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#25 with 2-D?

(Hope you like it !!)

25: “What happened to your arm?”

It had happened when they were playing DARE. You were jumping like crazy with your friends and had suddenly slipped on the floor in a spilled drink, causing you to fall down and brace yourself with your arm. It had hurt like hell but it had been too much of an experience for you to think of it, the adrenaline from seeing Gorillaz live completely made you ignore it.

You had decided to camp outside of the fence between the tour busses and the back entrance of the building. It meant that there were a huge chance that you’d get to meet them all, and your hopes were high even after hours. People had gone home and only approximately ten to fifteen people were left. It was less intimidating for them, and as they finally excited, all of you started screaming and calling out for them. You felt your arm hurting as you pushed yourself through the crowd to the fence. They were taking pictures, a bodyguard letting people in one by one.

You looked down at your arm as you waited, finally having calmed down a little and finally realised something was terribly wrong. It looked wonky and slightly out of place. Looking up, you found yourself staring at 2D and your heart rate increased again. He smiled as you were being let in, “‘Ello, care for a picture?”

You felt dizzy already, the arm making it ten times worse but you nodded. The band gathered behind you and started posing, exchanging a few word with you but 2D was clearly the one who was most eager to talk to crazy fans. He grabbed your phone after to look through the photos, suddenly gasping at the sight of your arm on the pictures.

“Jeez, are you alright?” He turned to face you and looked down at your arm, “What happened to your arm?”

You smiled almost apologetically, “I fell during the concert, my arm got hit as I fell right onto the floor.” 2D raised his brows, looking back at their bodyguards to signal them to close off. Several deep sighs were heard as you were suddenly being lead into the bus by 2D. It was absolutely surreal that this was happening and Murdoc clearly wasn’t happy about it.

“What they hell are you doing, letting fans in? We talked about this,” he spluttered, “You say it if you’re fucking someone. We can’t exactly leave!”

2D narrowed his eyes, “Shut it, you old tosser. Look, we need to get them to the hospital!” He pointed to your arm.

“Oh damn,” Russel rumbled from the back of the buss, Noodle looking curiously at the three of you, “Maybe a taxi?”

“Well I’m staying here!” Murdoc grumbled, walking to open the minibar, “My good looks need sleep. You go off with whatever their name is, I’m not the one in need for a shagging.”

You laughed quietly, blushing at that comment but winced again. 2D turned to you, “Let’s go then, the others can sleep or whatever they want. Murdoc probably needs days of beauty sleep if he wants to save tha’ face, eh?”

Murdoc threw a can of beer after him and 2D yelped, “I heard that, you brainache.”


After several hours in the emergency room, and being obviously chatted up by 2D, you finally got examined, finding out you had a broken wrist. You were put in a cast and were practically fed with painkillers.

2D met you in the waiting room again, “Hey, how was it?”

You lifted your arm to show him and he grimaced, “Oh shit, I’m sorry, you know I am. Maybe we should play such good music, huh?”

“Or maybe you could just sign it as the first person,” you replied with a grin, holding up a pen you had nicked. He laughed quietly, writing his autograph and his number.

“There you are, now… where should I drop you off?”

Insecurities//Moon Bin

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Summary: Anonymous said:
I have like no idea how to do this, because I’m asking for the first time. //I’d like to request a ASTRO Moonbin scenario. I don’t know if you need a plot, but if yes: where you, moonbins gf and astro play around and Moonbin tries to lift her up put she pushes him away, because she’s really insecure about that. But he thinks she doesn’t like it if he touches her. A biiit angst and a lot fluff. // THANK YOU ❤❤❤

Pairing: Moonbin x reader

Genre: Fluffy and as best angst as I could do!

Author’s Note: Requested by a lovely anon! Sorry if it isn’t any good :( Enjoy ~ Sara xoxo

  You have known Moonbin since you two were kids; you two would always play on the swing sets together, he would push you as high as he could before you would tell him to stop. In elementary school, he would always get teased for being around you, and though he did care for you, “Moonbin has (Y/N)’s cooties!” was basically a death sentence in the young minds of kindergarteners.

  He was the one you shared your awkward first kiss together, after being forced to the school dance together when you were thirteen years old. Both of you, unexperienced in any soft of kissing , ended up bumping braces with each other, resulting in a cut up upper lip for Moonbin.

  Even then, it was almost destined that you two would end up together, as it was said by your parents every moment they saw you together. It just took him some time to fully gather up the courage and properly ask you, and when the did, you never thought you would be happier.

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Just saw Civil War. What did you think of the kiss scene between Cap and...

Hi anon ^^

First, sorry about the late reply but I couldn’t answer your ask without being 200% spoilery about it so I waited to lift my spoiler ban to answer. Let’s go!

Ok, Steve and Sharon kissing scene. I found the scene rather funny, to be honest. We knew it was going to happen, it’s canon, and the scenarists made it take place before the airport scene, a moment where Cap knows that things are gonna get bloody between the two “teams”. He was interested in Sharon, she seemed interested in him too so, from both perspectives, it’s like: “What the hell. I’m taking my chance, I have nothing to lose”. Also, Sharon is kissing a man that is maybe not gonna come back from this fight so…It’s better to do it and have no regret than beating around the bush.

Not to mention that Nat in The Winter Soldier told Steve to call “the nurse from across the wall” and that Cap in AoU said something like “As maybe the world’s foremost authority on waiting too long, don’t.”. He just followed his own advice: no more waiting. Now or never. There wasn’t a lot of development around their relationship but at least, it’s not some Nat/Bruce kind of “out of nowhere” bullshit.

In addition, Sam and Buck in the car made the whole scene FAR less awkward. So, for me, the kiss is ok because of the timing, the fact that it was due to happen at a moment or another and the great faces of Sam and Buck stuck in their tiny car.

No, you want to know what scene I found awkward and ridiculous?

Bizarrely, it’s not the kiss. No, the scene I found awkward was Sharon and Steve flirting after Peggy’s funeral. Sharon has just buried her beloved aunt, Steve, one of the most important persons of his life (and his first love) and they were both flirting like teenagers going to the prom? What the hell? For me, it was one of the worst scenes in the movie because it just didn’t work because of the timing.

I know that it’s complicated in a movie like Civil War where you have tons of characters, to write everybody’s individual story and the writers did a great job in general, but the scene near the elevator? Nope!

I hope I answered your question ^^ Have a great day ^^