sorry been so dead lately

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What are your thoughts on older!ignoct?

I feel like you’re going to regret asking me this question anon. Whinging rant under the cut.

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Soul Evans doing da thing.

For those asking about the state of my laptop this is what I’m talking about.

I don’t think turning it off and on again is gonna quite fix this, I’m looking at like £200+ worth of turning it off and on again as it’d work out easier for me to find a new laptop as this one has a habit of bluescreening multiple times a week.

It’s ironic cus I was gonna make a post like EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS!!! but then I realised

How Can I Do Them On A Broken Computer

There’s a donation button on my blog if anyone has even a dollar or two to send my way, anything will help while I’ll try and find ways to save up to rectify this!!

Sorry for the inactivity
  • Sorry I've been so dead on Tumblr lately. Have lots going on at home, and a big project is underway and almost done so it's sucking up all my time. I'll get back to posting random crap and answering your guys' question in a few days I promise!!! Thank you for being patient with me! XD but I promise, the wait is worth it!
Hey Everyone!

Yo hey sorry I’ve been so dead lately both figuratively and literally (haha it’s funny because–eh…. yeah you get it)
Anyway I’m gonna do my best to work more on answering questions here after so long so thank you all for being patient!