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dirk gently’s holistic detective agency playlist:

amanda: young understanding // sundara karma; runaway // aurora; crazy // gnarls barkley; 1992 // thiago pethit

farah: old yellow bricks // arctic monkeys; warrior // aurora; team // lorde; nine out of ten // johnny hooker version

dirk: elastic heart // sia; yellow circles // layla; dandy darling // thiago pethit; counting stars // one republic; icarus // bastille; here comes the sun // the beatles

todd: polarize // twenty one pilots; aerials // system of a down; a sadness runs through him // the hoosiers; trouble // paper lions; message man // twenty one pilots

bart: human // of monsters and men; fight like a girl // emilie autumn; devil in me // thiago pethit

ken: d is for dangerous // arctic monkeys; psycho killer // cage the elephant version; spiderhead // cage the elephant

rowdy 3: toxicity // system of a down; swarm // the bohicas; fuck the system // system of a down; seek & destroy// metallica; scream // avenged sevenfold 

dirk&todd (brotzly) -  fun // troye sivan; bonfire // the hunna; touch // troye sivan; I walk the line // halsey; nothing else matters // metallica; my type // saint motel; stop the world I wanna get off with you // arctic monkeys;  open // rhye;  afterlife // XYLØ

amanda&farah:  dangerous animals // arctic monkeys; i’m into you // chet faker;  I don’t do boys // elektra; magnets // disclosure ft. lorde; don’t worry about me // frances

bart&ken: to die for // the bohicas; love and feeling // chet faker; wolves without teeth //  of monsters and men; crush me // the bohicas; portuguese knife fight // cage the elephant; smokestacks // layla; romeo // thiago pethit

amanda&martin (rowdy 3) - follow // esteban; violet // hippo campus; I bet you look good on the dancefloor // arctic monkeys; flawless // the neighbourhood

I made this playlist based on the lyrics and rhythm of the songs (I didn’t see any videoclip) and, of course, with the songs I hear and know.
I hope you like and if you have any suggestions or want other playlists just say to me ♥

  • (all songs are linked with their youtube videos)

Richard Dean Anderson at OzComicCon 2015

when the inukag au bug bites you:

a/n: i’ve worked at a small aquarium so i’m drawing most things from experience

Inuyasha and Kagome working at the same aquarium, Kagome is the dolphin trainer and Inuyasha is the sea lion trainer (cause sea lions are like dogs :D).

They are very competitive for which show gets more foot traffic, but Kagome always wins because: dolphins.

Kagome wears very beautiful skin-tight outfits when she goes in the water to do her shows, where as Inuyasha always wears the aquarium uniform of khaki shorts and light blue polo and he teases her for how ridiculous she looks when she passes him (but he secretly really really really likes them). 

They meet up occasionally in the lunch room, or fish room (to prep the food for their animals) where they snipe at each other and bicker over their training techniques and who’s animal is smarter. 

Sometimes when he has time, Inuyasha sneaks into her shows wearing a hoodie so she can’t spot him out and watches her admiringly from the top bench. 

Kagome does the exact same thing, but she’s too obvious because she’ll be the only one in the audience with a hoodie and pants that are completely soaked through with water lol. Inuyasha is too flustered to say anything about it. 

Inuyasha hates everybody except his sea lions. And Kagome. 

They are mercilessly overworked by Naraku the park owner who is all about Profit Profit Profit.

When Naraku decides to start cutting food rations to the animals and pushing for more show time and longer park hours, Inuyasha and Kagome decide to work together to get the animals into rehabilitation centers. 

Over the next few months they grow closer, learning more about each other and their coveted animals. 

Spoiler alert: they save the sea lions and the dolphins, and quit their jobs to open up a rehabilitation center for abused wildlife. 

Also they fall in love, the end.

okay but here is the thing about 1x05 (and i can’t stop but think about it): dirk and tood look like they are having a roadtrip in there.

I mean, forget about the actual plot for a minute. Imagine that. 

They left Seattle one day because everyday life became way too dull and boring. Well, it’s what Dirk said when he shown up at Todd’s residence. it was Dirk’s idea, obviously, that Todd and him must to go on a road trip. I have everything planned and under control, he said. Come on, Todd, he said. It’ll be fun! Amanda is having good time with Farah so you don’t have to worry about her, you have no job, your apartment is destroyed, you have nothing to lose! Come on!

So yeah, they left Seattle one day and headed east. 

At the start they ate at cafés, trying local food, joking around during their meals:

But eventually they almost ran out of money because Dirk is absolutely unstopable when decided to buy something useless (”Not useless, Todd! It’s souvenirs from our trip! To make it unforgettable!”). He even bought a USA Flag T-Shirt for Todd and didn’t settle untill Todd put it on:

So, to save the rest of the money they started spending nights in the car instead of motel rooms:

(which was quite uncomfortable):

…and also eating take-away food (because it’s cheaper):

It turned out that all Dirk’s “Ultimate Plan On Travelling With Todd” looked like:

1. get a car

2. convince Todd

3. have fun!

So they didn’t have any planned route and Dirk just randomly turned right and left. Of course at some point they got lost in the middle of nowhere and even GPS was no help and Dirk tried to use some old map to get back on the road:

Todd was mad at Dirk sometimes, sure thing. He was pissed off, salty and used to say that he’s done, he’s so done and he must go back right now, no matter how. Dirk was always worried that Todd would actually leave him and tried to talk him round:

But c’mon! There were good things, too. Like, they admired landscape (Okay, they ran out of gas that time and had no choice but admire it until someone found them):

They hiked through the woods for hours (because Dirk forgot where he left their car and they tried to find it): 

They even tried to assemble some king of portative camping stove (well, Dirk tried. because they finally spent all of the money and Dirk decided that from now on they must hunt to survive)

When they finally came back to Seattle - car covered in dirt, clothes shabby - Amanda asked them like million questions in a row. Farah was there, too, listening to their stories, smiling, sometimes interrupting them to say “I know that place”. Dirk was the one who talked the most and Todd just was sitting there, relaxed, listening with one ear and thought: “Oh, man. It actually was fun”

“drarry is cano—”

“harry and ginny should get a div—”

“i hate ginny we—”

“snape was just misunderst—”

“snape loved lily so mu—”

“au where snape adopts h—”

“i love gay ships im so sinf—”