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The Different Ways To Talk

Request: Could you do a Bucky x reader where the reader is mute (cause of a accident that happened to her)

Pairings: Bucky x Mute!Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count 1.1k

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Everyone in the tower was informed that a new avenger was going to be introduced. Tony planned a whole welcoming party at his loft and it was mandatory that everyone attended. What everyone didn’t know was that the new avenger was moving into the facility earlier in the day. Everyone mostly stayed in their room and kept to themselves. Bucky, however, now that he was a free man, chose always to wander around the facility. He enjoyed the new freedom he had to just walk around without persecution. As he roamed the halls, he saw an unfamiliar figure wandering as well.

“Hello?” he called out. The figure didn’t seem to hear and kept walking around the aircraft carrier. Bucky became alert and approached the stranger.

“Hey are you supposed to be here?” he confronted you. You said nothing but smiled and nodded.

“Are you some kind of mechanic?” he asked. You said nothing again but shook your head.

“Okay so what business do you have here?” he interrogated. You bit your lips and interlaced your fingers together then shifted your eyes around. You didn’t know how to tell this man why you were here. Your silence made Bucky paranoid. He quickly grabbed the front of your shirt and yelled,


He dragged you towards the living room when he saw Steve running.


“I found an intruder,” Bucky informed him.

“That’s not an intruder that’s the new avenger!” Steve returned. Bucky immediately let you go.

“What?” he turned to you, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

You simply smiled and lifted your hands. You began signing when the realization hit Bucky,

“Oh, you’re mute,”

You nodded.

“I am so sorry,” Bucky said.

It’s okay, you signed.

“She says it’s okay,” Steve translated then explained, “I’ve been learning sign language to prepare for Y/N’s arrival. Which reminds me, Y/N, this is Bucky and Bucky, this is Y/N,”

Pleasure to meet you, you signed. Bucky turned to Steve.

“She says it’s a pleasure to meet you,”

“Oh, the pleasure is all mine,” Bucky answered the offered his arm, “How ‘bout I give you a tour? To make up for my disaster,”

You nodded and took his arm.

Over the next few weeks, everyone got to know you. You were Y/F/N, Y/L/N. When you were a child you were in a horrific accident involving radioactive chemicals that took away your ability to speak, but gave you the powers of astral projection. Everyone loved hearing your story and wanted to know you more, but only spoke to you when Steve was around since only he knew sign language. Out of everyone, Bucky seemed to be the only person on the team who talked to you even when Steve wasn’t around. Bucky wanted you to feel included and not isolated unlike when he first came. He understood what it was like for no one to understand him in a way. He struggled to understand you but you both found that if you mouthed the words, he could figure out what you were saying you most of the time. You loved that Bucky hung out with you even if he didn’t completely understand. You thought it was because he felt bad for mistreating you on your first day, but really Bucky just liked hanging out with you because you were so patient and not judgmental with him.

As you both hung out more and more, you two started developing feelings for each other. You saw Bucky as the man who would do anything to understand you and you hadn’t met a lot of people like that. Bucky saw you as this amazing person who was kind even though the world, in a way, did you wrong. Even when people treated you like you didn’t exist because you didn’t have a voice, you gave them the benefit of the doubt. Soon Bucky found it hard to understand you because every time he tried to read your lips, he found himself imagining what it would be like to kiss them. You, in turn, felt bad that you made Bucky work so hard just to understand one sentence from you.

Bucky who was fluent in multiple languages decided to learn sign language himself with the help of Steve and an American Sign language book. He didn’t tell you about him learning because he wanted to surprise you. You, on the other hand, turned to Tony and inquired whether or not he could help develop something that could allow everyone—but mostly Bucky—understand you. Tony pondered on the possibilities and told you that he probably could. You requested his assistance immediately and Tony began working.

“You just told me I smelled like a raccoon,” Steve said as Bucky practiced.


“You need to work on more precise hand movements,” Steve advised.

“Okay, okay.”  Bucky nodded then cracked his knuckles. He read through the book and started his sentence over.

Suddenly a knock came. Bucky immediately hid the book under his bed,

“Come in!”

The door slowly opened and you emerged with a metal crown and a small speaker attached on a necklace.

“Hey, Y/N,” Bucky said nervously, “What’s that you’re wearing,”

You smiled and interlaced your fingers in excitement. You closed your eyes and spoke,

“Hello, Bucky, it’s a machine that helps me communicate,” the voice from the speaker said. It was a voice that was both robotic and natural.

“Was that you?” Bucky asked, “Did you just talk to me?”

You nodded.

“Y/N! That’s amazing!” Bucky said then opened his arms. You immediately hugged him. He lifted you up in the air.

“Tony helped me,” you said.

“That’s really cool, but what made you say yes to Tony developing this?” Bucky inquired.

“I wanted to be able to speak to you,” you explained.

“Did you get tired of the way I fumbled trying to understand what you were saying?”

“Not at all. I just wanted to make life easier for you to talk to me because I like talking to you,”

“I like talking to you too,” Bucky said, “which is why I learned how to do this,”

Bucky lifted his hands and signed

Hello, my name is Bucky. I learned sign language for you. I am only starting out, but I’m getting the hang of it.

You grinned from ear to ear. You began signing quickly, but the machine translated your thoughts anyway,

“You did all of that for me? Why?”

Because I like you and I wanted to be able to communicate with you better, Bucky signed.

“That’s so sweet,” you said.

“I’m going to get better, I promise, but I might need more help from you,” Bucky said. You smiled and nodded. Bucky then signed,

Will you go out with me?

“Of course!” you said and nodded profusely. Bucky held out his hand. You quickly took it and Bucky led you out the door.

“Well that was romantic,” Steve commented to himself then sighed before shutting the door of Bucky’s room, “Kind of rude that they forgot me, though,”


Artist on twitter: Mはる - @miroukitsu

@suzy47 if you would be so kind to translate ? ;)

edit: translation by the kind suzy47

They asked Finnick for help to solve the case.

N: I kinda feel sorry for making you do a free job(lol).
F: What!! You got to be joking, brat! You got to pay me with something….
Hmm. Hey, Fluff!
J: Me?
F: I have receive something to get my job running. You understand that right?
F: Nick, how ‘bout you rent me this Fluff for a night?

Now you can call me a hustler!
N: Finnick!!
F: Hahaha! I’ll be waiting!!
J: Hey Nick?
N: Just let me wipe it.
J: It hurts.
N: Not yet.

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Would you be able to translate RM's part in Yankie's new song?


SongHangul lyrics

나는 MONSTER but 지금은 nobody recognize it

Im MONSTER but right now nobody recognize it

허세뿐인 꼰대들 they tryna undersize it

These stereo typed people with an attitude they tryna undersize it

난 변태성향 나르시스트 날 찔러 자꾸 I kiss my own tightness

Im a freaky narcissist, I repeatedly stab myself, I kiss my own tightness

Who the damn mufucka do really wanna fight it

난 걍 예술이 좋아 그 어떤 술보다 더

I just like the arts, more than any alcohol 

임마 여긴 RM이 차린 칵테일 bar, 넌 주는 대로 쳐 마셔

Hey (man) this is RM prepared cocktail bar, take the hit as it was offered

넌 날 진화시켜줘 내 불만 빼고서

Please evolve me, without my dissatisfaction 

아 오빠 좋아 좀 더 때려줘

Ah oppa, I like it. Hit me a little more.

Show what that bitch about 함 지껄여봐

Show what that bitch about, try to chatter away

Show what that bitch about
Show me what you got yo what you bout
Me gone headed to the top, make yo bitch rock but you not
난 믿어 나의 팀, 나와 친구들 we makin’ dreams

Believe in me, my team, me and my friends we makin dreams

랩으론 반쯤 죽여놔 덤벼 call me 밥 싸먹는 김

Half-killing you with my rap, bring it on, call me, the Kim that eats rice wrapped in lettuce.

T/N: 꼰대 is a slang word for an old man who has an aggressive attitude.

The arts and the alcohol part is a word play.