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Today’s temperature:

Part of the reason why I moved to Europe was because I couldn’t stand the hot temperature and humid weather in Japan.

I’m sorry to say, but

G*rmany, you disappointed me.

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@midnight-in-town said: I’m dyiiiiing over here as well, and I can’t study as a result ://///

Yeah currently my brain is totally out of order and I don’t feel like doing anything at the moment :/

@thedarkestcrow said: Ich leide mit dir. :/ 36°C! D:

35°C hier (*_*) Das Schlimmste ist ja dass es erst Juni ist. Der Sommer fängt eigentlich jetzt erst so richtig an, ugh (*_*)

@theworlds-stage said: Come to Poland xD It;s less than 20 here and it doesn’t look like its gonna change </3 And it’s next door to Germany

I wish I could stay at your place for the next 3 months until summer is over! xD

@anon-wantsyoutobe-happy said: You can survive it! At this rate you shouldn’t come to Singapore hahaha 30+ degrees Celcius isn’t something you could stand. Once again, try your best to survive it!

Yes, I’ll do my best…! (T_T) I mean, I’m actually used to temperatures over 35°C because I used to live in Tokyo, the problem is though that I don’t have an air condtioner in my flat, so that makes the heat unbearable.

@theroseinthedarkness said: In Lithuania its chill. You can come here :)

OMG YES, thank you for your kind offer!!! (T_T)

@der-todeskoenig said: hier in Österreich ist es auch nicht besser :/

Wir müssen wohl alle in den Norden ziehen :/

@hitsugikuro said: I know, the heat wave’s been brutal.

The heat wave’s murderous (*_*)

@bocchan-phantomichaelis said: Same here in UK, I wanna move back to Canada :(    

Let me know if you decide to move back to Canada, I come with you!!!! x(

@lokilaufeysonfangirl15 said: I live in Germany too and it’s hell on earth. Not to mention that I’m a person that can’t even stand it when it’s more than 18°C x_x

Same!! It’s 35°C here and I’m literally dying.


Someone in the notes of the last Leyendecker post I reblogged mentioned having difficulty telling his work and Rockwell’s apart, and I know from experience that many people get them confused, which is somewhat astonishing as, to my eyes, their styles are very distinct. Leyendecker was Rockwell’s idol and mentor, but they were very different people and were interested in portraying different aspects of humanity, even when the basic subject matter was the same.

Surface-level, here are some differences:

  • Leyendecker smoothed out faults and imperfections (in the young. he stylized them in the old); Rockwell exaggerated them to mild or moderate caricature
  • Leyendecker approached his paintings as sculpture- even the merest clothing folds are carved out of the paint; Rockwell approached his paintings as drawings- the underlying contour always shines through.
  • Leyendecker used broad hatching brushstrokes and areas of smooth shine; Rockwell used more naturalistic texture and lighting
  • Leyendecker created idolized, larger-than-life figures that feel Hellenistic in their perfection; Rockwell created intimate scenes populated by figures that feel familiar in their specificity
  • Leyendecker’s best and most comfortable work was as a fashion/lifestyle illustrator; Rockwell’s best and most comfortable work was as an editorial/humor illustrator 
  • Leyendecker created beautiful still lives with his figures; Rockwell told compelling stories
  • Leyendecker often created erotic tension in his paintings; Rockwell almost never did.

See below: Two paintings of soldiers with women, but in Rockwell’s there is a clear punchline, and while the poses are contrived for the sake of composition, they’re not self-conscious. The women are pretty- as demanded by the central joke- but not truly sexualized anywhere but in the mind of the young soldier who is being overloaded with cake and attention. 

Contrast Leyendecker’s soldiers with a young nurse. Everyone in this image is posing attractively- no one has their mouth full or ears sticking out. Each crease and fold is sharp and sculptural, and the light picks out their best features- in particular the shoulders and posterior of the soldier facing away from the viewer. There is neither joke nor story, merely a group of beautiful young people, portrayed with deft brushwork and graceful lines. (and check out that hatching! That’s indicator #1 that you’ve got a Leyendecker image)

Leyendecker was very comfortable with “hot young things wearing clothes”, and did them very VERY well, but his facility with idealization came at the cost of personalization, which was fine for fashion illustration, but shows in his domestic scenes: 

Beautiful, but… cold. (Also, that hand on the left- who holds a baby with their hand like that??? Good lord, J.C.) Compare a Rockwell illustration (for a baby food brand, I believe) of a mother and baby: this is clearly a real and individual young mother and baby, interacting exactly how parents and babies really interact.

Even when they did basically the same content, and putting aside posing or composition or anything other than objective visual analysis, it’s still obvious who is who:

  • Red: NR’s smoother rendering vs JCL’s super cool hatching
  • Green: NR’s naturalistic cloth folds vs JCL’s sculptural stylization
  • Blue: NR’s natural lighting vs JCL’s world where everything is shiny

Now go forth, confident in the knowledge that you’ll never confuse a Rockwell or a Leyendecker ever again, and can refute any claim that their styles are ‘virtually identical’. 

hiighnooning  asked:

Hello! I just wanted to say that I really love your art~ The facial expressions especially are so dynamic and really show character! I also like the way you color and shade, it's so soft ;A; I hope you're having a nice day? Don't stop being awesome :D

Look who’s cool. Hanzo with a Bubble Tea is cool. And you know who’s even cooler? YOU ARE! Thank you so much, darlin’!


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There is a kevineil drOUGHT right now can you please make it rain (heh see what I did there) fluffy headcanons thank

I’m sorry its legitimately been like… 2 months since you sent this but HERE WE ARE, kevineil + fluff!! (throwing some under a cut bc it got away from me a bit)

  • an exy movie comes out, “the blind side” style. neil and kevin are so excited about it they actually skip night practice to go to the midnight release.
  • they even get sodas. kevin day drinks soda. this is how serious they are
  • the whole thing is emotional and dramatic and neil loves the shit out of it. he probably tears up at some point which is wild bc he doesn’t cry (except during sex, whoops)
  • kevin just complains out loud the whole time about how unrealistic it is
  • “he made that shot from past half court with NO OPENING! it was impossible. did you even see the angle?”
  • afterward, the two of them are so fired up that they end up going to the court at like 3am
  • kevin spends an hour trying to make the ‘impossible shot’ (he eventually does)
  • neil: “you said it was impossible” kevin: “well, no one else would be able to do it”
  • ok, moving on

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i totally love your writing and your Andreil free wedding cake idea was so cute it got me smiling, could you please expand a little more? or maybe write something about them actually marry without telling anyone lmao

Thank you so much! I actually already wrote a drabble about some of the Foxes finding out Andrew and Neil had secretly married, which you can read HERE. But I’m happy to expand on my fake engagement headcannon! 

  • So back to where part one left off aka the Foxes were having a water/stretch break from practice when Nicky revealed that Andrew and Neil are “engaged” 
  • While I do believe the Foxes would most likely call bull, let’s suspend a bit of disbelief shall we? 
  • The Foxes are obviously shocked and lowkey suspicious 
  • But none of them really saw Andrew and Neil becoming an item in the first place soooo
  • These small, angry boys are just full of surprises! 
  • Plus Matt points out that Neil does get hurt a lot and a lot of hospitals have family only policies 
  • Everyone nods solemnly because trueee
  • Protect Neil at all costs, am I right?
  • So it takes a minute, but then Foxes are 100% on board (or maybe like 90 if we’re including Aaron
  • Cue congratulations and excited chatter
  • Love and support and family!

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Seventeen members as shit my classmates say
  • S.Coups: leave my kids alone, they're good kids just... a little fucked up
  • Jeonghan: out of the whole concert, thing I remember the best is his ass
  • Joshua: you've heard of daddy kink, now get ready for CHURCH
  • Jun: we have a wine to warm up so ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Hoshi: I used to warm my pajamas in microwave
  • Wonwoo: my positive thinking ended when i learned that potatoes can have a cancer too
  • Woozi: you have lower IQ level than this yoghurt
  • Mingyu: fuck, there's a pan under my pillow
  • DK: I'm faking my own death yolo
  • The8: I couldn't remember the word for a tank so I wanted to say killer train
  • Vernon: I've been watching buzfeed videos for 4 hours straight, my brain works in a reverse, I believe in all theories, aliens are real, time is an illusion, we do not exist
  • Seungkwan: nata de coco, boku no pico, consumo a dico
  • Dino: BDSM is an abbreviation for buddhism right??
Chapter Nine: The Midnight Duel 20/06/17

If you want to participate in #hogwartsreread the rules can be found here. Here’s my thoughts on the chapter:

  • I need a Ron in my life to boost my confidence 
  • Dean and Seamus are honestly such great characters I love them a lot
  • Oh sure, Neville’s grandma would never let him ride a broom but hanging him out the window by his ankles is fine
  • One time I went to Alnwick castle where they filmed the flying lesson, and they had quidditch lessons. They gave us brooms and we had to run around and jump it was hilarious 
  • ….why couldn’t Madam Hooch just send some students to take Neville to the hospital? He’s got a broken wrist he can still walk!
  • Harry thinking Wood is a cane is both hilarious and heart breaking
  • Imagine Wood skipping down the corridors thinking about quidditch I love him so much
  • ‘Gregory the Smarmy’ what a way for history to remember you 
  • “I’m his second” hahaha they’re taking it so seriously these pure children
  • “Throw it away and punch him on the nose” Ron is the best
  • Why isn’t it impossible to use alohomora on that door??
  • “We could have been killed or worse expelled” what an iconic Hermione moment
Circumstance (Part 5)

Ah! Here is part 5! The story is going to start picking up soon, so be prepared ;)

Tagging: @a-courtof-fangirls-and-fanfics @autumn03 @rhysandpurred @crazybookladythings @readinggiraffe (let me know if you want to be tagged in future parts!)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 

If Ember didn’t already love Velaris, she absolutely adored it after she found out about the library. Mor had introduced it to her during their tour and Ember had barely ever left since. Sure, they had a pretty extensive collection in Terrasen, but many of their books had been burned by Uncle Dorian’s father decades ago. What was left is the smallest fraction of what had been. The library under the House of Wind, however, was seemingly endless.

Luckily, her hosts were pretty accommodating to her wish to spend as much time as possible with the newfound books, and when she had started her lessons with Feyre and Rhys a few days ago, they had agreed to work down here. Mor would come and get her at the end of the day to winnow her back to her quarters, a form of travel Ember was slowly getting used to.

Unfortunately, due to the beginning of her physical training with Cassian, diplomatic training with the High Lord and Lady, and her obsession with the library, Ember has not been able to go with Brexton to see the art gallery yet. It’s actually been pushed to the back of her mind. Either that or she’s avoiding it. For various reasons.

Her second night in Velaris, Ember slept in the actual bed, finding that the scent coating the blanket from the first night, was deeply ingrained into the bed as well. It wasn’t a far stretch to assume that the scent must belong to the owner of the room. Because of this revelation, Ember started to have mixed feelings about Cadewyn, for whenever she would walk into the room, her body would instinctively relax when she inhaled the scent. It all proved to be terribly confusing.

To add on to her bewilderment, during the first few leadership sessions, it seemed like Feyre and Rhys were tiptoeing around something. Although, it’s always difficult to judge someone’s actions after you’ve just met them, Ember has had plenty of practice with foreign diplomats and suitors that come to Terrasen to meet with her parents or ask to court her. She has learned the hard way how to judge new people and judge quickly before they do anything potentially damaging to the country or to her heart.

This inner turmoil and confusion is circling around in her head as she joins the whole host of Rhys’ Inner Circle for breakfast. Halfway through the meal, a letter is delivered for her from Terrasen. She recognizes her sister’s slightly sloppy handwriting immediately. Excusing herself from the table, Ember races to her room to read in peace. As always, Gusty’s letter is in frantic, hurried writing, to portray a sense of urgency to the message that Ember had yet to perfect as well as her little sister.

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Anon Requested

Follow Forever.
I’ve never actually done this, it just never crossed my mind, but a very nice Anon requested to see who inspires me, so I’m going to try my best. 

Also, it is VERY VERY long.  [Seriously, VERY VERY long.]
You can use ctrl-f to find yourself…maybe? ;-;
I could’ve just added everyone’s names but I wanted to write a little on each one, or most everyone.
Sorry if I didn’t write about you, but you’re still great in my book guys.
All of you. <3 <3 <3

[I only wrote because I am seriously never doing this again, lol, so once and only time here]
IF IF IF IF I forgot you, I am beyond sorry. Just let me know or something. I’m tired. It’s midnight, and I just wrote all of this and did I mention I’m tired? 

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H-Happy Father's Day! I have cookies and a collection of iconic literature. Sorry if they aren't good gifts..... -Dailyharuno

“Haruno, I love it. There is no need to apologize for being such a generous young man! You did not need to go out of your way for me, after all.” [@dailyharuno​]

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do you have any advice for staying up late to study? some personal issues came up and i was unable to catch up on my work today and now im behind and it's midnight and im just starting (i have to wake up early, too ugh) :/

hey omg i’m so sorry for the super late reply, i was having a super packed day! i really hope the studying went okay, but for future reference, here’s some of that advice coming right up!

when it comes to staying up late to study, as much as i try to avoid it, it always ends up happening and some very late nights every once in awhile is inevitable. when it does happen, here are some key things to keep in mind while you’re studying away:

  • KEEP HYDRATED: YES!! I AM VERY AWARE THIS IS SAID SO SO MUCH EVERYWHERE but that doesn’t make it any less important!! i myself am really bad with this but it’s good to drink water (or some sort of liquid, preferably not sweet sodas) because dehydration can often make you groggy, which doesn’t help with the whole late night situation. just keep a water bottle or like a mug of tea (if you need the caffeine kick, for example) an arm’s reach away from you so when you look up from your notes, you’ll see it and maybe take a sip
  • try not to take breaks as frequently as you would in the day: the reason for this is pretty simple; when it’s midnight and you start getting a little to comfortable with your break, this almost always leads to lying down or a nap. this either turns into falling asleep or a decrease in productivity, so it’s best just to try and get everything done quickly as possible and then sleep. 
  • that being said, this doesn’t mean keep yourself awake all night working nonstop!!! if the studying is being done the day before a test/exam, try to at least get 4-5 hours of sleep. for example if it’s around 3 am and you have class at 9, try to use the next hour (from 3-4) wrapping up and summarizing what you know. don’t try to stuff brand new material in your head, especially this late. work with what you know and get rest.
  • breathe: literally just because more oxygen to the brain will help you stay awake better
  • for studying in general:
    • if you’re reviewing material, make use of highlighters, study as though you’re teaching yourself the material for the first time, and your review notes should be half as long as your initial lesson notes/handouts
    • if you’re learning material for the first time before a test: scan for main ideas and drill those into your head, use bullet points (keep it brief and to the point) and ask fellow classmates what they think the bulk of the material is
  • please put away distractions because if there was ever a time social media could be detrimental, it’s now. don’t even just close the app, shut off your phone or put it on do-not-disturb until you get at least 80% of your studying done
  • FOR GOD’S SAKE DO NOT STUDY ON YOUR BED, I REPEAT, DO NOT STUDY ON  Y O U R  B E D!! you will fall asleep. don’t argue with me on this one, because you cannot. if sitting gets uncomfortable, stretch or do quick exercises to get rid of stiffness. this will both keep you awake and help you avoid the warm, soft blankets that will undoubtedly lure you to sleep.
  • pull late night study sessions as little as possible! self-explanatory, but it’s definitely not good to get used to staying up late studying, unless you become nocturnal and are getting tons of sleep during the day. in terms of learning and being productive, there’s no real substitute for sleep: coffee tries, but frankly, it just can’t do the same job

i hope this was of some help, and if anyone has any additional tips, feel free to add them because i’m sure i didn’t cover everything. good luck to everyone who’s suffering through all nighters!


* He was so cute that I asked if he would like to see more of me, just the two of us~ We’ve been dating ever since~ And that, darlings, is how we got together. The not-unflatteringly-summarized version!