sorry am i spamming i'll stop now

doodler200  asked:

Oh also, have you heard of the bra toss? It was something created that was like "bras support boobs, and women should support other women, so me doing this is like throwing my support at other women" sorry I'm spamming you I'll stop now

lmao I love spam, you’re good

no I haven’t heard of the bra toss before now but the intention behind it sounds great! i am all for supporting and empowering other women. woo woo!

this makes me wonder who I would toss my bra for because I am so inspired by so many incredible ladies lol


Supernatural Parody Gag Reel (x)
Tim Omundson vs. Phone Call


Me and johnyume’s many TMNT doodles that were drawn over the course of various conventions we’ve done. Sorry if someone of them are hard to see, I’m notorious for drawing stupid small and some of them were drawn in a really small space. ^^”