sorry arze

I try to keep my blog drama free as I’m sure you all know because I really don’t care for it in any way, but I came across this post on Instagram and I was too disgusted to not saying anything.

This is honestly one of the most fucked up things I have seen.

Now I’m not going to go on a big rant about defending Arzaylea and saying that you have to like her, because you don’t. 

But at least respect her - don’t go around saying you want to kill her because that is completely messed up and INHUMANE. And all because she is in a relationship with a celebrity.

Sure she’s supposedly done things that have pissed people off but saying you want to kill someone because of something so insignificant and petty is absolutely disgusting.

And at the end of the day it is in fact all because she is simply in association with a band member.

Grow up.

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry but Arz and Luke flying to the same destination at the exact same time can't be a coincidence? She isn't there for work because she said she said 'two last weekends of fun' before working? After Lindsay saying they still love eachother (not that she would know shit cause she obvs wasn't even invited with either of them lol) but I'm panicking I hope that boy ain't stupid and taking her back😩😩😩

Don’t panic. It’s just a weird coincidence – I swear. Luke’s in Vegas celebrating his birthday with the band and his friends, and Arzaylea’s there with @Njomaza for some unknown reason. They aren’t in the same location or anything. It’s no different than them both living in LA but never seeing each other. 

5sos[Fam] trying to revive Luke after he spends a liiittle too much time with arz

arze's bad hair days masterpost

i’ve come to find it’s basically impossible find a picture where his hair isn’t doing some sort of stupid thing

note: none of these are my pics/gifs/edits and i honestly don’t know where i got them from anymore. if these are urs let me know and i’ll link them 2 ur blog !!

ok here we go!

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