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Ahh okay so @pottergoldstein (aka actual cutie bean) send me an ask about blogs to follow! I started listing some and then I thought…wait….there are so many blogs that I love so I thought I’d do my first follow forever!!!! 

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Ulric Siblings Headcanon #21381237

When Mama Ulric was too tired to tell bedtime stories to 5 year old Selena, 10 year old Nyx would do it for her. He’d read to her Peter Pan because it was his personal favorite. 

And then one night Selena asked “Can you fly like Peter Pan?”

Nyx said “You betcha!” and he jumped between beds. Selena laughed and said “That’s not flying.” Then Nyx laughed back because he just couldn’t fool her. 

Years later, Nyx joined the Kingsglaive. He warped for the first time and he felt like he was flying. Flying just like Peter Pan. 

If only Selena could see it.

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You have the best Cole headcannons! Could I have some more ghost Cole ones? (Preferably with angst. Like, I want to cry)

 AKHDBGAKGD THANK :D I gotchu fam I’ll do my best

I’ll start off with some not so angsty ones

  • while Lloyd was having a rest after the events of season 5 bc he very much deserves a rest, they would rotate who would lead depending on their area of expertise.
    • ghost cole is like heck ya I got this I can do anything I can’t die i’m a ghost
    • Wu: under no circumstances are you to do the thing. None. Do you understand? Just don’t do it.
      Cole: got it. Don’t do the thing. Never do the thing no matter what. Totally get it.
      Wu: good. *leaves*
      Cole: *turns to ninja* ok so we’re gonna do the thing
  • because ghosts can’t die he can jump from one of the windows in Yang’s temple and not get hurt, and when he turns human he forgets that it’s actually dangerous now that he has like, bones
    • he breaks both his ankles trying to parkour is what I’m saying ://
    • good news though I also headcanon that because of his connection to earth and its strength he actually has a much quicker recovery time than others
  • “hey see if Ouija boards will work with me” “Cole you’re… already here I can see you i’m talking to you that’s not the point of Ouija boards”
  • kai eats his last slice of cake?? will posses every kitchen appliance they have at 3am when kai wakes up to get a snack to scare him
  • he pretends that he can talk to and see other ghosts that the others can’t
    • Jay: *is talking*
      Cole: *eyes widen* Lisa no… 
      Jay: … what? 
      Cole: Lisa no don’t do that to Jay! STOP NO HE DOESN’T DESERVE THAT

ok now some angsty ones, and a fair warning that some of it does get pretty angsty and a lil dark so please don’t read it if that’s gonna get to you

  • when Cole doesn’t know what to do he’ll turn to food, and before he became a ninja he had an eating disorder that he worked through because he had the love and support of his friends
    • but when he’s a ghost he can’t even get a hold of anything let alone eat something
    • so the one thing that gives him comfort is now gone
    • when he can eventually control his body he just eats and eats and eats and then eats some more
    • cause he can touch stuff but he can’t feel anything
    • and he knows his eating habits would be unhealthy were he not a ghost but he doesn’t have the will to care
    • you can’t look me in the eye and tell me that he can eat an entire cake filled with tools and not even realise that there were tools in there, and then say the boy doesn’t have an eating problem
    • he reeeeeeeeeeeally struggles to adjust his diet when he becomes human as a result, but he has Zane and Kai to help him with that cause they’re the health nerds in the team 
  • he avoids Jay as much as he can to start with, because of the two of them Cole is always the strongest and is there for him. He can’t bear for Jay to see him like this so he shuts him out and Jay is really hurt because he has no idea why
    • he starts to think that Cole blames him for him becoming a ghost, because Jay was the one who he was tied to directly in the temple
    • he starts to think that maybe if he hadn’t been so selfish and worried about himself over the team, and had just listened to Cole when he yelled that he’d dropped the scroll, none of this would have happened
    • or maybe he could’ve helped him, and sure he would’ve been a ghost too but at least he’d be working though it with his best friend
    • of course when Cole and Jay talk about this Cole is like “Jay wth are you talking about why would any of this be your fault” but it’s… not nice in the beginning
  • he always feels like a liability on missions because everyone is focused on protecting him and making sure he’s a-ok instead of what they should be doing
    • especially since Nya still doesn’t have such good control of her powers so will be firing water around at enemies like there’s no tomorrow, and if Cole isn’t alert he almost gets hit
    • a lot of Lloyd’s time is spent keeping Cole in an energy forcefield, which keeps him safe and gives Lloyd as little to do as possible so he can ease back into it 
  • he also doesn’t want to tell his dad because his dad never wanted him to be a ninja and he promised him he wouldn’t get hurt and he already lost his mum and it would hurt him so much if he lost Cole too and how is Lou supposed to explain to people that his son is a ghost and-
    • now Lou is an actor, ok? He’s distraught and he’s sobbing when he first sees Cole but he loves him more than anything and he’ll be damned if he’s going to make Cole feel worse, so he keeps it together for his boy
    • Jay has to come with him cause Cole can’t do it on his own and he’s crying so much he can’t speak, so Jay explains what happens for him
  • the guys have to keep really close tabs on him at all times to start with because they all know how easy it would be for him to just walk into some water and that would be the end of it all
    • so they make sure he’s never alone but try not to treat him any differently and it does help him feel a little better
  • there’s a whole number of people he could blame for this happening, he could blame Ronin for sending them there, he could blame Jay for sending them to the furthest part of the temple to chase fake Morro into an attic, he could blame Kai for having a fear of water and not being able to get the original scroll from Morro in Stixx in the first place, he could blame Yang for being a sicko and wanting to imprison them all, the list continues
    • but that’s not healthy for the team and it’s so much easier for him to internalise the blame and say it’s because he can’t lead, it’s because he tied them together, it’s because he dropped the scroll
    • he’ll say Jay was right all that time ago, that he is the least valuable member of the team. So it’s best that it happened to him and not one of the others because he’s expendable.
  • he can’t go anywhere near Lloyd
    • Cole is a ghost and he has black hair and guess who else was a ghost with black hair
    • Lloyd still sees Morro sometimes and he has nightmares about it so he’ll get super edgy around Cole
    • he knows Cole would never hurt him but he really does look an awful lot like Morro to him sometimes and every time he looks at him it reminds him of what happened and the things Morro did to him and threatened to do to the people he loves
    • the last thing Cole wants to do is hurt Lloyd and make things worse so he keeps himself in his room for a week or two until Lloyd goes on a little holiday with Misako
  • He used to love rain and it relaxed him, his dad used to take him out in it and dance and play, so now that he can’t just sit in rain and chill or mess around with his buds it makes him sad.
  • he eventually comes to terms with it and as we see all is well and he can do so many things, so when he becomes human again he feels completely useless 
    • everyone thought what he could do was cool and the team all had a big need for his abilities, and now that he can’t do those things anymore he feels completely expendable again and like he’s not special and can’t offer anything
    • queue a cuddle pile and lots of head smooches and dens and movie nights

Ask me ninjago headcanons!

Okay I got only Junkrats, so i’m actually including everything, becauuuuse why not ? /shrug. HOPE YOU ENJOY :D

Thanks to : @pinguminati , Anon, @autumndiesirae and @somethingnew—notreally, for all the junkrats haha ! I had actually fun doing this :’D 

Here’s a drawing of Hancock I’m never going to finish


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