sorry but fave scene


Are you sorry yet? Sorry for what? That you came with me.

The 100 S4 Deleted Scene Rundown

quick summary of deleted scenes just so people know what to expect and not…

* Kane helping Emori & Murphy get down tower. Grounder side-eyes Emori’s mutation.
* The deleted intro of Gaia & Ilian.

Heavy Lies the Crown
* Raven finds Jaha taking out some angst on a hammer, tells him to get some sleep.

A Lie Guarded
* Arkadians working together to raise a wall, feat. Clarke, Jaha, Monty, Harper.

God Complex
* Short moment with Indra, Jaha, and the group in Polis.

The Other Side
* Longer/alternate version of Riley’s overdose & scene leading up to it. (death!kids playing spin the bottle, Bree goes outside in the rain) Once it gets into main scene it’s similar to the aired version but edited differently?
* Memori being cute and eating tomatoes in the bunker, Clarke interrupts to ask him to guard Bellamy.
* Monty & Harper in Rover. Monty found Jasper’s note. Harper asks if he’s gonna read it. He’s not ready yet, says “someday.”


make me choose challenge: Albus Potter or Scorpius Malfoy SCORPIUS CINNAMON ROLL MALFOY VS. THE SCORPION KING

“I discovered another Scorpius you know? Entitled, angry, mean – people were frightened of me. It feels like we were all tested and we all – failed.”

“But you changed things. You had a chance and you changed time back. Changed yourself back.”

“Only because I knew what I should be.”


orphan black rewatch: sarah and cosima in 2x10

look, so this spiral - this is the golden ratio, and it’s a mathematical pattern that just repeats itself in nature, in flower petals and honey bees, in the stars in the galaxy, and in every molecule of our dna. 
god, we’re so different, all of us.