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dirk gently’s holistic detective agency playlist:

amanda: young understanding // sundara karma; runaway // aurora; crazy // gnarls barkley; 1992 // thiago pethit

farah: old yellow bricks // arctic monkeys; warrior // aurora; team // lorde; nine out of ten // johnny hooker version

dirk: elastic heart // sia; yellow circles // layla; dandy darling // thiago pethit; counting stars // one republic; icarus // bastille; here comes the sun // the beatles

todd: polarize // twenty one pilots; aerials // system of a down; a sadness runs through him // the hoosiers; trouble // paper lions; message man // twenty one pilots

bart: human // of monsters and men; fight like a girl // emilie autumn; devil in me // thiago pethit

ken: d is for dangerous // arctic monkeys; psycho killer // cage the elephant version; spiderhead // cage the elephant

rowdy 3: toxicity // system of a down; swarm // the bohicas; fuck the system // system of a down; seek & destroy// metallica; scream // avenged sevenfold 

dirk&todd (brotzly) -  fun // troye sivan; bonfire // the hunna; touch // troye sivan; I walk the line // halsey; nothing else matters // metallica; my type // saint motel; stop the world I wanna get off with you // arctic monkeys;  open // rhye;  afterlife // XYLØ

amanda&farah:  dangerous animals // arctic monkeys; i’m into you // chet faker;  I don’t do boys // elektra; magnets // disclosure ft. lorde; don’t worry about me // frances

bart&ken: to die for // the bohicas; love and feeling // chet faker; wolves without teeth //  of monsters and men; crush me // the bohicas; portuguese knife fight // cage the elephant; smokestacks // layla; romeo // thiago pethit

amanda&martin (rowdy 3) - follow // esteban; violet // hippo campus; I bet you look good on the dancefloor // arctic monkeys; flawless // the neighbourhood

I made this playlist based on the lyrics and rhythm of the songs (I didn’t see any videoclip) and, of course, with the songs I hear and know.
I hope you like and if you have any suggestions or want other playlists just say to me ♥

  • (all songs are linked with their youtube videos)

no but like in this scene is Bart is literally three feet away from the person destined to betray the human race, the person he's spent his entire life fearing and hating. He has to keep up the pretense of simply being a cheerful, energetic tourist from the future, while in actuality he’s here to find out all he can about his buddy Blue to prevent the Reach apocalypse. That’s why he was in Jaime’s locker in the first place. Not to steal a bag of chips, but because he needed to find out anything and everything he could about him.  

And here, where he’s listening to Jaime talk about his insecurities of being Blue Beetle, his expression actually betrays his emotions for a few seconds. It’s in this moment that he realizes Blue Beetle isn’t as bad as he thought, that there’s something in him possibly worth saving.

So I’ve just been sitting here thinking about Bart/Dirk parallels, and maybe I’m the last person to realise this, but I had to get some opinions. (This is really maudlin I’m sorry)

In episode 1, Dirk and Bart give Todd and Ken almost identical spiels about the “holistic” nature of the universe, and the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. It could be a coincidence, or a “universe thing” (thank you Todd Brotzman, wordsmith) that they used almost the exact same wording, but I don’t think so. Given that they apparently never met before but were part of the same programme, and given Riggins’ speech about patterns by Dirk’s hospital bed in episode 8, I think it’s far more likely that they got this wording from Riggins himself. It’s how he explained their abilities to them as kids. It’s the Blackwing elevator pitch.

This has made me sad, because this is Dirk’s entire MO, and a huge part of how he defines himself, both to himself and to others. The fact that he tried so hard to resist the labels Blackwing put on him (like “psychic”, for instance), but still had to ultimately acknowledge the basic truth of what they saw in him must be a bitter pill. 

When he defied Riggins in episode 3, he never called him out for experimenting on him when he was a tiny kid, or even for breaking his promises. It was for promising something in the first place that he later couldn’t deliver. In some ways, I think Dirk sees Riggins’ failure as his own. Whatever Riggins told him he was capable of, Dirk wishes he was right. 

Instead, he salvages whatever good he can from whatever they tried to make him into, and uses it to try and help people, all the while aware that for better or worse, the most traumatic period of his life is a huge part of who he’s chosen to make himself into. And in many ways his self-worth still hinges on being useful to other people, rather than letting himself be loved.

Sorry. I am cry.

  • me: bart allen, in young justice at least, is one of the most interesting characters that i've ever seen. it's difficult to tell where the performance ends and where he himself begins. how much of his personality is put on for show and how much is really just the way that he is? he's a fantastic liar, but the narrative doesn't condemn that, which is a really interesting move because of how thoroughly our culture hammers in the idea that someone has to always tell the truth or it's morally wrong. and how genuinely he comes to care for and trust jaime considering that he came back from the future to eliminate the blue beetle as a threat to the earth is just heartwarming, even if you don't ship it, especially due to his secretive personality. and this isn't even mentioning his relationship with wally or how interesting his future/reach slang is from a linguistic standpoint.
  • every member of my family: impulse is annoying

Bart starts asking Wally sort of awkward and vague questions about his relationship with Artemis.

Wally gets all cheeky and proud because his baby cousin is crushing so hard on a girl oh my god! He answers everything with pride because Bart is coming to him after all.

Bart starts asking questions about sex.

Wally slowly realizes some of these questions definitely don’t relate to people with vaginas. Wally silently screams because he realizes Bart is interested in a guy and asking about sex with a guy and holyfuckingshit!

Wally quickly sends Bart off in Dick’s direction grumbling about how he definitely knows more about this shit than I do.

All the while Jaime dies of embarrassment in the background.

Christmas Cookies - Flashfam x Flashmom

Prompt: Flashmom is trying to hide her cookies so that she has some for christmas, but between Barry, Bart and Wally they keep finding/eating all of them -only for her to wake up christmas morning to find the kitchen/living room full with plates of different kinds of cookies and her three boys asleep on the table, covered in bits of flour and dough?

“Thanks for making cookies sweetheart!” Barry said appearing behind you and grabbing a stack of cookies that you had just pulled out of the oven.

“Barry!” You reprimanded. “Those were the Christmas cookies!” You scolded. Your husband had the good sense to look at least a little ashamed.

“Whoops.” He shrugged sheepishly.

“Oh! Cookies! Thanks Flashmom!” Wally said speeding into the kitchen and stopping just long enough to take a plateful of cookies before speeding away again.

“Wait! Those aren’t -” You started to protest but it was already too late. Wally was long gone and so too were your cookies. You let out a low frustrated groan before pulling all the ingredients back out again. It would seem you would need to make a second batch after all.

“Here, I can help.” Barry offered kindly. You waved him off and nudged him away from the kitchen.

“It’s fine really. What I really want is for you to go take a nap. Don’t think I haven’t seen how thin you’ve been spreading yourself lately.”

“Eh. Tis the season.” Barry shrugged casually.

“Bed. Now, Mr. Allen.” You commanded pointing in the direction of your bedroom. Barry gave you a salute paired with an exhausted smile.

“I’ll be there in a flash, Mrs. Allen.” Barry responded dutifully before speeding off in the direction of the bedroom. You shook your head and rolled your eyes.

‘In a flash. Yeah, that’s a new one’, you thought sarcastically.

You worked in silence as you made a second batch of cookies. Once they were fully baked you hid them away where you were sure none of the boys would find them and moved into the living room to relax with a good book. Sometime later Bart waltzed into the room finishing the last bite of a cookie. No, no, no.

“Hey Grandma, can you make some more cookies? Those were amazing!” Bart complimented. You covered your face with your book and let out a long groan. “Grandma?”

“Those cookies were meant for Christmas.” You explained again with a sigh. At this point you decided against making a third batch. Chances are they wouldn’t make it to Christmas anyways.

“Oh, my bad! Sorry about that!” Bart apologized.

“It’s fine.” You reassured.

Truth be told, you were a bit upset that you couldn’t get even a part of a batch of cookies to last until Christmas. It had been a family tradition to make Christmas cookies on Christmas eve for the next day but with a family full of Speedsters it was hart to get food to last long enough around here.

When you woke up the next morning on Christmas day, Barry wasn’t in bed. You sighed, figuring a Justice League came up or some random villain couldn’t take a day off. What you didn’t expect was the sight that greeted you when you went downstairs to make coffee.

There on the table was all of your boys sleeping peacefully with flour and cookie dough smeared across their faces. The kitchen was an absolute mess after their little baking spree but scattered around the counters were plates upon plates full of Christmas cookies.

Without waking them you took a cookie and bit into it before starting to clean up the mess your boys’ made, your heart glowing at the thoughtfulness that they had.

Still … you bet that all these cookies will be gone by the end of the day.

Sweet Dreams

Prompt: Can I have a Bart x reader please? Be creative. :) by anon

A/N: I am actually a tiny bit sorry for this one.

Bart sighed as he felt Y/N’s fingers comb through his hair. It was nice to have a lazy morning every once in awhile. No team, or villains, or superheroes, just him and his girlfriend, laying around and eating junk food.

He smiled as he felt Y/N nestle closer to him. He would give anything, give up anything, to stay in this moment forever.

“Hey, Bart?” Y/N asked quietly. Bart hummed an acknowledgment as he pressed a kiss into her hair. “Can I ask you a question?’

“Of course, babe.” He said. “What is it?”

“Why’d you let me die?” Bart felt the world slow down as he pulled away to look at her. Her eyes were blank as she looked back at him. He felt as though the air had been vacuumed out of his lungs and he was left empty inside.

“What did you say?” He asked breathlessly, hoping he had heard her wrong.

“I said,” Y/N said as her gaze turned accusing. “Why did you let me die?”

Bart gasped as a gaping wound appeared on her chest over her heart, as though she had been punctured by something large and blunt. He moved to apply pressure to her wound so that the bleeding would stop, but he fell through her and the bed as though they didn’t exist.

He tumbled through blackness for a short time before he hit a hard floor. He looked up and was surrounded by nothingness in every direction. He felt alone and cramped all at once as he spun in circles, hoping to find the light, to see something other than this void, but just when he felt himself despair, his eyes focused on a sliver of light.

He sprinted towards it, but no matter how fast he ran it never got any closer. Always the same distance, always the same size. He could feel his energy beginning to wane the longer he ran. It felt as though he could spend eternity chasing this small gleam.

Suddenly, he fell again. This time his feet hit bottom almost instantly. He found himself in a box made of mirrors. He felt the walls, hoping one of them would give way, but all he found was his own frantic expression looking back at him. He turned to find Y/N standing there. He reached for her, but she was just an image in the mirror.

“Why?” She asked. The wound on oozed blood as she stared him down. He turned, hoping to get some relief from the madness he was trapped in, but found the same image there too.

“Was I not important enough to you?” She demanded of him. “Why, Bart, why?”

“No, I loved you. You were my world.” He whimpered as he dropped to his knees.

Her eyes turned cold as she laughed at him. “Oh, I get it. It was because you weren’t fast enough.”

“No.” He gasped in horror.

“Face it, Bart,” She said, her eyes flashing with cruel pleasure. “You weren’t good enough. If you had been fast enough, I would still be alive. But you weren’t.” Her reflection multiplied until she was surrounding him. Some of her images were laughing and taunting him, but others… They called for him as they writhed in pain, tears streaming down their faces as they begged for him to help them. For any kind of relief from the pain. He screamed and punched ones of the mirrors, but instead of shattering, it began to ooze blood through the gaps.

“Oh, and it appears you aren’t strong enough either.” One of the images of Y/N said as the others began cackling. The room began to fill with blood as his ears rung with their hateful words.

Just as he thought he was going to drown, he woke up.

He sat up in bed, covered in sweat and gasping for air. He looked over to the nightstand and grabbed the box he kept their. He opened it and pulled out the first item.

The velvet from the small calmed some of his nerves as he opened it. A small diamond winked up at him and he smiled as he remembered the day he had picked it out. He reached into the box again and pulled out a plastic ziploc bag with a little plastic stick on it. He felt a tear roll down his face as he ran his thumb over it. He had come home that horrible day to find it in the bathroom. The autopsy confirmed it and it had been a double blow. He had lost so much that day… He looked into the box and was greeted by the sight of his smiling face beside hers. She had dragged him into one of those photo booths that cost more money that they are worth, but he hadn’t had the heart to tell her “No”. They had been so happy back then. He focused on her eyes and he saw her begging for him to save her.

His heart was beating faster than it ever had before as he put everything back in the box and got up. He shook his head in an attempt to dispel the remnants of his horrible dream, but he could almost hear the echoes still reverberating in his ears.

Three years. It had been three years since he had found her lying in a pool of her own blood and he still hadn’t recovered. Maybe he never would. He just hoped that there would be a night in the future that his own shortcomings didn’t haunt him. He walked into the kitchen, moonlight from the window lighting his way.

He filled a glass with water and raised it to his lips, but he jumped when he saw his reflection in the water. For a split second, he had thought it was her and he was terrified all over again. He sighed as he bent down to pick up the pieces of the shattered glass. He could almost hear her chuckle at his mistakes. When had her memory become so tainted that he couldn’t think of her without his blood running cold?

He didn’t want to think about it if he was being honest. He turned out the light and walked back into the bedroom. It probably is for the best that he didn’t turn around and see the smirking reflection in the mirror behind him.


my v first actual animatic,,i hope its ok lol

Timkon prompt-sick day

(Hey, so I finally decided to post some of my writing on here to see the response and decide if i’m going to post anymore. Any feedback is appreciated, positive or constructive criticism! I’m pretty new to writing fanfics.)


Kon woke up sick to his stomach.

 His eyes cracked open to see the room still dark. The sun had yet to filter in through the gaps in his blinds, and the room was silent other than the small electric fan singing monotonously in the corner. He wasn’t sure what exactly could’ve caused him to startle awake. 

 Kon shook his head. His body was drenched in sweat, the fabric of his boxers sticking uncomfortably to his skin like the stray hair plastered to his forehead. His body felt sore and achy, and his stomach lurched as he pushed himself up on his bed.

 Kon blindly grasped for his phone on the nightstand, fingers closing around the object and pushing the home button. The sudden brightness of his screen was blinding as he squinted to check the time. 

 4:10 AM.

 Kon aggressively swiped through his contacts, selecting his friend’s name from the long list and pressing call. The phone rang four times.

 "…-y the fuck, Kon?“ Kon glared into the darkness. "I hate you,” groaned as he crossed one arm over his abdomen. There was a tired moan of frustration on the other end of the call. 

 "Dude, you can’t just call me and say that, you gotta clarify, we’ve been through this,“ Bart huffed. Kon muttered something that even he couldn’t decipher under his breath. Something about Taco Bueno. If the sudden snickers from the other end were anything to go by, his friend had heard him.

 Kon flopped back onto his damp bed, moving his hand to rake his fingers through his hair. "My stomach is killing me, and it’s your damn fault,” he complained. Bart scoffed quietly on the other end. “Whatever, dude. You’re the one who decided to eat seven tacos.” It was true. He did do that. 

 "Tim is coming over today. We were gonna talk about a case and get some stuff done,“ Kon sighed, starting to lean up but stopping as the muscles in his stomach tightened painfully. Shouldn’t he have some alien immunity to this shit?

 ”Hold up, bro. You got sick on date day? That blows,“ Bart’s voice was still heavy with sleep. Kon frowned, his forehead wrinkling. "Solving murder cases isn’t exactly a date. But, still,” he puffed out, turning his head to glare at the wall. “I don’t wanna cancel on him. I haven’t seen him out of costume for weeks,” he murmured. Bart gave a long sigh as Kon shoved his face into the pillow, hoping it might suffocate him. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of it. I’ll call him and tell him what’s up and not to come, just go to sleep,” Bart reassured him tiredly. 

 Kon wanted to argue, but he felt like complete shit. His reply was muffled by the pillow as he ended the call and set his phone back on the stand, squeezing his eyes shut. Maybe he would feel better after a few hours of sleep, and then he could still see Tim without humiliating himself. 


 When he woke up a few hours later, someone was in his room. Kon jerked out of a dreamless sleep when something touched his face. His eyes snapped open, his body instinctively tensing as he prepared to swing. His gaze settled on the familiar figure silhouetted by his bedroom light, and the scent of expensive soap and shampoo that he had come to love washed over him. His body relaxed. Tim. 

 Tim leaned in closer, smiling slightly. Kon blinked in confusion, but didn’t try and question his boyfriend as he dabbed at Kon’s feverish skin with a damp washcloth, the fingers of his free hand gently brushing his face and checking his fever. “Sorry to intrude. Bart said you were sick and to stay home, but I wanted to come see you,” he spoke quietly, his voice already lulling Kon to sleep again. He nodded and forced his eyes to stay open, staring up at Tim’s face. “Didn’t want you t'see me like this,” he slurred, squinting as he shifted and his muscles contorted, his body tensing. Tim made a concerned noise. He took Kon’s hand and pressed a kiss to his knuckles. 

 "Sorry, babe…g-guess I don’t look that hot right now,“ Kon finally breathed. His stomach was still cramping terribly. He closed his eyes as he felt fingers card through his hair, working out the small tangles from sleep. "You always look handsome. Even sweaty and sick. Though, I wouldn’t recommend doing this often,” he chuckled, fingernails scraping Kon’s scalp in a relaxing way. He cracked open his eyes. “M'tired. Stay?” He asked. Any other time, he would hate how vulnerable he sounded. But this was Tim. They felt safe enough around each other to be vulnerable, and trusted each other enough to not hide it. Tim nodded, still gripping one of Kon’s hands firmly.

 "I’ll be here when you wake up. Then we’ll get you cleaned up and get something light to eat,“ he promised, and Kon let his eyes close and his mind drift, knowing he wouldn’t wake up alone.

requested by adamspurity

tim: [at the smallville county fair searching through the crowd] looks like we lost conner

tim: [to cassie and bart] this calls for drastic measures

tim: [hands cassie his cotton candy stick before he jumps onto the band’s stage and grabs the microphone] RED ROBIN IS A USELESS TITAN!

kon: [climbs onto a concessional stand] what the FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY??

tim: there he is