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I love your art so much and I want to draw like you someday!! Sorry to bother, but what did Veruca and Olly look as teenagers? Thank for taking time to read this!! I love you and your art just SO MUCH!!

Thank you so much you’re too sweet!! Olly and Ruca don’t look that much different from when they were teens but Olly had a 90′s hottopic goth look and  used to have his lip and nose pierced. I think Oliver has always dressed alternative, Ruca however wasn’t always very alternative her and her sister went to a school where they wore uniforms so she couldnt really dress how she wanted to all the time  but would dye her hair black and wore a LOT of eyeliner haha! It was only around the time she met Olly at 15 that she started dressing how she wanted. In the pic they’re probably hanging out before a Manson concert!


@chewbaccafarms asked for pidge in e3 and lance in a2 from this post !!!

i can’t believe i’m even saying this, but,

due to the “hello anon” discourse that just recently gave birth within the last hour, and … people being highkey uncomfortable with me saying a simple hello to my own anons, and just …. sending me hate and abuse again in my inbox that i haven’t even answered bc i don’t wanna flood my blog with hate again,

i’ve shut my inbox. and i apologise again for doing that. i know its frustrating but. this is just becoming …. ridiculous now.

so, until 10th May (when all my exam are over), i’ll be keeping my inbox shut. once my exams are done, i’ll reopen it again.

i’m really really sorry about the constant back and forth that’s happening, but … i never realised people had such a huge problem with me saying “hello anon” to my anons, to the point where i’m getting abuse again in my inbox that, i’d rather not show you guys, or get in the first place.  

i feel like my blog has been really shit lately and even though i’m trying really hard i feel like nothing i do is good enough and people are getting bored of me and leaving and unfollowing which obviously they’re allowed to and i respect it but i just don’t know what i’m doing wrong and maybe it’s just anxiety and paranoia talking but my head is a mess right now and i’m lonely and need a hug

In case you haven’t noticed, im WEIRD. I’m a weirdo. i dont fit in. and i dont WANT to fit in.

have you ever seen me without this stupid hairband on? that’s weird.

Ahhhhhhhh just in relation to the last comic

I’m not announcing anything new here, or trying to excuse my crappy isolation and behavior in here with it. This has been my mental state for months, but I’ve never known how to put it into words, and finally felt like I had to vent it out somehow or I’d go crazy trying to keep it in.

Nothing has changed about me — I will remain like I’ve been so far, I will try to get better still and my posts so far have not been me faking anything. I’m not my depression, but I can’t behave like things don’t get hard every so often. We all have our struggles, and even the people who behave like nothing is wrong or don’t actively share their struggles, may be struggling with their own demons.

I’m not here to reap pity or trying to worry anyone. I had to put my emotions into concepts rather than thoughts that bother me, if only to sort them out somehow myself.

there’s a radical (and hateful) christian speaker on a literal soapbox in the middle of campus and as a part of the congregation fighting against his terrible misconstrued views of the bible, i asked a few questions, trying to be at least a little respectful.

i asked “does god still love me if i’m gay?”

he responded emphatically “of course not!”

now, i’m not very religious. up until age 12, i was raised a methodist christian in what i found to be a tolerant church community. both my parents and the religious studies i was exposed to taught me to respect and view all people as valid no matter their beliefs, sexuality, status, etc.  

this man’s comment hurt me, not only because of my understanding of the teachings of my childhood, but because even though i may not adhere to christianity (or any particular religion) there are many queer christians, muslims, jewish people, and more that take this comment on their being very seriously.

the bible has been exhaustively translated and interpreted to fit different languages and sects. the “original” words of god must be taken in context of how they have been presented. the bible is 100% up to opinion as with any text. 

but i am of the opinion that if you take what your god has said, your loving god, and use it to oppress and spread hate, are you truly a christian? 

you need to think with humanity, respect, kindness–virtues that the bible reiterates. spread the positive messages alongside the messages of caution with care as to include and overall TEACH other people about the faith.

use your faith for good. use its message to improve the lives of others, not only your own.  


Midnight: A Peter Parker x OC Series

Madia Dezi is the superhero Midnight in my brand new series taking place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Series will include: death, action, magic, angst, heartbreak, fluff, minority awareness (specifically women, poc, and lgbtq+ related), and classic romance.

Let me know if you wish to be tagged in this series. I’m working on a rough draft for the first chapter right now.

~ All images below the Midnight header are from Google except the clothing one, I made that through a random website. ~

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wedding with shawn

  • You had dreamt about this day ever since you were a little girl
  • You had a pinterest board and everything
  • Shawn was mostly just excited to marry you
  • All the wedding stuff was extra
  • But he knew it was important to you
  • So he tried his best to help with the planning when he could
  • Mostly he was too busy with work and always traveling
  • But he always picked up the phone ready to listen
  • Whenever you called him, frantic about something wedding related
  • And he’d assure you things would be okay
  • He called the venue himself when you told him they weren’t listening
  • And he was in charge of the music and the photographers
  • You were mostly on decorating and guest list
  • On the morning of your wedding you wake up in a hotel room
  • With your best friends
  • Its bad luck or something to see Shawn before the wedding
  • But there are a few texts from him on your phone
  • “Good morning my love, can’t wait to marry you today.”
  • “Breathe, don’t stress, call if you need anything.”
  • “I love you.”
  • The ceremony is set for 4pm
  • So Shawn and the boys play video games, blast music, and jam out
  • In their hotel room all day
  • And they start getting ready around 3pm
  • He has tears in his eyes when he sees you at the end of the aisle
  • The music is playing and you want to run straight into Shawn’s arms
  • But you force yourself to walk like you had practiced the day before
  • Your dad, strong and steady beside you
  • Shawn’s smile is huge, and he doesn’t take his eyes off of you
  • He quickly reaches out to wipe a tear from his eye 
  • Most of the ceremony is a blur
  • And all you can think about is how much you want to kiss him
  • It takes all your self control to wait
  • You didn’t think it was possible to love someone
  • As much as you love this boy in front of you
  • His vows make you cry
  • And you can barely get through yours
  • Finally you get to kiss
  • And you know without a shadow of a doubt 
  • These are the only lips you ever want to kiss
  • The crowd is cheering
  • And he pulls away because it has already been a little too long
  • “I love you.”
  • He’s biting his lip now
  • And staring down at you
  • It’s like this whole crowd of people don’t even exist
  • And it’s just you two
  • “I love you too.”
  • He grabs your hand
  • And you two playfully dance back down the aisle a married couple
  • “You’re really mine now.” 
  • “I was always yours, you doofus.” 

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Reaction to today's gayo track?


Jungkook’s musCLES HNNNNG HAD ME WET. I’d like to see the fall of the golden maknae more plz :))))) Appreciation post for Kook’s arms coming very soon.

lowkey taekook moments huehuehuehue


Tae’s singing the lion king OST T-T and Tae feeling attacked by Kookie and Jin when they don’t believe he lifted the dumbbell !!! that had me weeaaakkk. He just looked so soft the entire episode I was sobbing.

The main MVP though IMO, was my baby Suga he had me in stitches the entire episode with his buzzer; bless that nugget. “Agust D, give it to me” SAME YOONGZ.

Also that cute lil Namjin moment made me cry a little

I’m basically pointing out all my fav moments but honestly I loved everything about it.

I just realised i went off on a tangent im so sorry.

A Hopeless Romantic

brunettenamjoon asked: “namjoon being a closet romantic, until the two of you start dating and then hes all holding doors and kissing your knuckles and being mushy or something please? literally anything with namjoon ;u; bless”

Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Fluff, romance 

I hope this is what you wanted!! Thank you for the request! Sorry it’s a bit short <3

–Admin Boo

You didn’t believe Taehyung when he told you that Namjoon was a hopeless romantic. Not when he made fun of romance dramas and made gagging noises at the kissing scenes. And especially not when he insisted that candle-lit dinners were a fire hazard, and fancy restaurants were a scam. He even said that Valentines day was just one more way for corporations to make money off the masses.

There was nothing he had ever done to make you think that there was a romantic bone in his body until your first date. The first time he held the door for you, you thought it was just a fluke. Namjoon was notorious for closing doors in peoples faces–not because he did this on purpose, he was just often distracted and didn’t pay attention–and Taehyung had gotten a split lip as proof of this at one point. 

So you put it down to Namjoon being more aware of his surroundings because he was nervous–which he definitely was, and as well-articulated as he normally was, he tripped over his words a few times. 

But as time whet on, the gestures became more frequent, and more elaborate.

“Namjoon?” You said, your fingers laced with his as you walked side-by-side in the dimly lit park. 

“Yes, my love?” He hummed, bringing your hand up to his mouth and kissing your knuckles lightly. The motion made your heart flutter, and you felt your cheeks begin to flush. You had been dating for nearly a year now, and still got butterflies when he did things like this. 

“I never thought I’d say this, but Taehyung was right.” 

“Impossible.” He chuckled, turning toward you and placing his free hand on your waist to pull you close. He let go of your hand so that his fingers could trace up your side, eventually brushing through your hair and tilting your head up towards him. 

“No, he was. Completely right. But don’t tell him I said it.” 

Namjoon smiled, leaning down and brushing your noses together. “What was he right about?” He asked, his lips barely brushing over you cheek as he spoke. 

“That you’re a hopeless romantic.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He replied, giving you a shrug before taking both of your hands in his. 

“Sure. Why don’t you admit it?” You teased, and Namjoon grinned. 

“There’s nothing to admit. Now I have a question for you. Why are you so perfect?” 

You couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re changing the subject. It’s because you want to keep the whole bad-boy image, isn’t it?” 

“I have a feeling you’re going to start psycho-analyzing me in a minute.” He said, pulling you along as he walked backwards. 

“Admit that you love 27 Dresses and I’ll drop it.” You said, a mischievous glint in your eyes.

“Never.” Namjoon suddenly stopped, pulling you forward abruptly so that you bumped into him. “But I will admit that I love you.” 

He leaned down once again, finding your lips with his own. You realized that you might never actually get Namjoon to accept what a romantic person he was, but that was fine with you. You wouldn’t change him for the world.

A/N Sorry it’s a bit short, but I’m feeling stressed and wanted to write something fluffy and short! Also I didn’t really proof-read this much, I’ll check it again when I have time <3


Where Were They Before The Coven

21 year old Seokjin
Local goody two shoes of his hometown, the perfect husband just for the fact he’s gay
You could find him helping old ladies around the market

19 year old Hoseok
Bright and cheerful dance teacher for the children’s class, everyone’s bound to have gotten a crush on him at some point

really sorry if I haven’t posted the answers yet, but I’ve had to do a couple of things and traditional takes up a lot of time😅
Hope you like these

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Sybill x Severus, Golden Trio Era? (sorry for the spam)

“You could have warned me.” Severus snarled out as he paced her tower room. 

Sybill watched him, her ‘batty’ facade gone for the moment. “Would you have listened to me?” She asked quietly, one eyebrow raised above her glasses frames. “You knew the signs of his return, just as I did.” 

Severus turned to face her, she was sitting in the only arm chair in the room. She had leaned back so her shoulders were against the back of the chair, but had remained seated on the edge. Her long legs were crossed and exposed through the long slit in her skirts. He admired the long lines of her body for a moment before speaking again. “You still knew. Long before now.” 

Sybill scoffed, “What would you have me tell you? Mars is bright? Or maybe you want to know the horrors I’ve seen in my crystal ball? The death and destruction?” She tried to sneer, but the effect was lost when her lip trembled. “Even I hoped things would turn out different. The future can change. It can still change. I know better than to put too much hope in a silly prophesy.” Her dark green eyes flashed and Severus blushed. 

“You could have said something.” He stopped pacing and came to kneel in front of her chair. His large hands wrapped around her bare ankle and moved up, caressing her calf. 

Sybil placed a hand on his head and wrapped her fingers in his long black hair. Her eyes looked at him, but saw through him and welled with tears. “It’s too late to say anything now.” 

Humanity: A Kol Mikaelson Imagine

Request from Anon: Could you do one where the reader just got her powers drained away and unexpectedly becomes a vampire despite the mikaelsons trying to protect and she turns off her humanity and it only come back when kol gets over his guilt of the fact his blood turned her and says he loves her to the reader. Emotional and all the mikaelsons wanting there friend back. :)

Sorry this has taken so long, but I hope you like it x

Kol Mikaelson had always said he’d enjoyed the thrill of being a witch. He’d enjoyed the power it gave him, he’d enjoyed being a child prodigy. But that was before his mother turned him into a vampire. Before he lost it all. 

The pain he’d felt was something even he would never wish on someone else. He didn’t even want his worst enemy in the entire world to experience that loss. That emptiness. 

So when it happened to Y/N Y/L/N, the young witch he’d always loved from afar, he was in disbelief. 

When she figured out to turn off her humanity, he felt nothing but guilt. 

“Well, she’s done it,” Klaus stormed into the room, his eyes flaming with the raging fire his enemies had come to fear. It was a fire shared among all of the Mikaelsons, one that a swift kill would extinguish. 

“Y/N. She’s turned off her humanity, and I’m pretty sure half of the Quarter should run for their lives.”

Kol was stunned. Any other time, he probably would have laughed, but this time-this time it was her. 

There was nothing to laugh about.

Elijah stood. Next to Kol, he was Y/N’s best friend. They bonded over books and music, and both had a capacity to remain calm even in the most dire of situations. 

That was one of the many things Kol loved about her. Not that he’d ever told her. 

He almost had, that night. That night when he healed her with his blood. She had looked so peaceful, with her eyes fluttering open to reveal those Y/E/C eyes every now and then. 

He would have told her that he loved her if she hadn’t been dying. 

Of course, at the time, he wasn’t aware she was. He wasn’t aware that healing her would cause her to turn. To lose everything she loved. 

To do this. 

Kol joined his brothers, the look of guilt so evident in his eyes. 

“I guess we’ve got to do something.”

Klaus turned on him. 

“And what, exactly, do we suggest we do? After all, Kol, this is your fault. You turned her. You made us lose our friend.”

The fire in Klaus’ eyes spread to Kol’s, however, this would not disappear with the simple action of snapping a neck, or tearing a heart from a chest. 

It would not disappear with his teeth in some unsuspecting citizen’s neck. 

It would not disappear until he got Y/N back. 

He found her in her room, sitting on her bed, staring blankly at the wall. He didn’t bother to knock. 

His eyes found hers and the expression wounded him. There was no soul, no life, just emptiness. 

“Oh would you look at that? It’s the man who ruined my life.”

That stung. 

“Y/N, I-”

“You what? You’ve come to tell me that I need to turn my humanity back on? Because Klaus has already tried. Obviously it didn’t work, so don’t waste your breath.”

Ignoring the comments that hurt his heart, that made it feel like it was about to split in two, he sat down on the bed beside her. 

“What the hell a-”

“Shut up.”

“What did you just say to me?”

“I said, shut up Y/N. Now I turned you, I’m your sire and you are going to listen to me, okay? Unless you’d like to be on the receiving end of a wooden stake.”

As the words tumbled out of his mouth, he could feel the crack down his immortal heart widening. He’d never say things like that to her ever again. He couldn’t bear being a monster to her. 

But as the next words flowed, so did Kol Mikaelson’s tears. 

“I didn’t mean to turn you. I didn’t know you were dying. And neither did you, so I’m not blaming you for this either, okay? I know what it’s like. To lose your power. To lose everything you thought made you. But it doesn’t make you, okay? I learnt the hard way that what makes you is your choices, and this- this turning off your humanity crap, is most certainly not a good choice. So you want to be you? You want to be the good person I know that you are? You need to turn it back on Y/N.”

She was silent for a moment, a look of intrigue on her face at the tremble in his voice, and the tears sliding down his cheeks. So silent, that he thought it had worked. 

He was wrong. 

She laughed. 

“And why the hell do you care? Aren’t you Kol Mikaelson? Psychotic maniac?”

That was it.

“You listen to me, Y/N Y/L/N. Believe it or not, I actually give two shits about what happens to you. And you know why? You know why I saved you? You know why I feel so bloody guilty about this entire thing? It’s because I love you. I’m in love with you. 

I love you, Y/N Y/L/N.”

And then, he thought one single thing. 

Screw it.

He grabbed her face in his hands, kissing her with such an intense passion that he felt dizzy. So this is what it was like to kiss her. 

She was perfect. The way she was shocked at first, the way she melted into it, into him, the way she kissed back with just as much tenacity. 

He pulled away, regrettably. There was something he needed to do first. 

“Turn it back on.”

And nodding her head, she did so. 

“You love me?” was the first thing she said. 

He nodded, smiling and brushing his thumb against her cheek. 

“I do.”

“I love you too, Kol Mikaelson.”

He smiled, the joy he felt something he hadn’t felt in a long time. He leaned in to kiss her again, when he felt a presence by the door. 

Turning, he saw his brothers, smiling. 

“I see you brought her back,” Elijah stated, his smile almost as great as the one that seemed to grace Kol’s face. 

“He did,” Y/N leaped up, pulling both Elijah and Klaus into a hug. 

Among the muttered apologies, and tears from Y/N, Kol heard his hybrid brother whisper one thing to him. Something he’d never thought he’d hear. 

“Well done, little brother. Well done.”

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Please tell me about the ghost in your house 😝

[ Sorry for my bad english ]

His name is Kobi (my family and I gave him the name) and I haven’t seen him yet. He is just like a feeling. One day I was alone at home and made dinner. Then I heard my name and looked next to me but there wasn’t anyone. It was creepy because I really hear someone saying my name and had the feeling somone stayed next to me so I turned my head around but couldn’t see anything. The next time (I was alone at home again) was more extreme. I was making a cup of tea and wanted to add sugar but it was completly empty. So I walked in the pantry to get some new sugar. When I was in the kitchen again and wanted to restock the sugarbowl, there was sugar in it. It was brimful. I am 100% sure the sugarbowl was empty! That was the reason for me to walk in the pantry in the first line and nobody was at home. I was alone. So I think it was Kobi.

Oh! And sometime Kobi steals things from me :D. He is a cute ghost. I like him. My family thinks we have a ghost at home too :).