sorry but daesung is my angel

Reasons to stan Kang Daesung 

‌• voice of an angel 
‌• he is an angel 
‌• treats vips with utmost kindness 
‌• eye smiles 
‌• he’s overcome so much
‌• and still manages to be positive 
‌• GD, TOP, Taeyang and Seungri look at him like he’s the most precious baby in existence 
‌• he manages to have bromances with all 4 members 
‌• stans Seungri more than anyone
‌• his tour merch included a mold of his lips and nose, Which is half wtf and half take my money 
‌• those lips
‌• dat ass sorry not sorry
‌• makes jokes about his big dick nose
‌• sexy drummer boy 
‌• variety show king 
‌• so underrated it’s unreal 
‌• literal sunshine 
‌• dumb and dumber 
‌• he’s too modest for his own good 
‌• if you tripped and fell on his abs you’d get a concussion 
‌• has a heart of solid f*cking gold 
‌• he’s scared of literally everything 
‌• he’s laughter pays my bills, clears my skin, brightens my day and reduces stress levels by 19458%

I could be here all night. Seriously.