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“You could slowly start to resume normal physical activity.”

“Hey.  Hey, Danny.  You awake?”

Head nestled into his pillow, Danny is much too snoozy and satisfied to answer.  He’s just drifting off when familiar hands land on his back, fingers poking in a quest for attention.  With a grunt, he gives in and blinks his eyes open.  “What, babe?  What, what?”

Steve looks delicious, all rumpled, his hair a mess and a goofy smile on his face.  “I’m really grateful that you asked.”

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I just hit 700 followers!! thank you so so much for putting up with me and your continued kindness! Here are some blogs that mean a lot to me! you should 100% check them out!

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OH MY GOD THE S P A C E B R U S H IS AMAZING i may or may not cry (it's uncertain)


I LIKE THE WAY YOU THINK. I have a thing for space-printed stuff. Also, you have no idea how happy it made me that you would think of my OC as well. You can be sure I’ll be drawing her in one as well because they’re the cringey type of couple who would wear matching outfits.

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Omg Ink Drawing request *-* If u r not too busy can we get a funny Marichat scene?

This was meant to be funnier but it just came out cute?? Which isn’t really a problem in my opinion…

Thank you, Anon, for this request. MariChat is my SHIP. She’s drawing whiskers on him, by the way (= °w ^=)

Artwork ©: alazic02

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What if-

Im sorry for this


NicoRinPana desktop wallpapers ♡

requested by anon (。・//ε//・。)

F O L L O W  F O R E V E R 

Okay I know people normally do these when they hit a mile stone, but my most recent milestone was 35 people ago, and I just feel like loving on people who are the bomb, so thats what Imma do. Is this old school of me? Oh well.

✧—* »

@doryrpt ;; we’ve known eachother for what? 5 years now? thats nuts! you’re amazing, and you always back me up, and I always know I can talk to you about just about anything, and thats amazing in someone–especially someone you met online. I’m so happy youre going to be in my wedding, and I love that you enjoy ragging on Danny as much as I do

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@dreambcy ;; we’ve had our ups and downs, but you always come in clutch. We’ve been through so much, between 5 hour long phone calls and resisting the urge to slap a hoe, to having some of the most amazing plots ever, and still to this day one of my all type most iconic ships.

✧—* »

@khevinday ;; can I just point out that you literally live 3 minutes away from me, and we’ve never met in person?????? that deserves a post all in itself. You are iconic, and talented, and I really wish we were closer, but I feel honored to even consider you a friend!

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@anwcrhadid ;; Dear Slim, I wrote but you still ain’t callin, I left my cell, my pager, and my home phone at the bottom, I sent two letters back in autumn, you must not-a got ‘em. Okay but seriously the shit you release is iconic and I love your content and I love how much better you make me feel about myself when I release content.


ya’ll are the magic that makes my dash a little more beautiful, but i bolded some people that although i did put a specific section, have a huge place in my heart due to their amazing friendship and inspiration. 

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I’m stuttering, stumbling (and spilling coffee)

It was a quiet morning, like many others, quiet, still, idle, peaceful, the town seemingly asleep, Trini’s favourite time of day. No one to talk or bother her, no expectations to fill, just a comfortable silence, which Trini relished in. 


starlight, firelight

Four years ago, I started my blog for Harmony. I was first called The-Cyber-Soldier and Harmony was not as developed as she is today.  I’m shocked that I got this far. Four years, 658 followers, and the countless memories I have here.

I owe it to all of you. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I would have been here for this long. This blog and the people I met here helped me stay sane when everything in my life changed. Frequent moves, transfer from one school to another, and the chaos that follows kept me on the edge, but rp and my friends on Tumblr helped me find some stability.  You all helped me in becoming a better writer and even a better person. 

I apologize for my inactivity. I should have more free time to write with all of you after Tuesday when I finish my capstone.

I can’t thank you all enough. I have included everyone I want to give special acknowledgement to for you have been there with me since day one. 

Thank you so much and I hope there will be more memories and friends to make. 

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