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Church Boys Moan Louder

THIS WAS A PROMPT BUT I FUCKED UP AND ACCIDENTALLY POSTED IT EARLY SO NOW ITS GONE FOREVER IM SORRY ANON BUT I STILL WANTED TO FINISH IT SO YE the prompt was basically innocent religious dan and phil like pines after him ; ending in sex in church bathroom and yes, you are going to hell

it’s also really long oops


Phil was fucking screwed. Never had he wanted someone so bad as he wanted Dan Howell. That boy fucked with his head and his body and his life. And he wasn’t even TRYING.

If he was trying, he was doing a damn good job at hiding it. Dan seemed completely oblivious to Phil’s attempts to win him over. The light blush on his cheeks said otherwise, but Dan ignored it completely. Dan was the goddamn priests son, but Phil liked a challenge. And this definitely was one.

Phil took another sip of the dumb nonalcoholic punch they were serving, scowling at the plastic cup. He shouldn’t be here, at this dumb church party, he didn’t have to be. It was optional, unlike the weekly services he was required to attend due to his parents getting pissed that he had defiled the school with graffiti yet again. It wasn’t that bad, he got to see Dan at least. But the only reason he was here was for him.

“Hey,” a girl spoke, interrupting Phil’s thoughts. He turned to look at her, scanning her blonde hair and plaid school uniform. Who wears a uniform to a party? Church kids, Phil figured.

“Uh, hey,” Phil responded, sounding completely uninterested, but she didn’t take a hint.

“Fun party, huh?”

Phil raised his eyebrows at her, chuckling, pulling a flask out of his leather jacket pocket and tipping the clear liquid into the cup.

“No, not particularly.”

She seemed a bit put off by that, but bounced back quickly.

“So, do you know anyone here?” She asked, her voice light and Phil swore he heard a hint of flirtiness in her tone

Phil chuckled, his eyes glinting.

“Look, sorry honey, but if you’re trying to get in my pants you might as well give up now. I like cock, dunno if your tiny brain can wrap itself around that, but the only reason I’m here is that I want to fuck Dan Howell.” He casually picked at a black nail, flashing her a tight lipped smile. “So, if you still want to bother me after that, feel free. But I’m gay as hell. Just saying.”

The girl stared at him, her eyes wide and her jaw practically hitting the ground. Phil chuckled. He loved doing that.

She let out a small squeak, whirling on her heel and rushing off. Phil shook his head.

Phil cursed under his breath as he watched her beeline straight to Dan and his group of friends at the other side of the room. Phil couldn’t hear what she was saying, but she pointed at him less than subtly. A blush appeared immediately on Dan’s face, a hand going to cover his mouth automatically. He said something, and glanced over at Phil. Phil winked, waving. Might as well commit.

Dan blushed harder, looking away immediately and pressing his hands to his clearly heated cheeks. Phil smirked. He loved how much of an affect this had on him. He was so responsive.

Phil would just have to wait until he was alone.


It was about half an hour of boredom and wanting to leave later when Dan’s friends started to leave one by one, and Phil watched them almost hungrily until the only one left was the girl who had talked to him.

Phil moved along the wall a little closer, straining to hear their conversation. He couldn’t hear her but he heard Dan say “Silvia, I’m fine, I’m just gonna help clean up. I can take care of myself.”

“Are you sure you’re okay with walking home alone?”

“Of course. It’s just a few blocks over.” He offered her a soft smile, touching her shoulder, and Phil’s heart swelled. Damn it. “It’ll be fine. I’ll see you at school, alright?”

“Alright…” she agreed hesitantly, going on her toes to give him a kiss on the cheek, rushing out of the room.

And then it was only them.

Dan cleared his throat, his cheeks beginning to redden again. “So, um, do you want to help clean up, or…”

Phil recognized the opportunity he was offering, and took it. “Yeah, sure. I’d say you’ll probably need a hand.”

Phil helped Dan fold chairs, watching him the whole time while Dan avoided his eyes.

“You look nice,” Dan commented, just being polite, but Phil snorted.

“Are you kidding? I’m wearing rags compared to you. Seriously, who wears a tie to a party in a church basement?”

Dan blushed even harder, glancing down at the black tie fastened neatly around his neck.

“Me, I guess,” he muttered, laughing awkwardly.

“Was that your girlfriend?” Phil blurted.

Dan looked at him then, eyes wide. “Who, Silvia?”

Phil nodded, and Dan laughed. Like, really laughed.

“No!” He exclaimed, shaking his head. “She’s my cousin!”

Now Phil laughed too, pushing his hair back until it sat in a quiff above his forehead.

“Oh Jesus,” he muttered. “Well, thank god.”

He expected Dan to just brush off his comment like he always did, change the subject, look away, something. He didn’t.

“Why’s that?” He asked softly, pressing his lips together and searching Phil’s face. “Why are you relieved?”

Phil shrugged, tossing a plastic cup at the trash and making it. “Because if you were with anyone else, I’d be upset.”

He glanced at Dan, smirking at the way his eyes had widened and his mouth had fallen open just slightly.

“W-Why?” Dan asked again, biting his lip and turning back to the plates he was stacking.

“Because I like you.” He shrugged, casual. “I wanna make you mine, and if people are interfering, that’s a problem, isn’t it baby boy?”

A small gasp escaped Dan’s mouth at the nickname, and Phil smirked.

“Silvia… Silvia said you…” he trailed off, chewing on his lip, his eyebrows furrowed. Phil took this opportunity to step closer.

“That I want to fuck you?” Phil asked, finishing the sentence, and Dan tensed up.

“Yeah…” he muttered, practically a whisper.

“Well, it’s not a lie.” Phil glanced at him, searching his face before turning back to the chair he was folding up. “I’ve been hitting on you for the last month, you didn’t notice?”

Dan shook his head, avoiding his gaze, and they were quiet for a moment.

“You ever kissed a boy?”

“What?!” Dan spluttered, his cheeks redder than Phil had thought possible. “N-No, of course not, I… I couldn’t.”

Phil turned to look at him, frowning, turning his whole body this time so he was facing him.

“Why not?”

Dan faced him too, at a loss for words, his mouth opening and closing.

“I mean, I s-suppose I could but… I CAN’T. That… that’s…” he trailed off, and Phil stepped forward so he was only inches away. Dan froze, but didn’t move away.

He trailed a finger up Dan’s jaw slowly and Dan swallowed, shivering, watching its progress. “You never know if you like something until you try it, right?”

“Well I suppose, but…” Dan gasped as Phil grabbed his tie, wrapping it around his hand and pulling Dan closer.


“But…” Dan looked like his mind was going fuzzy, glancing down at the tie that Phil was holding him by and back up at Phil’s eyes, and then his lips. “I’m not gay,” he practically squeaked, his voice small.

“You never know if you like something unless you try it,” Phil repeated, slowly touching Dan’s waist with the hand that wasn’t gripping his tie. Dan didn’t move an inch as Phil leaned over, pressing his lips against Dan’s.

Phil waited a second to make sure Dan wasn’t going to pull away before reaching up to touch Dan’s chin, really kissing him. He dragged his tongue along Dan’s bottom lip, asking for entrance, rather surprised when he actually opened his mouth.

He could feel Dan’s hands shaking as they moved up Phil’s chest, sliding over his shoulders and wrapping around his neck. Phil gripped his waist, pulling him as close as possible. With one hand he tangled his fingers in Dan’s hair, kissing him deeper. He tasted like awful punch and fruit gum, and Phil was sure he tasted like cigarettes, but Dan didn’t seem to mind.

Phil backed him against the wall, kissing him hotly and letting his hands roam Dan’s body. He moved his mouth to Dan’s jaw, kissing down to his neck and nipping at the pale skin. Dan whimpered, moaning softly and tangling his fingers in Phil’s hair.

“Ah-” Dan gasped, letting his head fall back against the wall. “Phil…”

Phil pulled back, pressing his forehead against Dan’s and breathing heavily.

“Is there somewhere we could go?” Phil breathed, and he promised himself if Dan said no, or didn’t get the hint, he would give up. Dan’s brown eyes blinked at him.

“Just one…”

They ended up in the boy’s bathroom, Phil roughly shoving him against the wall and kissing him possessively. Dan whined into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Phil’s neck and clinging to him desperately.

Phil grabbed Dan’s thigh, hooking his leg around his waist and Dan took the hint, hopping up and wrapping his legs around Phil’s waist. Phil went back to his neck, trailing sloppy kisses down to his collarbone.

He unbuttoned Dan’s shirt, loosening and removing his tie before kissing him again. He let Dan push off his leather jacket and tug his shirt over his head, tossing it aside.

Phil’s hands explored Dan’s chest, pinching one of his nipples, and Dan gasped.

“Phil…” he moaned, an indirect beg for more. Phil palmed at his bulge, feeling Dan grind against his hand desperately.

Phil picked him up, spinning them around and setting him down on the counter, tugging at the button of Dan’s black jeans. Once he got them off he flipped Dan over after pressing a kiss to his jaw, bending him over the counter.

“I’m guessing you’ve never done this with a guy before,” Phil muttered, smoothing his hand over the curve of Dan’s ass and squeezing roughly. Dan jumped.


Phil kissed the nape of his neck, pressing himself against Dan’s body. “Are you sure you want to?”

Dan let out an almost desperate gasp, his voice breaking. “Yes, yesyesyes, god just please… p-please fuck me, Phil, want you.”

Phil grunted, slapping Dan’s thigh sharply. “Jesus, you have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear you say that.”

Phil took no time removing his jeans, tugging down Dan’s boxers as well, grinding his still clothed bulge against Dan’s ass. Dan moaned, reaching back and grabbing Phil’s hips, pulling him closer.

Phil’s boxers were off in a second as well, skin rubbing against skin. Dan pushed his ass back; he was a needy bottom and Phil fucking loved it.

Phil held two fingers to Dan’s mouth, motioning for him to open. Dan sucked on the fingers obediently, slicking them up with spit.

“This might hurt a little,” Phil muttered, rubbing Dan’s entrance with one finger. “Tell me to stop if you need to, alright?”

“Mhm,” Dan agreed, pushing his ass back again. Phil slapped it and Dan yelped, pulling forward again.

“Don’t be a needy bitch, Dan,” Phil growled, pushing the first finger into Dan slowly. Dan moaned.

“S-Sorry, sir-” he gasped.

Phil took his time stretching him; considering it was his first time he didn’t want it to hurt too bad. Dan flinched away at first but soon he was whining and grinding back on Phil’s digits. Phil moaned just at the sight, he never thought he’d have him like this.

Finally he pulled out, holding his hand up to Dan’s face again and instructing him to spit. Dan did as he said, and Phil slicked himself up with that as well as precum that was already forming on the head of his swollen cock.

“Ready?” He breathed, pressing his whole body against Dan’s and leaning over him to kiss his neck. Dan whined.

“Yes, yes sir, please, I’m ready, I need you.”

Phil hummed in approval; he loved how quickly Dan had changed from a good little church boy to a desperate slut with just a little kissing.

Phil pushed in slowly, taking his time in edging into Dan, which took an incredible amount of self control on his part. Finally he bottomed out, kneading Dan’s ass in his hands. Dan was a mess beneath him, whining and whimpering at every movement, conflicted between pushing back and pulling away.

Phil reached up, tangling his fingers in Dan’s hair, giving it a soft tug and driving a whimper out of Dan’s pretty mouth.

He began to thrust, pulling almost all the way out and pushing back in slowly, Dan gasping every time he did so. Phil snapped his hips roughly without warning, thrusting hard, and Dan cried out.

“Fuck!” He practically shrieked, a loud feminine moan falling from his mouth.

“You’re a loud little slut, aren’t you?” Phil panted, groaning as he thrust roughly again. Dan let out a high pitched whine.

“Fuckfuckfuck p-please, fuck, harder…”

Phil obliged, driving his cock deeper into the whimpering boy, skin slapping on skin echoing through the room. Phil tugged on Dan’s hair again, watching his face through the mirror, and fuck he could cum just from that.

Dan’s lips were swollen, his cheeks red and flushed, his hair messy and his eyes glazed over with need. Phil groaned, snapping his hips.

Phil knew he had hit Dan’s prostate when he screamed, a loud “FUCK, PHIL” bouncing off the walls. Phil smirked, angling his thrusts to hit that spot.

“This is a sin, you know,” Phil growled, reaching up to cover Dan’s mouth with his hand as he fucked into him harder. “Such a filthy fucking sinner for me, princess, ruined on my cock.”

Dan’s desperate muffled moans against his hand were pushing him to the edge, that and his tight heat encasing Phil’s cock. Phil smirked.

“Such a pretty fucking sinner too, isn’t that right? All for me. Your tight ass is all mine, yeah?”

Dan didn’t answer, continuous moaning falling from his mouth, muffled by Phil’s hand. He just nodded frantically, his moans sounding close to sobs.

Dan came after a few more thrusts all over his stomach, white streaking the counter under him and he whimpered, now sensitive to Phil’s cock pounding into his prostate every thrust.

Phil pulled out, quickly tugging Dan to his knees in front of him, guiding his cock to his lips. Dan took it obediently, lowering himself on Phil’s length. Phil groaned, tangling his fingers in Dan’s hair and fucking his throat as gently as he could. Dan gagged, digging his fingernails into Phil’s hips, and that was all it took. Phil came down his throat, keeping his cock still until he was sure Dan had swallowed all of it.

He helped Dan to his feet, holding him steady because it was clear he was close to falling over.

Dan just stared at him, stunned, watching as Phil casually got dressed. After he was clothed he cleaned Dan’s stomach and the counter with a paper towel, tossing it in the trash.

He grinned, kissing Dan’s cheek and backing towards the door, winking.

“See you next Sunday, Danny.”

‘BabyGirl’ Part 1- Serpent!Jughead x Reader

For an anon request ☺️ I twisted this request around quite a bit Im sorry. This is a little less angsty (with mentions of an argument) and a little tiny hint of smut and los of teasing. I do hope that this is all okay for you. 

WARNINGS: Hint of smuttiness and teasing - swearing (Slight mention of a daddy kink)   MASTERLIST  Part 2

Originally posted by jughead-thethird

You waltzed into the bar that night. You and Jughead had, had an argument that morning about how you were his and his alone. How you would never show that you were his and it frustrated him. This all came from one incident last week when some young serpent at school decided to press you up against your locker in the way Jughead did and try and have his way with your lips. What Jughead hadn’t seen as he had pulled the twit away by his neck was that you were very ready to knee him heavily in the groin. You wore his jacket around your shoulders tonight and a constant smirk. You were used to arguing with him. You knew how this would play out.

It wasn’t long after you had downed one shot that you felt his hands on your waist, tight and demanding. Just how you liked it.

Jughead had changed since becoming a serpent. He was more confident and more at home and my god did you love it. Betty gaddamn cooper had left after she found out but you were always there and that’s what put you here, in this bar again but with his jacket  - not your own, and his lips inching evidently towards your ear,

“And what do you think you are doing wearing this?” His grip tightened on your waist before trailing down your hips to thumb and the very very short skirt. His body was pressed up against yours keeping you facing the bar,

“I’m being adventurous” you purred. You knew exactly what to do with him, “I thought you would want people to know I’m yours.” You turned your head to look at him still not able to turn around fully and pretending he wasn’t on about your skirt.

“Don’t play with me, baby girl. And there are more ways of showing you’re mine.” He almost growled the last word as his darkened eyes locked with yours before his lips planted themselves firmly on your neck, sucking and biting quickly and leaving a deep purple mark.

“Juggle! We’re in public”

“And you still decide that something so short is appropriate. Therefore I think this is appropriate.” His lips connected to your neck again and you sighed in content that you had gotten what you wanted - his full attention.

“Juggie, babe, come play pool with me?” You asked doe eyed as he looked down at you,

“Not tonight. Not while you are wearing that. Flaunting your ass to the whole bar? Not on baby girl. That ass is mine” he squeezed your behind firmly then placed a light smack on it.

“Oh I just remembered” you said sarcastically as you finally managed to turn in his arms, “I can do what I want” you smirked and pushed away from him, joining some of the guys in a game of pool.

You liked teasing Jughead for one reason - he would finally release his full dark side, he was dominant and possessive and you loved it on nights like this. You made a point of laughing a little louder and sweeter, and you certainly made a point of bending over the table a little in his direction, either squeezing your chest or allowing your skirt to ride up even more. The guys knew you were Juggies. Damn, every one knew you belonged to Jughead and with him being the leaders son, they didn’t touch you. They knew better than that. The third time you bent over you felt someone’s hips press up against you, their hands on your waist again and a hint of excitement in their pants. With his firm grip and large hands, Jughead managed to pull you up so you were standing flush against him once again and with a single nod, the guys you were playing pool with had left, heading for the bar.

“You need to cut this out, Darlin’. Now.”

“And why the hell should I. We’re having a lovely game here aren’t we boys” you shouted to them and smirked at how they were a little to scared to answer. Jughead had managed to establish quite the reputation for dealing with people who tried to deal with his woman.

“Now you are playing dangerously.”

“And when have you ever known me to be tame?” You teased back wiggling yourself against him. With a firm tug and a grip that would surely leave a mark - that you were sure he would add to later, he pulled you tighter against him and moved to wrap his arm around your waist pulling you away from the table and towards the back door.

As soon as he got you out into the abandoned alleyway you were up against the wall, “how dare you be like that in there” he demanded, “blatantly flaunting yourself like that like you were everyone’s to fuck and see! That’s not how this works (y/n).” You refused to give in and simply leaned closer.

“Yeah? And what are you going to do, Jughead?”

His lips found yours ferociously, his tongue winning immediate dominance, before he detached your lips and moved downwards. Down your neck and pulling his jacket away from your shoulders so he could reach your very exposed chest. The cold air had chilled you but you felt two warm hands slipping up your skirt almost ripping it with how tight it already was,

“Don’t wear shit like this unless you want shit like this to happen, baby girl” you sighed and smirked but he had caught you. “you did this on purpose, didn’t you. You wanted people to see you, you wanted me to do all the hard work with you didn’t you”

You hummed against his lips as you pulled him closer, “yes daddy.”

“Fucking hell, baby girl” he retracted his hands from your skirt quickly and grabbed your wrist harshly as you continued to smirk. His dads trailer wasn’t too far away so, ignoring the fact you were wearing heels, he pulled you to it. Throwing open the door and pushing you in before him he closed and locked the door. Immediately his face was close to yours again,

“You wanted me to get like that hmm? Lose control with you? Expose you fully, didn’t you?” His voice was so low it was almost a growl, here he was. The darkness. You nodded refusing to speak and break the smile on your face, “fine then” he pushed you into the bedroom and you went to lay on the bed but he tutted, “na ah, not yet baby girl.” Kicking off his shoes and socks he laid out on the bed, his hands behind his head as he watched you, eyeing you up with care. “You wanted to be exposed so badly, then strip for me, baby girl.”

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Only You - Tom Holland x Reader imagine

Title: Only You
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis: Being in love with your best friend really does suck, especially when he likes somebody else
Word Count: 1.1k
Warning: A little fluff
A/N: Written for anon - ‘an imagine with Tom where the reader and him are best friends but he likes someone else and the reader is really sad’. This actually made me kinda emotional, someone pass me the tissues. Credit to gif owner.
Tags: @sixtiesholland @babyparker @spideythewebsitter @lonely-entity @michelangelui @forelsket-feelings @honeymoon2nite @theonlyonelives @raindancer2004 @peterfightmeparker @punkiewitch @libbie-chan @parkery @kawaiitickles @spider-hlland @peterparkers-glasses @bitsyb21 @fangirl3939 @bendy-boi-the-dancing-demon @thefemalebradly @clean-and-claire @amypoooo @emilybillard @philipshay @dr-tardis-who @gotnotfeature @love-and-live-out-loud @butterscotch-quotes @stankspider @buckyxthe107plums @princessserena23 @afangirlssoul @angstriddenteenager @tbh-buffy @rosaetum @idontknowanyfear @queen-rcm @theweirdlunatic @bugheadtrashhh @tomstan2013 @peterfuckinparker @pakistaaani @tomllholland @1022bridgetp

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The Profiler’s Safe Place [Spencer Reid x Reader]

Requested by anon: “I’m so glad you want Reid lol imagine being the person Reid goes to when he’s over thinking or panicked. Just being there for him when a case or situation is overwhelming. I think that’s cute and dramatic lol -🐞”

A/N: First Criminal Minds fic on this blog! How exciting. ^.^


If their is one thing you consider your apartment, its safe. It has a good security system, locks, and of course the FBI agent who is your neighbor. Yes, Dr. Spencer Reid is your neighbor.

The two of you have become quite the friends. You’ve also even gotten to meet some of his co-workers/friends. They were all amazingly nice people, but they noticed how different your relationship was with Spence. It was completely friends, no co-worker, or case drama to mix in.

Over time your apartment has become a safe haven for the good doctor. No matter what time of day or night you’re always open to listen to his overly thunk thoughts or the nightmare he just had.

Often you’d even let him crash on your couch if it was late and he was still worked up.

All of these things made tonight no different. Finding him leaning against your door, looking like a lost puppy.

“Hey Spence” you greeted. Giving him a wide smile, something he dearly loved to see adhere your features.

“H-Hey [F/n], sorry to bother you just getting home but could we talk? Please?” his voice shaking a little as usual, for some reason it did that when he started talking but eventually warmed up to your presence. You thought this happened around everyone he was comfortable with but in fact it only happened around you.

This boy was head over heels for you. No matter how he’d like to deny it. He didn’t want to pull you intimately into the life of Rapists and Serial Killers.

“Of course, you know my door’s always open to you” Answering while unlocking your door.

He followed you in, taking his shoes off by the door. “What were you out doing tonight?” curious as to why you were later than usual.

“A date“ you answered simply. “Oh really?” he asked, his voice a bit pained.

“Yeah, it was a waste of time though. Guy was an ass. Last time I let my friend set me up with someone” you chuckled while standing in your kitchen. Having made some tea for the both of you. Not hearing his sigh of relief.

Meeting him at the couch you handed him a mug before sitting by his side. “So what’s got the doctor troubled?”

“I, um. You know how my mother has schizophrenia?” he asked hesitantly. You nodded having been told about his childhood already.

“Well I’m reaching the age where those symptoms begin to show, I mean I’ve had testing done and those results say I’m fine but there’s always the chance that I won’t be and it’s scary.” The pace of his words quick. He did that when trying to get a thought out or opening up to someone.

At this point you’re more than capable with keeping up with him. 

“Spence, yes there will always be risk factors but if the tests say you’re going to be okay you should trust them. Over thinking about what might happen will only affect your time in the present. Enjoy life in the moment. And if something does end up showing itself then we cross that bridge when we come to it” You comforted him. 

“But what happens if I do end up having something? What if I end up as bad as my mom?”

“Spence you know more than anyone that mental illness is different for everyone. There’s no guarantee that you will reach that point. But how things are going now, you’re about as normal as a genius can be” you giggled. Making a smile pull at his lips. 

“Thanks [F/n]. You always know just what to say.” he smiled at you. Relief filling you at seeing he’s back to his fact spewing self.

“Hey, that’s what I’m here for.” You laughed, shrugging. “I’ll always be here for you Spence, okay?” reassuring him at taking his hand. He smiled, lightly squeezing it.

“[F/n]?” he whispered, staring at your hands. “Yes?” you matched his tone.

Looking up at you, hope in his eyes. A completely new expression on his face, one of hope and confidence. “Would you maybe want to–” Though his voice was cut off by his phone ringing.

He apologized before answering, “Hey Hotch… Yeah I understand… I’ll leave now”

He hung up the phone and looked at you apologetically “I’m sor-” you stopped him by raising your hand, “No worries, duty calls” smiling at him. 

Getting up to leave he slipped on his shoes. He was halfway out the door when you stopped him. Looking at him from the couch you called, “Hey Spencer?” He looked back at you curiously. “Yes” you answered.

“What?“ His face contorting with confusion. 

“Yes, I’d love to get dinner with you.” He visibly tensed from shock. “Y-You mean?”

You chuckled, “Being friends with you I’ve picked up some profiling abilities. I finished the sentence for you, how’d I do?” smiling at him, a sparkle in your eyes.

He smiled and looked at his feet, “Great, you did a great job. I’ll uh, I’ll call you after the case” nerves twisted with happiness in his tone.

“I’m looking forward to it” you smiled. He waved before closing the door behind him. Biting your lip you smiled before nestling into the couch further. Unaware of Spencer high-fiving himself in the hallway.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can I get separate scenarios of Kuroo, Oikawa, Akaashi, and Tsukishima saying dirty things to their female s/o but she is so pure and innocent and clueless that she doesn't get a thing that they're saying? It can be fluffy at the end like they tell her what it means or they keep her innocence. Thanks again!

Lol, poor thing! I honestly feel like all of these guys could - and would - have a significant other like this. My thirst for their corruption is real!

Enjoy, Anon!

P.s. I hardcore headcanon that Akaashi is the most sexually experienced out of all the Haikyuu!! boys. There’s no way that pretty head and setter hands don’t know their way around a body! (;

Really, when the words had left his lips to whisper into ear about what he could do to her later than night, he was expecting a much bigger reaction than what he had received. Instead, Kuroo stared at her blank face, her brows furrowing slightly as she turned to look at him, the confusion evident in every feature.

“What?” she questioned and for a split second, he was certain that she was joking. That she was playing up this innocent act that she was so known for. So when he smirked and she still gave no more reaction to them, he instantly became worried that he would have to explain them: out loud.

The laugh that left him held a note of uncertainty. He wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do now that he had the potential of corrupting her beyond anything that she had apparently known. Instead, he smiled genuinely, charmed by this innocence he was glad to know was so pure, and leaned to gently peck her lips with his own. That mouth quickly smirked upward, his gaze becoming sultry as his fingers slowly traveled up the skin of her thigh. “I can show you, yeah?”

The moment Oikawa saw her brows pinch together, he was terrified that he had crossed too far over a boundary line that had yet to be established. He had assumed too much and now they thought he was a disgusting pig, he was absolutely certain that was the case. 

A panic surged into his stomach and his own expression took on that of horror, his hand instinctively reaching out to clasp tightly to hers. “I’m so sorry,” he spoke quickly, desperate to make up for the idiotic mistake he was sure he had made, “I shouldn’t have said that.”

Now her expression sank deeper, the corners of her lips tilted down in the slightest. “For what?” she asked then, fingers returning the hold of his, but a new wave of confusion washed over her with the reaction he was portraying now - so different from the confidence he had possessed when he had originally spoken the unknown phrase to her, “I’m not sure what you even said.”

Almost instantly, his confidence returned, the fire stoked by the idea of tainting someone who was so pure. He wanted to be the one to do that, to deliver the words, the touches, and the actions that pulled that untarnished mind and body. Pressing his lips against the shell of her ear, he was quick proud of the bright red that carried over the surface of her face as he purred his next words.

Akaashi had expected the blank response he got after his insinuation of what he could do to her when they were back at his home. Knew that the statement would make little to no sense for someone who was so innocent. And he loved it. Loved that he had this experience that he would be able to carefully teach them with elicit words and expert touches.

A small mischievous smile rested on his expression, body remaining close to hers as he leaned back into his seat, hand casually resting on her knee where his thumb gently stroked. Of course, he’d wait patiently. He wanted her to be curious, to want to know about the things he suggested and to learn. Never would he push for her to face these things unless she wanted to.

Watching as the thoughts swam around in her head was endearing, aware that she was trying to make sense of the words without having any knowledge of where to base them on. “What does that mean?” she finally asked, eyes falling to his hand on her knee.

His eyes surveyed her carefully before leaning in to press his lips delicately to her chin to then bring them to her ear, where he nipped lightly at her lobe. “I could tell you, or I could show you,” he offered, feeling goosebumps rise under his touch, “just say the word.”

“Oh?” was the first thing that left her lips when Tsukishima pulled away from whispering into her ear. Her gaze was on the floor before turning up to him to see his lips pulled back in the smallest of smirks which instantly caused her own to drop. “Okay, don’t laugh,” she started, instantly catching the full attention of the boy that she was sure was teasing her, “but I don’t understand.”

His expression faltered slightly, which was amusing in itself to see the collected Tsukishima so taken aback by the simple comment. It was regained quickly though, his arms crossing over the surface of the desk before him, eyes taking her in thoughtfully. “Not a bit of it?” he questioned then, voice curious.

“Not a bit,” she admitted shamelessly. She knew what this could mean for her, especially when it came to the blond before her, but she was used to his relentless teasing. She was prepared for what was inevitable.

But what did come, she hadn’t expected in the slightest. The smile had returned, this time carrying a new hint of something she wasn’t entirely sure of. There was a meaning behind it that was lost to her, but she guessed she would find out soon if she knew her boyfriend at all. “Then tomorrow be ready for your first tutoring lesson.”

Sick || Tom Holland

Word Count: 1.3k
Warning(s): Fluff fluff fluff
Pairing: Tom Holland x reader
Request: Sorry if this is weird but could you do an imagine if you were super sick and you and Tom were supposed to fly back home after shooting iw together? He just takes care of you throughout the flight and checkin :) lol sorry I’m sick af rn
A/N: So, anon is definitely feeling okay now, since this request was made almost three weeks ago (whoops!) but I wrote it anyway and I hope you enjoy it. Again, so sorry for the delay.

Y/N had been feeling a little off of late. She felt lethargic, warmer than usual, and her head had been causing her incredible pain. Tom and Y/N had been set to leave for Tom’s home in England the next day as they had just wrapped up shooting a film together. They had packed and picked out their clothes for the next day when they crawled into bed. Y/N’s nose was stuffy and she felt overly hot half of the time she was asleep. She would throw the covers away from her body, only to later come back and wrap herself up as best as she could in them.
Upon waking up with a shivering Y/N in his arms, Tom knew something was wrong. She had caught something during their last week in Atlanta and it was just now making its presence known.

“Come on, love. We have a flight to catch.” Tom said softly as he gently shook Y/N awake. Y/N let out a groan as she was pulled from her sleep. Even in her dazed state, Y/N felt cold. She shivered and pulled the blankets further up her body. Her teeth chattered as Tom sat beside her on her side of the bed with a warm cup of tea. “Made you a warm cuppa.” Tom said as he handed the cup to Y/N, who happily took the cup into her hands and allowed its warmth to spread throughout her palms.

“I feel like shit.” Y/N stated after taking the first sip of her tea. The warmth of the tea made the sandpaper like texture of her throat slightly less harsh. Tom chuckled a little at Y/N’s comment as he put the back of his palm on Y/N’s forehead.

“You’re burning up.” Tom stated before his lips pursed. He stood suddenly from his spot beside Y/N. “I’m gonna cancel the flight. We’ll leave after two days.”

“No. Nuh uh. Thomas, we will do no such thing.” Y/N said sternly, using Tom’s full first name to put emphasis on her level of seriousness.

“But you’re sick. And I don’t want you feeling absolutely miserable all the way there.”

“I’ll be fine. I can take care of myself. Please, Tom. Don’t make this a bigger deal than it really is.” Y/N pleaded. Tom thought it through before deciding instead of a cancelling the flight, they could just take a private jet instead. That way, Y/N wouldn’t have to be surrounded by people and Tom could take better care of her.

“Fine. You’re lucky I love you.” Tom mumbled as he placed a lingering kiss on Y/N’s warm forehead. Y/N smiled with triumph.

“Thank you!” She called after Tom as he walked out of the room.

During the entire process of leaving the rented apartment to getting into the air, Tom did everything in his power to ensure Y/N was absolutely comfortable. She’d taken some medicine before they’d left and was feeling a little lighter. And although Y/N insisted she was okay, Tom still felt like there was so much more to ensure total comfort for his girlfriend.

“I’m fine, Tom. Really, I’m all right.” Y/N reassured as she kissed Tom on the cheek. “All I want right now, is for you to cuddle me. I could really use some cuddles right now.” Y/N requested. It was the only thing she’d asked for, but it was what she needed most from Tom at the moment.

Tom reclined the chair as far as it could go and patted his lap. Y/N pulled the blanket around her shoulders tighter around her before happily sitting in Tom’s lap. She leaned back and Tom wrapped his arms around her body while he rested his head on her shoulder.

“Comfortable?” He mumbled into the skin of Y/N’s neck.

“Very.” She hummed back. “Thanks, Tom, for taking such good care of me and for being the best boyfriend to ever walk this planet. I love you so much.” Y/N mumbled in a sleepy daze.

“Anything for my girl. And there’s no way you love me more than I love you.”

“There is so a way.” Y/N giggled back.

“Nope. Doesn’t exist.” Tom answered back stubbornly. They talked about anything and everything. Y/N just talked to hear Tom talk, the sound of his voice coated in his beautiful accent providing Y/N with a level of relaxation that was unparalleled. She was lulled to sleep as Tom continued to talk.

When they landed, Y/N was extremely tired. The medicine she had taken before they got on the jet was beginning to wear off and she could feel a dangerous headache coming on. Tom looked worried and Y/N assured him that she was all right. The soothing tone in her voice calmed him right down.

Once home, Tom offloaded the car with all their luggage. Y/N offered her help but was sternly turned down by Tom.

“I’m gonna sleep early today so that tomorrow when we’re at your parents’ place celebrating Paddy’s birthday, I’m not a weight dragging you down.

"You’re never a drag.” Tom said before he kissed Y/N’s cheek. She smiled widely before walking into their shared apartment. She took a nice, long, warm bath. Her fever had gone away and she was slowly starting to get better. 

                                               One week later

They had a regular morning routine. The first hour of the day, they spent together in the same room drinking their tea in a comfortable silence, save for the first ‘good morning’. Y/N would read a few chapters from the book she was immersed in at the time and Tom would scroll through his social media.
Y/N turned the page in her book and began to read the writing, until she heard it.

A sniffle.

Then another.

Y/N set her cup of tea down on the table and lifted her head up to look at the source of the sound. It was then she noticed the tip of his nose; red, and his cheeks were flushed a light red as well.

Y/N stood up from her seat and walked over to Tom. She put the back of her hand against his forehead and he slapped it away defiantly.

“What’re you doing?” He chuckled.

“You’re burning up.”

“No, m'not. Just a little warm is all.”

“You have a fever.” Y/N said before she took his arm and pulled him up off the chair.

“Where are you taking me?” Tom laughed.

“To the couch, of course.” Once there, she placed her hands on his bare chest and pushed him into the couch.

“Y/N, darling, you’re being dramatic. I feel fine, I’m fine.”

“Well, you can feel as fine as you’d like, but the truth of the matter is, you’re not fine. You took care of me, now it’s my turn to take care of you.” Y/N said with a smile before she kissed Tom’s cheek.

“Give me a proper kiss.” Tom demanded childishly.

“Nuh uh. Not while you’re sick.” Y/N laughed as she walked to get the medicine.

“I’m not sick!” He called after Y/N.

A/N: Yeet boi. That’s that. I hope that this is how you wanted this to turn out. Sorry I’ve been gone and haven’t posted in a hot minute. School is kinda just having a ball kicking my ass so I don’t have as much time to myself as I did before. But once I catch up from the week of work I missed I should be able to post more for sure.

Kinky Night (Jaehyun)

anon said: Smut with Jaehyun please. Jaehyun’s back from performing abroad and he’s brought you a little present, lingerie. you’re more than happy to oblige and give him what he wants but you’ve also bought a few surprises, a pair of handcuffs and blindfolds. your both eager to get it on in an ‘extra special’ way tonight. Feel free to play with any other fetish or kink. maybe ice play, breath control and overstimulation. what can I say I have a wild imagination lol. Peace!~~ 

author: admin ni ayeee

word count: 2,834 (i got a little carried away, so not sorry :) )

genre: kink smut for ya nasties

a/n: luv ur request marry me (again the “sex” is referring to ya naughty parts lmaooooo)

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BTS reaction- You kiss them assuming they are asleep (but they aren't)

OMFG! I am so so so so sorry anon. I didn’t see your request and it has been in my inbox forever. Somehow I just skipped over it. I AM SO SORRY :( But here it is and I hope you like it! 

**gifs are not mine. Credit to the owners**


I think Jin would really try his best to hold in his smile and not laugh when you kissed him. Its not because he wouldn’t want you to be embarrassed but because he would be more embarrassed himself. 

You saw his sleeping form on the couch and the way the light reflected on his face made him look so beautiful.You didn’t realize when your feet started moving in his direction and you ended up kissing him on his forehead. A smile threatened to break on his face but he tried to stifle it and he covered his mouth with his hand. Unbeknownst to you he knew that you kissed him and as he watched you leave he blew a kiss your way and assumed the sleeping posture again. 


Ok he would be asleep. 100% definitely asleep, so he really won’t react. I have no doubt that he would be really asleep and not just have his eyes closed. 

As soon as he came home he dropped dead on the sofa. You came out freshly showered and pleasantly surprised to see your boyfriend. He worked so hard, and seeing his tired figure on the couch made you want to kiss him. So you did exactly that. You pecked him on his lips. His hand immediately went to touch his lips unconsciously and he licked them. You chuckled at the sight. “Sleep well” you whispered and left to let him rest. 


He would let it be known that he knew you kissed him and he would tease you for it. He wouldn’t hesitate to tell you how cute he thought it was of you to kiss him while he was “sleeping”

Hoseok was sitting on the floor while his head rested in the love seat. He heard your footsteps nearing him and he immediately shut his eyes and tried not to smile. You saw him on the floor and had the sudden urge to kiss him while you thought he slept. You brushed his hair from his forehead and kissed him there. As you were about to leave he grabbed your wrist. “Tsk tsk if you wanted a kiss all you had to was ask y/n” he opened his eyes and smirked at you. “My cute kiss stealer” he acted all smug. The embarrassment you felt couldn’t be described in words. 


He would laugh when you kissed him and he wouldn’t even try to hide it. No doubt though he would find it very cute. 

Namjoon was laying on the bed with his propped against the headboard and legs crossed. You stealthily approached him and kissed him on the jaw. He smiled as soon as your lips contact with his skin. He opened one eye and looked at you while smiling really big. You jumped back startled. “Did you think I was sleeping babe?” he raised an eyebrow and pulled you on the bed by your wrist. He hovered on top of you and kissed both your cheeks. “Sorry to disappoint but I wasn’t actually sleeping” he continued chuckling. 


He would smile like an idiot and he wouldn’t be able to stop because it was the cutest thing for him. Might even tease you a little bit because why not?

You saw Jimin alone in the practice room. He had been practicing all day and you brought him food. His head was propped against the fall and it seemed like he was asleep. You sat next to him and kissed his cheek. He smiled wide and turned his head towards you. Seeing him awake sacred you. You hoped he was was asleep and didn’t know you kissed him. “Thank you babe” he put his arm around you and rested your head on his chest. He then kissed your forehead. “Since when are you so adorable?” he chuckled. You buried your head further in his chest and groaned. 


He would enjoy it and laugh at your cuteness. The kid in him would come out and he would just act all cute because you were being too cute with him. 

Taehyung and you were out in the park enjoying the sunshine. You came back with ice creams but saw him sleeping. “Tae” you called and waved your hand in front of his face. When you were sure he was really sleeping you kissed his temple. “You are too adorable y/n baby” he whispered in your ear right when you kissed him. You dropped one of the ice creams in your hand and clutched the other to the point the cone would break. “Got you!” he smiled cheekily and you smothered the ice cream on his nose. “Payback’s a bitch Tae” you laughed and ran away. 


I feel like he would not react instantly in that moment but he would tease you about it later and take his sweet time riling you up. I don’t know why but I just imagine him being so extra about it.

You were currently stuck with Jungkook who was trying to get you to admit that you kissed him when you thought he was “asleep”.“Admit it y/n you did kiss me. I won’t tease you. In fact it was cute if I am being honest.” Once you admitted he did exactly the opposite. “You might as well have come up with a thirst trap you perv” he used a playful accusatory tone. You groaned and threw the cushion at him which he caught. “I don’t even know why I am with you” you mumbled. “Because you like kissing me when you think I am ‘asleep’” he used air quotes again. You gave up with him after that and he continued to laugh.

I hope this was good. Bit better than my other reaction. Have a wonderful day ahead

Stay Healthy. Stay Happy. Stay Beautiful 




Pairing: peter x reader

Request by anon: Request please :) Coming over to give peter a piece of your mind for missing a date, you end up waiting so long you fall asleep. When he gets home he takes his suit off throwing it at you because he didnt realize you were there. (Hope this makes sense)

A/N: I really hope this is what you had in mind. Thank you for requesting, enjoy! x

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You sighed as you checked your phone, again. You were suppose to have a date with your boyfriend Peter Parker. You had made plans for dinner, but Peter hadn’t shown up. You checked your messages, but there was nothing from Peter. He was already an hour late, so you figured he wouldn’t come anymore. You stood up and left the little restaurant you were waiting at. Since Peter’s apartment wasn’t that far, you decided to pay Peter a visit. It happened more and more often that Peter bailed on you and it made you think he didn’t like you anymore. It was either that, or there was something going on with him. You were one hundred percent sure Peter wasn’t cheating. He would never treat you like that.

A few minutes later you arrived at Peter’s apartment. May opened the door and smiled.

‘Y/N! Come in,’ she said.

‘Thank you,’ you smiled as you entered the apartment.

‘You look very beautiful,’ May complimented you on your looks.

You looked down on the cute dress you were wearing. ‘Thanks,’ you sighed. ‘Peter and I were suppose to go on a date, but he forgot, I guess.’

May shook her head. ‘Well, he is in his room. In case you want to, you know, beat him up or something,’ she send you a wink.

You let out a laugh and nodded, ‘I will,’ you said and walked towards Peter’s room. You softly knocked before entering, only to find a completely empty room. Where the hell did he go? He definitely sneaked out, otherwise May wouldn’t think he’s be here. You couldn’t bring yourself to tell her Peter was gone, so you let yourself fall on his bed, waiting for the boy to return.

After an hour or so, you felt your eyes starting to get tired. You put your phone away and planted yourself on Peter’s bed once again.

‘Just five minutes,’ you said to yourself.

You closed your eyes and you slowly fell asleep.

Peter opened his window as quiet as possible. It was already dark outside, since it got pretty late. May already went  to bed , so he had to be careful. After the boy was inside, he started to take his suit of. That was easier said than done, because it was completely drenched with water. Chasing two robbers down the river seemed like a good plan. Oh, well, he had caught them, so it was fine.

After finally getting rid of his suit, he threw it across to room, onto his bed, not noticing the girl who was asleep on it.

You were woken by a wet piece of clothing which was thrown onto your face.

‘What the hell,’ you muttered as you immediately sat straight up and grabbed the wet thing. Your eyes went wide when you saw what it was.

The Spider-Man suit.

You looked up and saw Peter standing in the middle of the room, with a horrified look on his face, the mask still in his hands.

Your mouth fell open as you looked at the suit and back at Peter again.

‘Peter, you’re-’ you slowly began.

‘I-I uh, I c-can explain,’ Peter stuttered.

You just stared at him, processing what just happened, everything was coming together. So this was the reason why he kept bailing on you.

You stood up and walked over to your boyfriend, who looked absolutely terrified. You took a deep breath and looked into his gorgeous brown eyes. You handed his suit to him and smiled.

‘You know, I was gonna rant about how you missed our date. Again. But I think you have a pretty good excuse.’

Peter was quiet for a moment.

‘So you’re not gonna freak out?’

‘Oh, believe me, I am freaking out right now,’ you told him.

‘I am sorry,’ Peter spoke as he grabbed your hand. ‘For not telling you, and not showing up.’

You sighed, ‘I understand, Pete. I just thought you didn’t like me anymore, or that you found me boring or something.’

Peter’s eyes went wide, ‘Y/N, you are the most wonderful and beautiful person in this earth. I don’t know what I would do without you.’

Peter opened his arms and pulled you into his warm embrace. ‘I am so, so sorry, Y/N,’ he whispered.

You put your arms around his as he held you close. You felt this weight falling of your shoulders.  You looked up at him and smiled. Your heart filled with happiness as he looked down at you. You boyfriend was a superhero. How amazing is that?

Peter slowly leaned in and you closed your eyes as you felt his soft lips on yours. You smiled into the kiss and pulled him even closer.

‘I love you,’ you whispered against his lips.

Peter smiled as he pulled away. He planted a kiss on top of your head, not daring to let go of you.

‘I love you too.’



You looked him seriously in the eyes.

‘I would appreciate it if you didn’t throw your suit into my face next time.

Peter chuckled as he pecked your lips once more.

‘I won’t throw my suit into your face anymore.’

anonymous asked:

Can you do more msr smut? maybe one where someone walks in on them? It would be nice to see how they'd react and feel afterwards!

Here you go anon, the last in my series of caught fics. 

Warning, NSFW. 

Mulder doesn’t quite know how it all happened. One moment he was stood at the door to Scully’s apartment, flashing her a cheeky yet hopeful grin as he held a Chinese takeout bag in one hand and a bottle of red in the other, and the next he was sat on the couch, his legs spread and his jeans unzipped as he watched his hot little partner sink to her knees in front of him, take his cock into her mouth and proceed to give him the best blowjob of his life.

He’d gone to her apartment on a whim – they hadn’t made plans to spend the evening together, and even as he placed the order for their takeout he’d decided that he would share the food with the Gunmen if his partner wasn’t at home. But she was, and if the way she’d kissed him and pulled him into her apartment was anything to go by, she had been missing him too.

It was pathetic really, he’d thought to himself. The two of them had only “officially” taken their relationship to the next level a few weeks ago, when Scully had crawled into his bed, very much naked and very much not tired, after he’d returned home from his visit to England. Since then they’d slept together only twice, heavy workloads and Scully’s family commitments keeping them apart. They’d got back from their latest case late last night, too late for Mulder to stay, and today they’d been back at the office, knee deep in paperwork. Tonight was their chance to catch up, as a couple, and to spend some time together outside of work. Mulder was hoping deep down that the evening would end with Scully inviting him to spend the night, but he’d never expected this. The Chinese is cooling on the coffee table but all Mulder can think about is his partner sucking on his dick as though it’s her favorite flavor lollipop.

“Sc…” After seven years, Scully has finally rendered her partner speechless. Her right hand is wrapped tightly around his cock while her mouth bobs up and down on him, her teeth lightly grazing his flesh. Mulder is hard, possibly harder than he’s ever been, and he knows he’s moments away from one of the best orgasms of his life. His partner isn’t exactly making things easy for him either; she’s looking up at him with her big blue eyes, smirking around his flesh as her left hand moves to unbutton her shirt ever so slightly, then heads down and disappears beneath her skirt. Seconds later Mulder feels her moan vibrate against him, the sensation driving him closer to the edge.

“Get up…uhhh…get up here Scully.”

She shakes her head, unwilling to release his cock, though he notices that whatever she’s doing beneath her skirt – and he has a reasonably good idea of what that is – she’s speeding up.

“Please.” First she rendered him speechless, now she’s got him begging. Dana Scully has her partner wrapped around her little finger, and he loves it. “Scully I wanna be inside you.”

“No,” replies Scully, pulling back momentarily to catch her breath. “Like this.”

“I’m close.”

“I know.” She flashes him another smile before her mouth sinks back down over his cock.

He’s given her plenty of warning, he tells himself, and before he can even think about pulling out he suddenly tumbles over the edge, spilling into her mouth with a cry. Scully isn’t that far behind him, groaning around him as she cleans him up.

As he comes down from his rush, Mulder suddenly hears the scraping of a key in the lock at Scully’s door. He looks down at his partner, her wide eyes reflecting his own horror, and then it all happens in a blur. A visibly post-coital Scully quickly gets to her feet, setting her skirt in place, while Mulder lifts his hips up off the sofa, trying to zip up his jeans. As the door opens, Scully suddenly flings a nearby cushion onto her partner’s lap in an attempt to conceal his modesty. But it’s too late.


“Oh my goodness!” Maggie takes in the scene, looks at her daughter’s unbuttoned blouse, her healthy “glow” and her partner sporting a cushion in his lap and then immediately spins round, facing the door to the apartment, while Mulder and Scully scramble to make themselves look more presentable. Both of them are blushing furiously, while Mulder’s heart is beating double time. Shit. This isn’t good, not good at all. 

“It really isn’t what it looks like.”

It’s exactly what it looks like, and all three of them know that. Unable to stop himself, Mulder smirks as he raises his eyebrows at his partner, his jeans now zipped once more. He figured she’d be a little more inventive than that. 

Thankfully, Maggie seems equally flustered. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I knocked and I didn’t hear anything -” Mulder curses inwardly. If he’d just been a little quieter, they’d have heard her mom knock. But then again, he thinks, Scully is equally to blame for being so damn good at what she does, and besides, she was as carried away as he was. 

“We were just doing some paperwork -“ 

"Paperwork?” mouths Mulder to his partner, wincing as Scully shakes her head and slaps his arm hard, warning him to stay quiet.

“I didn’t realize you were back. I came over to check on the apartment –”

“There’s a lot of paperwork for this case –”

“So I used my key -” Maggie cautiously turns her head, then when realizing the coast is clear and that her daughter and partner are fully dressed, turns around. Mulder notices that neither mother nor daughter are able to make eye contact with one another. 

“We’ve got a lot of work on you see.”

“Of course." 

"And I was just helping Mulder with a report.”

“I should go.”

“No,” Mulder interrupts, unable to listen to the awkward conversation any longer. “I should go.”

“No,” Scully announces firmly, looking between the two of them. There’s a hint of resignation to her voice. “You should both stay.”

She’s right, Mulder knows - if they try and avoid her mom now, the next meeting will be even more awkward.

Maggie nods down at her feet, and so Mulder tries to break the tension in the room. “I’ll put the kettle on. Coffee Magg…Mrs Scully?”

“I’ll take tea please,” she replies politely. She doesn’t need coffee, having just had a wake-up call. Scully nods in agreement and so he leaves the room, giving the two of them time to speak alone. He figures Maggie will have some questions for her daughter, and sure enough he’s right. 

“How long has this been going on?” He hears Maggie ask the moment he’s - she presumes - out of earshot. Scully seems to have pre-empted the question and is ready with her answer. 

“About three weeks.”

“Three weeks?” The surprise is evident in Maggie’s voice. “You’ve only been together for three weeks?” While Mulder busies himself with boiling the kettle, he contemplates Maggie’s shock. He’s sure she thought they’d been together a lot longer – he’s always presumed she knew about his feelings for her daughter. He still feels awful for her walking in on them, and understands why she’s annoyed – she’s embarrassed after all, and no doubt feels out of the loop for not being aware of their relationship. As the kettle boils he suddenly feels bad for leaving Scully alone to face her mom, and slowly pads back out into the living room.

“…better of you Dana…” Maggie pauses as she notices Mulder’s presence. He shoots his partner a look, silently asking her if she’s ok, and she nods ever-so-slightly, though her eyes tell him otherwise.

“Mrs Scully,” he suddenly interrupts, moving over to stand by Scully’s side. He reaches down and takes hold of her hand. “I can only apologize for what you saw tonight. We certainly didn’t mean for you to walk in on that, and I’m sorry that we’ve embarrassed you. No parent wants to walk in on their child doing that, no matter how old they are.”

Maggie hums in agreement, but she says nothing, waiting for him to continue. “But I want you to know something. Dana’s told you we’ve been together for three weeks, and that’s correct. Officially. But if you’re asking me when I fell in love with your daughter, it’s been longer than that. A lot longer. More like three years.” He feels Scully’s eyes on him but he’s unable to trust himself to look at her. “I know what you’re thinking, and rest assured that I’m not taking advantage your daughter. I love her. This isn’t a quick fling, this is it for me, and if I’ve read the signs right, it’s the same for Dana.”

“It is,” Scully whispers, and he can hear the tears in her voice.

Maggie appears a little surprised at their admissions, but Mulder is pleased to see that she no longer looks as though she wants to kill the two of them. “So it’s serious.” It’s a statement, not a question, and Mulder sees her let out the breath she’s been holding as both he and Scully nod.

“Very much so,” he answers.

“I should have knocked again,” she replies. “Just to make sure you weren’t home. I know you’re both adults, and I didn’t mean to walk in on…that.”

“It won’t happen again,” promises Scully,

“No,” agrees Maggie, her lips twitching up into a smile. “Next time I should think you’d at least use the door chain to keep out unwanted visitors.”


Parrish x Reader

Requested by Anon

“(Y/N)?” Parrish muttered as he rolled to find you sleeping curled up with your back to him.

With a sigh, he got up and made his way to the bathroom, getting ready for another full day at the station.

“Jordan, breakfast should be ready soon.” You called and he glanced to the door, you’d wanted him to less shifts or even talk to John about transferring somewhere safer. He wondered if he should as the Sherriff for help as he got dressed.

“I’ll try and get home early.” Parrish muttered as he hurried into the kitchen, insisting on finishing breakfast and shooed you to sit at the kitchen island. “but you have to call as soon as you finish with Melissa.”

“Ok.” You sighed and he winced.

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Motivation (AJ Styles x Reader)

Context: Reader is married to AJ Styles, and they fight really badly, and then… Make up sex (rough sex).

**A/N: ** Requested by a lovely anon. First smut fic ever written. Main song playing in the background is “Motivation” by Kelly Rowland because it gets the juices flowing. Feedback is welcomed just in case I decide to write another one. Feel free to @ me all day, week, year, and century. Hopefully this one is rough enough.


Originally posted by p1styles

**Tags: ** @nickysmum1909 ; @the-geekgoddes ; @llowkeys ; @skrillexslays13 ; @livingthestrongstyle 

“Oh lover, don’t you dare slow down

Go longer, you can last more rounds

Push harder, you’re almost there now

So go lover, make mama proud….”

       Ever since AJ had come home the week earlier, the house had been a mess. Dishes in the sink, clothing on the floor: the list went on. I walked into our home, eleven o’clock in the dead of the night with AJ laying comfortably on the living room sofa fast asleep and snoring; the house was decorated in the exact same unkempt manner it has always been with him there.

      Making my way past the plates stacked on the coffee table, I shoved AJ out the chair and onto the cold hardwood floor beneath him.

       “What the actual fuck?” He yelled, pushing his brown hair out of his eyes; a definite sign of anger and frustration. AJ turned to face me, fuming shades of every red you can possibly imagine, and rose from the floor. “What’s your problem, huh?”

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Originally posted by coldrainy

Shawn Mendes x Reader

**Trigger warning: self harm and bullying**

Word count: 1,085

A/N: I’ve combined an anon request and a prompt I did and as I said, I wasn’t going to do this purely because of trigger reasons but the thought of this possibly helping someone encouraged me to do it. I love you and I’m here for you all. Lots of love.


Shawn smiles at me, his face not far from mine. “What?” I giggle. Shawn places his large, soft hand on my cheek, rubbing his thumb over it. “I’m just so lucky, I wish you could see it.” He says before leaning in and placing a soft kiss on my cheek. I wrap my arms around his neck and begin to kiss him, hard. My body begins to heat as I feel Shawn’s fingers begin to curl up the bottom of my jumper. I quickly pull away before he has a chance to lift it any further. I look up at his eyes, an utterly confused look displayed on his face. I flop backwards onto the bed with my arms splayed out. “Sorry.” I mumble, knowing Shawn is definitely getting frustrated by this repetition. Shawn rests his back against the headboard, letting out a huge sigh. “Y/N… Have I done something? Has something changed between us? I know I was on tour for a while but I haven’t changed… Is there someone else?” Shawn asks, concerned. I shoot up, feeling so guilty. “No! No! Shawn, I promise, nothing has changed with us. I just… I just had lunch and I’m really bloated.” I say, trying to sound convincing. “There it is again. Another excuse. You know I’m here for you, Y/N, but I can’t really handle your games right now.” Shawn says, sounding a little pissed off as he gets off my bed and puts his shoes on. “Where are you going?” I ask, so incredibly annoyed at myself. “Home. I’ll talk to you later.” He says before walking out my door.

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Bts | Reaction | Prophesy

[ made this into a soulmate!bts kind of reaction/drabble, some of them mght suck¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but hope you enjoy it no less, anon and thanks for requesting :) ]


*What’s your favorite color?

Seokjin would be sitting outside one of his favorite coffee shops, alone. He felt a little strange that he was talking with his brain, hoping to get an answer this time. He just didn’t get it - when the mark showed up, he was sure that he would be able to speak to her in his thoughts. Jin never really discovered what the other link was - he knew there were three - and he was losing hope.

He knew it was ridiculous to believe in fairy tale nonsense about soulmates and how to find them - but these past couple of months have turned him into a believer in no time. Especially when the mark finally showed up. Now here he was, sitting in silence as the streets were practically empty and people were starting to head home. Looking at his watch, he sighs heavily. This was just turning into a chore - he should’ve known that no one can communicate with their-


Jin nearly spat out his drink as his head suddenly echoed with a feminine voice. It sounded so unsure, as if she too felt really stupid by talking with her brain. With his mouth agape, he sat there for what felt like eternity, not really knowing what to say next. It wasn’t until the voice spoke again.

**I’ve actually been hearing you for days now. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for so long, I just thought I was losing my mind. But, now I see the mark, so I know it’s true. You must be my soulmate.

Once again, not really having an answer, Jin couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face. If anyone were to be walking by, they would probably think he was a loon for smiling at nothing in particular. It wasn’t until he finally realized that the girl he’s been trying for so long to communicate with was finally responding - why keep her waiting?

*What’s your name?

Jin felt chill bumps form all around his body as the sound of her laugh practically echoed around his mind - what a weird feeling, but such a beautiful sound.

**Isn’t it my turn to ask a question?

*Yeah! I-I mean, sure, go right ahead. Ask me anything.

**When’s your birthday?

*December 4, 1992.

There was silence after that. He didn’t know if it was because she was waiting for his question next, or maybe someone caught her attention and made her forget that they were talking - but not really talking. After a few minutes of silence, she finally sighs.

**You’re older than me.


She laughs once again, this time making him laugh as well. But, on the outside. A woman had stopped walking her dog to overlook Jin with a raised eyebrow. Slightly embarrassed, he politely waves, saying how he just thought of something funny. Rolling her eyes in response, she continues on.

**But, only by a year. I was born on the same day, though. Kinda cool, huh?

*Oh, my gosh! Thank you!

**Um, for what?

*You just helped me figure out what the third link was. I read somewhere that there were these signs that help you discover your soulmate. First the mark, then the mind-reading, and finally the share of birth.

**Wait…where did you read that at?

*It was some bookstore I lived nearby.

**Did…did an old woman force you to come inside? And she looked so sweet and frail, you just couldn’t say no?

*Okay…now you’re starting to scare me. How did you know all of tha-wait. Do you live in my area?! Are you close by?!

Jumping up from his seat, almost knocking it over, he scans the area. Jin didn’t even know what she looked like, yet he was determined to lock eyes with anyone he felt was the one. It wasn’t until his eyes laid upon a woman inside one of the boutiques from across the street. What drew his attention to her was the fact that she too was looking around. It couldn’t be coincidence - it just couldn’t.

*I think I see you. Uh, lift up your right leg and wiggle it around - so I know it’s really you!

The woman in the boutique smiles softly - nearly making Jin’s heart stop. There was barely anyone in the store to smile at - it just had to be her. A few seconds later, she did what she was told and started wiggling her right leg in the air; quickly putting it back down before she got any weird looks. Jin felt like he couldn’t breath. There she was, this whole time, living close by. She might have even walked passed him a few times and he didn’t even know it.

**Did you see me?

Feeling a tap on her shoulder, she turns around to come face to face with who she thought would be a random stranger. But, when he opened his mouth and spoke - Y/n nearly fainted right on the spot.

“I see you~”


He couldn’t believe his eyes.

On his doorstep, there it laid. A new-born baby, wrapped up in a blanket - with nothing but a note resting on its chest. Yoongi looked around for any signs of a person who could’ve put it there, only to come up with nothing but darkness.

“Fuck…” He says under his breath, his attention back on the sleeping baby in the basket.

“Who is it, babe?” His wife must’ve wondered what was taking him so long at the door, leaving her to sit at the dinner table by herself. Tonight they were celebrating each other’s birthday - having been born on the same day. Once she was behind Yoongi, her reaction to what was on the doorstep was much more emotional than his.

“Oh, my god, a baby.”

Quickly kneeling down to the sleeping child, she gently picked it up while cooing to the squirming bundle. Slowly rocking it, she removes the note off its chest and read it out loud to her husband. “Her name is Mi Sun. Born March 9th, 2016. Take care of her, Mr. and Mrs. Min. She’s your destiny now.

“March 9th?!” He exclaimed, accidentally startling the poor girl. Awakening from her peaceful slumber, she looks around for a moment before her face scrunches in discomfort for being disturbed. “Ah, shit..”

“Language, Min Yoongi.”

Language? A baby has been dropped on our doorstep, anonymously, and you’re worried about my language? Y/n, are you not freaked out that whoever left her here somehow knew our last name? Or even the fact that she has the same birthday as the two of us?”

She could see it in his eyes that he was horrified. Yoongi tried so hard sometimes to hide how he was feeling - but it was always his eyes that gave him away. Adjusting Mi Sun to rest her head on Y/n’s shoulder, she used her free hand to caress the side of his face - it never failed to calm him down.

“Baby, this isn’t the end of the world. If anything, I see this as a gift. I mean, we just recently got married, the discussion of children has been off and on between us - and now we got one. Don’t you see what this means?”

“No more having sex at random times?” Lightly smacking the cheek she was caressing, Yoongi winces playfully before smiling. “I’m kidding. Jagi, I know we’ve been wanting a baby for a while but…is this really a smart option?”

Looking down at the calmed infant, Y/n couldn’t help but smile at how curious she was when half awake. Her eyes were droopy, but that didn’t stop them from scanning everything in sight. A warm feeling filled her chest as she hugged Mi Sun to it. It just…felt so right. Staring up at him, Y/n batted her eyelashes while her lower lip stuck out in a pout.

“Please, Suga-bear? We can’t get rid of her - not on her birthday~” Almost cringing at the nickname she gave him, he just couldn’t resist saying yes to whatever she wanted when she looked at him like that. “I bet as soon as you hold her, you’ll instantly fall in love.”

Taking that challenge, Yoongi holds out his hands so that he could have a turn. Smiling in victory, Y/n gently removes Mi Sun from her comfortable position and handed her over to him. Making sure to support her head, Yoongi holds her in a cradle position - letting Mi Sun have full eye contact privileges whenever she wanted. Again, she looked around in her new position, until finally setting her eyes on Yoongi. With no expression on his face, he stares right back.

“Say something to her, you dummy.” 

Sighing heavily, he does. “Um…hello there, tiny human. You were quite the surprise that came on our doorstep at 8:30 at night, that’s for sure. I’ve always wanted to be a dad, but now that the opportunity is right in front of me, I gotta tell you that I’m terrified right now. You sure do like to stare, don’t you? Why does it feel like you haven’t blinked since you laid eyes on me? Am I that amazing?”


“Kidding, I’m kidding.” He chuckles softly, still not breaking eye contact with Mi Sun. “You’ve got some pretty eyes, I’ll give you that. Whoever left you here on our doorstep is gonna regret it later on - they were cowards. But, we won’t abandon you. I’ll be there to dry your tears, give you kisses goodnight, hold you when you’re scared, and make you feel sa-Ahhh jagi, she’s smiling! She’s smiling at me! I made her smile!”

Having to shush him to keep him quite and not wake the neighbors, Y/n’s own smile only widened to the point it was starting to hurt. She only wished she had a camera to catch this delicate moment - it hasn’t even been five minutes, and he was already claiming her as his own. That warm feeling from earlier grew stronger by now, as she watched him bond with Mi Sun. What really almost made her face split in half was how Yoongi gently placed a kiss on her forehead.

“You know, jagi? What you said earlier…this might actually be one of the best gifts I think I’ve ever gotten.”

“See? I told you - you fell in love. We may never know who left her here - or why. But…the universe works in mysterious ways. Who are we to question what it has planned for us?”

Breaking eye contact for only a moment to look at his wife - the woman who did start out as a pain in the ass, only to soon turn into the love of his life - he grins. Looking back down at the bundle in his arms with adoration, Yoongi couldn’t have agreed more.

“Welcome to the family, baby girl.”


Rap Mon was a born troublemaker.

There was no ands, ifs, or buts about it - it’s just who he was. Everything in his life consisted of drugs, violence - basically anything illegal. His life was carefree, with no responsibilities, nobody to look out for and no worries. Until one day, all of what he was used to be doing would soon come to an end. Soon, it’ll be goodbye Rap Monster and hello Kim Namjoon. He knew as soon as he bumped into her on the streets that it was all over from then on.

There was no turning back.

“Hmph. Thought you would’ve been dead by now, with all those drugs you’ve inject into your body.” She spits, arms crossed as she practically judged his whole life with just one look.

“Ugh, still the uptight little daddy’s girl, aren’t we? What are you doing on this part of town? Your ivory tower is no where near this direction.”

“It’s none of your business. Don’t you got some whore to pay a visit to and never call again?” Before she could push past him, he was quick to grab her arm. She knew she should’ve just kept her mouth shut. “Let go of me.”

“Are you seriously still heated about that? That was all the way back in college - we’re adults now, sweetheart, can’t you play nice?”

“Only one of us has the privilege of saying they’re an adult, and it sure as hell ain’t you. What you did to me was so low, I physically can’t get over it. And don’t call me sweetheart. You lost that right the minute you took your clothes off for another girl. Now, let go of my arm.”

No matter how much she tugged, his grip was always stronger. If she knew coming to that part of town would have an opportunity for her to run into the last man she ever wanted to see again - she wouldn’t even have left her house. But, she had no choice. This was the only way to get to the babysitter.

“Not until you tell me where you’re going - someone like you shouldn’t be wandering around here by yourself. Especially when you look too fine in this pencil skirt.” Not being able to help himself, Namjoon smirks as blush started forming on her face. “Aw, still the squeamish, innocent little Y/n I once knew.”

Groaning in aggravation, it was clear that he wasn’t letting go anytime soon.

“I’m going to pick someone up. I just got off work, and would like to be there on time - if you would just please let my fucking arm loose.”

“Oh, who’re you picking up? You got yourself a new boy-toy? What, he ain’t got no car to pick you up in? What’s his name?”

“What is this - twenty questions? We haven’t seen each other for over three and a half years - and I intend on keeping it that way. So I’m going to tell you one more time - let me go.” Finally breaking free of his hold, she rubbed her arm to sooth feeling back into it. He never did know how to be gentle. About to part ways by saying a one-sided goodbye, the sound of a small voice calling out from behind her almost made her heart stop.


No, not now. Why now? She chanted in her head to no one in particular. Turning on her heel swiftly, and there they were. The babysitter, holding hands with a very eager three year old boy as his excitement to see his mother was very evident. Y/n could just feel Namjoon’s eyes burning into the back of her head, mentally cursing at herself for even interacting with him instead of just walking away.

“Mommy?” He finally spoke, his voice so timid - she almost didn’t catch it. “You…You have a son?”

Gulping to moisten her dry throat, Y/n decides to ignore his question and just kneel down to the awaiting child. The babysitter happily lets go and smiles softly as the toddler practically sprinted into her arms. Hugging him tightly, Y/n stands back up to greet the babysitter, and reach with her free hand for what she owed for watching her son. After getting a grip on her wallet in her pocket, Y/n wasn’t expecting the sitter to already have money in her hands. Mouth slightly agape, she realizes that Namjoon had payed for her.

Not only did that shock her - but also baffle her. When did he start having money? She could recall all those times they went out when she had to pay for the both of them. 

“So sorry to keep you waiting - I was catching up with the mother. Kinda made her a little side tracked. There’s an extra twenty in there to make up for it.” He spoke with such authority, Y/n almost choked. Where the hell did that come from?

“Oh, uh, thanks a lot! See you next week, Y/n, and happy birthday.” She leans over to give a side hug, and pinch the little boy’s cheek gently. “And a happy birthday to you as well, Hyun. You were such a good boy today. Annyeong!”

Once Y/n waved goodbye, it took all of her strength not to turn around and interact with him again. 

But, unfortunately, she wasn’t strong enough. 

Turning again on her heel, her face was not only red with rage, but also in shame. “How dare you embarrass me like that? I was going to pay her myself, I didn’t need your charity! And where did you get all that money from, huh? You steal it? Selling drugs now, pimping out girls - what?! Where did it come from?!”

Namjoon did nothing but stare at her, his face blank but his eyes held so much more. It wasn’t until she felt the slight squirming her arms did she realize her son was now apart of the conversation; looking up at his mother with caution, she instantly calmed down - so not to frighten him.

“You named him Hyun.”

Scoffing softly, Y/n shrugs. “Yeah, what of it?”

“That night when we were drunk, talking about stupid stuff and our future plans once we graduated…I told you that if we ever had kids together that I would want one of them to be named ‘Hyun’. Y/n…how old is he?”

She gulps deeply as tears started to cloud up her vision. If she told him, there would be no turning back. She knew that the minute she set eyes on him again, after years of finally forgetting him, that this was bound to happen eventually. Peering down at the beautiful little boy in her arms, she couldn’t get over how he looked so much like Namjoon…so much like him, it made it much harder to forget.

“He turned three today. I turned 25 today. As did you…correct?” Another thing that made it hard as well. They all shared the same birthday. Y/n didn’t know if it happened on purpose or on accident that Hyun so happened to be born on their birthdays - but it did. And now t’was the moment of truth.

“Is he mine?”

“What do you think, Kim Namjoon?!” She couldn’t fight them any longer, as the tears had finally started cascading down her face. Y/n didn’t want to cry, not in front of him and definitely not in front of Hyun. “Take a good look at him, and you tell me if he’s yours or not!”

Adjusting her hold on him to where he was on display, Namjoon stared into the eyes that were similar to his. They looked so confused, so frightened - Hyun didn’t know why his mother was so upset or why she was yelling. But, he knew one thing.

“Daddy.” He cooed, reaching for the man in front of him with eager little hands, as the dimples that also matched Namjoon’s came into the light. It was in that moment that he knew.

Goodbye Rap Monster. Hello Kim Namjoon.


➸ “You made it.” 

Y/n adjusted her sundress after being shut into the patted cell. The white walls that surrounded her gave nothing but an uneasy feeling at the pit of her stomach, until her eyes locked with vibrant blue ones. It was as if him just being there was enough to calm down her nerves; just him in general. 

 “Of course, Hobi.” She chuckles softly, doing a small twirl right after. “Do you like my dress?” 

“It looks stunning on you, sweetheart. Anything you wear, you make look like priceless silk. I see you brought little man with you, as well~” 

Referring to her baby bump, Y/n couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “He goes wherever I go. He’s my plus one - who also misses daddy very much.” 

Taking a few steps closer, Y/n could feel the sour taste in her mouth start to make an appearance, as it would almost every visit. She hated how they treated him like a caged animal. Hoseok was already in a straight-jacket, with a muzzle covering his mouth. Was the glass barrier really necessary? Placing a single hand on the surface, her eyes slowly glazed over with tears. Tears that she promised herself she wouldn’t let him see. This was supposed to be a good day…why ruin it with tears?

“Baby, please don’t cry…” He winces slightly, catching on to her saddened expression. “If this is the last time I get to see you, I don’t want you to be in tears.” 

“I-I can’t help it, Hobi! It’s just not fair! Just because you’re different, they’re going to tear you apart and experiment on you - it’s not fair! Y-You have a family…they can’t do this…”  

“Let’s not talk about that, okay? Let’s talk about something else.” 


“How’s our baby boy doing? Is he healthy?” 

Wiping her eyes clear of any stray tears, Y/n smiles softly at the thought of the life inside of her. Rubbing her stomach in gentle circles, she sniffles. “He’s doing amazing. Strong, like his father. And you’ll never guess when he’s due.”

Hoseok leans closer to the glass with anticipation, practically bouncing on the balls of his feet. “Tell me, tell me, tell me!” 

“February 18th.” 

That news made his heart soar. Y/n only wishes she could see his smile one more time, cursing at the muzzle that hid the beauty away from her. Slowly, he leans his head on the glass near her stomach, signifying that he wanted to talk to him one last time. Swallowing the lump in her throat, Y/n leans in as well so that way she was sure the baby could hear him. 

“Hey, little buddy~ You being good for mommy? Take good care of our girl, okay, because she’s something special. Oh, the stories I wish I could tell you. Daddy won’t be around anymore, you won’t be able to see daddy, but that doesn’t mean I’m not there. I’ll always be there, watching over you and mommy, forever, and that’s a promise. I love you, so much. With a life full of nothing but mistakes - you and your mother were the only things I got right.” 

By now, his own tears fell. This would be the last time he could see the both of them, and he couldn’t even touch them. Weakly standing up straight, Hoseok stares deeply into her eyes, silently telling her all the words he wished he could voice out loud - but sadly, their time was running out. Smiling through his tears, he leans his head back onto the glass to where their foreheads would touch. 

“You’re not a mistake to me, Jung Hoseok. No matter what they say, you aren’t dangerous. You’re just like anybody else.”

“Yeah, if anybody else could implode the earth with a simple flick of their wrist, they probably would have just let me off with a warning. This is for the best, jagi, you know that.” 

“Best for who? You haven’t hurt anyone, you are nothing but a caring soul - a father. Who the hell is this supposed to be best for?!”

“Sh, sh..” He coos softly, letting her cry as much as she needed to - himself letting his tears continue to fall. “I love you. I love you with all my heart, I want you to know that. I need to hear you say it, just one more time…” 

“I love you, Jung Hoseok. To the moon and back, to the edge of the earth, to kingdom come - I love you. Please…please don’t leave me…” 

“You have to be strong, Y/n. Be strong for not only me, or yourself, but our child. Promise me you’ll move on, find someone new, promise me.”


“Time’s up!” 

The sound of the large, metal door being unlocked brought back that uneasy feeling within Y/n’s stomach. Looking back toward him, she could see the calm in his eyes. How content he was now - now that he got to see his loved ones before it was too late. Three large men in white suits soon followed through the entrance, one of them latching onto her arm and gripping it tightly. 

Panic started to fill her as the other two made their way to where Hoseok stood behind the glass. “Y/n, look at me. I’m not scared - you shouldn’t be either.”

“Hobi, please -” 

“Remember what I asked you - promise me you’ll forget about me and move on, Y/n. Promise me!” 

“OKAY. Okay, I promise…I promise…” She sobs, not wanting to believe that this would be the end between them. Everything they’ve been through together, all of the future plans they made together would no longer matter after today. Before separating them once again, Y/n was able to catch his final words.

“I’m your hope. I’m your angel. Never forget that.” 

Jimin -suicide trigger warning-

 He should’ve known better, to think that a demon could ever love.

That night will forever haunt him, for eternity. 

His wife locked herself inside the bathroom, after finding out that she was unable to conceive children. She blamed herself that she could not give the one thing Jimin had always wanted - no matter how many times he pleaded to her about that being untrue. He never understood why she would even do such a thing - this was something out of her control, yet she took full responsibility.  

He didn’t see the signs - how could he? Putting a demon in a human’s body doesn’t mean it is one. The day he saw her take her own life, it was as if everything in his body was being torn from within him. His heart was no longer beating the way he was used to and everything around him turned gray and lifeless. If this was how he had to live without his love by his side - then what was the point of living at all? 

But, if he were to do this…he needed a little help. 

“Come out. I know you know that I’m here.”

Not even a second later did the creature hanging upside down on a branch morph into human form - slowly descending to the ground. “Well, fuck me in the ass and call me Jin -  look who’s come crawling back. How’s life as a pathetic mortal going? Not so good by the looks of it…Never pegged her as the suicidal type.”

“Cut the shit already, Suga. I’m here to make a deal.”

“A deal with me? You must be desperate to be waking me up from my nap - at my fucking tree - to be demanding shit from me. I could kill you right now and fall my ass back to sleep without hesitation. You betrayed your own kind - just so you could be with one of them. And now that she’s dead, you suddenly want favors from the first person you fucked over? Why should I help you?”

“My soul for hers.”

He blinks a couple of times, digging into his ear to make sure he was hearing correctly. “Come again?”

“I said, my soul for hers. I give back my mortality in exchange that you bring her back to life and…give her back the child we lost. I don’t want her to have any memory of me - just erase all memory she has of me. Replace my face with someone else’s - I don’t care. Just give her a better life. I wasn’t able to comfort her like I should have, I wasn’t able to see the signs, it’s my fault that she’s dead so just please…please Suga….”

By now, Jimin was crying. Something he wasn’t used to be doing either. Demons don’t feel emotion - so turning one into a human was bound to turn into shit sooner or later. He didn’t know how to handle human life, so it was only fair to give her a fresh one. 

Scoffing at the fact the he was crying, Suga finally nods.

“Fine, whatever gets me back to sleeping - you’ve got a deal. I’m sure the boys will just be giddy seeing your ugly ass face again. Set her in front of the tree.”

Doing as he’s told, Jimin sets her lifeless body in front of the large hole in the tree. A split second later, a scarlet red portal began to emerge from inside it. Millions of souls swam around the blood-like surface, screams being heard from deep inside. Once Suga was sure that he saw Y/n’s, he was quick to latch onto it and rip it out of the hole before it had a chance to float away. Not even giving him a chance to prepare for it, Suga pierced Jimin’s skin with a swift slice to his chest, making the said boy hiss in pain.

“What the hell?!”

“Oh, calm down. I need mortal blood in order for this to work. Besides, you deserved that.”

Walking over to Y/n, he lifts her chin up to take in the drop of blood into her mouth, making sure not to waste it. Soon after he was positive that it was spread all around - next came the injection of the soul. And man, was it going to hurt like a bitch.

“Any last words you wanna say to her before she no longer remembers who you are, Jimin? Or are you gonna cry again and waste my time even more?”

Side glaring at the male, Jimin kneels down to caress her face one last time.

“Y/n, baby…I know you can’t hear me, but I just want you to know…I love you so much. And I hope that after this, your life will turn out so much better than it did when you were with me. I’m sorry I couldn’t be the man you wanted me to be, I’m just not cut out to be human. Soulmates or not, I’m toxic for you. So I’m gonna make things right. Goodbye, my love.”

Jimin couldn’t stop the tears as he placed a longing kiss to her forehead. She felt so cold compared to his warm lips and he hated it. It just wasn’t right. Finally standing back up, he wipes his eyes with the back of his hand, nodding toward Suga - letting him know that he was ready. Cracking his knuckles, Suga found great joy in the screams that Y/n emitted into the cold, night air as he injected her soul back into her body. 

And with every passing second that her body soaked up the life force - soon, so did Jimin.

To present day, Jimin never thought that he would watch his child grow from the dead. Not only was she beautiful like her mother, but she happened to be born on the day Jimin was ‘birthed’. Being a demon, his birthday was more of a deathday. But, you get the idea. Getting a slight pat on his back, Jimin turns to look at one of his hyungs - knowing the look he was receiving meant that it was time to go.

“You’ve tortured yourself long enough, Jimin. It’s time to move on.” Namjoon motioned at the mother and child he was watching with no expression. Never again will he be able to feel that warmth he did when he was human. It was nice for a little while - he was glad he could give it to someone else who could handle it. Taking in one last look, Jimin finally decided that he was ready. His daughter will never know he existed, and Y/n would soon be loving another man instead of him…

But, she will always be his soulmate. 


 He was ruthless. A survivor. A killer. 

Everything he did, he did to protect his own. The men he annihilated, the homes he destroyed, all of which was so we could have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. Never think of your father as someone who didn’t have a heart. If anything, he’s the most selfless man I’ve known and loved in my whole life; there was nothing he wouldn’t do for me - and vice versa.

Kim Taehyung was a young, vivacious character. Nothing was ever bland or boring with him around - he was one of the few who could brighten up the room by just walking in. He could be obnoxious at times, clingy, immature - but that’s just who he was. And that’s some of the many reasons why I fell in love with him. We were practically made for each other. Soulmates, one could say. 

We even shared the same birthday, as well as you do. 

“Was daddy friendly?” 

You make me laugh, sweetheart. Of course, he could be, but there were times when being friendly wasn’t an option. You see, your father was a very powerful man. He ran an underground organization that was in charge of something… very illegal. Taehyung always did have a taste for dangerous things - the adrenaline rush just something he didn’t want to let go of. But, one day, all of that rush finally caught up with him. Sadly, your father bit more off than he could chew. 

“What happened to him?” 

That’s a very bloody story for another time, honey. I’ll save it for next time, what do you think? 

“I think that when this baby comes out, it’ll think I’m a complete pussy. Why you gotta lie and say that I died - do you got some kind of sick fantasy about my death that I don’t know about, jagi?” 

“Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. I’m only having a little fun~” I couldn’t help but grin, giggling softly as he starts to place pecks all over my stomach - small kicks responding not too long after. 

“I do not ‘bite more off than I can chew’. I take a reasonable bite out of things, and can handle them perfectly fine. You should know, I used to bite you all the time~” 

“I hate to interrupt this family moment - but you’re gonna be late for that meeting with the leader of EXO. Last thing we need is a pissed off ally, now get your shit on and let’s go. Hey, Y/n.” 

“Hey, Hobi.” I salute the disappearing figure, watching as all Taehyung did was stick his tongue out. “Stop that, and you wonder why I kill you at the end of those stories - I can’t take you serious enough not to.” 

“Hurtful…” He pouts, but quickly places a kiss to my forehead before getting up to get his shoes back on and strap his gun to his side. “Wish me luck, baby.” 

“As if you really need it.”

“That’s my girl~” He winks, leaning down to nuzzle against my stomach one more time. “This is also my girl~” 

“Taehyung!” Someone shouts from down the hall, making him growl in response. Not needing to be pushed any further, he practically sprints out of the room - the door being slammed and locked shut right behind him. 

Patting the spot on my stomach he used to be, I smile at the small tap from what I suspected to be a foot - in response. He’s ruthless. He’s a survivor. He’s a killer.

But, he’s also a father. And at the end of the day - we will always come first.


 He didn’t believe it. Not even a little bit.  

They were weaving their way through the airport, trying to get everything situated before their flight had to leave in under 20 minutes. Their American tour went a lot better than they thought, leaving them to feel accomplished and all performed out; heading back home for some much needed rest. 

“I can’t wait to get back home. Being separated from my lady for this long has been nothing but torture - it’ll feel so good to have her in my arms again~” 


“You can say that again, she’s all I’ve been able to think about these past few months. Now I don’t have to reduce to nothing but kissing the screen when we say our goodbyes.” 

Give me a break. 

“Not even gonna let her leave the room when I get back-”

“Okay, I think I have to use the bathroom! Anyone else?! No?! GOOD.” Not giving them a chance to respond, Jungkook quickly redirects himself toward the nearest bathroom - not even listening to their protests of doing so. He’ll be fine, he thought. American girls weren’t all that crazy. 

At least that’s what he hoped.  

He was just so tired of them going on and on about having someone waiting on them back at home, and what they were going to do with them and how cute they were, just BLAH BLAH BLAH. Being the youngest of the group meant not really being able to have that special someone, like the older ones could. It’s not like he could just talk to a girl - it just wasn’t in his nature at the moment. No matter how many times he performed on stage, or how many girls around the world would kill to have him - that didn’t erase the fact that he was nothing but an awkward goofball when it came to girls. 

Plus, who believes in love at first sight anyways? Just because they somehow managed to pull it off, doesn’t make it true. Jungkook was a dreamer, but lately he forced himself to think rationally when it came to love. It doesn’t just appear out of nowhere in the most convenient of times- 

“What the hell…” 

Stopping abruptly with his head in his hands, Jungkook suddenly felt dizzy. It was as if someone had thrown something at the back of his head, or he had too much to drink. Everything around him seemed…brighter. Colors seemed more colorful, smells were more apparent, his funky mood from earlier taking a turn for the better. Confused as to what might have triggered such a thing, he starts to look around - for anything that might have possibly caused such fatigue. 

It wasn’t until his eyes caught sight upon a young girl, traveling with her family with headphones in her ears. He didn’t understand what it was that made just looking at her hard to do, but he couldn’t help but to blush at her beauty. What was happening to him? 

As if she could feel his stare on her, the girl looks up from her phone and in his general direction. Once she actually does make eye contact, Jungkook could feel faint. His knees suddenly turned into jelly, the blush on his face on becoming worse - yet he couldn’t make himself look away. The girl looked around for a second, realizing that the cute guy from across the way was indeed looking at her. Taking one of her earbuds out, she decides to give him a little wave. 

The poor boy, not being ready for it, responded by allowing his mouth to hang open in awe. This seemed to amuse her even further as she quickly covered her mouth to suppress a giggle. Either he was losing his mind, or he could have sworn he could hear it in his head…Shaking his head rapidly, Jungkook clutches at his heart to help slow it down, not knowing how he got in this situation or how he planned on getting out. It wasn’t until she whispered something to her mother, that she finally decided to talk with the stranger. 

This definitely was the time to panic.

Not being able to move from his spot, he could only wait for the girl to approach him. A man, when she did, it was as if time altogether had stopped - no matter how cliche that might sound. 

“Um…hello. I noticed you um…kind of staring at me over here.” 

“You stared back,” He mentally kicked himself. “I-I mean uh…sorry uh…my English isn’t really that good…I uh…sorry. I leave now…” With his head hanging low, he tried his best to shuffle away. But, he wasn’t about to leave that easily. 

“Now, hold on a second. A handsome stranger, such as yourself, doesn’t get to just stare at me and then walk away.” 


“Ah, so you understood that?” She raises an eyebrow, grinning as he blushes even harder. 

“Still learning…you are v-very pretty…what’s your name?” 

Reaching toward him, she grips onto his hand, shaking it firmly. “Y/n. Y/n L/n. And yours?” 

“Jeon Jeongguk. Have you heard our group - BTS?” Thus was the start of their wonderful relationship. 

So much for not believing. 

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What Now?

Authors: @mzrtinski @surpeme-bean @dylrider 

Request: Stiles had been spending a lot of time with lydia and the reader knows he likes Lydia but one night the reader shows up at Stiles’ house to confess her feelings for him and then maybe some smutty smut smut? Lol 

Warnings: Smut, alcohol, cursing

Words: 3126

A/N: Honestly this was the most fun to write, probably because I wrote it with my friends but yeah it was tons of fun, we (me, sorry anon) also changed the story line just a lil bit from the request it’s still good though. 


I sat in chemistry with scott, our teacher droning on about types of acids.  i was so distracted and lost in thought that i missed the question Mr Harris asked me, who obviously knew i wasn’t listening. i fumble over my words but manage to mumble out an apology along with “i-um didn’t catch that, what was the question,sir ?“

"miss y/l/n, maybe it would a smart idea for you to listen next time ? don’t think i’ve forgotten how behind you already are” i feel my cheeks redden a little at his words, broadcasting to the class that i’m failing chemistry.

scott gives me a concerned look, “what’s on your mind, y/n ?” he whispers, careful not to draw any attention back this way.

“don’t worry about it, scotty” i offer a reassuring smile “just daydreaming”

he doesn’t seem to buy it, “you know you can tell me anything, right?”

“i jus-” my words were cut off by Mr. Harris dropping a heavy book on our desk, both our heads snapping to the teacher.

“maybe you two would benefit from some time apart, no?”

“no” we reply in sync, irritating him more and he rolls his eyes.

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(Request by anon: could you do one where the reader is quite a few years younger than Reid?)

Show: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Warnings: None


You sighed, throwing your pen down on your desk as you finished writing up the last of the reports. You had been part of the BAU team since being recruited last year. You had been the second youngest team member ever to join the team - the first obviously being Spencer.

Spencer was still quite a few years older than you though so you were subjected to Morgan’s teasing - your nicknames often deriving from the fact that you were the “baby of the team”. The team had become like your family although your feelings for Spencer weren’t exactly what you would call familial.

You had had feelings for the awkward profiler since you had met him though you pushed them down knowing that fraternising within work was frowned upon. And anyway, Spencer most likely viewed you as a sister figure because of the age gap.

You ran a hand through your (Y/H/C) hair, leaning back in your seat. The rest of the team had stayed behind too. Hotch and Rossi were busy discussing issues in Hotch’s office. JJ, Emily, Morgan and Garcia chatted away over at the coffee machine and Spencer busied himself with his book opposite you.

Hearing your sigh, he looked up concern flooding his face. “You okay, (Y/N)?”

You nodded. “Yeah, it’s just being cooped up, you know?”

Emily came up behind you, the others following with their coffees. “Why don’t we go then? We never had a proper celebration when you got recruited because it was just case after case but we could do it now. It’s only 9:30pm.”

“ Ooh, I like the idea of that. Can we do that?” Garcia started getting excited.

“I’m up for it. I’ll just tell Will I’ll be home a little later.” JJ shrugged.

“Oh, you know I’m definitely up for it.” Morgan laughed. “Pretty Boy, you coming?”

Spencer opened his mouth and you knew by the way his face was contorting that he was going to decline.

“Please, Spence?” You gave him you best puppy dog eyes and prayed he’d say yes. You liked being around him (in the least creepiest way possible).

Spencer looked at you, biting his lip as he thought over his decision. He nodded, giving you a small smile. “Okay.”

“Great! I’ll go tell Hotch and Rossi.” Emily walked off to the unit chief’s office.

You and the team had been in the club for a few hours and you were beginning to feel faint from the amount of people around you.

Morgan was strutting his stuff on the dance floor with two random girls while Garcia watched on. Emily and JJ were in deep conversation about what man Emily should have in her life with Spencer sat between them awkwardly, while Hotch and Rossi chatted over at the bar.

You left the table abruptly and made your way through the crowd to find the door. You hastenedly opened it, needing some fresh air. You bent over, head between your knees as you tried to calm down from what you now discovered was an anxiety attack.

“Are you okay?”

You jumped at the sound of someone behind you before letting out a breath. “Christ, Spence. Don’t do that.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just- I saw you leave and wanted to make sure you were okay.” He explained.

You sighed. “Yeah, yeah I’m fine. A mini anxiety attack. I didn’t realise there’d be some many people just crowded into that small space, heh.” You sank down the wall to sit on the pavement.

Spencer took a seat next to you. “You know, Morgan was teasing me-”

“Don’t let him get to you, Spence. He means well.”

“No, it’s not that. He was teasing me about you.” He swallowed, keeping his eyes on his Converse sneakers.

“Me? Why would Derek tease you about me?” You asked him, confused.

Sure, Morgan had often teased you about Spencer because you were the closest to his age but he didn’t know that you actually liked your colleague, did he? If he knew and told Spencer about your feelings, you didn’t know how you’d live it down. The man viewed you as a sister, for crying out loud.

“Because… He told me to get a move on. That I had to tell you.”

“Had to tell me what?”

“Look (Y/N), I - I realise that there’s an age gap and we’re colleagues and you most likely don’t see me as anything other than that but I like you. I always have.” Spencer admitted.

Your heart leapt in your chest as he continued.

“I’ve honestly never felt like this towards anyone since Maeve and I’ve probably put my foot in my mouth by bombarding you with my confession but I needed to-”

“Just shut up and kiss me already.” You interrupted him.

Spencer looked up at you, his face unreadable before happiness took over his face as he leaned forward to cup your cheek.


The Gift - Yondu Udonta x Reader

Pairing: Yondu Udonta x Reader - SFW

Length: ~1,400 words

Summary: A request sent by anon for Yondu and Reader. Yondu brings his reader gifts whenever he has to leave for a couple days. One time he comes back with something reader never thought they’d see again.

Warnings: Nothing really.

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Teen Wolf: Mieczyslaw “Stiles” Stilinski x Fem. Reader

Request: Could you do a stiles x reader where she’s making fun of his real name and after a while he just becomes 100% done with her and starts a tickle fight? Then they confess they like each other followed by more name calling? Thanks🤗😚

Request Here!

Warnings: Fluff?

Word Count: 1,409

A/N: I hope that this isn’t trash  Hey guys! This is my first imagine that I have written. Sorry if you see mistakes I have a tendency to switch into past tense writing. Thanks so much to the anon because you gave me my first request. 😙 Hope you guys end up requesting more often because I love writing your guys’ ideas.

My chest feels like it was on fire. It was a far way from my house to Stiles’ home. I am gasping for air by the time I see the Stilinski residence, but I have to see Stiles. I come to a slow walk when the house starts to come closer.

I am disgusting by the time I reach the pavement leading to the house. Sweat is running down the side of my face letting little drops hit his patio. I sluggishly pull myself step by step closer to the wooden door.

I knock softly on the wood and lean on the wall by my side to wait for him.

His head peeks through the door and scans me over. His eyes widened in alert as he searches behind me for danger. I smile widely as I see his expression.

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Make Me

Pairing: Hotch x Reader

Word Count: 2,159 holy i got carried away

Request: yes!  Request here.

Warnings: smut, dom hotchner, lowkey kinky sex although that shouldn’t be a warning more like a blessing so you’re welcome

Summary: Anon requested:  Hello could I please request a Hotch x reader smut with dominant Hotch after he’s come back from a really tough case? :) 

A/N:  I’ve just finished reading the Fifty Shades Trilogy, so I’m way into this.  Hopefully this fulfills your needs!  Also, sorry for the delay, I’ve been super busy the past few days.  Life of a college student isn’t easy, but I’m always going to make time to write my lovelies!!  Enjoy!

Originally posted by damnyouqueen

He finished the last report at a quarter to two.  The rest of the team left ages ago, wanting to get a good sleep after a case like that.  The amount of stress that lingered in the BAU for the past month was unbelievable, and it was finally over.

All Aaron could think about that night was getting home to you, hopefully awake.  He had a plan to take out his stress on you, with your consent of course.  He would never do anything you weren’t comfortable with.

But after the night he had, he was desperate to find his release hopefully balls deep inside of you from behind.  The thought made him way too eager to leave the BAU, his feet carrying him quickly through the bullpen and out to the elevator.  He could barely keep his erection concealed with his briefcase, and when he was thinking about you handcuffed to the headboard, it only made it worse, so his legs seemed to take on a mind of his own as they started jogging to his car.  Anyone who saw would know he was in a rush, but they would never know why.

Stepping on the gas, he sped through the streets towards his house, where you no doubt were sitting awake, waiting for his arrival.  Jack was probably fast asleep in his room, clueless to what was about to happen with his dad and his soon-to-be stepmom.

Ten minutes later, he was through the front door, locking it behind him quickly.  The smell of lavender filled the air, signalling you were in the bath.  Perfect, he thought with a smirk.

He quietly sat his briefcase and keys down on the coffee table, slowly making his way to the bedroom where your clothes were sitting on the bed.  To his approval, you had sat out a silky nightgown paired with a tiny thong.  His mind immediately pictured you inside of it, making his patience shrink.  

But he managed to keep his mind away from you long enough to go to Jack’s room to check if he was asleep.  He smiled at the sight of his son in his deep slumber.  Closing the door, he muttered a quick thank you to whoever might’ve been listening for his luck.  He had the most beautiful son and the perfect wife to be.  He was just so happy in his life, and it had been a long time since he felt that way.

He made his way back to your bedroom, feeling the humidity from your steaming bath.  He knew exactly what he wanted to do to you, so he grabbed your nightgown and underwear from the bed, shoving the revealing piece of fabric in his back pocket, and throwing the silky dress into the dresser where you keep the rest.

A few minutes later, his erection was well evident through his work pants, and you were climbing out of the tub.  You wrapped a small towel around your body, leaving little to the imagination.  When you opened the door to the bedroom, you were startled to see your fiance laying across your bed, his hands folded behind his back, wearing nothing but his work trousers.

“Jesus, Aaron.  You scared the shit out of me,” you said to him.  He only looked at you in reply, taking in your wet body.  “Aaron?”  Without a word, he held up his hand and gave you a come hither motion with his index finger.  You looked around, noticing your missing bedtime clothes.

“This isn’t funny,” you said, gripping the towel around you.  You didn’t say it because you didn’t want it, more because you were suddenly all hot and bothered seeing him half naked on the bed, seeing his apparent erection.

“I’ve had a long day, Y/N.  Get over here.  Now.”  Despite his demand, his voice was calm and quiet.  You knew it was because Jack was just a few doors down the hall.

“Or?” you dared, wanting to rile him up more than he already was.

“Not wanting to mind, are we?” he asked, standing up from the bed.  You pressed your thighs together, knowing that you were going to need another shower when he was finished with you.  He could tell you were turned on just by the way your demeanor changed within seconds.  He’s a profiler after all.

“Long case, huh?” you questioned, continuing to taunt him.  “Must be tired.”

He chuckled and made his way over to you, ripping the towel from your hands and throwing it to the floor.  “Not even close,” he muttered.  Suddenly, his hand was at your heat, cupping it firmly, making you moan in pleasure.  He tsked at you, raising his other hand to pull your hair, making your head lean back.  “My son is in a few rooms over, and I don’t want him to hear you.  Be quiet or be punished.”  The thought of being punished made you all the more wet, so naturally you toyed with him.

“Make me,” you said softly.  

He took this as an invitation, grabbing your hips firmly and backing himself to sit on the bed.  Within seconds, he pulled you so you were laying across his lap, the wetness from your body transferring to his pants.

He rubbed his hand across your bare derriere, gently passing over your soft skin, but no later than he soothed the skin did he bring his hand back and slapped your ass, making you yelp in surprise.  You covered your mouth in order to keep quiet, but with another slap, you couldn’t hold in the squeals.

“Keep quiet,” Aaron said above you, slapping your ass again.  Your skin stung, and you knew that it was most likely glowing red, but wanted - needed - him to spank you some more.  

“No,” you said in defiance.  A smirk glided across your face as you felt Aaron’s legs shift beneath you.  He was getting a better angle, and you knew exactly what he was about to do next.

“No?” he asked, slapping your ass again.  “You’re telling me no?”  His hand came down hard onto your bum again, and with every slap, you jolted forward, excited for the next.  “I’m about to show you what ‘no’ will get you,” he threatened, and that’s when you felt his fingers press into you without warning.  He roughly assaulted your pussy, his fingers digging into again and again, making you pant in appreciation.

“Fuck,” you whispered.  While he continued to plow his fingers into, his other hand came to rest on your back, holding your shaking figure into place.

“This case has had me stressed to the max, and I come home to a defiant fiance,” he said, his voice breathy.  You knew he was incredibly turned on by the sight of you naked and at his mercy.  “Do you want to apologize?” he asked through his own pants.

“No,” you whisper-yelled, knowing that it would be incredibly awkward if Jack did decide to wake up and see what all the racket was.  “No,” you repeated.  You could feel your orgasm approaching, fast and hard.  But right before you reached your climax, Aaron removed his fingers from you, as he could feel you were about to come as well.  You noticeably pouted, upset you were able to find your release.  This was your punishment.

“If that’s the way you want to play,” he tested, grabbing your hips and throwing you back onto the bed.  He reached into his back pocket and pulled out your thong.  “Give me your wrists,” he demanded.  You complied, ready for this.  This was the kind of torture you were seeking.

He grabbed onto your wrists and used your lacy undergarment to tie them together and onto one of the bed posts at the top of the bed.

“What are your safe words?” he asked, and you felt a surge of excitement at his question, knowing what he was about to do.

“Red and yellow,” you breathed, writhing beneath him.  He hummed in approval, knowing full well he would stop if you needed him to.

“Don’t use either unless you need to.  Understand?  Take as much as you can handle.  I know you can handle a lot,” he said to you.  You felt your face heat up at his praise of you, and also because you were just anticipating his next move.

Slowly, he stood up from the bed and removed his pants, leaving him in his boxer briefs.  You pulled slightly at your restraint, the lacy material rubbing at your skin.  Aaron climbed back onto the bed, hovering over you.

“Why am I punishing you?” he asked, not touching you.  You felt like you were in agony, wanting nothing more than to feel him inside you, but that was all it was - a want.  You would know when you needed it.  You instinctively arched your back, trying to feel him in the slightest against you.  Unfortunately, he was too far above you.  “Answer me,” he said sternly but quietly.

“Because I was being uncooperative,” you replied, giving into his game.

“And that’s not okay, is it?” he asked you, slowly beginning to lower his face to your skin.  His lips hovered above your breasts, and he was still not touching you at all.

“No sir,” you whispered.  With that, he sucked into his mouth one of your nipples, assaulting the tender nub with this teeth and tongue, eventually giving your other nipple the same treatment.  You were maneuvering beneath him, desperately trying to get a feel for his erection against you.

His mouth finished its venture to your chest and slowly and agonizingly moved down your body, and you felt him hover over the area you needed him most.

“What do you want?” he asked, holding your hips down so you couldn’t move.  His hot breath glided against your core, making you twitch.

“You.  Your mouth, your cock, everything,” you breathed in admittance.  “Please.”

Hearing you beg was his favorite thing, so he immediately gave in, licking clean up your slit.  Unable to cover your mouth, you moaned out loud, the sound echoing throughout the room.  You knew he didn’t care at this point, considering his tongue continued to explore your pussy, dipping in and out of your folds, making its way up to your clit and back down, repeating these actions over and over again.

“Fuck Aaron,” you breathed, unable to keep your voice down as his tongue sped up its torture.  Your arms were desperately trying to escape from the thong, but you were secured too tightly.  You legs wrapped around his shoulders as you felt your release approach, but once again, just before you came, Aaron halted his actions, not letting you.  You breathed out in annoyance, feeling completely spent without the satisfaction of a climax.  You knew what he was doing, but this was punishment enough.  

“Aaron,” you begged.  “Stop.”

“What do you want?” he asked again.

“Fuck me,” you said loudly.  You were done playing games.  It wasn’t a matter of want anymore.  “I need you.”

In no less than a few seconds, Aaron had his underwear thrown across the room, and he was hovering you once again.  He pressed his mouth against yours, this being the first kiss of the entire night.

“I love you,” he admitted before ramming into you.  It was if the dominant man from moments before was gone, as was the worry about his son hearing the two of you, because he was pounding into you, loud claps of skin against skin filling the room, probably surfing throughout the rest of the house, but neither of you cared.  

“Fucking christ,” you yelled just as you felt yourself finally release.  Your legs shook uncontrollably, your climax taking over your entire body.  It was as if it was the first time you’d ever reached complete euphoria.

“Dammit,” Aaron muttered above you, reaching his release soon after you.  There was no sound in the room other than panting moans and strings of curses.

“That must’ve been a hell of a tough case,” you said between pants.  Your fiance chuckled above you and kissed you again, reaching up to untie your wrists, allowing you to wrap yourself completely around him, feeling him against you making your heart soar.

“I can always count on you to make it better,” he said, cupping your face with his hand, gently brushing your hair back.

Suddenly, you both hear a thump from down the hall and you knew that meant your antics had woken up his son, and he was probably making his way to your room to see what it was that woke him up.

“You go take a shower, I’ll handle him,” Aaron told you with a smirk.  He climbed off the bed and threw on a pair of sweats and shirt as quickly as possible.

“Come meet me when you’re done,” you replied with a wink.

anonymous asked:

can I ask you why you ship swanfire? (I ship it too but I'd love to know your thoughts!) what are your favorite things about their relationship?

This is the best ask I received in a while! I have so many feels about them, but I’ll try to give you my reasons:

  • They are two lost kids without a family and they find it witch one another
  • When Neal asked Emma out for drinks he brought coffee. Not an alcohol, he didn’t want to get her drunk, he just wanted to get to know the person, who stole the car he had stolen first.
  • on their first date he told her: It’s how you know you really got a home. When you leave it there’s this feeling you can’t shake. You just miss it.and she lived by that her entire life
  • SHE STOLE A STOLEN CAR. I mean come on, this is amazing. They were two homeless kids, who shared a stolen car as their house.
  • Emma wanted to get the watches Neal stole, it was her idea.
  • Neal screwed up. But he never forgave himself and he regretted his actions ever since. He just wanted to get her to her parents and he apologized for that from the bottom of his heart. “That you would never forgive me, ‘cause I never forgave myself. There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by that I don’t regret having left you. I’m sorry, Emma, for everything.”
  • HE GAVE HER MONEY AND THE BUG. If it wasnt for August, Emma wouldn’t have to worry about the future and maybe, he would keep Henry.
  • They still loved each other after 11 years later. “-I love you. - Love you too.” “I knew the moment I saw him, I never, I never stopped loving him.” “From the moment I saw you in New York, in the instant you stepped back in my life, I knew. I knew I’d never stopped loving you.”
  • She spent 2 years in Tallahassee after she got out of jail.
  • He didn’t want to see his father, but when he found out that she made a deal with the Dark One, he came back to save her, “I came to make sure you didn’t hurt her. I’ve seen what you do to people who break deals.
  • From the moment he found out he has a son, he tried to be the best father in the world and he tried to make up for the lost time.
  • He never expected her to go back to him, and he just wanted her happiness “I just want you to be happy. Even if it isn’t with me.”
  • He was fighting to get her back, but he respected her decisions.
  • They know each other better than themselves. “If there’s one thing I know about you, you don;t stop ‘til you find what you’re looking for.” “Ah, hell, no, I tought her that!”
  • He was a son of a guy who created/found a curse, and she was destined to break it.
  • He died so she could live and defeat Zelena.
  • THEY HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL like imagine if Neal was the one who came back in time to Enchnted Forest with Emma? Or The Dark Swan storyline? DO YOU IMAGINE HOW AMAZING WOULD THAT BE? All that angst, and trying to hel her and imagien if HE WAS THE ONE EMMA TURNED INTO THE DARK ONE (or, even better, both Hook and Neal anre turned into the Dark Ones and we all know who would be a better man afterwards). OR IMAGINE NEAL VS GIDEON THAT WOULD BE SO COOL, HE’S TRYING TO SAVE EMMA, BUT AT THE SAME TIME HE WANTS TO HELP HIS LITTLE BROTHER MY FEELS.
  • They brought the best out of each other.
  • Their priority was Henry, always.
  • He was a lost boy and she was a lost girl.

There are more of course, but these are the ones from the top of my head. 

Also here are few posts that make me love Neal and Swanfire even more: x, x, x, x, x