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Are people interested in doing Fan Character Friday this week?

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Is everyone still down with it on the 31st? Or would it be better to postpone it a week, so people have time to prepare if they’d like?

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overworked | yoongi

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Pairing: Yoongi + Reader

Genre: Angst/fluff

Word Count: 1.5k

Summary: It was like he forgot you existed, he forgot who you were and what you were to him. He had built up his walls once again, and this time you couldn’t break them down. 

Reader’s POV

“Oh..I see.” you said softly, trailing off as Taehyung sighed on the other end.

“I’m sorry noona, I know it’s been forever since you’ve seen him…has he not visited home?” he asked.

You let out a humorless chuckle, as you replied,“ I’d be surprised if he even remembered where I lived.”

“Oh noona, I’m sure it’s not like that! It’s just with the comeback coming soon, he’s just been stressed out a lot lately you know?” Taehyung reasoned.

“I guess so Taehyung-ah…It’s okay, I understand…Just let him know I called at least, okay?” you asked him.

“I will noona…I’ll also knock some sense into him, okay?!” he said, causing you to laugh a little at the boy.

“Thanks Taehyung-ah…” you trailed off as you said your goodbyes and ended the call, slumping against your couch that’s been empty of Yoongi and his cuddles for almost 3 weeks now.

That’s right, for almost a month it was as if Yoongi, your boyfriend, had fallen of the face of the planet. You’d call him and he’d rarely pick up while his texts were always short and ended with ’Im busy, text you laters’“.

You were tired of it honestly, missing him and his warm embraces, his gummy smiles which were always directed at you and the way he would murmur the sweetest of words into your ear as you drifted asleep in his arms every night.

But for the last month, it was anything but that and you felt yourself breaking apart slowly.

It scared you how dependent you were of him, how much you relied on him and how much you needed him.

And the fact that it didn’t seem like he felt the same scared you even more.

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we put these jellybeans on a scale when i was trying to think of all the things i like about you. and i was trying to decide what i needed to do. it means you riley. i choose you. and i really want you to choose me. i do. i always did. i have something for you too. you do? we have this one little life, and for a lot of it, we just blow around in the wind. but if we’re lucky and we believe that life knows what’s best of us, sometimes we land on the right person to talk to. i’m glad i fell into your lap. so am i. 

anonymous asked:

(rape tw) Can you explain why you don't think HIV+ people have a moral responsibility to tell potential partners their status, if that is indeed your position? I understand that if they have an undetectable viral load and they practice safer sex, the risk of transmission is very low, but it still exists, no? I'm just trying to understand. I have HPV and I feel guilty for not telling the man who raped me beforehand, and that's not even a potentially fatal illness, just an inconvenience. (1/2)

(2/2) I want to support HIV+ people and not make their lives harder, but I’m having a really hard time with this perspective from an ethical standpoint.

(anon sorry, i answered this but forgot it in my drafts)

anon, i’m not really sure where this is coming from since i haven’t posted about this in a while [since this came in before my other post got resurrected] but i’ll try to explain (and forgive me, this got so damn long but i’m quite swamped lately and have no time to edit)

i don’t think i’ve said that there’s no responsibility to disclose, and i wonder what made you think i did, but the main point i want to get across is that it doesn’t really matter what i think about the morality of nondisclosure in any given situation — what matters is whether i think it should be a serious crime. this is a separate question because the law isn’t about morality, in this case it should be about public health.

and these laws are a resounding failure from a public health perspective, especially since as written they penalize testing and usually completely fail to take into account the risk level of the activity (including condom use) or even whether transmission actually occurred (even when the charge is “criminal transmission”!). these laws were born out of stigma, not science or real ethics. but you don’t have to take my word for it; this is the accepted position among HIV/AIDS and sexual health advocacy organizations, and even the CDC is recommending that they be reviewed. i really recommend reading what these organizations have to say about it. from a quick search UNAIDS’s policy brief (pdf) seems pretty good and clear but there is much more out there.

i’m so sorry about what happened to you and i want to know that you’re not at fault at all. no rape survivor is at fault for their rape or for the consequences of the rape for the rapist. he chose to do that to you, and he accepted the risks that came with that. that is entirely on him!

i think a major problem with the debate about disclosure is that, as the UNAIDS brief says, it “places […] responsibility for HIV prevention exclusively on those already living with HIV and dilutes the public health message of shared responsibility for sexual health between sexual partners.” this applies to other STIs as well. we all have to take responsibility for our own sexual health, at least when it comes to acts we consented to.

even if it may seem to make sense on a moral level, placing the entire responsibility on people who know they’re positive for HIV or any other infection just doesn’t work. there will always be people who don’t know their status or can’t know their status for sure because they were exposed too recently. these people can’t disclose, yet if they are HIV+ they pose a much greater transmission risk than people who know they’re positive because they can’t possibly be accessing treatment, because transmission risk is highest in the acute infection stage when they’ve first contracted HIV, and because they’re less likely to be taking the additional safer sex precautions that they’d take if they knew.

there is still a profound stigma against people living with HIV and other STIs. when we’re influenced by this stigma, we’re likely to focus on finding someone to blame for transmission (or even the possibility of transmission). when we reject the stigma, we can focus on effective methods of prevention which involve helping everyone accurately judge their risk level and make informed choices to protect themselves.

you mention that safer sex with someone with an undetectable viral load is very low-risk (so low-risk, in fact, that i don’t think there’s ever been a documented case of transmission under these circumstances) but that any risk is too much. it’s fine if you feel that way; you set your own boundaries. but sex with someone who doesn’t know their status is much riskier. so is it morally permissible not to disclose to your partners that you don’t know your status? and should not disclosing that be a crime?

i don’t think most people think so, or they haven’t thought about it. to a lot of people, not knowing their status is normal, because their sexual choices are governed by assumptions: they assume that they are negative, for HIV, HSV, etc., and they assume that everyone they have sex with is negative, unless they say otherwise. they assume this partly because of lack of education, and partly because of stigma. we think of people with STIs as dirty, reckless, less than virtuous. we don’t want to think of ourselves or the people we’re intimate with that way. but of course, people with STIs are not those things — having an STI is an entirely morally neutral characteristic of a person. and these assumptions about ourselves and others aren’t sound. they are actually an obstacle to STI prevention.

so these debates trouble me because they obscure the fact that the best practice for everyone is to get tested regularly, disclose what you know about your status (including whether you know it!), and ask about your partner’s status, making it clear that it’s safe for them to be honest. and when we place all responsibility on people who know they’re positive, we validate our assumptions that everyone is negative, but we have to challenge those assumptions if we want to protect ourselves and each other. we have to acknowledge that when we decide to have sex based on the assumption that our partner must be negative, we are taking a risk. even in a world where everyone who knows they’re positive disclosed — and i believe most do — this would be a risk.

the sooner we can accept this and reject stigma, the sooner we can take steps toward more honest and open communication in our sexual lives and make healthy, fully informed choices, the sooner we can stop the spread of HIV.

i don’t care about stunt girls i don’t care about antis, i don’t care about why this is happening or why that person said that, or this activity on this social media platform. i care about louis, i care about harry. i care about what all this is doing to them and if they’re taking care of themselves. but if i have to care about stunt girls, and blahblahblah to make it go quicker, then i will care more than anyone has ever cared about anything ever. just. end it. 

The Three Omniteers


Or ‘Protectors of Overwatch’, to reference 'Town Musicians of Bremen’ … cuz it just fits X’D

So yeah, have some chibi Omnics and slight shipping :3 (*Hinthint* Orisa holding Bastion’s hand so that he won’t fall and Zen being super protective about Ori and Bassy; nobooty shall hurt 'em X'3)

And like always I nearly forgot Ganymede … god damn it Gany, you need a role in the actual game, other than just existing X’D

But anyways, I really love how it turned out, espacially Ori since it’s the first time drawing her … and I still suck at drawing weapons, Imma sorry X’D

I Love You - Johnny

Happy Birthday to one of my biases from NCT. Literally blessed for him to debut as NCT 127 ;-; thank you so much for existing and please be happy and stay happy my love, you deserve the whole world <3.

- Admin Na.

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get it man sexy man

“You forgot it was my birthday didn’t you”. You couldn’t look in your boyfriend’s eyes as guilt rushed throughout your body. “Johnny, you know I’ve been busy with everything. With work and school, it’s easy for me to forget!”. Johnny looked the other way, hurt. You moved a little closer to him, gently touching his back. “Baby, I’m sorry I forgot but I have a lot going on right now”. “Unbelievable”, he said while moving away from your touch. “You are so selfish you know that?”. “Me? Selfish? And could you explain why I’m being selfish”, you scoffed. He was getting on your nerves. “You never have time for me! You’re either working or studying for exams, it just annoys the shit out of me,”. “You know what, I thought you’d understand since you’re the one with a tight schedule”, you said crossing your arms. “Well, at least i make time for us unlike you”. “I don’t understand why you’re so mad at me!”, you yelled. “Y/N, if this was the other way around, you’d be mad at me. Hell, you wouldn’t even talk to me”, Johnny said raising his voice. “Whatever, I’m done arguing Johnny”, you said as you were leaving the kitchen. You went into your room and slammed the door. You laid in bed, listening to the sounds Johnny was making. You could hear him putting on his coat, and the sound of his keys jiggling. You can hear him open the door of your apartment and slammed it behind him. You took our your phone and dialed his number. 

“Where are you going?”, you said with annoyance.

“Out. Don’t wait up for me”, he says then hung up, his voice was cold. 

You threw the phone across the room. You huffed, angry at yourself for arguing with Johnny on his birthday. You laid in bed feeling regret and guilt. 


You woke up from the little slumber you had. You looked at the clock. 3:45 AM.

You looked at the empty cold spot next to you. Johnny hasn’t been home since he left. You picked up your phone and dialed his number. After it ringing for a while, it went to voicemail. You sighed. You wanted to know where his whereabouts were. You wanted to know if he was safe. You got up from your bed and walked out of your room. Your feet touching the cold wooden floors. 

Reaching the living room, you could see the brightness coming from your tv. You didn’t remember turning it on. As you were getting closer to your tv to turn it off, you hear light snores coming from the sofa. You looked at the sleeping figure of your boyfriend on your sofa. Crouching down to get a better look of his features. You gently put your hands into his hair. You sighed, smelling the alcohol from him. You blamed yourself for putting him in this stake. Johnny stirred in his sleep, finally opening his eyes. “Hey.. I told you not to wait up for me”, his tired husky voice soft. You didn’t say anything. You stared in his eyes, still running your fingers through his hair. “Johnny.. I’m sorry”, you whispered, your voice was sincere. He closed his eyes and gave a small smile while chuckling a little. “I’m not mad at you anymore. I’m over it. It was a dumb argument anyways”. You looked to the side. You were still upset with yourself for forgetting about his birthday. He put his finger under your chin and brought your face closer to him. “Y/N, I told you. It’s okay, I’m not mad”, he said giving you a reassuring smile. He pulled you in a deep, long, passionate kiss. “Come on, lets go to bed”.


You flipped the pancakes, making sure you were cooking the other side thoroughly and not burning it. You still felt bad about forgetting his birthday so you decided to make it up by making breakfast. 

“What’s this?”, you hear Johnny say behind you. You smiled at his bed head and seeing him in his boxers. “I’m making breakfast for you”, you said while finishing up with the last pancake. He brought his long arms around your waist, giving you a kiss on the cheek. “Aww, you didn’t have to”. “I want to.. to make up for being a bitch”, you said while looking up at him. He looked at you lovingly then playfully touched your nose. 

You laid out his plate in front of him, while putting all of the food you cooked onto the table. You both sat across from each other and started eating your breakfast. “So, I have today planned out for the two of us”, you said. He stared at you, smiling. “Oh really now?”. “What is it?”, he asked. “It’s a surprise”, you said smirking. He laughed at you. “Johnny, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I want your 22nd birthday to be special”, you said. “It already has, just being with you makes me happy”. Johnny got up and brought his face closer to yours. He gently kissed your nose before passionately giving you a kiss on your lips. “I love you, Y/N”. “I love you too, Johnny”.


Elijah Mikaelson’s SEXIEST moments (in no particular order)

THE “WHO’S YOUR DADDY?” SPEECH  in  (03x10) - “A Ghost Along The Mississippi”

“The only danger here…is the choice that you must make. You see I’m not your enemy. It’s true. I delivered you from this existence, I can just as easily pluck you out of it. The choice is yours to make.”

I’m just your problem lyrics (Sentence starters)
  • “Oh, you don’t like that… Or do you just not like me?”
  • “Sorry I don’t treat you like a god/goddess?” 
  • “Is that what you want me to do?”
  • “Sorry I don’t treat you like you’re perfect like all your little subjects do.”
  • “Sorry I’m not made of sugar, I’m not sweet enough for you?”
  • “Is that why you always avoid me” 
  • “I must be such an inconvenience to you…”
  • “Well I’m just your problem.”
  • “It’s like I’m not even a person, am I?”
  • “Well I shouldn’t have to justify what I do”
  • “I shouldn’t have to prove nothing to you”
  • “I’m sorry that I exist.”
  • “I forgot what landed me on your blacklist.”
  • “But I should have to be the one that makes up with you.”
  • “So why do I want to?”
  • “Why do I want to…”
Asexual problems:
  • Me: Holy crap they're so hot!
  • Friend: Wtf aren't you asexual?
  • Me: Oh, sorry. I mean "holy crap they're so pretty!"
  • Friend: Again, aren't you asexual?
  • Me: ...
  • Me: I'm sorry I forgot that being asexual also makes me blind.
Better Off Dead

Theo Raeken X Reader 

Word Count: 909

Requested: Anon

Request: Hello!!! Good morning/night/afternoon (whenever you see this) can you do a Theo (from Teen Wolf) imagine based on song name “Better Off Dead” by sleeping with sirens where Theo’s fell in love with the quiet and shy girl of the school (the reader) so he kinda like hides his feelings for her? Please and Thank You!! I love all your imagines by the way! Hi this is the anon that requested the better off dead sleeping with sirens song, I’m so sorry if I bother you but I just realized I forgot to say that if the imagine could have a happy ending😂 so can it pls have happy ending??

Warning  Suicidal Reader, Neglect, Loneliness, Eating Disorder

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She says she wants to end it all when she’s all alone in her room

She cries
The way she feels inside is too much for her
When all you got is these four walls
It’s not that hard to feel so small
Or even exist at all
How come no one heard her when she said

Theo didn’t understand how no one knew who you were, he asked Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Malia but no one knew who you were. He knew that you were quiet, innocent so kept himself to himself and just watched over you when you were at school, it wasn’t until he started to follow you home that he realised just how damaged you were and how much you needed someone, so the next day he walked up to you leaning against the locker next to yours. “Your (Y/N) right?” he asked.
“Yeah.” You answered voice quiet.
“I’m Theo.” he smiled.
“Hi.” You smiled back though it didn’t reach your eyes.
“Can I walk you to class?” he asked and you frowned.
“Why?” He asked.
“Because I noticed you from across the hall and I want to get to know you,” Theo answered. You frowned but agreed nonetheless and a friendship started.

Maybe I’m better off dead
If I was would it finally be enough
To shut out all those voices in my head?
Maybe I’m better off dead
Better off dead!
Did you hear a word
Hear a word I said?
This is not where I belong
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone
Gone, gone
This is not where I belong
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

You were at home and it was so quiet that it was loud, no one cared if you ate or if she was okay, she was looking in the mirror and her ribs were starting to show. Theo decided that he’d come see you, he assumed that her parents would be home so when he knocked on the door her was shocked that it just swung open and the whole place looked abandoned. “(Y/N)!” Theo called but there was no answer. Theo continued to call as he made his way through the house eventually going up the stairs checking in every room until he found you in front of the mirror. “(Y/N)?” he asked.

“Maybe I’m better off dead.” You mumbled. “ If I was would it finally be enough. To shut out all those voices in my head?”
“Come on.” Theo tried to pull you away from the mirror.
“Did you hear a word Hear a word I said? This is not where I belong.”  You said pulling yourself away from Theo.
“You right but we’ll wait until we’re done with school then we can leave and they’ll miss you when you’re gone.” Theo smiled kissing your temple. “Until then I need you to stick with me okay.”

She doesn’t know she’s beautiful
Because no one’s ever told her so
And the demons that she has is all she knows
And maybe she can fall in love with someone in her life that she could trust
And tell her she’s enough (Have someone tell her she’s enough)

You had no idea why Theo was working so hard to keep you around, you weren’t pretty you were scared and broken. “(Y/N) sweetheart, what’s your mind working on? “ he asked watching your eyes glaze over.
“Nothing.” You answered as you watched him cook. Theo had pretty much moved into the house now that he knew your parents were never home, he wanted to make sure that you were okay, he had pretty much put his plan for becoming Alpha on hold and decided that you were more of a priority.
“I don’t think that’s true.” He smiled as he walked over lifting you onto the table and then taking the seat that you were in.
“I… Why are you here? Everyone else left, why are you staying?” You finally asked and he frowned leaning forward his hands resting on your thighs as he rubbed gentle circles with his thumbs.
“I think that you are beautiful and amazing and smart and everything that I need, you may not know this but I was a bit of a bad boy when I came here but helping you helped me to and now we’re both getting better.” He smiled. “You all I need, just you, not this house, or your brains, just you.” You lifted your hands to stroke his cheeks and he smiled taking a deep breath this is the first time that you’ve initiated physical affection, he was always first but here you were running your hands through his hair and kissing his forehead.
“Thank you.” You smiled.
“I love you.” Theo smiled.
“Love you too.” You answered and he squeezed your thighs before getting up and walking back over to the food that he was cooking.
“You hungry?” he asked.
“Yeah.” You answered walking over to stand next to him.
“Good.” He smiled. Theo didn’t actually go through with his plan to be Alpha instead he got a job and saved as much money as he could so that you could both move out of Beacon Hills after graduation. You did, you both started a new life and he could not have been happier because he got to hear you laugh, dance, sign and be the teen that you weren’t in Beacon Hills.

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