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Work in progress: Isabelle Wildes Offical Story!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to tell you all that i finally have some time to start writing again! I should have the next chapter written by Monday (latest)!😎 Work has been a tad busy so i rarely have time to write when i come out (i often just pass out when i get home 😅 i just wanted to touch on a few things in this post aswell! im aware some people asked when wildehopps would start or why it hasnt already, i just want to say that it will happen, i wont say when but it will happen at some part of the story so please be patient!!! 😂 Thanks everyone, see you all soon!😁 -Nexi0us/Nexi/Jay

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EXO, in “Overdose”: Someone call the doctor!

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imagine stydia holding scott baby for the first time,imagine when they enter the hospital room stiles looks at scott and his wife ( hopefully kira ) with teary eyes and adorable smile on his face and scott know that stiles really want to hold the baby so he picks up the baby from kira arms and hand it gently to stiles,and when the baby finally is in stiles arms he starts to gently rock the baby back and forth. his face softens every time the baby make little noises , then he looks at lydia who is right next to him,he gives her encouraging smile , she comes closer wrapping her left arm around stiles waist ,her face softens when she sees the baby face,she looks at stiles and he says in a cheery tone  “i know she is so adorable” , and then she start to caress the baby cheeks gently and then she starts to stroke the baby hand and when the baby grabs her finger,stiles and lydia look at each other smiling in awe , after minutes of them staring at the baby, stiles feeling all the emotions,happiness,protectiveness and sadness all he is thinking about was that they spent most of their life losing people it’s a good change that now scott brought a new life, she gonna grow up with both of her parents next to her, they will shower her with love , she will have the whole pack to protect her , he looks up and shares a look with scott that both of them know what it means “we’re alive,we’re happy and i am glad that you’re with me” 

stiles says while stuttering “scott you made this” then he looks at the baby “ how?wow” scott laughs at his best friend and then he say while he kisses kira temple “i am sure you know how buddy” and stiles looks at him still overwhelmed “scott you and kira made this” and lydia laughs at him then she rests her head on his shoulder and drops gentle kisses on it .  

scott then tells lydia “ do you want to hold her? “ lydia hesitate a little bit but then she nods and when she opens her arms for stiles to hand the baby to her stiles turns his back to her , lydia,scott and kira raises their eyebrows at his behavior and he tells them “give me 5 minutes” and the three of them roll their eyes  .

after 30 minutes stiles speaks,looking at lydia who is almost falling sleep on the couch “okay you can hold her now” 

  “5 minutes huh ?” lydia replies yawning 

he just rolls his eyes 

  “ okay lydia, first you have to slide one of your hands under her head and the other under her little bottom and then-”  stiles says while leaning down to hand the baby to lydia .

she interrupts him saying “ smart ass,i am sure that i know how to hold a baby” 

stiles looks at scott and he sees him face palming and next to him kira laughing  . 

as soon as stiles locks their apartment door , lydia goes on her toes and kisses him,her arms around his neck pulling him down to her , his arms goes around her waist bringing her body closer to his , she grabbed a fistful of his shirt and deepens the kiss , he picks her up pushes her against the wall and whispers against her lips “ i thought we said that we want to wait “ she kisses him and pulls back “do you want to wait?” he groans and says “lydia, i want whatever you want , you know that”

“take me to bed then” 

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hey cutie 💕 white t-shirt by jonghyun, again with whatever pairing you want!!

“whatever pairing you want”, but, also you “i lowkey want jikook tho” *fond sigh*


“hip-hop teacher? never heard of him.” jimin adjusts his leotards, preparing for a long day of teaching kids ballet. he’s doing his usual stretch when Seokjin The Front Desk Guy comes in to check.

“yeah, i heard he’s new. he’s the youngest instructor here in the academy so it seems. fresh out of college.” seokjin checks the time and gasps. “the kids will be coming in any minute. gotta blast.”

“see ya.” jimin waves a goodbye before doing more stretches as he waits for his pupils. 


“and one and two and–”

there was a loud knock on the door, and all the kids stop to look at the intruder. jimin is a little pissed because he’s made it clear that he doesn’t want anybody interrupting his classes because the kids have a really short attention span. but at least they had the audacity to knock.

the intruder comes in and oh, dear jesus, if he ain’t the most gorgeous man jimin has ever seen in his life. he’s tall, really broad, filling out that plain white shirt gorgeously with the classic gray sweatpants. jimin has always been a ballerino but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like the laid-back type. 

he’s got a beanie on top of messy bangs but he still looks striking enough for jimin to blank out for a couple of seconds and–”excuse me? are you park jimin-ssi?”

“what–oh,” jimin looks up at him, looks up. “yeah, that’s me. is there something going on?”

“yeah i think it might be a problem with the schedule, uh…” the guy fiddles with his hands awkwardly. “i’m jeon jeongguk, the new hip-hop class instructor and my kids and i don’t have any room so the management asked if you could cut the class short? it’s just thirty minutes.” he looks shy, and kind of apologetic about his request. jimin doesn’t have any qualms with that, in fact his kids would probably like it. he just has to stall them before their parents pick them up.

but jimin is no easy feat.

he looks back at his confused students and smiles. he turns to jeongguk. “i’m park jimin, yeah. ballet instructor. nice to meet you, jeongguk-ssi.” jimin offers a hand in which jeongguk politely takes. his hands are big and warm, a little calloused, and dwarfs jimin’s hands entirely. it looks really pleasing, but jeongguk doesn’t have to know that. 

“nice to meet you too, jimin-ssi. i’m really sorry but uh…there’s no spare room and they’re gonna work on it real soon so hopefully by next week i’ll have a room at this time.”

“no worries. but what’s in it for me?” jimin is coy, if not very. he finds someone attractive, he flirts with them, he works his charm. but only if he knows they’re gonna be a real fun target. 

jeongguk’s cheeks are starting to get red. he’s adorable, really, but also really hot. in five seconds jimin can think of thirty ways jeongguk can fuck him to sunday, but they should probably start off as friends first.

“wha-what do y–”

“cafe naya, down the street. 3pm? we can buy coffee. or tea. or anything you want, really. they have it all there.”

“o-oh…” jimin knows jeongguk is mentally raking his head for his schedule, with his furrowed brows and lip-nibbling. jimin doesn’t know how a man so stunning in a simple white shirt can be cute too, like an innocent child. if he wasn’t so damn buff and sexy. “3 sounds cool. yeah. i’ll uh…i’ll meet you there?”

“why don’t we go together?” jimin steps a little closer into jeongguk’s space. thankfully, he doesn’t step back. they’re a little too close with fifteen kids in the room but there are no parents to witness this exchange and the kids can only remember so much. “pick me up from the pantry? i’ll be there after i change.”

“p-pantry, yes. of course. i know where that is”

“great!” jimin claps his hands once and turns back to his kids. “okay babies, time to pack up. we’re cutting the class short today but we’ll wait until your parents come and get you, okay?”

3pm couldn’t come fast enough.

(send me your fave song + bts pairing and i’ll make a drabble out of it!)

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"I don’t think you understand just how big his dick is!!!" 😏😏😏

harry paulie

i swear this day has been going on forever. i wanna go home.

i’m sorry, baby. you wanna come over later? we can put on a film and i’ll play with your hair.

sounds nice. i’ll let you know when i’m on my way yeah?

i don’t think you understand just how big his dick is!!!!


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am i the only one who doesn’t give two fucks about liam’s new baby, like sorry louis and liam i think having kids was about the stupidest thing you’ve ever done 

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harry paulie


well what was i supposed to say? i didn’t want you to freak out



i’m sorry baby!

you’re never doing that to me again

oh i definitely am

no you’re not

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