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overworked | yoongi

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Pairing: Yoongi + Reader

Genre: Angst/fluff

Word Count: 1.5k

Summary: It was like he forgot you existed, he forgot who you were and what you were to him. He had built up his walls once again, and this time you couldn’t break them down. 

Reader’s POV

“Oh..I see.” you said softly, trailing off as Taehyung sighed on the other end.

“I’m sorry noona, I know it’s been forever since you’ve seen him…has he not visited home?” he asked.

You let out a humorless chuckle, as you replied,“ I’d be surprised if he even remembered where I lived.”

“Oh noona, I’m sure it’s not like that! It’s just with the comeback coming soon, he’s just been stressed out a lot lately you know?” Taehyung reasoned.

“I guess so Taehyung-ah…It’s okay, I understand…Just let him know I called at least, okay?” you asked him.

“I will noona…I’ll also knock some sense into him, okay?!” he said, causing you to laugh a little at the boy.

“Thanks Taehyung-ah…” you trailed off as you said your goodbyes and ended the call, slumping against your couch that’s been empty of Yoongi and his cuddles for almost 3 weeks now.

That’s right, for almost a month it was as if Yoongi, your boyfriend, had fallen of the face of the planet. You’d call him and he’d rarely pick up while his texts were always short and ended with ’Im busy, text you laters’“.

You were tired of it honestly, missing him and his warm embraces, his gummy smiles which were always directed at you and the way he would murmur the sweetest of words into your ear as you drifted asleep in his arms every night.

But for the last month, it was anything but that and you felt yourself breaking apart slowly.

It scared you how dependent you were of him, how much you relied on him and how much you needed him.

And the fact that it didn’t seem like he felt the same scared you even more.

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son0fdeath  asked:

What if nico legit asked "What's Obama's last name?" Wouldn't that just be dandy

((too bad obama doesn’t exist anymore))

Nico: Hey, you know the president?

Will: Trump?

Nico: No, the one before him. The one who isn’t a douche. Obama?

Will: Yes, what about him?

Nico: What’s Obama’s last name?

Will: Obama.

Nico: Yes, him. What’s his last name?

|| needy ||

{summary: i’ve never been so needy before in my life.}

A lot of readers want more fuckboi!peter parker, so here’s || absolutely || written in his pov 👅👅👅

im also gonna put this out there but cartel’s [[the perfect mistake]] is fuckboi!peter parker’s theme song ♡

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warnings: mentions of sexual content, explicit language & attempts at an attack


Despite everything that’s being said about me (even if most of them are true), I genuinely did love Liz Allan, and she was honestly the first one I have ever been intimate with.

I met her on the academic decathlon team and recall joining it solely for the purpose of getting closer her, the team’s captain. I was in love with the waves of her dark hair and constantly imagined what her smooth, mocha skin would taste like against my lips.

When we started dating, it was like a dream come for me.

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Vigilante (Teen Wolf x Supernatural Crossover) (Part 1)

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x reader, Winchesters x sister!reader 

Prompt: When the reader’s old friend calls for help, the Winchesters all rush to Beacon Hills immediately, and you immediately see someone you thought you’d never see again. But what happens when your brothers find out that you are best friends with supernatural beings that you all hunt?

Warnings: fluff, violence, language, a tiny bit of angst

A/N: So I started binge watching Teen Wolf and I am now obsessed, so enjoy!

Tag list for Teen Wolf is open!

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“Hello?” you voiced after hitting the ‘answer’ icon on your phone. 

“Y/N?” the, oddly familiar, voice on the other line replied and you racked your brain for a face to the voice.

“Scott,” you whispered, realizing who it was.

“Y/N, we really need your help.”

You pulled yourself out of your thoughts with a shake of your head before responding. “Yeah, okay, I’m heading to Beacon Hills now. I think it’s a better time than ever to have a little reunion.”


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Otherkin are not delusional. We just remember who we were, or who we were meant to be.

Wolfkin are not furries by definition. They just wish they could be with their pack again.

Fictionkin do not just really really like a fictional character. They are that character in heart and soul.

Ghostkin don’t just really love spooky things. They feel at home among them, because that is where they lived.

Otherkinity isn’t a mental deviance. But otherkin can be mentally ill, so treat those who are with the respect they deserve for the fight they’re winning. Because if you’re alive, you’re fighting. And you’re winning.

Dragonkin don’t eat real gemstones/valuable metals. They know humans can’t eat those, they aren’t stupid.

Spacekin are as normal and as valid as anybody else. Planets may well have souls too.

Plantkin do not care if you mow your lawn. They may care about deforestation, but hell, so should you.

Otherkin are human too. Treat us with respect.

Birdkin don’t think they can fly. All otherkin are aware their bodies are human.

Merkin don’t just love the water. Their souls remember that the water is their home.

Elementalkin aren’t just trying to be special snowflakes. They were the heart and soul of their element, and their souls remember it.

You wouldn’t tell someone their religion is invalid. You hopefully don’t go around telling people their gender identities or sexualities don’t exist. So why tell us we can’t be otherkin? Treat us as you would any other human being. With respect and kindness. Try to move forward to a better understanding, instead of dismissing us out of hand.

(Sorry I couldn’t include every kintype, there are just so many!)

Giant: Ch. 5

When you leave someone
Their love lingers on,
Like a fresh wound
With no one to love.

The paper stared at her, refusing to blink. Lena knit her fingers together and rested her cheek on them as she lingered over the words that sat there. She blew air threw her lips and prepared herself to finally read her father’s words.

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Humans are weird: The Research Facility

*Quick note before I start: This is the 4th installment in a series I’ve called the Lost Colonies which is largely about human society adapting to the strange environments of other worlds. You can read the other installments here: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this series, but with my new work schedule I had to bring it to a close. If you’ve enjoyed this story follow me on here for my other writings. Thanks again to everyone who has reblogged, liked, replied, DMed, or otherwise shown their appreciation for this series. It means a lot to me that people enjoyed it and the love you’ve all shown me has really helped keep me going for these last few months.*

The airlock hissed and Kiara felt her knuckles ache as the pressure adjusted to the station. Reflexively she clenched and unclenched her fists trying to ease the dull throb that she could already feel spreading to her other joints. On most worlds that had significantly higher or lower pressure than Earth humans lived in enclosed dome cities or underground stations that were kept calibrated to standard Earth atmosphere. For some reason this facility seemed to be kept at a slightly higher pressure. It probably had something to do with the fact that the station was within the atmosphere of a hothouse planet similar to old Earth’s stellar neighbor Venus. She made a mental note to ask about it later when she got the chance.

The door to the airlock swung smoothly open despite the fact that it appeared to weigh nearly a metric ton. On the other side awaited a tall man who stood at full attention in a crisp military uniform. He gave a quick salute and gestured without a word for Kiara to follow him. The pair wandered down deserted corridors that had been polished to a mirror shine before arriving at the administrator’s office. The tall man knocked twice on the door before it slid into the wall, he then stood to the side of the door and snapped off another salute though Kiara noticed that his hand was trembling.

The administrator’s office was just as polished and barren as the rest of the station had been so far, the man himself, decidedly less so. The administrator was a short pale man who had cut himself badly attempting to shave with a thin ring of white hair around his head. He wore a suit which was several sizes too large and had been hastily pressed to try and remove some of the wrinkles. The administrator stood behind his desk and gave a quick nervous smile as he ushered Kiara into the room.

“Welcome to my facility. I apologize that I cannot offer more of a tour at this time but I’m afraid that I haven’t verified your clearance level yet Miss Williams.” Kiara smiled and offered a handshake ”It’s actually Mrs. Williams-Venn but Kiara will work just fine”. The administrator took her hand and then sat down quickly apologizing for the sweatiness of his palms. “Well, Kiara, I’m afraid that we haven’t had contact with EarthGov for some time now, and as such we’ve been unable to verify your rank or clearance level so until we are able to do so we cannot allow further access to this station. I hope you understand.”

Kiara took a long deep breath. It didn’t happen often, but holdouts like these were always difficult to deal with. It was an unfortunate failing of humanity that people could hold onto a failing ideology for centuries. Kiara looked the administrator over again. 15 sols of conducting personal interviews had taught her how to read people and this administrator looked nervous as hell. She’d have to play this one carefully. “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name, Mr…” “Eckstein. Johnathan Eckstein.” “Well John, I’m sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news but I’m afraid you won’t be able to grant me security clearance as that office of EarthGov no longer exists.”

John screamed and fell out of his chair and the guard at the door took off running. Kiara spun around expecting a threat coming from behind, seeing nothing she stood up cautiously and looked over the desk to see John cowering on the floor. He looked up at her and sobbed “Just make it quick.” Remembering the stories she had heard of EarthGov’s brutality it finally clicked in Kiara’s head. John thought she was sent there from EarthGov to kill them all. “Uh, John, Mr Eckstein, it’s fine. You can get up. I’m not here from EarthGov. They no longer exist.” John rolled over onto his back to look up at her, tears streaming down the sides of his face as he sobbed uncontrollably. “Really?” “Yeah, really.”

The sobs eventually turned into relived laughter as John picked himself up off the floor. Finally he slumped back down into his chair and slapped the intercom switch on his desk. “Condition Green. Code 2635. We’re clear everyone.” Kiara heard a dull roar of applause and shouts from down the corridor as the rest of the station cheered in celebration. “I’m sorry for all that Kiara, we’ve just been a little on edge since that transponder lit up. Would you like a drink?” John pulled a bottle of clear liquor out of the bottom drawer of his desk along with a pair of glasses and started filling both before she could answer.

Mildly amused she took the proffered drink and tapped the glasses together in an old Earth tradition. “Cheers” John’s face split into a wide grin as he downed the drink in a single gulp. Kiara tried to take a sip and broke out into a violent coughing fit. “Oh, yeah, sorry, we distill our own around here and, well, you get used to it.” Kiara set the “drink” back on the desk and smiled again at John. “So, how about we try this again. You tell me what’s been going on at this facility and I’ll fill you in on what’s been happening in the rest of the galaxy.”

John nodded and picked up Kiara’s glass and drained that too. “Where do I start? Ok, well, we were an EarthGov secret weapons research lab. We were stationed here to conceal our location with only one transponder to communicate to our higher ups in EarthGov. Our facility is entirely self sustaining since it could take several solar rotations for us to have a window to so much as get people on or off the planet. It wasn’t unusual for us to lose contact with the outside world for long periods of time so at first we didn’t notice that it had been a while since we had last heard from anyone. That while turned into a few years, then a decade.”

Kiara checked her datapad and asked “When did your people last have contact with anyone from EarthGov?” John looked like he was considering pouring another drink but put the bottle away instead. “218 years ago, plus a few months.” Kiara’s eyes went wide and she double checked her notes. “That was almost 20 sols after EarthGov fell!” John’s gaze wandered around the room as he lost himself in thought. “Hmm. You call them sols. Makes sense if we’re not being Earth-centric about our units of measurement. But yeah, not too surprising that they tried to keep their weapons development going for so long after it all went to shit. My grandmother said they were getting kinda weird for those last few transmissions.”

Kiara scribbled notes into her datapad as she tried to wrap her head around this new information. “I had heard a lot of stories about EarthGov I just never thought that- wait did you say ‘Grandmother’? As in it’s only been 2 generations in over 200 sols?” John laughed. “Yeah, I guess I’m a lot older than I look. That’s kinda what happens when you put a bunch of medical scientists in isolation for a few hundred years. I turn 120 in a few months, or whatever unit of measurement you use these days.” Kiara stared at the short man behind the desk. It was true, aside from the hair he didn’t appear any older than his early 40s.

“That’s remarkable. Can I ask how?” John just shrugged as though one of the most significant medical breakthroughs in human history was a minor matter. “Partly genetic therapy and partly cloned organs. We grow a kind of ‘genetic blank’ version of any organ you might need that carries enough DNA to be recognizably human and then when you need something replaced we just take the information we need from your existing cells and work it into the blank. It’s not perfect and we can’t replace everything, but I have a life expectancy of over twice my current age so long as I don’t damage anything important.”

Something clicked in the back of Kiara’s mind “Like I said, remarkable, but you just said ‘medical scientists’ I thought this was a weapons research facility?” John froze in place before scrunching up his face and mutter a curse under his breath. His hand reached again for the bottle in the desk before he stopped himself. “Yeah. Biological weapons. Look I’m not proud of it. No one here is. And everyone who was originally part of the project is dead. About a century we put it to a vote decided that EarthGov was probably gone for good and even if they weren’t that we couldn’t risk that kind of destruction getting out. So we destroyed all the virus samples that weren’t viable for other forms of research. There’s not anything left on this station that could hurt anyone.”

Kiara turned her datapad’s recorder off. “I want you to know that I’m on your side on this, and that I’ll present your case to the Galactic Republic. I’m sure that it will be fine, but I need to know. were the original scientists volunteers?” John stared off in silence for several minutes before finally answering “Yeah. Most of them. I don’t think there was any real animosity towards aliens, it’s just, there wasn’t a lot of work for scientists outside of the government. And what the government wanted was a weapon that the ‘alien threat’ couldn’t defend against. At least, that’s what my grandmother said.”

Kiara’s hands clenched into fists, her knuckles aching again though she didn’t think it was still from the pressure. “Were there any projects done on a virus for Turics?” John shook his head. “Probably, but we destroyed all that a long time ago. I’ll double check the files to make sure that nothing remains though. Why? You got a thing for the big furry bastards?” John was grinning until he saw the look on Kiara’s face. “I’m going to say this just once. If you’re going to be a part of the galactic community, you’re going to need to drop those prejudices right the fuck now. I’ve dealt with a lot of backwards bullshit in this job and I can tell you that if you want off this rock you’re going to have to unlearn a lot of that ‘human first’ mentality. Got it?” John was now paler than she had ever seen a human before. “Understood! I’ll make sure to bring it up with the rest of the facility at the next meeting Kiara.”

Kiara got up still glaring at John. “It’s Mrs. Williams-Venn. And for your sake, you should hope that you don’t have to hear that name again.”

putting my two cents in re: glory mv:

it’s so so nice that it wasn’t openly romanticized: if one wants to see the 0.2 secs of jealousy when she dances in the bar, you can, but if not, you can see them both as friends;

the idea they took is so interesting - how we make memories with other people, but there are always gonna be details you or your friend will remember differently, or your friend noticed and you didn’t, but what matters is that those memories exist and how dear they are to both of you

location?????? is so nice?????????

I’d so do that with the pool jumping, I’d totally be a dick about it, sorry not sorry

i’m so glad the video didn’t end in like, a car crash or a break-up or parting ways, it was just so warm and lovely

AND: I’m so glad the video isn’t sappy and sugary, just so human and real and how there are still bits open to interpretation like in any bas video

just so nice and lovely

P.S. how much convincing did it take for the director/team/? to make dan actually willing to go do that dance class

The Absence of the Parents

“Every choice you ever made; every path you’ve ever taken – the man you are today … is your memory of Eurus.”

Sorry, but no, Mycroft. This is not true. Sherlock may have been influenced by a lot of things but he cannot have become the man he is today just because of a non-existent memory. If he did not remember Eurus for decades, it is not possible that she has completely shaped his life. 

However, there are indeed things that may have shaped him:

  • a manipulative brother who told him that caring was not advantage, that all hearts are broken. Who used “trigger words” to “monitor” his mental state. 
  • the absence of the parents in Sherlock’s life. 

Today I would like to concentrate on the second aspect although it cannot be wholly separated from the first. 

Until TEH we had no idea the Holmes parents were still alive. Mrs Holmes had been mentioned exactly once in ASiP:

M: We have more in common than you like to believe. This petty feud between us is simply childish. People will suffer … and you know how it always upset Mummy.
SHERLOCK: I upset her? Me?
SHERLOCK: It wasn’t me that upset her, Mycroft.

Past tense, both times. So she could have been dead. The father was not mentioned at all. In ASIB, however, we got this:

MYCROFT: I’ll be mother.
SHERLOCK: And there is a whole childhood in a nutshell.

This is not about serving tea. This is about a dominant older brother who for some reason assumed the role of a parent. But why?, we asked ourselves. Did they lose their parents when they were young? (There are virtually hundreds of fanfics where at least one parent is dead). 

And then, in TEH, we learned that they were alive and happy, doing sightseeing, line dancing, and attending musicals. We also learned that - other than their sons - the parents were completely ordinary. Nice, but not brilliant. 

In HLV we learned that Mycroft used to call Sherlock stupid when they were children, an opinion the parents obviously shared: 

MYCROFT: Such a disappointment.
YOUNG SHERLOCK: I’m not stupid.
MYCROFT: You’re a very stupid little boy.
MYCROFT: Mummy and Daddy are very cross

Later in the episode, however, we get a family idyll, a lovely bumbling father and mother who threatens to take revenge on whoever shot her boy. Moreover, the mother suddenly has become a brilliant ex-scientist. 

And do not get me started on TFP. Here we get a family ruled by a mysterious uncle who had so far been characterised by cross-dressing and by Mycroft who was thirteen when disaster struck. They took away Eurus, they created the fake death scenario, they locked her up in a cold grey high-tech fortress, they convinced the parents never to mention their daughter again … 

What the hell is it with those parents? They obviously accepted that their daughter was locked up as a five-year-old, they did not insist on finding a missing little boy, they accepted that their younger son invented a new past for himself, they let their other son control and supervise him for decades … 

And finally some questions:

  • Why did Mycroft assume the role of a parent for Sherlock?
  • Why did the parents not insist on a police investigation of Victor’s disappearance (if they had done so, he surely would have been found)
  • Why did Sherlock take drugs? 
  • Was Eurus medically treated in any reasonable and compassionate way? If not, why? She had parents. Their permission would have been needed, not the orders of an uncle and a teenage brother. 
  • Why did Mrs Holmes, a mathematician, write a book with a title taken from physics and a content from medicine? 
  • Why do we not get any information about Mr Holmes except that he is nice, slightly forgetful, and still keen on his wife?

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K-Drama Starters:
  • “You’re so cute that I want to beat you up.”
  • “You’re not okay. Why do you act like you’re okay when you’re not?”
  • “I’m not acting cool. I am cool.”
  • “I bet she’d slap the person next to her for farting when she’s the one who farted.”
  • “I am so busy that I didn’t even remember that you didn’t call me for three days and thirteen hours.”
  • “I thought you were dumb, but I guess you’re not.”
  • “Yes, I don’t like you.”
  • “I can’t believe how much food she sent you. It’s not like a war’s breaking out.”
  • “So shut up and just live breathing through your silicone nose.”
  • “I know I shouldn’t be saying this to myself but I was really cool today.”
  • “Geez, you’re like the CSI. You’re sounding really smart.”
  • “You have no need to be sorry. You just need to shut your mouth.”
  • “Your existence is like a bomb.”
  • “Shut up, smart-ass.”
  • “Can I take a selfie right next to it?”
  • “What wrong have I ever done to you to make you pick on me like this?”
  • “If you like her so much, don’t just drool here. Go over there and drool on her too!”
  • “Can we pretend I beat you up?”
  • “I can’t bother you anymore so I’m going to bother everyone else.”
  • “How can you not like me? Are you on drugs?”
  • “Are you at a morgue? Do you need me to get you flowers?”
  • “Even though you have small eyes, you can see everything.”
  • “What if my chocolate abs melt?”
  • “Your shirt is see-through.”
  • “Would you like some chocolate milk?”
  • “Hey can you drive home like that?”
  • “Don’t threaten her to eat black bean noodles with you.”
  • “Why do you like horror movies so much?”
  • “Why am I your friend?”
  • “I always have plans, I just don’t have the courage.”
  • “If I don’t trip you, then I can’t hold your hand to prevent your fall.”
  • “Leave my underwear here.”
  • “I don’t like seeing people eat food that looks better than mine.”
  • “Put your phone away and put your eyebrows down.”
  • “It was good to see you in my dream.”
  • “I hope you’re not having a hard time because of me.”
  • “Do you perhaps have another secret? Like you’re actually a girl?”
  • “You can get hurt more from people you’re closer with.”
  • “I have to look good when I go to the hospital.”
  • “You’re perfect the way you are to me.”
  • “You looked sexy eating ramen.”
  • “Everyone has their own fetish. I don’t judge.”
  • “If I had that, I wouldn’t have anything else to wish for.”
  • “There’s only one person who shares the same heartbeat as you. It’s your soulmate.”
  • “Should we listen to our heartbeats to see if we’re soulmates?”
  • “You’re such an asshole.”
  • “I don’t know why you make me feel this way.”
  • “Usually dating is when things that I can do by myself are done with another person.”
  • “Don’t treat us like idiots just because we’re stupid!”
  • “You should only touch me if it’s absolutely necessary.”
  • “What good is it to make a girl laugh 100 times if she always goes to the one who makes her cry?”
  • “They’re making fun of me because I don’t have a mom.”
  • “Your face requires revenge.”
  • “At first I just seem shabby like scrap paper, but after digging in deeper, I’m pretty awesome.”
Ties pt. 2 - Archie Andrews Smut

REQUESTED: Yes, by two anons! (Or maybe the same anon - bless you<3)

I mean, I think you need to write part two to ‘Ties’

Please do a part two of Ties! I really liked it :)

WARNINGS: Blowjobs, slight daddy kink

SUMMARY: You left Archie hanging, and he’s not exactly happy about it.

NOTES: So, this has kind of been a long time coming (sorry guys). I’ve been really busy recently with trying to do my exams (because those now exist, yay) and pass this course (which I did…WOO CELEBRATIONS). 

Anyways, another reason for me not doing too much in the way of smut was that I had nothing to really…go off. So, I’m just having to remember stuff and apply it to this.

The song is still here, and you can read pt. 1 here. Enjoy!

(Also potential for pt. 3, if you want it, request!!)

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shixpe  asked:

Hello! Don't know me but I know people. So I wanted to ask if you knew of a term for the set props used, say in SPN, that are never addressed (like chekhov's gun or something), but are meaningful and may have subtext. Like the items over Dean's bed, signs, decor/paintings, flowers maybe. I think my brain invented a word that it doesn't even remember, because it doesn't exist.

Hehe, I’ve seen you around a bit. Sorry if any of the below sounds condescending. When I get these asks, I try to be as informative as I can.

There are a few possibilities. Motif maybe? Motifs are usually like.. patterns.. but we usually just lump everything in my experience. We usually just called set dressing or props that conveyed character presence or meaning “associations” or “setup calls”. Since symbolism in movies is associative, and anything in the narrative that calls a payoff, we just called them what they are.

There may be people who have specific names for them, but other than Chekhov’s “X” I haven’t really seen any specific words. That doesn’t mean the words don’t exist. People in film rename and redefine things all the time. It’s one of the reasons we used definitions more than terms when I was in school. You could argue about something, and then learn you were talking about the same thing coined by a different person. Even the terms for sequence structure of a movie are debated. People agree that 3 act movies have sequences, but not on how many, or what they’re called.

 When I was in college, we’d go through scenes (like the opening from Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums) and pick out associations for characters (Mostly colors in this case, because Wes Anderson) and then discuss them after. The Royal Tenenbaums uses color saturation to convey meaning for example. How bright the color is transfers to the associative character’s passions and mindsets. 

In SPN, the colors, patterns and objects are “associations”. They use association very strongly. Associations are traceable elements with simple connections on their own. They’re sort of like the first introduction of a character in a screenplay. The first time a character’s name appears in a screenplay, it’s always in all caps in the action. This is so that character can be traced back to their introduction easily. How an association is incorporated indicates its symbolism, and its repetition in scenarios is what gives them meaning and allows for more complicated readings. My favorite ones in all of SPN are the items over Dean’s bed you mentioned. They are the easiest type to read. They’re consistently placed, easily legible without being too obvious, change when they should without losing simple explanation and are very traceable.

When I taught film, I showed Hot Fuzz as my movie for “setup and payoff” because everything in that movie is pretty much made of that concept. (It’s actually really neat watching it unfold). I used “setup calls” for the scenarios and props in that movie too. It’s pretty much any element that has to be addressed later (or should). The Pink Unicorn plush in Suicide Squad is an example of failure to respond to your setup calls. It’s also a blatant disregard for the Rule of Threes. 

Setup calls can be objects or dialogue, but when they’re objects, they’re usually given an insert. One of my film teachers joked by calling this “insert attention” but I don’t think it’s an official term. A creepy doll getting an insert in an early scene and turning out to be evil is an example.

There are a lot of “rules” in film, most of them I’ve heard as the definitions rather than the terms though. Their usually a series of “if then statements” like this: 

“If a sharp thing gets an insert, someone’s gonna get stabbed.”


“If it’s purple, someone is going to die”, or “If a gun is shown or mentioned, it must go off eventually.” 

And my personal favorite: 

“If someone states an absolute before the finale, it will be addressed(usually challenged).” 

This is why the end of S8 makes me side eye TPTB a little.

Honestly, it’s perfectly fine to have your own terms for things. You just have to define them and get them out there. I’ve heard all sorts of terms when I was in college that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else, but I see them in movies all the time. 

If you think of the word, let me know. It may very well be a term and I just don’t remember right now. My memory is kind of terrible. If it’s not already a term and can be defined separately from other ones, define and coin it! Maybe it’ll catch on.

realize o2 [namjoon & you]

Summary: After a tiny argument over not wanting to go home until everything is perfect, Namjoon snaps. He pretty much offended you about your fashion style and duty of work. You didn’t let it bother you so much, but just staying in silence had Namjoon taking off and saying it’s over. The two of you didn’t speak, call, or even look at each other for a while.

Little did he know that you had a secret hidden from him.

part one , part three

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part one

After speaking with the nurses when entering inside the hospital, Namjoon was led to your room. Seeing your unconscious condition, Namjoon bit his bottom lip as he tried holding back his tears.

“W-w-what’s wrong with her?” Namjoon asks the nurse.

“Actually, I can ask the doctor who cared for her,” the nurse replies and Namjoon nods his head.

Walking towards the sleeping you, many questions ran inside his head. Why is she in this state? Does she have cancer? Is she going to die? Namjoon shook the thoughts out and tries to not think of the negativity. Instead, he reaches his hand out to touch and hold your pale ones.

“Love…” Namjoon’s voice trembled when he calls out to the unconscious you in front of him.

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So this is probably a weird prompt but could you do it where Hermione ran away from her parents before 6th year and goes to stay with the twins and falls for Fred or something…? I absolutely adore your stories, I haven’t read such good Fremione in a while…

This might not be what you were thinking buuuuuut…¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

* * * 

It was a green tea type of day.

Fred and George had gone to work, the flat was empty, and a breeze was blowing in through the open window. Normally, a buzz of conversation and street noise would have made its way in with the breeze, voices talking about which books they needed, how much the apothecary was asking this term, which cauldron the fourth years needed, whether an ashwinder could be snuck into the school. She would have heard younger siblings complaining loudly that they weren’t leaving for Hogwarts yet or older students complaining about rules. In a typical summer, there would have been couples sitting outside Florean Fortescue’s slurping ice creams and staring gooily into one another’s eyes, talking about how nothing would drag them apart, not even being on different schedules in different houses in different years.

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Name: Happy birthday, babygirl.
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Dedication: @zoevesper , I am so sorry for not being there for you, girl. Happy birthday! Remember that you are possibly the best human to ever exist, and you deserve everything you want - any dude, any friend, any job. ANYTHING. Just smile and be happy because I believe in you and really hope I can deserve you as a friend one day (cuz right now you are way too awesome). So be happy and enjoy your life! Also, I am sorry that it’s Buck, but I am afraid he is the only one I can write relatively well about.

“Hey babygirl,” you hear Bucky’s happy voice when you pick the phone up in the middle of the night.

“Hey,” you sigh and force yourself to open your eyes and look at the watch. “Four am? Bucky, are you insane? Are you even familiar with the concept of sleep?”

“Well, I simply wanted to wish you happy birthday before everyone else did,” you can hear that he is laughing, and you can’t help but smile. “Happy birthday, babygirl.”

“Thanks, Buck.”

“I love you, girl, and you will be the happiest human alive, and I love you so, so, so much… Because you deserve everything you want, and you are the one purest angel to even end up on our planet,” you grin, and he laughs. “Also, if you open the door, I believe my present should be there about now.”

“My present? Buck, you are in Australia!” you put your legs into the slippers and crawl-walk towards the front door and slowly unlock it. “What is it? A book? Did you get me a nice book? Or a disk of Twenty-One pilots?”

“Uhm… Neither. I think I got you something better,” you open the door wide open and freeze with the phone stuck in your hand. “So… How do you like it? Should I take the money back?”

“I love it,” you whisper, as you drop the phone and literally jump forward, hugging Bucky who is standing right in front of you, grinning like an idiot. As soon as you hug him, Bucky wraps his hands around you and laughs loudly, pressing his lips against your forehead, almost falling on his back, but managing to stand straight. “Hi.”

“Hello beautiful,” he slowly puts on the ground and smiles at you, gently tucking a curl behind your ear.

“But I thought you should be in Australia!”

“I couldn’t miss my girl’s birthday, could I? One argument with Fury, five deep conversations with Steve, one ‘almost-fight’ with Stark, and I am here,” Bucky grins and gently strokes your cheek, smiling at your face. “Happy birthday, beautiful.”

“Thank you… thank you!” he grins and pulls you inside, quickly taking his jacket off and hanging it next to yours.

“Ok, let’s get me some coffee and you some cake, and then we can go to a park and feed ducks, and buy ice cream… and pizza… and… And I really, really, really want to kiss you right now,” Bucky suddenly stops babbling and stares you straight in the eye, as you slowly start blushing under this straight and serious stare. “May I?”

“I would like you to, yes,” you smile, and Bucky smiles back, slowly pulling you closer, holding your face with both hands before kissing you softly.

“I missed you so much.”

“Well, your present was definitely the best one,” you smile, as he pulls you in another kiss, pressing your back against the wall and trying to pull you as close as humanly possible, almost breaking your ribs. “Easy, I still like my ribs!”

“Sorry, so sorry,” he momentarily steps back and lets go of you. “I am so sorry.”

“It’s ok, love,” you gently wrap your hands around his shoulders.

“I missed you too much.”

“You always do,” you smile, as he pulls you close again. “So… Coffee? Tea?”

“Tea for you, coffee for me,” he nods, allowing his hands to slide up your waist and pull you closer. “And then we are going to the park. And getting pizza.”

“And ice cream.”

“And ice cream,” Bucky nods obediently.

“But I will have to change because going out in pajamas ain’t a good idea.”

“You need some help with changing?” Bucky grins and follows you into your room, hardly letting go of you, even though you try to escape his hands once.

“Will we get out of the house if I do?”

“Nope,” you both smile, and you turn to the closet to start changing.

“Hey, babygirl?” he suddenly hugs you from behind and plants a soft kiss on your shoulder, as you smile at him. “I love you. Happy birthday.”

“I love you too,” you smile wider, knowing pretty well that you will not let him take his hand from your waist - it is way too comfortable this way. But as far as you understand, he is not in much rush to let go of you either.

“I love you more?”

“No such thing.”

heartbroken meme.
  • “you’re not the person i fell in love with.”
  • “you’re not who i thought you were.”
  • “i can’t trust you anymore.”
  • “how could you lie to me about this?
  • “why didn’t you tell me?
  • “you played with my emotions.”
  • “what, so this was all a game to you?
  • “you should have told me.”
  • “i’m not sorry.”
  • “did you really think you could get away with this?
  • “i’m no one’s first choice.”
  • “what did you expect?
  • “i need some time to process this.”
  • “it’s over, isn’t it?
  • “we’re done.”
  • “i can’t move on.”
  • “you’re nothing without me.”
  • “i’m not going to stay when i’m clearly not wanted.”
  • “i’m useless.”
  • “what is the point of all this?
  • “if i can go back in time, i’d try to change things.”
  • “in our next life, let’s not meet again.”
  • “the thing we are best at doing is hurting each other.”
  • “happy endings don’t exist, do they?
  • “sorry for the promises i didn’t keep.”
  • “falling for someone is going to hurt no matter what." 
  • "you’re worth the pain.”
  • “i was so blind, that i never saw what was in front of me.”
  • “i was so naive to think you’d be different.”
  • “i can’t believe i thought that something would last forever.”
  • “it’s amazing how you just move on.”
  • “some things are better off left unsaid.”
  • “which is worse: to forget? or to remember?
  • “fuck you, you never cared.”
  • “i won’t let this be how it ends.”

thestarmaker-s  asked:

Hi there, I was talking with a friend we remember a cartoon from our childhood and I think, "what if a villain with a rare quirk split izuku in two personalities?" Just imagine, the brave, strategist and a little reckless izuku and the afraid, nervous and insecure quirkless izuku. For 12 hours the guys have to deal with this versions of his friend and in the process they learn how izuku was before, they lear he was quirkless! And their respect for him go tenfold after this incident.

Okay, but this is an awesome headcanon (which I let lay around for way too long, I’m so sorry, star.)

Being split up into his two different personalities would mean we get those two Izukus:

The Izuku at the beginning of the manga – shy, insecure, “weak” and quirkless.

And the Izuku we have now – All Might’s successor, physically and mentally a lot stronger, still a bit shy, but able to stand up for himself and others, and with a powerful quirk.

That would not only be a shock for Class 1-A. That would also be a big shock for Izuku.

Let’s take this a step further and say that the two different personalities don’t have the same memories. Quirkless-Izuku only has the memories from before he met All Might, while OfA-Izuku has all the memories, both from before and after his meeting with All Might.

It’s Chiyo who realizes this first, since she checks up on the two boys after they have been split up. Probably they should have thought of this sooner. The signs were there – the way quirkless-Izuku stares wide-eyed at All Might, expression full of wonder and disbelieve, as if he can’t wrap his head around the fact that this thin, sickly man is the real All Might. It also shows in the way the insecure boy jolts and freezes when Toshinori lays a hand on his shoulder, searching for contact in his worry.

Finally, when Chiyo catches the boy looking around the infirmary eagerly, as if he is trying to soak up every impression, she says gently, “You can’t remember any of this, can you?”

Izuku (because Izuku is the only name he remembers fondly, while his counterpart is alright with being called Deku) jolts. Green eyes, big and wide, flicker over to Chiyo and he nods slightly, shoulders drawn up in defense.

Deku and Toshinori, who had been wrapped up in a conversation – what had happened? How did the boys feel now? – trailed off at that, turning around.

Deku didn’t look very surprised, Chiyo noted.

Toshinori, on the other hand, blinked in consternation. “My boy, you… can’t remember?”

Izuku jolts again, shrinking further into himself as his idol looks at him directly. Shaking his head slightly, he mumbles, “I c-can’t even remember… you, to be honest.”

Something in Toshinori’s expression falls at that, and Chiyo sighs. But before she can say anything, Deku had already reached out and laid one hand on the retired hero’s shoulder. “But I remember you, Toshinori-san.”

Toshinori relaxes, a slight smile flickering over his face as he lays one hand over Deku’s. Then, the seriousness of the situation comes back to his mind, and he frowns. “But how is that possible? You two are one and the same person.”

“I guess…” Deku frowned, before he turned around, towards himself. “Say, what is the last thing you remember?”

Being confronted with himself, someone who is so different, yet more familiar than those strangers he can’t remember, seems to relax Izuku a bit as he thinks. “Uh, I remember waking up, and you were there… or do you mean before that?”


Izuku frowns, tugging at his bottom lip as he thinks. “The last thing was… yeah! I was walking home from school, and decided to take a shortcut – and then this sludge-person attacked me!”

He shudders and pales, memories resurfacing, but then he straightens himself (and Toshinori and Chiyo share a smile at that, because even though those boys are different, deep down, they are the same courageous hero.)

Izuku meets Deku’s gaze head on. “Is that what you meant?”

“Yes,” Deku taps his chin in thought as he leans back. “You don’t remember how we got out of that encounter?”

“No… everything is dark after that. Did… did I fall unconscious? Or…” now it’s Izuku who brightens. “No, that’s not it, is it? It’s just that my memories end after that!”

“Yeah, I think that’s the reason.”

“What does that mean?” Toshinori looks from one boy to the other. “Can Izuku just not remember or is there something more to that?”

“I think it’s more that Izuku here stopped existing after that,” Chiyo offers – only to snort when Izuku squeaks in shock. “Oh, don’t be silly, boy, I didn’t mean that you died. You’re future self is right here, after all.”

“O-Oh,” Izuku blushes, smiling hesitantly. “Sorry.”

“No need.”

“I – ah, I mean, you – can’t remember what happened after that because that is the moment you started to change,” Deku summarized, nodding slowly. “Because that’s when I met All Might.”

Izuku wants to ask something, say something, but the words die in his throat as he sees All Might and his other half share a smile at that. Not the wobbly, insecure smile he is used to see in the mirror, but a genuine, happy one. And the hero – his idol – is smiling much the same, warmly and softly.

Suddenly, Izuku is a bit sad that he can’t remember the man. That he can’t remember how they met, or what they have been through together.

On the other hand, though…

“So… you… are my future?” Izuku leans a bit forward, gaze traveling over his counterpart. Deku lets him, patiently, smiling a bit flustered as his other personality takes in his broader shoulders, the scars on his hand and the light in his eyes.

Finally, Izuku smiles crookedly. “I, uh… like my future, I think.”

He startles a bit when All Might starts laughing at that, a deep, rumbling sound, and even Recovery Girl-san smiles at him. Then he smiles back slightly.

This people, whom he can’t remember… they seem so nice.

“Well, I guess there is nothing physically wrong with them,” Recovery Girl’s voice shakes Izuku from his thoughts. The elderly woman pats his knee – the only part she can really reach – and starts putting away her supplies. “I guess it’s time to go get the kids now.”

Before Izuku can ask who she means, All Might already answers, “I guess there is no need for that. I bet they are listening at the door already.”

“What?!” Recovery Girl whirls around at that, “Those silly little… Oh, I should have known. Toshinori, go get the door.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” All Might salutes at her, ruffles Deku’s hair – and startles Izuku again as he does the same to him.

Izuku is still patting his hair down, mind racing – All Might just ruffled his hair, oh my god – when the hero opens the door and steps outside.

Immediately, loud voices can be heard, making Izuku jump again.


“Is Midoriya alright?!”

“Yes, how is Deku?!”

“Can we go see him?!”

“What did Deku fucking do this time?”

“Calm down, everyone, please…”

There are so many voices, and only one is surprisingly familiar.

“I-Is Kacchan out there?!” Izuku blurts out, feeling himself go pale.

Deku, who had been smiling fondly at the door, blinks and turns towards him. His expression is full of understanding as he explains, “Don’t worry. Kacchan is… ah. Not as terrifying as he used to be?”

“He seems plenty terrifying to me,” Izuku mumbles, not even having to strain his ears to hear his childhood friend swear.

“There are others out there, too,” Deku says, gently. “Friends.”

The word catches Izuku’s interest, and he straightens a bit again, hooked. “Friends…?”

“Good friends,” Deku nods, reassuringly.

Izuku smiles a bit, before he remembers something important. “I… won’t remember them. Because I never met them?”

Somehow, that hurts. It’s unfair, Izuku thinks bitterly, that he seemingly has found friends – finally – but they will be strangers to him, now that he meets them.

“Not yet,” Deku agrees as he pushes himself to his feet, “But you will get to know them.”

The hero – because that’s what he is, Izuku thinks, awed – offers him a hand to help him stand up. He is grinning down at him as he continues, “Don’t worry. I promise you will like them. I do, too, after all.”

At that, Izuku can’t help but laugh. Accepting the offered hand, he stands, grinning at his counterpart (who is taller than him, when did that happen?) “Well. If you say that, it has to be true, right?”

“Exactly,” Deku chuckles, squeezing their interlinked fingers ever so slightly. “So, let’s go?”  

Izuku takes in the sight and the new knowledge. Here he is – or here Deku is – so strong and experienced. He – they – have friends, have All Might as their mentor. They have become what they always wanted to be.

They are a hero.

And Izuku smiles back, not letting go as he answers. “Yes. Let’s.”

And together, they step outside to meet whatever awaits them.