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Happy Birthday to my sweet Fay bby! ( @yuuchiroz )

Ahh okay so @pottergoldstein (aka actual cutie bean) send me an ask about blogs to follow! I started listing some and then I thought…wait….there are so many blogs that I love so I thought I’d do my first follow forever!!!! 

All of these blogs are gorgeous and the bloggers are beautiful and so so inspirational. I just adore each and every one of them! So, without further ordo, here is my follow forever!!!

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Ulric Siblings Headcanon #21381237

When Mama Ulric was too tired to tell bedtime stories to 5 year old Selena, 10 year old Nyx would do it for her. He’d read to her Peter Pan because it was his personal favorite. 

And then one night Selena asked “Can you fly like Peter Pan?”

Nyx said “You betcha!” and he jumped between beds. Selena laughed and said “That’s not flying.” Then Nyx laughed back because he just couldn’t fool her. 

Years later, Nyx joined the Kingsglaive. He warped for the first time and he felt like he was flying. Flying just like Peter Pan. 

If only Selena could see it.


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Happy Birthday to my sweet Candi! (@kiuroo
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here's the ultimate question (pls don't hate me, it's just for fun...): who would you choose between makoto and daichi? and between sosuke and iwaizumi? there. i've done it.


between sousuke and iwaizumi, i’d have to choose sousuke. im just…..weak for his smile and i just want him to be happy so bad ;;m;;

makoto or daichi…makoto or daichi…..makoto or daichi………….unnnngg

//sobs i…choose………..d-daichi

If I’ll ever be in a relationship my significant​ other will have to understand that I still love Phil Lester very very much