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Insecurities//Moon Bin

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Summary: Anonymous said:
I have like no idea how to do this, because I’m asking for the first time. //I’d like to request a ASTRO Moonbin scenario. I don’t know if you need a plot, but if yes: where you, moonbins gf and astro play around and Moonbin tries to lift her up put she pushes him away, because she’s really insecure about that. But he thinks she doesn’t like it if he touches her. A biiit angst and a lot fluff. // THANK YOU ❤❤❤

Pairing: Moonbin x reader

Genre: Fluffy and as best angst as I could do!

Author’s Note: Requested by a lovely anon! Sorry if it isn’t any good :( Enjoy ~ Sara xoxo

  You have known Moonbin since you two were kids; you two would always play on the swing sets together, he would push you as high as he could before you would tell him to stop. In elementary school, he would always get teased for being around you, and though he did care for you, “Moonbin has (Y/N)’s cooties!” was basically a death sentence in the young minds of kindergarteners.

  He was the one you shared your awkward first kiss together, after being forced to the school dance together when you were thirteen years old. Both of you, unexperienced in any soft of kissing , ended up bumping braces with each other, resulting in a cut up upper lip for Moonbin.

  Even then, it was almost destined that you two would end up together, as it was said by your parents every moment they saw you together. It just took him some time to fully gather up the courage and properly ask you, and when the did, you never thought you would be happier.

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