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Imagine Being Chekov’s Twin Sister

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(AKA MusiKat writes an imagine solely to criticize a patronymic error in the AOS genderbend comic, with translations at the end. Also apologies for Google Translate, I can form some small and simple Russian phrases on my own but nothing very complex.)

“Alright, time for morning roll call,” Kirk sat in his seat.  It was day one of the five-year mission, and that meant making sure the bridge crew was all present and ready to boldly leave the planet.

“Keptin on the bridge,” your brother started off. You gave him a proud grin; sure, you were both geniuses, but you were glad to see your quieter brother do well and be happy.

“First officer?”

“Present, captain.”


“Present and accounted for, Captain Kirk.”



Some of the crew looked up between you and your brother in confusion.

“…Is something wrong?” Pavel asked.

“What about Y/N?” Kirk asked. “She’s a Chekov, too. I was kind of hoping to kill two birds with one stone.”

“That’s not how it works,” you put bluntly.

“…Don’t all twins awkwardly respond when their name is called?”

“Он американец, не подчеркивайте его.”

You nodded in agreement at you brother’s point, “Правда, но он смешной, когда он смущен.”

“Guys…please…we know we have universal translators, but it would really help if you guys would use them sometimes,” Jim scratched his neck.

“Of course, keptin,” you smiled innocently. “Ensigns Chekov and Chekova are present.”

Pavel rolled his eyes at you as Jim continued down his list. You just shrugged with a smile and turned to your work.

It was going to be a long five years, after all. Some humor along the way would certainly make it go along a little more enjoyably.

Он американец, не подчеркивайте его.- “He is American, don’t stress him about it.”

Правда, но он смешной, когда он смущен.- “True, but he’s funny when he’s confused.”

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Ch 30/? - The Golden Age That Never Was (RotG/Blackice)

Title: The Golden Age That Never Was (30/?)

Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Jack Frost/Pitch Black (or if you want to get tetchily specific - Jack Overland who becomes Jack Frost with Kozmotis Pitchiner who becomes elements of Pitch Black…..)
Characters: Jack Frost, Kozmotis Pitchiner/Pitch Black, E. Aster Bunnymund, Sanderson Mansnoozie, Toothiana, Nicholas St. North, Jamie Bennett, Seraphina Pitchiner, The Man in the Moon, Tsar Lunanoff, Tsarina Lunanoff, Cupcake.
Warnings/Tags: Hurt/comfort, Whump, Angst, Book & Movie Combination, Friendship, Minor Character Death, Slow burn, Abuse of Power/Authority, Dysfunctional Relationships, Power Play, Corporal Punishment, Adventure, Space Opera (kiiiind of), Golden Age, D/s, Initiation, Kink, Injury, Grief, AU, apologies to canon enthusiasts and people who love authentic representations of space. (Please see AO3 for more tags).                  

Summary: Soldier in training Jack Overland is approaching the day of his initiation, finally he’ll learn how to fight back against the living darkness and serve the Tsar and Tsarina Lunanoff. More importantly, maybe it will get him closer to Royal Admiral Kozmotis Pitchiner, Jack’s hero, champion of the people. If only anything ever worked out the way it should.

The Golden Age that Never Was - Chapter 30 - Ripped Open

In which Anton means well, but absolutely makes a mess of something, Jack decides to deal with the situation in…not the healthiest of ways, and finds his inner snark-puppy, and Pitch admits something important.

Anton Walbrook, on stage in the early 1930s. 


 ♥ I have a heart of darkness, of broken desire. If I could trade with you, I’d throw it all to the fire. Drag me down now, take all you can, I’m happier there, where the world loves no man. ———-


Father tell me, do we get what we deserve, Oh we get what we deserve, And way down we go, Way down we go ~ You let your feet run wild, Time has come as we all go down, Yeah but for the fall, Do you dare to look him right in the eyes? ~ ‘Cause they will run you down, down til the dark, Yes and they will run you down, down til you fall, And they will run you down, down til you go, Yeah so you can’t crawl no more ~ And way down we go