespectful all day and basically stole company time.. I didn’t write her up but I should have.

5 pages letter from May 21st, 1984 by Ted Bundy (x)

Dear Diane,

I have received your letter from May 1st, I apologize for taking so long to answer it. Thank you for writing to me.

You say that you have written to me on two previous occassions. I’m sorry, but I don’t recall those letters.

In your letter you speculated as to the possible reasons why I didn’t answer your earlier letters. I’d like to comment on your theories.

1.I’ve many letters from total strangers.” You’ve a point here. I do receive many letters from people I have never known (I agree with you, by the way, that “there are no strangers in the world, only people we haven’t met.”)

The main problem here isn’t so much the time I’d need to answer took me, that problem can be overcome. All I need is the motivation. I made little or no effort to write back to people like yourself, but lately I have been because … well, it’s not easy to say actually. I guess I just feel free to in a way I wasn’t before.

No, the real problem I have in answering you and others who write to me is a straight forward for me: I don’t have the stamps.

People don’t send me stamps or stampered, self- addressed envelopes (note: Here he makes reference on the right where it says:“Let me correct what I just wrote.”) Sometimes people will enclose a stamp or two but they are for the exception.

I’m not being critical, Diane. That’s just the way it is. I can’t send people letters if I don’t have stamps.

So I have to conserve the few stamps I have for people I have known for years, especially my wife and family. Only when I have what can be considered an extra stamp or two now-and-then do I respond to the (illegible) of correspondence I have from other folks.

Believe me, I don’t expect people to send me stamps. I don’t imagine that it occurs to people who write to me that I wouldn’t have just one stamp to use to write them back. But as I’ve explained, there are many letters that each need only one stamp.

And it may also be that people assume (illegible) heard rumors to the effect that I have money, or friends or family with money. I don’t, and (whatsmore), I don’t receive a nickle from many of the books, articles, TV programs, or (illegible) films about Ted Bundy. Nothing. Nada. Zero.

That’s fine, too. I don’t want any of that money and I don’t need it. The fact is I’m broke, and while I can handle that, it also means I can’t afford stamps to go on letters to you. So it goes.

Excuse me, I’ve made too much of the stamp (illegible). It doesn’t bother me actually, it’s just the way it is.

2.My wife doesn’t allow me to answer letter from other women?

This is the second theory you propose. Perhaps you were being only half serious on this one. No problem. Of course, if you knew my wife, Carole, you would understand immediately that isn’t the case.

3.You are too busy to write a lot of just friends letters.

I’ve already addressed this point, though briefly, earlier on. Time is not a big factor here. Or is lazyness. It can be, though.

I find that I have more than enough to keep my days (illegible) from 5 in the morning to 11 at night. I’m rarely bored. However, contrary to what you assumed, I do not work with legal matters.

Generally, (illegible). I find the law too limiting and doctrinaire the way it goes about separating people. But that is another story.

So while I am being in a relaxed, controlled, and positive way, there is time to write just friends, occasionally, attorneys, the time available is limited and there are many people to write to. It’s also important that I feel inwardly moved to write to a certain person, and I don’t always feel that way. I have to be conscious of my inner flow and that is another story too.

I enjoyed your letter and enjoyed writing to you. Again, excuse me for taking so long.


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Pls consider coordinating with other artists who are victims of copyright infringement & finding a U.S. lawyer who'll file a lawsuit against these companies. Perhaps find one who'll work on contingency, pro bono, or a reduced rate, perhaps a law school will take it on as a practice case? The same company keeps infringing your works b/c there's no punishment for doing so. You all need a permanent injunction against them & for them to disgorge their ill-gotten gains to you & to be shut down.

Hi anon ^^

I’m so sorry but to be really honest, it’s not something I’m considering because it’s far too complicated. I’m French, I live in France, I don’t want to be part of a lawsuit that takes place in the USA even if it’s a pro bono case. I don’t know anything about the US justice system and I don’t want to find myself in the middle of a complicated and certainly long battle against companies like TeeChip (that will certainly say that they have a system of DMCA notice, that they are not responsible because it’s not people from the company but random people who launch campaigns at their site, blah, blah, blah)

Don’t get me wrong, I understand where you are coming from and companies like TeeChip and even FB deserve to have the law biting their ass because they are exploiting some kind of loopholes to exploit artists but it’s not really something I can be part of.

However, a friend is going to put me in relation to a French company that is a specialist of copyright infringement and DMCA notices even when the thieves are based abroad. I’ll see how it goes from there.

Thank you so much for your message! ❤ Seriously, thieves are apain in the ass

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Ok, not this one. It’s cute. You’ve got a pass, dude!

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Hi I need this asap!! Do you or anybody have the picture of Kurt around 1989 I think (his hair is a little below his shoulders) and it's the picture of him in a car with a Melvin sticker in the back but it's edited to where he has hearts around his head (like MacBook photo booth hearts) I'm sorry this is long but I've been trying to find the picture for forever!! Thanks ❤

yeah, no……all I have is the flower wreath one.


Late night cuddling (Seungkwan)

ok so I had the worst nightmare the night before writing this and I was a m e s s afterwards and really just needed warm cuddles and someone calming me down so… yeah I’m sorry if this is similar to Minghao’s, but they should still be noticeably different ♥ (I wanted this to be very cute and happy and cuddly but this will do, I’ll do that another time)

S.Coups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Jun | Hoshi | Wonwoo | Woozi | DK | Mingyu | The 8 | Seungkwan

  • so first of all, Seungkwan’s cuddles would be the best, he’d be the softest whenever you cuddle
  • like he’d hold you so nicely and he’d be so giggly because he really loves having you close to him and he never wants to let you go, and honestly neither do you (did I mention he’s the softest)
  • and because his cuddles are so amazing (and he’s the most understanding person), when you wake up in the very early morning hours from the worst nightmare you can recall, you don’t hesitate to wake him up gently
  • you’re so shaken up that you’re borderline crying, and if Seungkwan’s having a tough time waking up, he opens his eyes immediately when he hears you sniffle while whispering his name
  • “Y/N, are you okay?”
  • “I… I had a nightmare, and…”
  • and with the moonlight coming in through the window, Seungkwan can see just how distraught your expression is, so he gets you in his arms and holds you close
  • “Shh… Everything’s okay, it was just a dream.”
  • he’d repeat those words softly time after time, with his chin resting on your head and his hand stroking your back slowly, as soothingly as he can
  • and his voice would be just what you needed - it’s so calm and soft that eventually the anxiety starts to leave you
  • like you’d been clinging onto Seungkwan tightly and all while he shushed you, and when you slowly start to loosen your grip, he smiles to himself and chuckles softly
  • he pulls away and looks at you, your features somewhat visible in the moonlight, and dries your still slightly damp cheeks with his thumbs
  • “Whatever it was, it wasn’t real, okay? Just a dream.”
  • and you’d nod and place your hands on top of his on your cheeks and probably even smile a little
  • you contemplate on thanking him verbally, but you end up just cuddling closer to him and pecking his neck
  • “…Do you think you could help me fall back asleep?”
  • there might be some tiny part in his mind saying that he wants to sleep, too, but he would never tell you no in such a situation
  • so with you cuddled up to him and him on his back, Seungkwan lulls you to sleep (and smiles happily when you mumble “I love you”), and falls asleep soon after, too

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Songs of Ssael Prayerbook

Wanted to talk about my newest prop for Duane real quick. Was waiting to get the new photos up first, but I do not have time to edit them at the moment and needed a quick break from sewing my next costume.

Wish I had a before shot to share because it used to be blue.  Materials I used: a book, scrapbooking paper in green, gold, black velvet, and a fun design (you’ll see that one later), green and black fabric paint, tan, white, black, and brown acrylic paint, twine, gold ballpoint pen, a hot glue gun, and a lot of Modge Podge.

I was really picky about the base book I chose. It had to be the right size in my hand…not too thick as to look bulky but not so thin as I couldn’t do a little something fun with it.  I also ended up choosing this one because it left the ends of the pages raw and I liked the rough look of it! I had to sand the top of the book though, since the pages were dyed orange.

Here you can see where I tore off half of the spine. That was my first step, before I even started painting. You can also see where I glued down the twine bindings on the spine and the pieces that hang from the top of the book. I also used hot glue to seal the raw end of the twine so it wouldn’t unravel.

The designs I traced a vector for from the art and used that to print a stencil of sorts I could use to cut the pieces out with an exacto knife. It’s all glued down with Modge Podge.

All of the weathering with black and white I tried to keep as close to the illustrations of the book as possible.

Here is the rarely seen back! This is where the tan paint really came in. I used it to color the blue so I could save that slightly leathery texture of the original cover.  The green paper I glued on to re-do the cover I purposely left loose on that corner and tore the edge around to make it uneven.  I also spritzed it with water to get it extra floppy.

One of my personal touches was the old bloody handprint on the back. The space was partially covered in the art, and on its own it felt empty. I figured, Duane must have picked up the book after accidentally eating somebody at least once right.  I just painted my fingers brown and slammed them down on the back of the book.

Here is a detail shot where you can really see the textures in the papers I chose. I like the randomness of the gold, and the elegance the velvet added.  The green had a linen look to it that I thought fit well wishing the comic’s aesthetic.

I also want to talk about the letters here. Finding simple gold letter stickers was, oddly enough, impossible. I ended up buying purple glitter ones instead. I had to scrape off all the glitter, resurface it with Modge Podge, and color it with my gold leafing pen.  The ‘f’ I had to extend as well…placing a piece of another sticker under it before applying the Modge Podge.

Here is another detail shot showing the fun rough edges of the book, as well as some of the weathering I did on the edge.  For the edge I tried to sand through the paper to the tan paint I had applied underneath…but I ended up sanding through the paint too fast to the original color of the book. So in the end I took a box cutter and carved away at all the edges, down to the cardboard cover itself.  I ran sandpaper over the carved edges to make it look more like it had worn down and had not been carved out.

This is probably the roughest part of the book, but still pretty  happy with it! In the art it’s so small it’s just scribbles so I had to improvise what to put up there.  Considering the book it had to be Tainish for sure. The phrase I had originally chosen was too long, so I ended up mashing two other ones together and hoping it makes sense.  Can’t say I’m too well versed in Tainish grammar after all. I had also wanted to draw it in the Tainish alphabet, but sadly that is not available, so I used cursive instead.

For those who may have trouble reading my sloppy penmanship it reads:
Ssael fhikemun rish ul a Llede Llaemasa

Which should, in theory, translate to:
Ssael reveals the way to his Lions of Mercy

The inner cover I also redid with a paper with a fun design.  The edges of the green showed and I wanted a nice clean look all around.  Also a little extra weathering just cuz.

And last but not least, the whole reason I decided to do this project in the first place! I needed a place to keep my ribbons at ALA.

I made this into a hollow book with a lot of Modge Podge and cutting of pages and more Modge Podge and some heavy things. This is why the book couldn’t be too thin.  I made sure to leave a number of pages at the front loose so I could also use it as a prop.