sorry bout my pic


02.05.17 // new to studyblr

Hi! I’m Marie and I’m new to the studyblr community (≧∇≦)/ I’ve been on tumblr for a few months already but all I’ve been doing is following studyblrs and observing what they do. I’m a 15-year old Filipina and I’m in the ninth grade. I’m currently reviewing for our pre-finals tomorrow and on tuesday and here are some pics of my reviewer (╥_╥) (sorry bout the low quality pics, I only use my phone for taking pictures)

Here are the accounts which have inspired me to become a studyblr myself:
@dropdeadstudying @zofiastudies @studiversal @caffestudy @bellestudy @hermionegoals @nag-aaral @hardworkign @scamanderstudying @stu-die-ing @studyandtea @julesanimastudies @theorganisedstudent @studybuddyxo @studiousstudying @keepcalmandstudyashell @literary-sushi @studyrelief @studyreal @pastelstudies @studycause @stationary-studies @queststudyskills @studynest @aestheticstudying @studylikegrangerr @studydontprocrastinate @thestudynotes @studyjewel @ekstudy @natastudies @moleskinestudies @focusign @shutupandstudywithme @coffeandstudy @studycoffees @because-im-studying @studykouffee @thxschool @cmstudy @ambitiousandcaffeinated @plannerperfect @studyblr @artstdy @penandanotebook @obsidianstudy @studygranger @jhonstudies @ohlookimstudying @studious-simplicity @litchistudies @grangergrades @mochi-studies @colourfulstudy @studypetals @smartstudyinq @studyingohdear @revis-ign @stuydies @castillos-co @bluelahe @studykids @studysleepeat @academicvibes @studythetics

Thank you so much for inspiring me with your posts! Lovelots ( ˘ ³˘)❤


In honor of Yugi’s birthday, I thought I’d post this mosaic i made of him a little while ago. It’s just the usual glass and grout on a table i bought at a thrift store. It’s going in my dorm next year. My favorite part is the jacket; it’s such a pretty blue color! (+ u can also make out my reflection in that bottom pic :) )

Sorry ‘bout my crappy photography. Happy Birthday Yugi!