sorry but he ate the whole thing already

3, 30, 300 [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: A new phase of your life begins as you move to an apartment in New York with an unknown roommate.

Word Count: 2,568

Warnings: None, maybe one ot two curse words?

Author’s notes: Wow, I’ve been with so many things in the works between college, collabs and personal matters that I didn’t even see time fly. This is the first thing I’ve written by myself in probably months, so I apologize in advance if I’m a little rusty. This is pure fluff and an adaptation of a story I wrote for my crative writing class, so… I hope you guys like it!

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“Sorry, I didn’t-” your hands touched and the blush on your face became even more evident.

“No, it’s okay. Take it.” Lin’s smile was genuine, and you took the knife without saying a word. The both of you ate in silence, the cutlery against the ceramic plates being the only sound in the small kitchen and neither knowing how the dynamic between you worked.

Well, it was the first time you were sharing an apartment with a stranger, afterall.

You blamed the big city, the fear of conquering the concrete jungle without anyone to go to if needed. Online adverts about sharing an apartment in New York City brought you and Lin-Manuel together, both not knowing what each other looked like until only a few hours earlier, your moving trucks competing for a parking spot in front of the old building.

The two bedrooms were smaller than they looked like in the advert, which was already pretty small. When seeing the amount of boxes you unloaded, Lin gave up the bigger bedroom in exchange for you letting him place his piano in the cramped living room: you were unsure of how many nights you wouldn’t be able to sleep because of the instrument, but your initial bet was ‘many’.

You were right.

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Seventeen Reacting to You Passing out in Front of Them - Request

A/N: Heyyyyy~! Thank you so much for requesting, I hope you can request again! 

P.S. I’m literally sugar high right now :D


I can see S.coups literally just shocked, catching you just in time before you fell straight down in front of him. He’d remember all the times where he’d hear your stomach grumbling but you telling him that you ate “awhile ago.” He’d quickly take you to the hospital, nagging at you after you wake up. 


With widened eyes, he’d quickly put a hand under your head so your head wouldn’t fall straight down. Quickly carrying you to the nearest hospital, he’d find out you didn’t eat a sufficient amount today. He’d be lecturing you as you munched on hospital food for the next hour after you were finally conscious.


Worried to death, he’d drop the book he was reading and scramble over to you, carrying you out, into his car as he would drive you to a hospital. He’d get the idea by clues throughout the day for you being so tired and never even seeing you eat. He’d feed you with the food he quickly bought for you and tell you that if you don’t eat next time, he’ll force you to eat five bowls of rice. 


He knew you were studying for your exams the whole day but constantly told him that you ate already. You never did as you knew the exam was a big thing for you, stress rising as you fainted on your own desk when Jun opened the door to talk to you. He’d drag you out, carry you, and take you to the hospital.

“You said you ate, you dummy.” 



Today, you were working and your boss said they’d pay you more for overtime so you did so. He’d be worried as he waited for you at home, only for you to come home, drop your bag in front of him and fall. Before you could fall, he ran over just on time to hug you so you wouldn’t fall straight down. He’d take you to the hospital, lecturing you about food and whatnot. He’d then feed you until you were full, telling you to rest so you wouldn’t feel tired. 


Feel self conscious about yourself was something you thought was normal until you thought maybe not eating for a day would be good. You knew Wonwoo had many chances to go out with goddess but you thought choosing you wasn’t as good as them. When you were walking over to Wonwoo for a hug, he would have his arms wide open only for you to faint in his arms as he would quickly take you to the hospital. When you tell him why you didn’t eat, he would tell you how perfect you were and how skinny you already were. 


He’d be writing a song at around 8:30pm, close to finishing it up for today. You would be coming home after a little walk for some air until you fainted as Woozi would quickly turn around, grabbing you, carrying you, and taking you to the hospital. When you tell him that you didn’t eat for the whole day because you were stressed on something, he’d definitely help you on that. 


I can see Seokmin just casually talking to you at about 9pm about random stuff and you suddenly faint on his chest. He’d gasp, quickly taking you to the hospital. When the doctor tell him that you haven’t eaten the whole day, he won’t ask for an explanation from you when you wake up. Instead, he’d feed you like no tomorrow. 


At about 8pm, you were still writing your essay, erasing and everything. Mingyu would go over to you as you said one word, immediately fainting as he would take you to the hospital. That’s when he face palmed himself for not even knowing that you didn’t feed yourself, quickly nourishing you and helping you relieve the stress inside you. 

I can literally see Mingyu just like, “Oh, really?” making that reaction when this happens I dunno why 


Having a major headache was not only a problem. But the whole day you had one and Minghao happened to be gone the whole day until about 9pm, when you smile at him weakly, only to faint. He’d take you to the hospital to find that you’re pain distracted you from eating, making him feel guilty. He’d spoon feed you and get your mind off stuff to distract you from your own thoughts. 


I can see him screaming when he sees you fall over, running after your body, carrying it as quick as possible, running out the door to the hospital. He’d then find out you didn’t eat anything today as his eyes would widen in shock. 

“Yah, you didn’t eat?!” 


“No– it’s okay. Just eat, okay? I hate seeing someone I love so much like this. Here, eat this soup.” 


You two would be laughing at a joke at about 8pm until you suddenly would faint as Vernon fortunately caught you. He take you to the hospital, only to tell you that he won’t ask why you didn’t eat today but instead, tell you that he hopes this incident won’t happen again as he would feed you in your hospital bed. 


Coming back from school, you didn’t eat breakfast or lunch because you were late to school and you forgot to pack lunch. Dino brought a little but you wanted him to eat it since he was so thin. After school, you were packed with homework when Dino visits you, only to find you smiling, fainting on the floor after. He’d then take you to the hospital, Dino feeding you but also nagging at you at the same time.