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Scavenger Hunt

Summary: A bachelorette party scavenger hunt forces the reader to approach the hottest guy she sees at the mall…

warnings: none, just fluff

word count: ~1900

You walked quickly into the shopping mall, your giggling friends surrounding you.  Damn them and their bachelorette party games.

You were a bridesmaid for one of your best friends from college, Katie, who you were really glad hadn’t picked you to be her maid of honor because frankly, you weren’t one to plan a bachelorette party.  She’d chosen one of your other best friends Rachel to take the all-important position, and now you were seriously regretting it.

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Four they were

I loved this Brawl soo much, I didn´t finish this in time tho buhu.

I drew Zombie/Vampyre dads gun but it didn´t fit so now he just sits there looking pretty.

Please don´t tag parins´ cept mchanzo