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The Signs as Scream Theories

Aries-  Kevin Duval was the Original Killer

Taurus- Emma Duval is the killer 

Gemini- Maggie Duval Lured Kevin Duval back to Lakewood 

Cancer- Kieran is actually a 40 year old undercover cop 

Leo- Jake isn’t dead that was his twin

Virgo-  Kieran is the killer

Libra- Sage the Pomeranian is the killer 

Scorpio- Noah is the Killer 

Sagittarius-  Audrey is innocent

Capricorn- Brooke’s mom is actually dead 

Aquarius- Haley is Piper’s sister

Pisces- Audrey is Guilty  

Too Far (Audrey/Reader)

requested by anon

reader and audrey have a fight, audrey doesn’t know when to shut up


“I ask you to do one thing and you couldn’t even do that!” Audrey shouted as she stormed into your bedroom.

You jumped at her tone, “What did I do?”

She scoffed, “The video? Emma and Noah? I asked you not to watch it and you did! Dammit Y/N!”

You didn’t get why she was so mad, I mean, you had to watch it. The police called her in because of it, you needed to know what was on that card.

“Audrey, i’m sorry, i really am but-” You started.

“Rachel never would’ve done this, she actually listened when I told her something.” Your girlfriend spat as she paced your room.

Now, due to her angered state, you would’ve ignored that Rachel comment, but it was the third time she’s compared you to her ex in a matter of weeks and you were done with it.

You chuckled, “There you go again, comparing me to the great Rachel!”

Audrey paused, “Oh no, you can’t try to turn this on me! You’re the one who messed up! You always mess everything up!” She shouted as she walked towards you.

You always mess everything up? Now that was too far, even for Audrey.

“Do I now? Well if i’m not in your life anymore I won’t be able to mess things up for you.” You snapped and pointed to your door, “Get out, now.”

A look of shock crossed Audrey’s face, “N-No, Y/N, I-I didn’t mean it. I was mad and it just came out and-”

You cut her off, “I said get out!”

Audrey’s shoulders slumped as she walked out the door, turning to look at you one last time, she was met with your hard glare.

Hearing your front door shut, you dropped on your bed and tried your hardest not to cry.


The next day you didn’t bother going to school, telling your parents you weren’t feeling well, you stayed in bed till your phone started blowing up.

You had 8 missed calls, two from Audrey and the rest from Noah. Not bothering with Audrey, you sent Noah a quick text saying you weren’t feeling well and wouldn’t be going to school.

A loud banging at your front door caused you to wake up from your nap, groaning, you made your way downstairs.

You should’ve checked the peephole because low and behold, Audrey stood there looking as nervous as the day she asked you out.

“You didn’t go to school and Noah said you weren’t feeling good so I had to come check on you..” She explained as you stared at her.

You sighed, “Come in.”

Audrey followed you up to your room where you took a seat on the bed as she once again paced in front of you as she talked, “Listen Y/N, i’m so sorry I said those things. I-I was just really upset because that video showed a side of me I never wanted you to see, you know i’m not like that and I was scared you’d think-”

“Of you differently..” You finished for her.

She nodded, a frown on her face, “Yes. And I didn’t want some stupid video I made in the heat of a moment to ruin us.”

You made your way to your girlfriend before wrapping your arms around her neck, “You’re forgiven and I’m sorry I overreacted.”

Audrey hugged you back, “You’re forgiven.”

Pulling away, you pecked her lips, “I don’t like when we fight, I couldn’t sleep all night.”

She nodded, “Me either, would you mind if I stayed?”

“I was hoping you would.” You smiled.

You and Audrey both got back into your bed before dozing off, both your phones blowing up with messages from Noah.

As a side note,from someone who also had a childhood best friend ditch them for another group of friends,it’s not the easiest thing to go through even when you have other friends to support you. My childhood bff was awful to me AND IT STILL HURT. Can you imagine how Audrey felt when she lost Emma? She had no one.Her mom was sick. She lost her best friend. Her girlfriend was killed by someone she trusted. Now that she has the others AND is about to lose them,and Emma all over again? Do you know what she must be going through? Do you?

why i don’t ship emma & audrey

i don’t ship emma and audrey. sorry i just don’t see them that way & btw i’d really like to know why everyone ships them so much when emma literally ditched her for the popular crowd and couldn’t give two fucks of what became of audrey & not to mention she only started talking to her again cause she felt guilty about the video.. i think audrey deserves better than to end up with emma. btw im not trying to throw any kind of hate to emmrey shippers cause i respect every ship and i have noting against emma but this is something i always had in my head.  and it just bothers me. idek..