sorry but actually i'm not.:dd

You know, Soule has actually done some really wonderful work in terms of portraying Matt’s blindness in his extremely depressing and frustratingly disjointed Daredevil run. So when people ask if he has a disability, and sort of insinuate that his limitations don’t really exist or are voided out by his super senses, you can actually just respond with these two pages:

 Yep. He’s totally got the advantage there. It’s not like this small setback is that serious, lol, it’s just a bomb, a blind man could— 

 Oh. Wait.


I was in the mood to draw only one thing cute but the pile quickly grew bigger and bigger oops

Feel free to use for science as avatars!

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Um... Do you like errorberry?

Blue: At least they can die together if he won’t say it

And yes, I also like errorberry, they’re both mischievous together! :DD
and lol, there’s hints from my old posts that I do like errorberry ww

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Aw, I'm so glad you found that story about kitty friends cute as well :DD I, um, actually have a few pictures (when I said I stalked them, I meant it lol, I mean... cat!Yuuri and cat!Victor, how could I not??), I guess I could post them and tag you? Only if you'd like ofc, sorry for bothering you sm D:


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The Easter Sunday adventure with @torestoreamends @ohscorbus & CD =D 

(please click photo for caption hehe)


Do it for the vineeeeee–!! Oh boy, they actually did it.

But seriously, Ashy’s AmeCan AU was too frikin’ cute I just had to draw it!

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I'm sorry to be bothering you about this but I'm just so confused. I read v2 and I loved it so much the only thing I can't understand is the Shadowland arc? I mean what happened to Bullseye and why is Elektra being on the evil side and suddenly Matt was walking and rode a train? Lol I is *confused*

oh yeah haha, shadowland. there’s actually A LOT of tie-ins so if you’re reading it based on the dd issues you missed so many things. i wont comment on elektra and bullseye cause /spoilers/, but here’s the shadowland reading order. ill just link you to, if there’s any mistake by any chance esp with the links just feel free to reblog and correct it cause i’ve been up for more than 24 hours now lol:

  1. Shadowland #1
  2. Daredevil #508
  3. Daredevil #509
  4. Shadowland: Blood on the Streets #1
  5. Shadowland: Moon Knight #1
  6. Shadowland: Power Man #1
  7. Shadowland: Power Man #2
  8. Shadowland #2
  9. Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow #1
  10. Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow #2
  11. Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow #3
  12. Daredevil #510
  13. Shadowland: Elektra #1
  14. Shadowland #3
  15. Shadowland: Moon Knight #2
  16. Shadowland: Moon Knight #3
  17. Shadowland: Blood on the Streets #2
  18. Shadowland: Spider-Man #1
  19. Shadowland: Blood on the Streets #3
  20. Thunderbolts #148
  21. Thunderbolts #149
  22. Shadowland: Ghost Rider #1
  23. Shadowland: Power Man #3
  24. Shadowland #4
  25. Shadowland: Blood on the Streets #4
  26. Daredevil #511
  27. Shadowland #5
  28. Shadowland: Power Man #4
  29. Shadowland: After the Fall #1

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what's the story with Vmon and bicycles ?? sorry i'm a quite new army héhé

Basically, Tae’s been wanting to go on a bicycle tour with Rapmon for years. But he always got turned down.


But he apparently got his wish granted last year :) 

(June 2014) My biggest recent interest: Packing a lunch and going on a bicycle adventure with Rapmon-hyung

all jokes about how i’m matt murdock trash aside, i’m honestly so happy with the daredevil show we got. i’ve always loved matt so much so my expectations were kinda high and i was a little worried i might be let down, but it totally exceeded my expectations. we got a LOT of poc representation –poc’s refusing to speak any other language but their own and native english speakers not forcing them to speak english– and VERY well developed characters –from matt to karen to fisk to claire to everyone–. the females in it weren’t only “Strong Female Characters”, they had feelings and fears and goals that went beyond their male characters counterparts. it managed to keep close to the comics without actually copying them. it showed a very realistic depiction of what it would be like to be a superhero, more of the vigilante type like matt is, with its physical, emotional and moral repercussions. the villain wasn’t just a Bad Guy who did Bad Things because he could, he was actually given a background story and they showed people he cared about; he himself actually thought he was doing something good. not to mention the great cinematography and fight choreographies and heartbreaking scenes and so many other things and. i’m just so glad for netflix’s daredevil