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• Holmes and Hooper •

“Her heart sank into her shoes
as she realised at last how much
she wanted him.
No matter what his last was,
no matter what he had done.
Which was not to say that she
would ever let him know, but
only that he moved her chemically
more than anyone she had ever met,
that all other men seemed
pale beside him.”

- F. Scott Fitzgerald

anonymous asked:

The sandbox changes actually look really good. No, you don't one-shot people any more, but Crew Stunned looks like a fairly powerful effect - for which you get assistance damage, I believe - and it's fairly easy to apply it over a rather large area. Which means you influence the outcome of battles more *and* actually crack teams turtling on corners more effectively. Plus they buffed area of effect pretty hard, so while your single-target damage isn't as high, you'll still put out decent AOE DPS.

Short answer: No, it doesn’t look good at all.

Long answer:

I’m sorry if this is going to sound hostile and pissed, anon please don’t take it as a personal attack. Just understand that just about everything about these changes sounds horrible to me.

I’ll start this off with some questions: Do you play arty regularly? Have you ever played arty that wasn’t low tier on the regular servers? Have you played any class before the 8.6 arty nerf? You should be able to answer “yes” to at least the first two questions, otherwise I’m afraid your opinion could be uninformed. I’m not saying that no one who doesn’t play arty knows anything about it, but I’ve made the experience that this is usually the case. So please, if you answered at least one of the first two questions with “no”, do your research first.

Now that this is out of the way…

(I’ll put the following rant under a readmore because holy shit did I write much. Probably no one will read all of this, but I really gotta get it off my chest.)

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reaching for the stars
oh my god season 2 is finally happening (:3」∠)_