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Could we maybe see another picture of your puppy? Sorry thats random but I'm a sucker for pups and that one picture you shared was just too cute for words :)

LOL of course. Mr. Reaux just turned three and a half months old! He’s nonstop energy and I’m currently trying to get him to watch TMNT with me but all he wants to do is chew EVERYTHING. We love him, though. 
Also, he is a Morkie puppy, which is a Maltese and Yorkie mix. =]

Hi guys I’m a mom

Okay so this is yet another picture of my cat (trust me there will be so many of these you guys will want to unfollow me.) Lol, but seriously

Her name is Ramsey! I decided to name her after the pool I’ve been swimming in with all my swim teams since high school (and still swim in, haha)! And here she is laying on my swim bag, so coincidence? I think not!

So anyway, she’s literally my favorite thing in the whole planet and I just wanted to share her with you guys a little bit! Sorry for the guaranteed spam of her in the future!

Wow! Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the survey. I reached my goal of 100 responses in no time and now I have a clearer picture of what y'all want to see on this blog. Your answers were very helpful and appreciated (especially the sweet ones for the open question at the end, they made me blush lol). If you didn’t have a chance to take the survey I’m sorry but it’s closed now :( maybe sometime in the future I’ll make another one to see if I’m still on the right track. Thanks everyone! 💖

Damn ~ Sammy Wilk Sexting

glitteryladywerewolf said:Hey can you do a fake text where you are horny and you send pictures of you? The boy is sammy

Here you go Babe ! Thank you for the request Sorry It took me long to make !

This Was interesting !

Sorry if it sucked I am not that great at Making smut lol but I tried let me know if you want another one ! 

Well this was the best thing ever.  I asked for a “Too precious for this world hug”…to which Jensen responded, “YESSSSSS” and Misha looked thoroughly confused.

Jensen grabbed me and did this before I could even position myself in front of Misha (lol sorry Jensen).  So this is me, not knowing what faces they were making, and trying to look at Misha.

I cannot with their faces.  (Also as I was walking away they were joking with each other about the faces they were making like can you not?)

(Please do not take my picture and repost.  There is another post with my picture going around that was posted without my permission.)

Some Pictures of My FemKylo Cosplay from Megacon!

Forgot to upload these when I originally took them, well, it’s more like I got lazy but I’m not doing anything atm so I wanted to share with the Reylo fam:

(ACK. They’re actually huge and I’m too lazy to resize so Imma put them under the Read More line! Sorry!)

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Outside Looking In (Part 1)

OKAY soooo go easy on me. This is literally my VERY FIRST fanfic. IM HELLA SORRY IF IT SUCKS ASS CHEEKS butttt I tried lol. Hope you like it though!

Max sat in the light of a single desk lamp. The glow was bright enough to light just the table it sat upon.

It was a quiet and still night for the brunette. She decided to stay home while her two best friends went out to another party. She wanted time to go through her portfolio, and take a breather from all the shenanigans.

Flipping through the pages of various pictures, she found her mind drifting away from what she originally wanted to do. She closed the folder, and walked to the closet.  She reached behind a pair of shoes that looked like they haven’t been touched in ages. Pulling through the cubby was Max’s stashed away photos in a disguised box.

As the group photographer, it was her job to document everything. Every memorable moment- whether it was a piece she used to playfully blackmail her friends; a souvenir from the many, spontaneous road trips; or just a silly photo for nostalgia. Max took a minute with every picture.  Remembering all the little details of how that picture came to be.

She laughed when she came across a photo of Rachel’s leg receiving some love by Pompidou, and the girl reaching out for Chloe who would purposely keep herself just out of reach.

Another was when she and Rachel decided to doll up Chloe.

Max loved the bluenette’s pissed off face when they were finished.

Towards the end of the stack she found a picture of the trio. It was a simple group selfie. It was the day they got Rachel back. The beginning of their friendship as a threesome. Max had to admit it. Arcadia Bay’s sunset was mesmerizing. In this photo, they were all smiling. Especially Chloe. Her two best friends right by her side.

Max ran her fingers across the gloss print. Every picture was- happy.

The rest of her collection had a common theme: blue.

Yes- 25% of the pictures were of her childhood best friend.

Her blue hair always looked intense against the dull colors behind her. Max admired how almost every photo of the blue headed girl seemed so genuine. Her blue eyes always looked intense, yet soft at the same time- even before the blue hair.

Max felt her heart flutter looking at the pictures. She lingered longer on each one.

What were they? “Best friends” seems to fall a bit short of what they were. Max couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was exactly. All she knew was that she cared about Chloe. A lot. Probably more than she should. She would do absolutely anything for her. Even turn back time- which she did. Over and over. She did things she would never have thought she could do had it not been in Chloe’s name.

They had been through too much to just leave it at that.

The brown haired girl neatly packed away her collection, letting out a deep sigh. It was growing. It made her happy to know that she soon needed a bigger box to accommodate the contents she kept within it.

She returned her special box to its hiding place.

Pulling herself out from the low place, her arm got caught on the jacket hanging just by the shoe rack. Max instinctively shot her arm out to snatch it before it fell completely off.

Slipping out from the pocket was a white slip.

Max neatly returned the jacket to its hanger before bending down to pick up the paper.

A plane ticket?

It was a one way ticket to Los Angeles.

The girl turned her head back to the closet. It came from Chloe’s favorite black jacket.

A plane ticket to LA? The departure was for Thursday- a couple days away.

Max back to the dimly lit table, and sat down.

She remembered Rachel stuffing her purse before they left to the rave. Max recalled where she remembered  seeing the familiar bold, red banner that stretched across the ticket. Rachel had one too.

Los Angeles. One way.

Neither of her friends brought it to her attention that they were taking a trip to the entertainment capital of the world—without her?

Well, Chloe brought it up once before. She referred to Arcadia Bay as the hellhole that she and Rachel wanted so desperately to get out of. Los Angeles was their escape plan.

Max sat down and fiddled with the ticket. Why didn’t they tell her? Why didn’t Chloe say anything about it? Why wasn’t she invited for this one? Max felt like a lame butt for analyzing all the reasons why she was being excluded. They weren’t exactly attached at the hip. They were adults they could do whatever they wanted, and whenever. Then again, Chloe and Rachel were known by all of Arcadia Bay to fuck shit up wherever they went. They’d shut down the cool kids. Make the parties three times more fun.

Yeah, the mosh pit wasn’t her forte. Punk rock wasn’t her style. But that didn’t matter to them right? To Chloe?

Max began to regret staying home while the other two went out to live life. Her mind was now trying to convince her that she was the odd one out. Rachel and Chloe are living up to their promise to each other to finally get out of Arcadia Bay. That the last few months did not matter. Max wasn’t part of that arrangement. She still isn’t.

No way, Caulfield. There’s no way Chloe would ever leave without you.

Would she?

The punk expressed in the past how Rachel had a huge impact on her life. Her savior. Her angel.

What was Max? the “best friend” that abandoned her when her father died. The person who was never leaving. The person who left her broken friend, and let someone else pick up the pieces.

But she could’ve called me too..?

The freckled girl placed her head in her hands. She was definitely regretting staying home now.

As the night when on, Max began to let her mind wander some more.

So, what if they’re going to Los Angeles without you, Max. It doesn’t mean anything.

She held the ticket in her hand reading the black lettering over and over.

It was one way.

Does that mean they’re staying there?

As roommates, they all agreed to respect each other’s privacy, but Max was a tad curious.

She opened up the door to Chloe’s room.

It smelled of weed and alcohol. She noticed two stuffed duffle bags somewhat tucked underneath the bed.

Refusing to quickly jump to any conclusions, Max shut the door and walked across the hall.

It wasn’t until she saw that Rachel too had most- not some- of her things packed away even in boxes near the wall, did Max begin to tear up.

C’mon Max. It was their plan for a really long time. But I’m sure they’ll explain in the morning.

It was past midnight when Max checked the clock.

Chloe and Rachel are usually out past dawn, so she wasn’t phased.

The small girl was tired of doing nothing. Sleep was calling her. As soon as she lay back against the cool side of the pillow, it’s like life wanted to twist the knife in her chest. In the darkness of her room, Max laid wide awake.

2 AM

Her eyes were red from the tears. It only makes sense that the two would take off somewhere together, and never look back at Arcadia Bay. It was their dream they dreamt up together. Who was she to wedge herself between the obvious soulmates?

Soulmates. Chloe was hers. But Rachel was Chloe’s.

What she didn’t get was why Chloe never told her. Was she ever going to tell her?

Why keep it a secret?

Shuffling behind her bedroom door made Max’s breath hitch. She quickly wiped her eyes. She pretended to be asleep.

She heard giggling and shushing.

She heard her door crack open.



“I forgot my bag at Justin’s place.”

“Of course you did. Take my keys. DON’T fuck up my truck or I’ll be hella pissed.”

“When are you not hella pissed?”

The beautiful girl pecked Chloe on the cheek as she swiftly bounded out the front door.

Chloe grinned from ear to ear touching her cheek.

Chloe peeked in, and just looked at her best friend pretending to be sound asleep.

Through squinted eyes, as she faked her slumber Max watched Chloe look at her. She was smiling.

The tall girl closed the door slowly, trying not to let the latch wake her friend.

Max didn’t get a wink of sleep that night.

The next day, Max again wanted to stay home while the two other girls went out.

“Max, c’mon. Come with us this time. Pleaseee.” Rachel asked in her small voice.

“It’s gunna be a pretty kick ass party at Frank’s new place.” Chloe chimed in.

Max thought about it for a second. She wasn’t in the mood to party at all. Though seeing Frank’s new place did spark her curiosity. Max thought about how Frank was “trying to turn over a new leaf”, and get into a legitimate business. Besides, she did not want to be alone with her thoughts again that night.

“Fine.  But I’m not smoking or getting wasted.” She shot a look towards the blue haired girl who always tried to get her to “have a little fun”.

Chloe raised her hands in defeat, “Alright, whatever you say Mad Max. I don’t care as long as I get to thrash with my two best friends tonight.” Rachel and Max simultaneously cringed and teased the other girl for making it mushy.


The party was real fun, Max had to admit. Too bad half way through she realized she had obligations to attend to: her portfolio.

Back at her the apartment, Max spent a few hours rearranging her photos. By theme? By medium? Maybe she should sprinkle in some photos that show off her versatility?

As time went on Max began to run out of ways to adjust her portfolio until she just ultimately gave up on it, and put it away. It was time for a break.

Max roamed around the small space. She began to think about the ticket in Chloe’s jacket. She returned it so it wouldn’t seem like she was going through her roommate’s things.

She sat back at the table, lit only by the single desk lamp. She sat there with the ticket in hand just like the previous night.

Max- they’re leaving without you. It’s Wednesday night . They leave early in the morning. If they wanted you to go with them they would’ve told you weeks in advance, right?

It’s already 9 pm-and neither of them has told me anything about going to Los Angeles.

Max started to get an ache in her core. She was being left behind. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to cry.

She shook her head. She didn’t want to feel what she was feeling. Heartbroken? It was making her physically sick.

Max sat in the dimly lit room in silence. Letting her thoughts conquer her. Every now and then she let a tear fall, not even bothering to wipe it away. She had an empty expression, with eyes unfocused as she fidgeted with the piece of paper that fucked up her week.

She heard keys in the door but didn’t make any sign to move.

It was just Chloe.

“Hey I forgot something.” She said without looking towards Max.

“You missed it, Frank got shit on by Pompidou. It was hilarious. I swear that dog is my fucking spirit animal.” She mentioned as she looked around for what she needed. “Where the hell did I put it? Hey Max have you seen my black jacket?”

Max answered with silence.

Chloe stopped what she was doing, and checked on her friend.

“Yo, Maximus. You okay?”

Chloe took a step towards the smaller girl. She thought she must’ve fallen asleep at the table.

She approached her gently. She had a feeling that something was wrong. Max was way too quiet.

She put a hand on Max’s shoulder. “Max.”

She first saw the puffy eyes and the red nose. She had been crying.

Chloe immediately pulled up a chair to sit by her friend.

“Hey what’s going on? What happened?”

Max avoided eye contact and kept her hands clasped.

Chloe followed her gaze to see what Max was looking at- her plane ticket for tomorrow.

The tall girl dropped her head and sat back. “Shit. You weren’t supposed to see that yet.”

Max simply nodded, still looking at the ticket, and not saying a word. She feared if she tried to say anything she would surely cry.

The two sat in silence. Neither of them knew how to even begin talking about it.

Max was the first to stand up.

Chloe opened her mouth to say something but Max cut in with, “Your jacket’s in the closet,” her head bowed and away from facing her friend. She began to walk back to her room.

“Max, wait. Can we talk about this?”

Max stopped in her tracks. She turned and with the most genuine smile she could have made at the moment she assured her friend that she didn’t owe her an explanation. Before the tears could fall, she entered her room and closed the door.

Chloe sat there feeling like a total ass for not telling her best friend of her plans. She didn’t know how to bring it up. It wasn’t a secret necessarily. She just thought it wasn’t such a big deal. She, herself wasn’t even sure if she wanted to go to Los Angeles. She just wanted to be with Rachel wherever she went. She knew Max had her life built around Arcadia Bay at the moment, still finishing up at the university here. She didn’t want to be the one to get in the way of her path to becoming one of the world’s greatest photographers. She was helping her this way. Right?

The tall girl forgot all about the party and the jacket. She slid the ticket in front of her .

You idiot. You were really trying to skip town thinking she would never notice?

I’m a bad influence. She should be happy to get away from me. She doesn’t need my shit keeping her down.

The tall girl folded up the ticket n placed it in her jeans.

She snatched her jacket from the closet and headed for the door.

She stopped by Max’s closed door. Hand on the handle to the front door.

Dude, she’s obviously upset.

She took a step back and threw her jacket on the coat rack, kicking off her boots. The parties can wait.

She lightly rapped on Max’s door.

A small voice called her in.

When she entered the space, you can feel the awkward tension in the air. She closed the door behind her and sat against the wall.

“Aren’t you going back to the party?”

“Nah. I think I’m good for tonight.”

“I know you’re only staying for me. I’m fine, seriously. Go ahead and have fun.”
“Well I wasn’t exactly asking for permission. Besides, I wanna just sit and chill with Super Max”

Max raised her brows. “Chloe, you get bored in like two seconds.”

Chloe paused, thinking, then finally agreeing. “Yeah but it’s worth it.”

The conversation sat there for a second. The two girls didn’t say anything for what seemed like hours.

“My ass is falling asleep.”

Max patted the comforter next to her. The punk girl popped up and hopped onto the bed.

Max was focused on just twiddling her thumbs. There was no sign that she was going to initiate any type of conversation at this point.

“So..” Chloe began, “We really aren’t going to talk about this?”

Max looked at her friend with a blank expression. They studied each other’s faces. Again only Chloe spoke.

“Are you mad..?”

Max again looked at her friend for a long moment. Chloe examined her friend’s expression hoping she could find her answer there if her friend wouldn’t outright say it.

Max inhaled deeply, and shook her head. She returned her attention to her hands, obviously not wanting to take the conversation further.

Of course she was mad. She didn’t like that she was mad. She didn’t feel right about being mad. Any time she let herself feel mad about it- she reminded herself that it must be some kind of punishment for what she did 5 years ago. It wasn’t fair for her to be mad at Chloe for finding someone else to make her happy. She knew Chloe was practically in love with Rachel. Wherever she goes, Chloe goes.

Wherever Chloe goes, Max only wished she could follow.

“I’m just tired.”

Chloe knew that was bullshit. Though they were apart for a period of time, no one knew Max Caulfield like Chloe did. She could usually read her with clarity. Tonight, it’s fuzzier than normal.

“Okay.” She replied and got up from the bed not wanting to press any more than she already has.

Suddenly, Max speaks up. Voice as small as her.

“I can’t keep up.”

Chloe stopped at the door.

“What?” She turned to see Max’s still in the same position, still not looking directly at her. Her eyes were towards the ground. Even in the dim light of her bedside lamp. Chloe saw a tear fall from the corner of the shy girl’s eyes.

There was silence.

“You and Rachel. I.. don’t think I could keep up.”

“Max, what are you even talking about?”

Max continued hesitantly, “I mean you guys mesh together so well. “ She was unsure of how open she wanted to be with the bluenette. She knew her better than she knew herself, yet she was still nervous.

Chloe walked back to the foot of the bed and sat down. She faced the door, but her body language told Max she was still listening.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m on the outside looking in. Then, I see why everybody thinks you guys are such a kick ass duo. Because you are. I mean-“

Max’s thoughts began to swirl. She didn’t know where she was going with this.

Chloe didn’t know where Max was going with this. The once clear window to her best friend’s thoughts and feelings became foggy.

Max sniffled trying to keep back the tears. She didn’t know why she was crying. She had been conflicted with her feelings lately. Was this going to be the night she let Chloe know?


Chloe remained quiet.

Whoa. Wait a minute. Is… Is Max.. jealous? Of Rachel??

Max didn’t know what she wanted to say next. Chloe wasn’t saying anything, and that worried her. Does she know? I don’t want to make her choose. I don’t want to be that friend. I like Rachel too.. but Chloe..

Max felt the tears winning. Her brain kept bombarding her with the thoughts that prevented her from thinking rationally.

Of course she doesn’t like you that way. You left her remember? Rachel is so much better than you. She saved Chloe when she needed you the most. She isn’t chicken shit like you. Chloe’s crazy about her. Just accept it.

Max cleared her throat and shook her head.

They already bought tickets, Max. It’s too late. Just let her go. You had your chance. All you want is for Chloe to be happy. So let her.

Chloe was still quiet, as she raked her thoughts.

I have to say something. But what? God. Fucking think, Price.

Again Max saves her.

“You weren’t planning on coming back.”

It was a statement. Not a question.

Chloe shook her head as an agreement, and she felt a knot in her throat.

“Have a safe flight, Chloe.”

Ouch. The way the words left Max’s mouth stung like a bitch. Soft, but it was laced with pain. She was tired. Tired of trying to get Chloe’s attention.

Chloe took one look at her friend who still avoided her eyes. She was leaning back into her bed. Getting ready for sleep. It was Chloe’s que to leave.

Fuck- she didn’t want her to leave.

Max just didn’t know what to say anymore. She was so torn. She didn’t want Chloe to stay trapped in Arcadia Bay forever. She didn’t want Rachel to be pushed out of her life either. She wanted Chloe.. but she knew that she couldn’t have it both ways. She also knew she would never make Chloe choose. It wasn’t fair. Nothing is fair.

Chloe shut the door behind her. It was 1 am and she felt like getting high as a kite. She decided otherwise.

The tall girl walked down the hall to her room.

Rachel wasn’t back yet. Her room was as she left it for the party.

Her phone buzzed. It was Rachel. She was going to spend the night at Frank’s

The night just keeps getting better.

Hello folks,

I am sorry I haven’t been around. I’ve been stuck in another world of my favourite show and since it’s now ended for the season I am hoping to get back on the saddle and ride the horse towards writing and posting the pictures again. 

It is always interesting to have something such as a tv show influence and consume your thoughts, time and everything else. 

But enough said, so if you see me popping too much on your notifications is because I am now fully detoxified from the show (for now lol).

Well, I hope everyone is well and thank you always for your continued support, love, comments and whatnot :)

Have a good one ^_^