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My loot from my Tokyo trip this past weekend!

The Marui shop had a lot of things sold out, including the ribbons I wanted. (Which they restocked THE DAY AFTER I WENT) So I at least managed to grab Akashi’s shirt. To be honest I didn’t know what the print said apart from Emperor Eye because the text was so small on the website, so I died when it said “Always Right” XD NBA collab had a lot of merch sold out too so managed to get the keychain and pen. Got Midorima and Kagami for my cafe coasters and tried a couple badges and at least managed to get Akashi and Midorima, my top 2 GoM. I also tried the Special Room-Kuroko and Kagami chapter at J-World (The attraction where you get to interact with 3D Kuroko and Kagami) and since I bought a presale ticket I got a Seirin club entry form clearfile!

rules: you can only say guilty or innocent. you are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you or asks you.

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asked someone to marry you:  innocent
kissed one of your friends: innocent
danced on a table in a bar or tavern:  innocent
ever told a lie:  guilty
had feelings for someone whom you can’t have:  guilty
ever kissed someone of the opposite sex:  innocent
ever kissed someone of the same sex:  innocent
kissed a picture:  guilty
slept in until 5pm: innocent
fallen asleep at work or school: guilty
held a snake: guilty
been suspended from school:  innocent
stolen something: innocent
done something you regret: guilty
laughed until what you were drinking came out of your nose:  guilty

caught a snowflake on your tongue: guilty

sat on a roof top: guilty

sang in the shower:  guilty

been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on: guilty
slept naked:  innocent
made a boy friend/girl friend cry:  innocent
been in a band: innocent
shot a gun: guilty
donated blood:  innocent
eaten alligator meat:  guilty
eaten cheesecake:  guilty
still loved someone you shouldn’t:  guilty
have/had a tattoo:  innocent

been too honest:  guilty

ruined a surprise: guilty

ate in a restaurant and got so bloated you can’t walk after: innocent

erased someone in your friends list:  guilty
dressed in a man’s clothes: guilty
dressed in a woman’s clothes: guilty

joined a pageant:  innocent

been told you’re beautiful by someone who meant it: guilty

still have communication with your ex: innocent

cheated on someone: innocent

got totally drunk the night before an important exam:  innocent

a total stranger treated you by paying your fare: guilty
got so angry that you cried: innocent

tried to stay away from someone for their own good: guilty
actually murdered someone:  innocent

thought about mass murder:  innocent
actually committed a mass murder:  innocent

rode in a stranger’s vehicle: guilty

stalked someone:  innocent

had a girlfriend:  guilty
had a boyfriend: guilty

totally drunk during a holiday:  innocent

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Hi!!! Um!! I'm awkward but I just wanted to stop by!!! I know life is really hard and that you are an artist so that makes it like 10x more difficult!!! But you are very strong!!! And great!!! And I love you!!! So be strong and I hope this made you smile!!!!! (Also I am total trash for your art it's so good!!!!!!!! ahHHHHHHHHHHH) anyway sorry for bothering you haha bye now -butterfly


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so those french girls are in my school for a week and one of them is staying at my house and i really cant figure if she's a lesbian or wtv but she's really cute and i dont know what to do and everyone is telling me to hit on her but i dont want to ruin things for her in here so idk help maybe idk if i said anything relevant tbh im really high rn and i have a cat on my laptop omg sorry this was ridiculous bye

Don’t be afraid of doing it, like just start it slowly with flirting and asking her out and watch her reaction, just imagine that she’s only there for a week and you might loose a big chance with just being too shy haha

Sometimes I have to remind myself that Namjoon started as an underground rapper and was recommended to bang pd, ridiculed for becoming an idol but carried on so his voice could be heard. How Hoseok started as a dancer and after listening to hip hop, came to love rapping. When they asked him to film an audition tape, they gave him a camera and came back 2 hours later to find him still filming, allowing him into the company on determination alone. How Yoongi was told by people around him that making a living off music is risky and that he’s not going to make it, to going underground, living off hardly anything and then coming 2nd place in bighits rap contest, earning him a place. How Jin was scouted off the street just because of his looks, chose bighit over SM and started with no experience to be where he is today. How Jimin chased his dream so much, with his parents backing him every step of the way, driving him all over everywhere to auditions. To only being a trainee for a year, never knowing if he was really going to debut but still sticking by it and carrying on. How Taehyung wasn’t even going to audition and just went to support a friend instead, but after being prompted by staff he auditioned and was the only one that day to make it through. How Jungkook had offers from 8 different entertainment companies, but chose bighit simply because he thought Namjoons rapping was cool.

It may seem like they all came together by some sort of fate, or a miracle, but it truly was their passion to succeed and make it within the industry, to allow 7 boys following the same dream to stand on stage together and say they’ve made it.

you: Yuuri said ‘let’s just end this’ because he wants to break up with Viktor

me, an intellectual: Yuuri said ‘let’s just end this’ because he wants to end the coach/student relationship he has with Viktor and he wants Viktor to see him as a rival plus they just got engaged so how in the heck would they break up when YOI has proven to us multiple time that they really care for each other so this is probably just another small hiccup in their relationship which makes it seem that much more real and adds another level of depth to it