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Gabriella Frye—rough bust sketch of Oreana and Jacob’s 18 year-old-daughter.

I had to remodel her from when I last drew her; otherwise, Jacob’s genetics would have looked like they took a holiday from creating his own children, so her hair and eye-color will be similar to Jacob’s.

Gabriella wears half of a ballroom mask to conceal horrible burn scars over part of her face and eye area. She was tortured by Templars when her father was healing after the Jack the Ripper incident and Gabriella began to masquerade as him to throw the enemies off from the idea that Jacob was somewhere in critical condition.

She wears a locket around her neck that has a picture of her father and brother inside as she assumed her mother to be dead for years till Emmett uncovered the truth.

Had to doodle her to get a general idea of her character.

Thanks for the interest on the OC post, dears. I’ll certainly consider the thought. ♥

As for my RPers, I will fill those of you in that were absent because of circumstances out of your control. I am relieved things are, for the most part, alright. =(

colored some doodles of act 1 veronica <3 


“i don’t have the tears to cry anymore. but…i at least have to keep yu safe” // “i promise you, mika. even if i have to sell out the whole world to do it, i’ll make sure you’re turned back into a human.”


My favorite scene from “With Good Intentions” by @anirrahn PLEASE go read and give many kudos and comments on it! :))

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“Did they make you president of the universe, too?”
“Well, the big vote is tomorrow, and I’m here to make sure every comatose patient has their say. Vote Ryder!”