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FUN REPTILE FACT: sometimes, snakes’ heads appear and disappear by magic.

Now, if you’ve followed SDM a long time, this kind of thing might seem a little old hat to you. But wait, there’s more!

Afterwards, we’re also treated to a snake…

…appearing… disappearing… disappearing another frame… and then appearing again, further out!

“…ugh, is it really morning already?”

“Argh, it is… I’m going back to bed, I sunned myself on that rock way too long yesterday.”

*ring ring*

“…hello? Oh, hiya, Tammy… well, I guess I could take your slithering shift today…”

“…no, no, it’s fine, sorry about the bad rat. Talk to you later. Bye-bye.”

“*yawn* You owe me one big time, Tammy.”

Masquerade III: The Rules of the Game – Part 5 (Jungkook x Reader x another BTS member)

One must know the rules of the game, in order to come and play.

!! If you haven’t, please read the first two sagas in this series: MASQUERADE & Masquerade II !! [There will be spoilers if you read this story first.]

Summary: With Club Masquerade’s original hosts “graduating” one at a time, it’s up to the newcomers to pick up the slack and keep the customers happy. And who better to take the reins than the notorious Red Mask’s prodigy, Jeon Jungkook. But things become a bit difficult when you come into the picture, with your desire to do research on the rules of love and dating through your experience with your host. Will Jungkook be able to satisfy your curiosities… or will someone else?

Jungkook x Reader x BTS member [Read on to find out who >:P] (ft. Jimin & Hoseok)
CEO au, Host au, Cop!Kook au
Fluff & Smut

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 (Finale)

A/N: Hey everyone ~ this one’s long again so I put another “Keep Reading” link so let me know if it isn’t working ^^ This is straight up SIN (You have been warned)…I’m sorry…Enjoy ~ and stay hydrated LOL.

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          To say something had stirred inside of you after having sex with Namjoon would be somewhat of an understatement. Rather than “stirred” it seemed that it had been unleashed… unlocked.

           There was a gnawing need inside of you. Like that one time hadn’t been enough. Like you were intoxicated and obsessed with chasing after the high, the pleasure, the satisfaction that you had felt in that moment. But what worried you was that you knew that moments and feelings hardly ever replicated themselves to the same degree, and to expect the same feeling would be setting yourself up for disappointment. Yet you still hoped; you still searched.

           Every time you met with Namjoon, it would end up with clothes strewn on the floor; your limbs tangled around each other, like both of your bodies knew no other place other than each other’s.

           When your frustration was so great, you turned to Jungkook, who more than happily consented to your advances. He was well aware of your feelings for Namjoon and of your great thirst and search for physical intimacy. Most of the time, you and Jungkook would meet at the Club, neither of you daring enough to initiate anything at work, not sure whether it was something that crossed the other’s thought, and certainly not wanting to cross that line.

           Until one day, your growing heat got the better of you.

           As far as logical went, you always thought your mind was in full control of your body, but it seemed that those many years of tight reign had dissolved with a single taste of worldly pleasures. And you couldn’t think of any reason to deny yourself, especially if all the parties involved were on the same page and in the loop with everyone’s desires and circumstances.

           And so, seated side-by-side with both of your backs to your co-workers, you and Jungkook were brainstorming some ideas for improvements in marketing and advertising, which you had to pitch to Mr. Jung and Mr. Park by the end of the week. You crossed your legs in an attempt to dissipate the throbbing of your center as flashes of heated nights with Namjoon and with Jungkook separately seeped in. Licking your lips, your eyes flickered over to Jungkook’s concentrated expression and pursed lips. You silently argued with yourself about the consequences of being caught in the workplace and possibly pushing Jungkook too much out of his comfort zone, especially when he wasn’t Nochu. But before your mind could register it, your hand began travelling down to Jungkook’s muscular thigh.

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The Map

Sharing this headcanon at @francesca-wayland‘s suggestion, so blame this on her (lol, jk):

Okay, so since I hc that Irene and Sherlock have had liaisons in multiple countries (I’m sure I’m not the only one who does), I also hc that Irene keeps a map, and checks off every country that they’ve done it in.

She sends Mycroft a pic of the map after every “secret” rendezvous. And every time Mycroft sees The Map, there’s more and more countries ticked off.

Mycroft: “Oh, dear God…”

And there’s no doubt as to the meaning of the map, because there’s always an attachment – a picture of a riding crop, a flogger, Irene’s lingerie (mostly likely torn by Sherlock), Sherlock’s wrists handcuffed/tied to the bed.

It’s gotten so that poor Myc is traumatized by his ringtone and has to change it, because every time it chimes he thinks “Oh God, it’s not gonna be another—”

Mycroft to Sherlock: Can’t you control your girlfriend? Stop her sending me these pictures!

Sherlock: I can’t.

Mycroft: Why not?

Sherlock: Well a) You’ve met her, do you honestly think anyone can control her? b) I sent that last one myself.


Some Sailor Turtles… *cough*

Leo as Sailor Mercury
Raph as Sailor Mars
Donnie as Sailor Saturn
Mikey as Sailor Venus

I’m so sorry! XD
Please don’t hit me… >.<

(Well… These are just the paper sketches, who have been lying around here since a while… I’m not sure if I ever will draw them ‘neatly’ at my tablet…, but I didn’t wanted to hide this dumb crap from you… :’D *lol*)

(Btw… I wanted to draw another picture…, with Shina as Sailor Moon and Raphael as Tuxedo Mask… X3 But I don’t know how to draw Raph in this stupid costume… -.- Meeh…)

Gladiolus After His DLC

Gladiolus: hey prompto check out these awesome photos i took. I think I might be able to put you out of your own business

Prompto: all of these are blurry

Gladiolus: I don’t take traditional aesthetically pleasing pictures…BECAUSE I’M A MAN.


Pictures from the Wild Night Before

It basically tells you what happened before the murder. Drinks and poker with the boys, followed by more drinks, beer pong, Craig the Mayor doing a kegstand like he used to back at university, the Colonel (who’s prob a fighting drunk) trying get more drinks from the Butler- who tells him he’s had enough for the night (maybe afterwards the Colonel goes to the wine cellar to get another bottle but drops it for some reason, wink wink). Russian Roulette with the boys? Then the Detective knocks you the fuck out after a fight, with the Mayor…uh, rummaging through the couch or something. Later in the evening the Mayor wakes you up and helps you to your room. Maybe that means the Mayor has an alibi, as you DID make it to your bed at 1:30 am.

Bonus: He just works there leave him alone

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Also (sorry to keep bugging ya) another tiny detail: when buster is counting up his $935, does the list say "$5 for cookies" at the bottom? Lol

You’re not bugging me at all, anon friend! AND YES IT DOES! Here’s a picture of the list, but it may be hard to read. The list apparently was Moon depositing a thousand dollars, but it seems he made a few small payments… one of them is for printing paper, and the other for COOKIES. Why is this little detail the cutest thing??

Policing Love as a Political Tactic: The Thought Crime of Women Loving Women

I remember the impact of realizing I was not straight had on me as a little girl. I was around eight years old. I fell in love with powerful women that I saw on TV and in the movies, most notably Storm from the X-Men films and some female detectives and doctors on TV dramas. I loved them and I knew in my heart that it was a love that transcended anything I had previously felt, though the feelings did confuse me. Did I want to *be* them, or did I want to *do* them? That confusion followed me well into my adulthood.

My point for bringing that up is because I suffered from years of repression. I would feel revulsion at my love for women, at my deep sexual attraction to the strong, amazing women I saw. The representation of lesbians and bisexual women was minimal, and whenever it came up, whether in songs, film, or television shows, my parents would immediately change the channel, turn the station, shut off the television, and make awful comments. “Who do they think they are, adding that in there? It’s disgusting. They’re just trying to be PC.” “You know she’s singing about a WOMAN right?? This singer is a d**e. Don’t listen to this song, I don’t want you getting any ideas.” “No, you can’t go see that, I heard it has lesbian shit in it.”

Soon that repression and those comments bled into my personal life. Everything was under surveillance, from my clothes and behaviors to my personal friendships. “You’re wearing that? You look like a fucking man. Take that off. You look like a d**e.” “Hmmm…aren’t those shoes a little d**ey? Go with the heels instead.” Even my healthy friendships came under fire: “You’re sleeping over at X’s AGAIN this weekend? I mean I know she’s your friend but she’s a little…well, you know, gay, right? I mean I’m just saying, I don’t want her to try and force you to do anything or experiment or shit like that.”

The celebration of women was suspect to my peers and parents. “Oh, you’re into that band? They’re, like, SUPER popular with the lesbians.” “Oh my god, I can’t believe you picked that movie, there were SOOOO many lesbians in there.” “What is this shit on your wall? Where did you get this d**e shit? This is the kinda shit a lesbian would put up, you don’t want people to think that about you, do you? Good. Take it down. I don’t want to see that shit in my house.”

None of these things that I enjoyed were explicit. I hung up pictures of women whose music I loved, who I had been introduced to by my parents: Indigo Girls, Joni Mitchell, pictures of feminists that I had read and felt inspired by, poets like Anne Sexton, Emily Dickinson, and Sylvia Plath. They decorated my wall because I loved their descriptions of women. I applied those poems to myself. Maybe some part of me subconsciously realized they were a celebration of woman-love, something more than heterosexual, platonic female friendship, but I didn’t know that. I wasn’t trying to challenge my parents. I had just found voices that echoed my own.

Growing up in the new millennium gave me a perspective of openness. There were other gay and bisexual people around me. I was beyond delighted! I couldn’t believe it! I wasn’t alone! No one was disgusted by my love of women. No one tried to hide me, no one was ashamed of me, and I wasn’t ashamed of them. I finally found like I had found a space, a LIFE, where I could live as myself without shame.

But now that’s changed. I posted something on another social media profile of mine that was simply pictures of women, and someone commented with that now-common accusation: “lol, what is this terf shit?”

And I stared at it with a mixture of annoyance and disappointment. I responded, it’s just pictures of women. How is that trans-exclusionary? And they said, well what’s the source? I said I didn’t know. They gave me a flighty response: “oh lol, sorry, just wanted to make sure!”

Make sure of what? That I wasn’t committing some heinous crime that would dare celebrate women? That I wasn’t supporting something they hated? Women who are deemed terfs are reviled, and we are often on the receiving end of horrifically detailed rape and death threats. Lesbians cannot even post about their love lives on their personal blogs without receiving an influx of violent and degrading comments, questioning their sexuality and being bullied to the point that it becomes abundantly clear that if they don’t include transgender women (males) in their relationships, then they’re not ~REALLY~ LESBIANS, they’re just “gyno-sexuals” and “genital fetishists.” The only reason to police these women, to make sure the celebration of women, by women, accepts males, is the oldest reason: misogyny. The only reason any lesbian receives hate for her sexuality, for her HOMOSEXUALITY, is misogyny.

The current political ideology of pomo idpol is just brand new, socially accepted fodder to hate women. When you see a woman posting anything that doesn’t include men, and celebrates the love a woman feels for another, and you decide to question, harass, and punish her for it, YOU ARE A HOMOPHOBIC MISOGYNIST. You are putting women back in the closet when we’ve recently been able to take steps outside. Women celebrating women, women LOVING and being attracted to other women should not be a threat, but it is, and I won’t pretend I don’t know why.

To try and psychologically bully a lesbian into accepting male genitalia under the guise of wanting to ~broaden~ her horizons and asking her to ~examine~ her sexuality is exactly what they did to lesbians in the 50’s and 60’s: conversion therapy under a post-modern label. It’s a violent tactic to try and turn a HOMOsexual person HETEROsexual, purely because YOU cannot accept a woman who will not be with a man, because YOU are uncomfortable at a sexuality that does not involve a penis.

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Writing this made me realise how much I can’t wait to see his dork become a dad of my kids lol OKAY SORRY DON’T SHOOT ME but yeah a n y w a y s !!! Tweaked this a little and got carried away writing this, it isn’t thaaat much of a big fight cos I can’t bear to write about that /heh/ but I did try to stay within the angst genre so I hope you guys enjoy this (I actually kinda really like how this turned out) ^^

Pregnancy – the gift of life, a miracle, the fruit of your labour, the all so beautiful creation of another human being…or so they said.

And as much as you pictured yourself flawlessly gliding around your home or going out and about your daily life completing day to day tasks effortlessly, the sweat that was starting to form under your pits from the mere short walk out of the cab and into the elevator up your husband’s office even in this fucking cold weather was doing nothing to make you feel better about yourself in addition to the fact that he had completely forgotten about your doctor’s appointment despite reminding him just yesterday.

“Ji Eun!” Gray greeted you as you walked into the office. “Wow it’s been some time since I last saw you and…you got really pregnant.”

“Hey…” You smile out of politeness, unsure if that was a nicer way of him saying that he has noticed the 16 pounds that you’ve gained now that you were into your third trimester but decided that you were too tired to even go into that right now. You didn’t even notice when you started becoming this cranky but with this belly getting in your way of everything, sigh…it was just hard not to. “Is Jay around…? He didn’t pick up any of my calls…”

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Look what you made me do, @taylorswift… I posted another picture of me, just for you :)

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated anyone on my life, so I wanted to give you a Swift <~ rundown (I’m sorry Taylor, that’s me being “clever” lol
I’m officially trying to break into the work field… it’s always tough in general, but being disabled, you have all these extra hoops to jump through… evaluations, testing, etc. it’s a LONG process, but I made it through my evaluation, which was a 16 hour shift for 2 days… I go for my next phase on October 24th, so I’ll try to keep you updated.
Along with that, I’m working towards my 2nd Paralympics (The Michigan Victory Games)… I don’t know if you saw last year, but I won 8 medals! I’m hoping to at least do the same this year, but will see. This year, they’re being held at Michigan State University in mid May. I really wish you could be there!
Last, but not least… Reputation is coming and I’m so beyond excited and happy for you, Taylor! I cannot wait to hear it… I love you so much, thank you for everything you do! ❤️


Attention, Idiots.

Sorry! lol I’ve been watching Guardians Of The Galaxy and Rocket is my spirit animal and I saw an opportunity and I took it. 

About the paw pads on Judy. Before you make another comment, well, ah’hah, don’t, mate. For one, those are OLD drawings from a long time ago. Only 4 pictures were ever done where I put feet pads on Judy. (Regardless they were cute as hell) However I haven’t drawn feet pads on Judy ever since. 

So before you come at me like, thinking you’re all clever, keep that in mind and read the description boxes. If you’re going to be stupid enough to say “omg bruh she triggered” I’m going to laugh at you the way Rocket laughs at Peter Quill’s 12% of a plan because I’m going to assume you have 12% of a brain :) 


P.S: Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 is AWESOME. Rocket, StarLord, Gamora, Nebula, Drax, Baby Groot, Yondu, Mantis - all the feels. 

There’s a girl in my intern place, named Kei. I told her that she has the same name as my favorite idol and everytime I hear her name being called I immediately thought about that person. I showed her this picture and she shocked.

She looked at me and then kinda shouted“YOU LIKE INOO KEI?! YOU LIKE HEY SAY JUMP?!!” Turns out she was a fans. We talked a lot, about JUMP and Johnny’s in general. She even told me when and why she stop being a fans. Now, she’s following another group, Arashi.

We literally fangirling inside the office. We said to the other “sorry if we’re being too noisy” LOL. It was fun!

Now, I need to doctrine her brain with the newest stuffs of JUMP!

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Hi there im back with another “theory”

[skip this rambling of mine] Sorry to some of you who have been waiting for my post (tbh I don’t feel my post is worth the wait, they’re just… delulu thoughts) and have been messaging where am I or if I am fine etc…  I disappear for a while bc 1. University/college assignments: it seems this semester my professors/lectures try to kill us slowly, 2. I don’t mean to disrespect anybody but there were lots of drama here, like “Kaisoo is dead/broke up/not close anymore” etc and tbh those things made me sad, I’m already dying enough bc of the papers I need to do to survive my student life, I couldn’t afford to be sad bc my otp’s gayness wasn’t exposed in public like it used to be.

Erhm, yeah… again I remind you this is how I see things, it doesn’t mean they’re true. I do not know these boys personally. I repeat: this is how I see them, how I perceive them, and I’m deluded af so don’t take my words seriously.

Now, what I want to talk about is sexism (what?)

Yeah you heard me.


Not long ago Soo wore a gray long-sleeved shirt with a big yellow embroidery rectangle patched on the front of his shirt (on the right side of the chest area) and “gender equality” was written on it, clear, bold and vivid. (I don’t have the picture but I remember the uploader put #equality gender then #love wins on the tags)

And when Nini babysat Tae0h, he taught the kid to protect women (he said something about; Tae0h needs to be strong like iron man so he could protect his sister and his mother). (I don’t have the picture/gif, but if you have watched the episode/have seen the gifs on his tag, you’ll know what I am talking about)

This idea struck me when I read an article about S.K having new curriculum which is teaching their young students about the dispute of “comfort women” that existed during Japanese imperialism in Korea. (You can read the article here on Wall Street Journal if you’re interested).

It made me remember about how women are still treated in S.K now. 

I’m NOT saying S.K is a sexist country (I’m not a Korean nor have I lived there, also my knowledge about them and their culture is not enough to label them with such term), I am also aware that there are many countries that are worse than S.K about this matter (my own country is shit too about this matter).

BUT, still, there are many articles about how unequal women are treated there (in S.K), thus it means we can’t say that sexism doesnt exist there bc it does. if it didnt exist nobody would talk about it on internet.

A quite famous blog channel (that shall not be named here) had talked about this before; women are expected to pour drink for men, pretty girls get dragged forcefully into clubs so they would attract more (male) customers, it’s inappropriate for women to smoke in public but not for men, and there’s “women must be pure and still a virgin” before marriage too (or so I have heard, my country has this ‘rule’ too btw. And I think my country has it worse. Basically here if a girl lost her virginity before marriage she would immediately be branded as “slut” “second-handed girl” “don’t have any moral” etc… sigh)

In their dramas too, you have seen how the male protagonist would yank the girl on the wrist to stop her etc.

We can also see it on the radio interview when nini rubbed soo’s hand (when soo had that red hair),

soo saw the camera, pulled nini’s hand lower (did he tried to hide their linked hands behind the desk? lol)

it seemed nini rubbed soo’s thigh?

^^^apparently in the full video (of the interview) baek and a member of the girl group (it was not only exo who got interviewed at that time. and sorry i dont remember which girl group it was, my kpop knowledge is a bit shitty) participated in arm wrestling, resulted: baek lost, the girl won. AND THEN the host immediately said something like; “A girl should’ve been delicate/soft not strong/brute like that [you].” (sadly I don’t have the link but I swear to god I saw the clip on my dash, or was it on YT? hmm.)

In a different radio interview, Chen also had commented about this. He was asked whether he wanted a boy or a girl as his future child. He chose boy bc he thought having a girl is a worrisome. He said something like, “So many bad things would happen to girls, especially in this [entertainment] industry(?)” (same as above, I don’t have the link. I watched lots of exo interview videos on YT a year ago)

Back to kaisoo. Remember this 

Now connect the dots. Based on what Nini had said, I (and as well many other kaisoo shippers) take that Soo isn’t quiet when Soo is with him. We have been wondering what kind of stuffs these dorks talk about… Imo these 2 talk lots about some deep shit when they’re alone

Ofc, they have their playful moments —

chen was like “chill the fuck out”

soo was like “no! lemme go”

look he only nudged chen

but with soo, he grabbed soo’s arm

— but, I think when they don’t always joke/play around all the time (duh) they would talk about significant things [probably politics, ideologies, etc], not only just chilling. Imo their personalities fit the idea [talking about deep stuffs] bc they don’t seem to be the type to gossip around, [at least not when they’re alone/together IMO].

(Idk prob they would gossip around when they’re not flocked together? like when they hang out with other people? – it had been said that nini hang out with his buddies outside the group (you know who) often, and somehow my mind can’t stop to think that they’re gossiping around when they hang out ( bc his buddies seem to be the playful/teasing type, so I guess they would talk more about lighter topics, but I could be wrong). GUYS gossip too It’s not only women’s things to do.)

Soo also had said this before.

“Mature and sophisticated” Soo wouldn’t say this if both of them don’t talk about some big heavy stuffs often. Often? Well yeah, if they only talked about heavy topics once or twice, Soo wouldn’t have the “sophisticated” impression about Nini (suho seemed to laugh at soo’s words choice tho lol it seemed he didnt believe soo? he did agree with soo tho [in the video], but i think he couldnt disagree  even if he wanted to. bc then it would be unethical? if he did the topic would get dragged on and prob would make soo flustered. he just seems not to be the type to fluster/tease others? if it was baek or chen  i think they would disagree just to mess with soo lol)

(Maybe this is me being delulu but Soo seemed to see Nini in different light (different if we compare it with how other members view nini?), like soo was entranced yet proud at the same time about Nini? like he glorifies him? no, it’s too extreme, like… he sees nini in higher level? 

bc not only he chose nini to be the mature and thinking in sophiscated one (i mean there are xiumin and suho in the group, why nini?), 

soo chose nini to be the most handsome guy in exo (others voted for themselves but soo voted for nini thus nini won - nini had 2 votes, others had 1, soo had 0 bc he gave his vote for nini), 

soo chose nini as the member with the best body in exo (even shindong said, “no, i mean between the 3 [baeksoochen] of you” he still didnt want to change his answer), 

soo had said it twice that he would fall for kai [1st. bc of nini’s perfomance - this is in magazine interview i think? i dont remember , 2nd. would fall [in love] if he was a girl - exoluxion japan] (gdi low-key much)  

erhm…im drifting out from the main topic, sorry.

What am I trying to imply in this post is that kaisoo might or might not have discussed about how unfair women are often treated/sexism? I can’t put a theory which one of them had the idea first/initiating the conversation about this matter but my guts telling me it’s Soo? Since he wore the shirt first, then Nini said those things (protect girls) later on

Sure, Soo might’ve just worn that shirt for fun. But remember this guy has a good English pronunciation, seems to favor English songs, watches quite a lot Hollywood mainstream movies. His English isn’t bad. He must’ve known what that “gender equality” tag means when he decided to wear it.

And Nini too. Some of you might’ve thought that he said those words to please the female fans/boost his image. But if he did, then why he said that? He could’ve chosen others sweet words to make the girls squeal. Imo he was genuine when he said those lines.

I think that’s it.

Sorry if this isn’t a “theory” about KAISOO IZ REALL but it’s more leaning towards to how close they are. Bc imo people need to be really close – especially people with KaiSoo’s personality [reserved] – to talk about such deep matter like this (IF they DID talk about it*, bc this is just a theory folks, im not saying this is true happened to them). At least I do. I won’t talk about ideologies/principles to people whom I’m not close with (bc i’m afraid my view would be judged or frowned upon or belittled).

Again, this is just how I view them. Thank you for reading.  Sorry for some mistakes, English isn’t my native language :)

I’m not sorry if this is too long, and too deluded, go complain at me and i’ll send you my sloth pictures collection.  SUE ME FOR BEING A DELUDED TRASH.

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Hey!! Do you have a keyboard for IOS? Cause I'd be really cool to use your stickers in chats!!! Seriously, they're awesome!!

ah sorry for the late response on this, I don’t have any keyboard for iOS, but I do have a couple sticker packs on telegram. There’s one full of old emotes I drew of sweetie belle and then there’s another full of pictures of just me that a friend put together as a joke lol (it now features other people though too!)

if you’re interested in either of those sticker packs then pm me or somethin I dunno

Outside Looking In (Part 1)

OKAY soooo go easy on me. This is literally my VERY FIRST fanfic. IM HELLA SORRY IF IT SUCKS ASS CHEEKS butttt I tried lol. Hope you like it though!

Max sat in the light of a single desk lamp. The glow was bright enough to light just the table it sat upon.

It was a quiet and still night for the brunette. She decided to stay home while her two best friends went out to another party. She wanted time to go through her portfolio, and take a breather from all the shenanigans.

Flipping through the pages of various pictures, she found her mind drifting away from what she originally wanted to do. She closed the folder, and walked to the closet.  She reached behind a pair of shoes that looked like they haven’t been touched in ages. Pulling through the cubby was Max’s stashed away photos in a disguised box.

As the group photographer, it was her job to document everything. Every memorable moment- whether it was a piece she used to playfully blackmail her friends; a souvenir from the many, spontaneous road trips; or just a silly photo for nostalgia. Max took a minute with every picture.  Remembering all the little details of how that picture came to be.

She laughed when she came across a photo of Rachel’s leg receiving some love by Pompidou, and the girl reaching out for Chloe who would purposely keep herself just out of reach.

Another was when she and Rachel decided to doll up Chloe.

Max loved the bluenette’s pissed off face when they were finished.

Towards the end of the stack she found a picture of the trio. It was a simple group selfie. It was the day they got Rachel back. The beginning of their friendship as a threesome. Max had to admit it. Arcadia Bay’s sunset was mesmerizing. In this photo, they were all smiling. Especially Chloe. Her two best friends right by her side.

Max ran her fingers across the gloss print. Every picture was- happy.

The rest of her collection had a common theme: blue.

Yes- 25% of the pictures were of her childhood best friend.

Her blue hair always looked intense against the dull colors behind her. Max admired how almost every photo of the blue headed girl seemed so genuine. Her blue eyes always looked intense, yet soft at the same time- even before the blue hair.

Max felt her heart flutter looking at the pictures. She lingered longer on each one.

What were they? “Best friends” seems to fall a bit short of what they were. Max couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was exactly. All she knew was that she cared about Chloe. A lot. Probably more than she should. She would do absolutely anything for her. Even turn back time- which she did. Over and over. She did things she would never have thought she could do had it not been in Chloe’s name.

They had been through too much to just leave it at that.

The brown haired girl neatly packed away her collection, letting out a deep sigh. It was growing. It made her happy to know that she soon needed a bigger box to accommodate the contents she kept within it.

She returned her special box to its hiding place.

Pulling herself out from the low place, her arm got caught on the jacket hanging just by the shoe rack. Max instinctively shot her arm out to snatch it before it fell completely off.

Slipping out from the pocket was a white slip.

Max neatly returned the jacket to its hanger before bending down to pick up the paper.

A plane ticket?

It was a one way ticket to Los Angeles.

The girl turned her head back to the closet. It came from Chloe’s favorite black jacket.

A plane ticket to LA? The departure was for Thursday- a couple days away.

Max back to the dimly lit table, and sat down.

She remembered Rachel stuffing her purse before they left to the rave. Max recalled where she remembered  seeing the familiar bold, red banner that stretched across the ticket. Rachel had one too.

Los Angeles. One way.

Neither of her friends brought it to her attention that they were taking a trip to the entertainment capital of the world—without her?

Well, Chloe brought it up once before. She referred to Arcadia Bay as the hellhole that she and Rachel wanted so desperately to get out of. Los Angeles was their escape plan.

Max sat down and fiddled with the ticket. Why didn’t they tell her? Why didn’t Chloe say anything about it? Why wasn’t she invited for this one? Max felt like a lame butt for analyzing all the reasons why she was being excluded. They weren’t exactly attached at the hip. They were adults they could do whatever they wanted, and whenever. Then again, Chloe and Rachel were known by all of Arcadia Bay to fuck shit up wherever they went. They’d shut down the cool kids. Make the parties three times more fun.

Yeah, the mosh pit wasn’t her forte. Punk rock wasn’t her style. But that didn’t matter to them right? To Chloe?

Max began to regret staying home while the other two went out to live life. Her mind was now trying to convince her that she was the odd one out. Rachel and Chloe are living up to their promise to each other to finally get out of Arcadia Bay. That the last few months did not matter. Max wasn’t part of that arrangement. She still isn’t.

No way, Caulfield. There’s no way Chloe would ever leave without you.

Would she?

The punk expressed in the past how Rachel had a huge impact on her life. Her savior. Her angel.

What was Max? the “best friend” that abandoned her when her father died. The person who was never leaving. The person who left her broken friend, and let someone else pick up the pieces.

But she could’ve called me too..?

The freckled girl placed her head in her hands. She was definitely regretting staying home now.

As the night when on, Max began to let her mind wander some more.

So, what if they’re going to Los Angeles without you, Max. It doesn’t mean anything.

She held the ticket in her hand reading the black lettering over and over.

It was one way.

Does that mean they’re staying there?

As roommates, they all agreed to respect each other’s privacy, but Max was a tad curious.

She opened up the door to Chloe’s room.

It smelled of weed and alcohol. She noticed two stuffed duffle bags somewhat tucked underneath the bed.

Refusing to quickly jump to any conclusions, Max shut the door and walked across the hall.

It wasn’t until she saw that Rachel too had most- not some- of her things packed away even in boxes near the wall, did Max begin to tear up.

C’mon Max. It was their plan for a really long time. But I’m sure they’ll explain in the morning.

It was past midnight when Max checked the clock.

Chloe and Rachel are usually out past dawn, so she wasn’t phased.

The small girl was tired of doing nothing. Sleep was calling her. As soon as she lay back against the cool side of the pillow, it’s like life wanted to twist the knife in her chest. In the darkness of her room, Max laid wide awake.

2 AM

Her eyes were red from the tears. It only makes sense that the two would take off somewhere together, and never look back at Arcadia Bay. It was their dream they dreamt up together. Who was she to wedge herself between the obvious soulmates?

Soulmates. Chloe was hers. But Rachel was Chloe’s.

What she didn’t get was why Chloe never told her. Was she ever going to tell her?

Why keep it a secret?

Shuffling behind her bedroom door made Max’s breath hitch. She quickly wiped her eyes. She pretended to be asleep.

She heard giggling and shushing.

She heard her door crack open.



“I forgot my bag at Justin’s place.”

“Of course you did. Take my keys. DON’T fuck up my truck or I’ll be hella pissed.”

“When are you not hella pissed?”

The beautiful girl pecked Chloe on the cheek as she swiftly bounded out the front door.

Chloe grinned from ear to ear touching her cheek.

Chloe peeked in, and just looked at her best friend pretending to be sound asleep.

Through squinted eyes, as she faked her slumber Max watched Chloe look at her. She was smiling.

The tall girl closed the door slowly, trying not to let the latch wake her friend.

Max didn’t get a wink of sleep that night.

The next day, Max again wanted to stay home while the two other girls went out.

“Max, c’mon. Come with us this time. Pleaseee.” Rachel asked in her small voice.

“It’s gunna be a pretty kick ass party at Frank’s new place.” Chloe chimed in.

Max thought about it for a second. She wasn’t in the mood to party at all. Though seeing Frank’s new place did spark her curiosity. Max thought about how Frank was “trying to turn over a new leaf”, and get into a legitimate business. Besides, she did not want to be alone with her thoughts again that night.

“Fine.  But I’m not smoking or getting wasted.” She shot a look towards the blue haired girl who always tried to get her to “have a little fun”.

Chloe raised her hands in defeat, “Alright, whatever you say Mad Max. I don’t care as long as I get to thrash with my two best friends tonight.” Rachel and Max simultaneously cringed and teased the other girl for making it mushy.


The party was real fun, Max had to admit. Too bad half way through she realized she had obligations to attend to: her portfolio.

Back at her the apartment, Max spent a few hours rearranging her photos. By theme? By medium? Maybe she should sprinkle in some photos that show off her versatility?

As time went on Max began to run out of ways to adjust her portfolio until she just ultimately gave up on it, and put it away. It was time for a break.

Max roamed around the small space. She began to think about the ticket in Chloe’s jacket. She returned it so it wouldn’t seem like she was going through her roommate’s things.

She sat back at the table, lit only by the single desk lamp. She sat there with the ticket in hand just like the previous night.

Max- they’re leaving without you. It’s Wednesday night . They leave early in the morning. If they wanted you to go with them they would’ve told you weeks in advance, right?

It’s already 9 pm-and neither of them has told me anything about going to Los Angeles.

Max started to get an ache in her core. She was being left behind. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to cry.

She shook her head. She didn’t want to feel what she was feeling. Heartbroken? It was making her physically sick.

Max sat in the dimly lit room in silence. Letting her thoughts conquer her. Every now and then she let a tear fall, not even bothering to wipe it away. She had an empty expression, with eyes unfocused as she fidgeted with the piece of paper that fucked up her week.

She heard keys in the door but didn’t make any sign to move.

It was just Chloe.

“Hey I forgot something.” She said without looking towards Max.

“You missed it, Frank got shit on by Pompidou. It was hilarious. I swear that dog is my fucking spirit animal.” She mentioned as she looked around for what she needed. “Where the hell did I put it? Hey Max have you seen my black jacket?”

Max answered with silence.

Chloe stopped what she was doing, and checked on her friend.

“Yo, Maximus. You okay?”

Chloe took a step towards the smaller girl. She thought she must’ve fallen asleep at the table.

She approached her gently. She had a feeling that something was wrong. Max was way too quiet.

She put a hand on Max’s shoulder. “Max.”

She first saw the puffy eyes and the red nose. She had been crying.

Chloe immediately pulled up a chair to sit by her friend.

“Hey what’s going on? What happened?”

Max avoided eye contact and kept her hands clasped.

Chloe followed her gaze to see what Max was looking at- her plane ticket for tomorrow.

The tall girl dropped her head and sat back. “Shit. You weren’t supposed to see that yet.”

Max simply nodded, still looking at the ticket, and not saying a word. She feared if she tried to say anything she would surely cry.

The two sat in silence. Neither of them knew how to even begin talking about it.

Max was the first to stand up.

Chloe opened her mouth to say something but Max cut in with, “Your jacket’s in the closet,” her head bowed and away from facing her friend. She began to walk back to her room.

“Max, wait. Can we talk about this?”

Max stopped in her tracks. She turned and with the most genuine smile she could have made at the moment she assured her friend that she didn’t owe her an explanation. Before the tears could fall, she entered her room and closed the door.

Chloe sat there feeling like a total ass for not telling her best friend of her plans. She didn’t know how to bring it up. It wasn’t a secret necessarily. She just thought it wasn’t such a big deal. She, herself wasn’t even sure if she wanted to go to Los Angeles. She just wanted to be with Rachel wherever she went. She knew Max had her life built around Arcadia Bay at the moment, still finishing up at the university here. She didn’t want to be the one to get in the way of her path to becoming one of the world’s greatest photographers. She was helping her this way. Right?

The tall girl forgot all about the party and the jacket. She slid the ticket in front of her .

You idiot. You were really trying to skip town thinking she would never notice?

I’m a bad influence. She should be happy to get away from me. She doesn’t need my shit keeping her down.

The tall girl folded up the ticket n placed it in her jeans.

She snatched her jacket from the closet and headed for the door.

She stopped by Max’s closed door. Hand on the handle to the front door.

Dude, she’s obviously upset.

She took a step back and threw her jacket on the coat rack, kicking off her boots. The parties can wait.

She lightly rapped on Max’s door.

A small voice called her in.

When she entered the space, you can feel the awkward tension in the air. She closed the door behind her and sat against the wall.

“Aren’t you going back to the party?”

“Nah. I think I’m good for tonight.”

“I know you’re only staying for me. I’m fine, seriously. Go ahead and have fun.”
“Well I wasn’t exactly asking for permission. Besides, I wanna just sit and chill with Super Max”

Max raised her brows. “Chloe, you get bored in like two seconds.”

Chloe paused, thinking, then finally agreeing. “Yeah but it’s worth it.”

The conversation sat there for a second. The two girls didn’t say anything for what seemed like hours.

“My ass is falling asleep.”

Max patted the comforter next to her. The punk girl popped up and hopped onto the bed.

Max was focused on just twiddling her thumbs. There was no sign that she was going to initiate any type of conversation at this point.

“So..” Chloe began, “We really aren’t going to talk about this?”

Max looked at her friend with a blank expression. They studied each other’s faces. Again only Chloe spoke.

“Are you mad..?”

Max again looked at her friend for a long moment. Chloe examined her friend’s expression hoping she could find her answer there if her friend wouldn’t outright say it.

Max inhaled deeply, and shook her head. She returned her attention to her hands, obviously not wanting to take the conversation further.

Of course she was mad. She didn’t like that she was mad. She didn’t feel right about being mad. Any time she let herself feel mad about it- she reminded herself that it must be some kind of punishment for what she did 5 years ago. It wasn’t fair for her to be mad at Chloe for finding someone else to make her happy. She knew Chloe was practically in love with Rachel. Wherever she goes, Chloe goes.

Wherever Chloe goes, Max only wished she could follow.

“I’m just tired.”

Chloe knew that was bullshit. Though they were apart for a period of time, no one knew Max Caulfield like Chloe did. She could usually read her with clarity. Tonight, it’s fuzzier than normal.

“Okay.” She replied and got up from the bed not wanting to press any more than she already has.

Suddenly, Max speaks up. Voice as small as her.

“I can’t keep up.”

Chloe stopped at the door.

“What?” She turned to see Max’s still in the same position, still not looking directly at her. Her eyes were towards the ground. Even in the dim light of her bedside lamp. Chloe saw a tear fall from the corner of the shy girl’s eyes.

There was silence.

“You and Rachel. I.. don’t think I could keep up.”

“Max, what are you even talking about?”

Max continued hesitantly, “I mean you guys mesh together so well. “ She was unsure of how open she wanted to be with the bluenette. She knew her better than she knew herself, yet she was still nervous.

Chloe walked back to the foot of the bed and sat down. She faced the door, but her body language told Max she was still listening.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m on the outside looking in. Then, I see why everybody thinks you guys are such a kick ass duo. Because you are. I mean-“

Max’s thoughts began to swirl. She didn’t know where she was going with this.

Chloe didn’t know where Max was going with this. The once clear window to her best friend’s thoughts and feelings became foggy.

Max sniffled trying to keep back the tears. She didn’t know why she was crying. She had been conflicted with her feelings lately. Was this going to be the night she let Chloe know?


Chloe remained quiet.

Whoa. Wait a minute. Is… Is Max.. jealous? Of Rachel??

Max didn’t know what she wanted to say next. Chloe wasn’t saying anything, and that worried her. Does she know? I don’t want to make her choose. I don’t want to be that friend. I like Rachel too.. but Chloe..

Max felt the tears winning. Her brain kept bombarding her with the thoughts that prevented her from thinking rationally.

Of course she doesn’t like you that way. You left her remember? Rachel is so much better than you. She saved Chloe when she needed you the most. She isn’t chicken shit like you. Chloe’s crazy about her. Just accept it.

Max cleared her throat and shook her head.

They already bought tickets, Max. It’s too late. Just let her go. You had your chance. All you want is for Chloe to be happy. So let her.

Chloe was still quiet, as she raked her thoughts.

I have to say something. But what? God. Fucking think, Price.

Again Max saves her.

“You weren’t planning on coming back.”

It was a statement. Not a question.

Chloe shook her head as an agreement, and she felt a knot in her throat.

“Have a safe flight, Chloe.”

Ouch. The way the words left Max’s mouth stung like a bitch. Soft, but it was laced with pain. She was tired. Tired of trying to get Chloe’s attention.

Chloe took one look at her friend who still avoided her eyes. She was leaning back into her bed. Getting ready for sleep. It was Chloe’s que to leave.

Fuck- she didn’t want her to leave.

Max just didn’t know what to say anymore. She was so torn. She didn’t want Chloe to stay trapped in Arcadia Bay forever. She didn’t want Rachel to be pushed out of her life either. She wanted Chloe.. but she knew that she couldn’t have it both ways. She also knew she would never make Chloe choose. It wasn’t fair. Nothing is fair.

Chloe shut the door behind her. It was 1 am and she felt like getting high as a kite. She decided otherwise.

The tall girl walked down the hall to her room.

Rachel wasn’t back yet. Her room was as she left it for the party.

Her phone buzzed. It was Rachel. She was going to spend the night at Frank’s

The night just keeps getting better.

4th day of @digifakeweek and I ran out of gomas, sorry D: This another of my DigiOC’s, Silphydramon! Since Silphymon is a “Virus Buster” type I guess Silphydramon is too; he’s sort of a Silphymon subspecies since Airdramon + Nefertimon = Silphymon according to Wikimon, so that was the initial inspiration. If you can’t tell I suck at drawing these types of ‘mons ^^;

You can see a way cooler picture of him drawn by the much more talented @chroniclearia HERE! :3