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102 // yoongi pt.3

based on the song 102 by matty healy

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6 months. it had been 6 months since yoongi had chosen his girlfriend over you, and you hadn’t seen him since. you’d like to say that you were fine with it, that you’d moved on with your life and that you were happy but if you did you’d be totally lying. you hadn’t quite realised how much of an impact he’d actually had on your life and how much even the simplest things reminded you of him in some way or another. it was pretty much hell, and you’d become a terrible person to be around so not only had you lost yoongi but all the other friends you had. you were just scraping through each and every day, waking up, going to work and then going back home all just so you could repeat the same routine the next day. you absolutely hated the fact that he had this much of an effect on your life, you’d always been so sure that you weren’t one of those people who needed another to complete themselves, but you honestly felt like a massive part of you was missing and it felt terrible.

one saturday night though, you’d had enough of yourself. you were sick of constantly moping around over someone who clearly didn’t care for you as much as they’d always claimed to. you deserved to be happy again, and you thought going out and getting totally out of your face would be a good start.

at first you had no idea who to ask to go with you because pretty much all of your friends hated the idea of spending time with you right now, but you knew one person you somehow hadn’t managed to totally alienate. namjoon.

i’m coming up your street now, make sure you’re ready.

you gave yourself one last look in the mirror and you had to admit you looked hot as hell. you’d made an effort with your appearance for the first time in forever, and it had totally paid off. who knew, maybe tonight you’d meet someone new. you were giving yourself one last lookover when a knock interrupted you. you grabbed your bag off of your bed and went to the front door and you were greeted by the smiling face of namjoon. you saw his eyes scanning your body, and it made you feel good. “you ready?”

the two of you walked through the streets trying to find a club that appealed to you, and you came across one that was very familiar to you. “y/n-ah, remember this place? we all came here for yoongi’s birthday a few years ago,” namjoon said. you winced a little at the mention of yoongi, but you quickly brushed it off. “yeah, that was a good night, i just remember hobi getting wayyyy too drunk and us all having to pretty much drag him out of the club,” you laughed at the fond memory. “so do you wanna go here?” he asked you. you nodded. “why not.”

it had been a few hours since you’d both arrived and you were both a little bit drunk to say the least. you’d lost count of how many vodka and cokes you’d downed, but all you knew is you hadn’t felt this good in a long time. it was probably just the alcohol, but over the course of the night you’d found yourself becoming more and more attracted than you already were to namjoon. you dragged him outside with you so you could have a cigarette, and he was a giggling mess. “oh namjoon, are you drunk?” you teased him as you lit one up. “me? drunk? never,” he laughed. he took the cigarette from your mouth and took a drag of it himself, staring at you intensely the entire time. there was definitely some sexual tension between the both of you and you could tell that he was just about to kiss you when you were both interrupted by a familiar voice. “namjoon?”

you refused to turn around, not wanting to see his face, or hers. because of course he’d be with her. “hey yoongi, glad you could make it,” namjoon said. wait, what the fuck?! he’d asked him to come?! “who’s that you’re with?” yoongi asked. fuck. you turned around and his eyes widened in surprise when he saw it was you. “y/n?” he asked. you just nodded, avoiding eye contact with him. he looked a little sad. “well we’re gonna go inside now, see you later,” he said, taking hold of his girlfriend’s hand and heading into the club.

“are you serious namjoon? you invited them?” you asked him, your face turning red from anger. “yeah, i thought you and yoongi would want to see eachother, he said that you hadn’t seen eachother in ages,” he said. the earnest look on his face showed you that there was a lot he didn’t know. “wait, has he not told you why we haven’t seen eachother for 6 months?” you asked him, throwing the cigarette butt onto the ground and stomping it out. “i didn’t know that there was a reason for it,” he said. you sighed. “namjoon, he chose her over me. after 2 months of them being together he chose her over me,” you told him, the tears threatening to well over. this was the first time you’d actually vocalised what had happened between the two of you, and hearing the words out in the open made you realise just how much it still hurt. “oh y/n what the fuck, come here,” he said, pulling you in for a hug. the affection and the first real human contact you’d had in quite a while all just got to you and your tears started to wet namjoon’s shirt. you both stayed like that for a while until he gently pushed you away and looked you straight in the eyes. “come on y/n,” he said, wiping the tears away from your eyes. “you look amazing tonight, we wouldn’t want it to go to waste. let’s go and have fun.”

you had definitely consumed way too much alcohol. any inhibitions you’d had were long gone, and you and namjoon were dancing a little too close to eachother. a vaguely familiar rap song began playing and you started dancing on him, not really caring who saw. whenever you turned around to see his face you could see that he was enjoying it just as much as you were. he suddenly turned you around, grabbed your face with both hands and kissed you, hard. you immediately responded, finally giving into the sexual tension that had been plaguing the both of you all night. neither of you had good intentions. namjoon was simply doing it because he knew he could and you knew you most likely wouldn’t be doing this if yoongi hadn’t arrived, but it was working for both of you. the kiss deepened and you felt namjoon’s hands trailing down from your waist, and the prospect of what might transpire excited you. however, namjoon was suddenly pulled away from you by a pissed off looking yoongi. “outside. now,” he yelled over the music, walking away. namjoon just shook his head at him and went to kiss you again, but you turned your cheek. “i’m going to see what the fuck that was all about, i’ll see you in a second, you said into his ear, kissing his cheek and going to find yoongi. 

you found him outside, and to your surprise he was smoking. he’d always been vocal on how much he disliked the fact that you smoked so much, so seeing him doing it was especially weird. “smoking?” you asked him. “shit happens,” he shrugged. “yeah, it does, like that in there. what the fuck are you playing at?!” you asked him. “you were all over namjoon! i saw how you were dancing on him y/n so i could ask you the same question,” he said. “is it really any of your concern what i do anymore? you haven’t cared these past 6 months so why start now,” you said, anger beginning to well up. “i don’t want to see stuff like that! it makes me uncomfortable,” he said. “well now you know exactly how i felt seeing you and _____ all over eachother,” you spat. his face softened. “about that y/n. i made a mistake that night, a really fucking huge mistake and i’ve regretted it so much ever since. i wasn’t thinking straight and at the time i couldn’t understand why you were like that but i do now and although you may not understand it i just thought it would be better to just leave you be, for your own sake,” he said. “yoongi, no. you saying that is not going to make up for what you did. i was your bestfriend for years and you chose HER over me yoongi, someone you’d been with for two months. TWO MONTHS. you didn’t try and get in touch with me once, you didn’t try and make sure i was okay or anything,” you said. “that’s not true. i was constantly asking people about you, i even spoke to your mom a few times just to make sure things were okay. and i know they haven’t been, you’ve lost weight,” he said, looking over your body. you didn’t know if it was the alcohol in your system or the dim lighting but you could have sworn you saw a flicker of lust in his eyes, but you were too mad to care right now. “i’ve been fine yoongi, my life wasn’t put on hold just because you decided i wasn’t important to you anymore,” you said. you were obviously lying through your teeth. “i just need you to understand that i did it for you. i know that you most likely don’t anymore but i soon realised how you felt back then and i didn’t want to put you through any more hurt,” he said. you just shook your head. “no yoongi, i don’t want your excuses. i miss you but i deserve friends that won’t drop me at the sight of some skirt. i hope things are well between you and _____, i’ll see you around,” you said, quickly turning around and leaving so he couldn’t see the tears that were now streaming down your face. your phone buzzed with a text from namjoon asking if you were okay but all you saw was the time. 1:02am. again. 

finally!!! i am so sorry for taking so long to get this up but literally this weekend was so super busy but i finally pulled through :-) i intend on starting a new part tomorrow and it’s gonna be good so once again keep ur eyes peeled this is not the end x 

Suga’s wish for himself and as group.
Suga: ..You have to dream big. Maybe.. perform at the Olympic Stadium?

They laughed at Yoongi’s wish and look at them now.. I can’t believe it’s already coming true. Bangtan will be performing in South Korea’s biggest arena for two days; all sold out shows. I’m honestly so proud of these boys. They’ve worked so hard to be where they’re at right now. They deserve everything and more.

We’ll endlessly run after our dreamsDream, hope, move forward.”