sorry anon there are people who are way better for this kind of thing

jensteed  asked:

I'm so sorry that anon was so rude to you. There are far better ways of asking you to change something than to be antagonistic pricks. But they did have a point because the sexpg tag exists to separate things and there are a lot of underage fans, or people who are uncomfortable with that type of content. And people who use tumblr from mobile can't blacklist things. But jeez, was that not the way to address it! At the end of the day though, it's your blog to run as you choose 💜💜💜


I was an idiot for putting the post in the main tag. I knew that it wouldn’t get anywhere, so I assumed some people would notice it if I put it in the main tag and enjoy it. I just wanted others to have fun with my fic idea. I’ll remember to keep that kind of stuff out of the main tags. I had no idea that you couldn’t blacklist on mobile :0

There was just no need to be so damn aggressive. I’m going through a wide range of emotions at the moment just thinking about that Anon. On one hand, I’m thinking, “Fuck that Anon. I do what I want,” and on the other hand, I’m thinking, “They’re probably going to attack me again and probably spread lies about me if I make another post that offends them”. I’m actually fucking terrified about what they might do next. They could go to those hate blogs and tell them how I’m a terrible person and they’ll make hateful posts about me saying that I’m a terrible person and their followers will come and send hateful messages. I’ve seen what their followers have done to others and I’m scared. I’m fucking scared. 

Wow, I’m stressed tf out now. Sorry for venting. This is a terrible way to start off my day X(

Because I don’t feel like I can answer this ask directly without crossing the words to ban their power. It might seem a bit weird to some, but it makes me feel much better. So. Hm. Yes. There. 

Anonymous said :

May you get out of witchcraft.

Hey Anon, please get out of this place if you are going to be judgmental about people’s practices and / or spirituality (and every other possible reasons people might be practicing witchcraft)

This is not a blessing, this is a judgmental way of seeing the world and hoping you can impose it on people. You don’t like witchcraft ? It’s not your thing ? Good, it’s not your thing, you can live your life without practicing any kind of witchcraft, and it’s cool for you. But don’t you judge people who practice it just because they practice it. Don’t judge a practice that is so diverse and with practitioners that are so diverse

Witchcraft is a huge umbrella term for many practices. People practicing witchcraft come from everywhere, are a pretty diverse bunch ! For some it is an important part of their lives because it gives them a way to be empowered, for others it’s a part of their spiritual practices, for others it’s something that is just part of their everyday life. So no. No. No one should get out of witchcraft just because they practice witchcraft and you don’t like that.

(For the curious people out there who don’t know the blog that much or just realized everything is tagged witchcraft - the reason can be found here and here)