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You know, regardless of what is going to happen tomorrow with the new episode and the inevitable discourse that is going to come with it

I’m very proud of Star Vs The Forces Of Evil

What it started as “the show that will replace Gravity Falls”, it has turned into something that has its own mythology, its own appeal and has constructed and evolved their world in such an amazing way.

The way the characters are treated, the way the writers, the producers, the compositiors, the va’s and the show’s creator are aware of the fanbase and work with all their heart.

How anyone can identify with the characters because the situations they are put on are very real and their reactions are so true to what reality is.

I’m just

very proud of this show

I’m glad I found it and it will always be a safe zone for me.

Doris Delay!

Howdy folks, just to let you know I’m alive and all but I’m stuck down south due to Hurricane Doris (which I can’t get over the name of I mean come on how adorable is this); just means I’ll be travelling back north tomorrow instead, but I might have to pass on updating TPoH this week. What I will do instead is give you a three page update the weekend after instead! How’s that for a trade-in? Anyway. Apologies, love you, stay chill xxx

Take a Break || Jughead Jones

Prompt: #7 Honestly, if you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me! And #26 If you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself.

Requested By: @kaileeraine97

Warnings: Almost smut (but I’m not doing smut)

A/N: I honestly feel like this is so cliche but whatever. Also I feel like it’s a little OOC for Jughead.

You and your boyfriend Jughead were sitting on your couch each doing your own thing. You were watching TV and he was typing away at his computer writing his novel. The light from the TV and computer illuminate the dim room, giving the walls a blueish glow. 

“Juggie do you want anything to eat?” you ask.

“Umm sure,” he says.

You walk into the kitchen and run your hand over the cold granite counter top on your way to the fridge. The cool blast of air hits your face as you open the fridge. After scrounging around for a minute you come across some pizza.

“You want pizza,” you yell into the living room.

“That works.”

“It’s cold though.”

“It’s fine.”

You walk back into the living room holding two plates of pizza. Jughead is still typing away at his computer. He knits his brows together in concentration, typing faster.

“If you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself,” you announce.

Jughead stops typing and raises his head and gives you a questioning look. You walk over to your couch and look him in the eyes. 

“I think you should a break you’ve been typing for hours,” you complain.

“But-” you cut him off with a kiss.

You melt into the kiss, Jugheads hands find their way into your hair. You push him down onto his back.

He pulls away and says, “Honestly, is you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me!”

“Who wants what!” your dad yells.

He puts you on opposite sides of the room and starts to lecture you both about sex. 

“In conclusion, don’t have sex, because you will get pregnant and you will die!” your dad winks.

Dialogue Prompts

1) “It’s okay, I’ll catch you!” 

2) “Did you ever find your mom?” “Yeah.” “That’s good then!” “I found her dead.” 

3) “Open the door!” 

4) “I found out why he left.” 

5) “This will always be your home. Do you understand me? Always.” 

6) “I love you.” “Oh …” “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything, I’m sorry.” “Wait! You didn’t give me a chance to answer.” 

7) “Why are you late?” “Got lost. Had to battle a dragon.” 

8) “Do think think they’ll come back for us?” 

9) “Tell me the truth. Did you ever really love me?” 

10) “I didn’t mean to hurt you.” “You’ve said that before. I don’t know if I can trust your word anymore.” 

11) “I just wanted to go home.” “So why didn’t you?” “My home burnt to the ground. Three days after I left. I didn’t know until yesterday.” 

12) “You promised …” 

13) “Don’t. This is my fault. I never should’ve trusted you.” 

14) “What’s your name?” “My mommy said I’m not supposed to tell my name to strangers.” “I’m not a stranger. I’m your brother.” 

15) “Did you see that?” 

16) “I was going to try to surprise you.” “Well … I mean it’s a surprise, alright.” 

17) “What happened to you?” “I’m so sorry. I was just trying to fix everything. I didn’t mean for this to happen …” 

18) “What’s that? Why is the sky like that?” “What? Have you never seen a sunset before?” 

19) “I don’t know what happened. One second I was tightening a screw the next it blew up and threw me across the room!” 

20) “Have you heard the news?” 

i love offending those ethereal nymph pedophilia apologist aesthetic blogs who only post white/white passing/light skinned girls with my trashy hot pink motel glitter on the floor aesthetic lmao leave me alone i’m a broke ass college student who doesn’t come from money. i don’t have the time for laduree and chandeliers. i mean, i wish a mf bitch would tbh.

But think of all the good Supergirl could do if the rest of the season showed Kara’s realization that she deserved better than mon-ew. Imagine Kara/Supergirl coming to the realization that her bf was at best a morally questionable person and at the worst explicitly abusive. And little girls watching saw that even Supergirl could get trapped in an unhealthy relationship and be unaware. And little girls could learn that just because a pretty white boy says he’s sorry and claims to respect you doesn’t mean he’s a good partner or even a good person. And just because a man isn’t homophobic and doesn’t kick puppies doesn’t mean he’s good. And just because a man can be kind at times doesn’t mean he isn’t abusive. And just because he makes you laugh doesn’t mean he deserves you. Just imagine the realistic portray of a women realizing her relationship isn’t healthy and borderline abusive and her learning how to disengage with that relationship. 

 And just imagine if Supergirl used Kara/Mon-ew as a lens to display a emotionally abusive relationship, gaslighting, toxic masculinity, etc… And doing this while also foiling it to healthy and fulfilling f/f relationship of sanvers and the supportive and loving black man James Olsen. Just imagine what they could do. 

That would actually be groundbreaking

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I have been questioning my faith. I can't understand why God would put me and many others through similar or worse situations. From having a mother that forced me to sacrifice much of my life to do things for my brother after continuously being disrespected & assaulted/choked by him, she chose his well being over mine, loss of 3 loved ones in a yr, having no car which means no job, also asking for strength to improve in school but falling short. I don't want to be this way how can I change?

i think it comes down to what your relationship with God is, and why you have the faith that you have. if you think that believing in God means that life will be easier, that’s not accurate. believing in God does not mean having special favor in a way that means you won’t have to go through struggle. believing in God just means, life will be hard, but I do not have to go through it alone.

that being said, i am sorry that you’ve been struggling and have had a hard life. the presence of a hard life doesn’t mean that God has turned His back on you. ultimately, life isn’t fair. bad things happen to good people, good things happen to bad people. 

so at the end of the day it’s about your relationship with God, and the place that faith has in your life. because with God, things do not magically get easier. you just are able to handle it differently because you are closer to God.

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You: Im sick and tired of being called disgusting! For my abusive ship! Ughhhhhhhhhh I can't belive me shipping abusive gets people with common sense mad!1!1... you shipping reylo is very bad :^)

yeah i mean i guess we all have our own opinions but as i’ve said before i have my reasons for shipping it (like i want to see dark rey coming to life because kylo pulls her to the dark side or ben coming back to the light because rey pulls him to the light or maybe they could be grey together i don’t know i love my ships angsty etc.)

but i do understand where you’re coming from and why you hate it (they might be related, he slammed her against a tree, she sliced his face in half, he mind-raped her, she mind-raped him, she hates him, he hurt her friends and her newly-found father figure, he’s evil to the core (yeah sure he is lol), she already has finn, she deserves better, etc.

we literally just have different opinions but i don’t go overboard and bash you for it

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I'm literally all for sex positive thinking and letting ppl write smut how they want, but can I ask why you like sub!bellamy so much? like that concept makes me physically uncomfortable. he's been through so much and his character history w abuse is heart breaking. i don't see clarke wanting to have that much power over him, even in an intimate setting, but that's just me. sorry if this ask comes across as rude. just trying to understand ur perspective more

So first off, anon, I would definitely urge you to do some further research on BDSM and the psychology on why different people enjoy being in sub/dom situations. This link is a nice place to start…. 

I also want to link that article, because it sounds like you, anon, are coming from a place where you assume that being a sub means that you are automatically out of power, out of control, and in an abusive situation. Which is… not what healthy, consensual, dom/sub dynamics are about. It does concern me if you are only upset with Bellamy being a sub and not Clarke, if that is your reasoning of what BDSM is. Obviously, I have no idea who you are/what you generally like, but I’m hoping the link above can clear some of those misconceptions up.

I’m going to try to answer your question as honestly as I can, because I am really hoping that you are coming from a place of genuine curiosity and not malice. 

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Im 16 and im about to be 17 soon.I have a problem with being out in public I mean I can go with other people but I still dont like being outside period.I can manage to stay calm in small self served stores but big stores I get panic attacks and im the only one in my family like this.I want to know how I can I be more comfortable or get over this fear because im trying to get a job and start going places with my friends and I feel like such a freak.

I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. I’ve always had extreme social anxiety when it comes to being out and about and dealing with others face to face. It got terrible for me from 9th grade to 12th grade to the point where I had two or more panic attacks daily and would miss class to hide in the bathroom and cry because I felt so out of control and scared for no reason. It did get better on its own, eventually. I think the age you are now is a rough one for your emotions. Try your best to ride it out. Don’t stop going out and trying to live your life. I made the mistake of sort of locking myself down and I think I contributed to it lasting longer. I’m 23 now and I still have anxiety battles but it’s not near as bad. I know it feels like you’re a “freak” because your heart and your mind are in two different places but it’s not something you can control. I mean really, it’s not. It’s going to happen. You will have those anxiety triggering thoughts. You just have to try to push through them. Talk yourself down. I hope you realize you’re capable of that. You can be stronger than your fears.

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I'm sorry I didnt mean your friends specifially I just used your story about them as a thinking point about things in general i thougth about /I/ think that people not seeing bi!Dean makes sense, but Cas doesnt. And I get what you mean, maybe I cant even relate anymore but dont see how a character that shows little interest in most women, never dates women, had a sexless marriage to a women and likes to look like a women sometimes, doesnt ping more cishet men as gay (and i think Cas is pan)

Yeah, I think there are more jokes about Cas being gay from outside the show, but in the show he has been shown with women enough times for confirmation bias (even that sexless marriage) that clearly when some people think about it they entertain the idea Cas would have a love interest/that he and Mary are apparently the best-matched characters on the show at the moment as the only non-blood-related male and female characters, and it doesn’t seem weird to them… I mean I know my friends aren’t the only ones, and Dabb already had to say a while back that they weren’t going to have a romance :P I remember SDCC it got brought up and there was the “that’s our mom?!?” reaction :P 

Anyway, Cas has had apparent interest in Meg and had sex once with a woman so if you assume someone is either gay or straight and within that always cis and asexuality isn’t even a thing, then even the way you could joke Cas is gay for his lack of interest in most circumstances, because he HAS had sex, bam, it’s cool, he’s straight :P And his lack of interest isn’t some nuanced take on his sexuality, it’s either gay jokes, jokes about him being a virgin (with the implication he wouldn’t want to be) or jokes about Cas being awkward (I suppose with the implication he’d get more if he came out of his shell).

I mean I really really don’t relate but I’ve been puzzling over this since my friend announced they were really hoping Cas and Mary got together at the start of the season and I was like “… why??? she’s his mom??” 

I’m slowly getting to things [fighting with baby to go to sleep]. I appreciate patience… I love you all but just don’t rush me. It honestly makes me not want to reply and has been killing my inspiration for this muse. I am a stay at home mom and thus my baby comes first. Anyways sorry for being so assertive but… I’d hate for this muse to just die off because of lack of understanding. Anyways, I’ll reply in any order I see fit (I almost always do first come first serve, but I’ll be replying to whatever I can at the time now) and I think I’ll be doing mutuals only from now on as well. Also please refer to my rules in regards to shipping and other things - let’s write stories not just smut… Smut is fun but uh let’s have some meaning to it yea?

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something i think about a lot is dennis’ mental state. he was diagnosed with bpd but i think that they need to address this more? they hint at psychopathy? but that seems over exaggerated. they have problems, but they mostly stem from trauma. i mean the show is about people being stuck in their shitty ways but if they finally let mac come out who knows?? i just think that if mac and dennis eventually share romantic feelings for one another that dennis needs to be in a better headspace first...

this is six days old and im sorry but also.. rcg heard you 

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You’re not hard to talk to at all! And you’re the beautiful one here with your cute freckles.

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Do you feel like WestAllen needs to slow down on the lovey dovey? I love how cute they are but I'm ready to see them fight and more importantly I want to see them fuck. I mean come on already!

I don’t think WestAllen is being rushed on the “lovey dovey" stuff, I think that they are going on a slow pace, and I like it. And they have known each other for so long and it’s great to see how their relationship is developing. I’ll actually like to see them get in a fight 👀. And YES we need to see them fuck already. (sorry I took long to answer).

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Please stop reblogging posts where mob is a literal baby its infantilizing autistic people and its so disgustingly ableist. Please post this publicly to spread the word. I'm so tired of this

I’m gonna be honest- this has me a little confused. 

Sorry if I come off as ignorant (trust me i probably am on this topic)) but aren’t baby mob and Dad Reigens just aus? I mean I’d understand if I had reblogged something with a Mob as he is in canon (14)) and it treated him as if he were not a teen since that would be straight up infantilizing without question,, but is just any art of younger mob bad?

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What does it mean when I'm in a long distance relationship with the love of my life but I feel so weak when it comes to other girls? Like for example if I'm out at a night club with my friends and a girl is showing interest in me instead of being strong and saying sorry I have a gf I kinda just go with it and we dance together but don't let anything happen.. is that bad? Im just so confused right now cuz I miss the physical attention I'm only human :(

My only advice is not to lose the love of your life for a girl you don’t even know

  • Yurio: *does some mean shit*
  • Viktor: You: this is my opinion on the matter. Person1: I agree. You: *le gasp! blush* omg!! You're my bff 4ever! Person2: I don't entirely agree with you but I respect your views. You: I don't care what you think. Fuck off. Person3: I do not understand where you are coming from. I admit I am ignorant in this matter, but from a subjective view you seem to contradict yourself and you portray your opinions hypocritically. You: How DARe you! You ignorant piece of shit. No one cares what you think piss off.