sorry anon i got this just before i went to sleep last night

anonymous asked:

hi bron, sorry to bother you but, i was wondering; what are some of your favourite angsty/hurt/comfort klaine fics?

hmm. i don’t read that much angstiness/my memory is awful, so these are all kind of old (albeit wonderful) If I Die Young by blowthecandlesout, Going for Broke by Kyra, Looking for a Happy Ending (and sequel) by firefly-ca (read the warnings), Always Here in the Silence and Good for the Soul by Cimmerians (for the second one mild kink, heavy angst, wonderful Cimm, read the warnings) Fix verse and Tip/Tilt by rainjoy (dig through her masterlist, it’s full of gorgeous angst) How Something Like Luck You Are by ohquixotica, On Centrifugal Living by coincident, The Solar System of Our Cells by Highway Lights, Dismantle the Sun by Cas (oh man so perf, have a squizz at her other fics, there’s a bit more angst there) aaand that’s all i can remember rn, and a few more i recced here a while back. read the warnings etc. i hope there’s something!