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me @ those haters who’re trying to smear super junior members

Seriously Netflix

I tried to be calm, but I can’t. couldn’t you just give more time? I mean it’s only been what, a few weeks – a month since season 2 came out, and you expected to have skyrocketing ratings in that short period of time? really? seriously? you gave more time to your other shows before announcing the renewal. so why can’t this show have that time too?! what’s the rush? you said you have to take more risks, well you’re definitely risking of losing subscribers. what kind of network cancels one of the popular shows that just ended with cliffhanger, and expects fans to be okay with it? huh? and it’s not like you did proper promotion for this show. people are really fighting for this show right now. if you really want to take a risk like you said, then take it and give another chance, or at least reconsider it, please.

su critics need to chill tf out. its a kids show. it was made for the kids. filler episode packed with moral lesson stuff? kids arent usually obsessed with the plot like you all are and the lessons are good lessons most kids shows dont even hit on. height difference issues? kids dont notice that shit and god forbid a creator have a touch of individual creativity. bright colors? yep thats for kids too. kids. like. bright. colors. yeah the majority of the people who watch su are older teens and above but kids are the target audience. this show was created for children. now can we all respect that please.

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Just realized (you've probably talked about this already idk) Anakin in AoTC keeps saying Obi Wan is like his father, but in RoTS he has ceased saying anything in regards to nature of his relationship with Obi Wan. Not to mention he is all flirty with Obi at start of RoTS. I can only imagine working together with Obi Wan as a team during the Clone Wars for years made him rethink his feelings and Obi Wan's place in his life. Also he doesn't appreciate Obi Wan and Padme's camaraderie. *rant over*

Hi!  This is going to be kind of long and rambly, so bear with me!

I’ve tried to articulate my feelings on this a couple of times now, which is why this took so long to answer, and I keep sliding all over the place!  Which I think a lot of that has to do with just how little we’ve seen of Obi-Wan and Anakin’s relationship during their teacher/student phase.  The most we see of them is during Attack of the Clones (aside from the Obi-Wan & Anakin comic) where they’re kind of at odds with each other, they’re clearly getting on each others’ nerves, but that’s pretty understandable.

Anakin is nineteen, that’s the age where teenagers are so very often obnoxious little shits who think they know everything and that they have the experience to handle whatever comes up, doubly so if they’re in the room with someone they’re trying to impress.  Anakin absolutely does this–he promises Padme that they’ll investigate this for her, despite that that’s not what they’re here to do, that’s not their job.  Anakin says, “I’m aware of everything that goes on in that room.”  Cut to:  [things happening in the room Anakin is unaware of]  His feelings for Padme are a distraction and clouding his view, which Obi-Wan is trying to remind him of, but Anakin isn’t listening.

These are all incredibly typical things of teenagers, especially ones who are getting ready to take their first independent steps into the world away from their teacher.  It’s a natural process, but it does mean that there’s friction there, especially with someone you’re supposed to be listening to.

You know my feelings on Anakin saying that Obi-Wan is like his father–it really doesn’t fit with the way Obi-Wan treats him and that my headcanon is the Palpatine framed it that way for Anakin because he knew it would drive a wedge between them.  If Obi-Wan was his father figure, then why was Anakin seeking it from Palpatine instead? is my usual thought on that.  If we have to put Obi-Wan and Anakin in terms of a standard family dynamic (which is always difficult, because Jedi aren’t standard family dynamics kind of people, which is perfectly fine! but does make it more difficult to align with Western ideals sometimes), they’re more like older brother/younger brother.

By the time ROTS comes around, I think Anakin has let go of that idea because it never really fit them and I think Obi-Wan is the kind of person who worked really hard to give Anakin proper boundaries and structure in their relationship, so we can see them making that transition during TCW, from teacher/student to friends who are more on an even level.  Which, of course, then leads to all those feelings Anakin has about Obi-Wan.

All those times when Obi-Wan tells Anakin during TCW that they’ll be relying on him (I always think of this moment as an example from early on in the series, where Obi-Wan shows casual, easy trust in Anakin to be there), that they’re counting on him, all the times that ROTS tells us Anakin helped to rescue Obi-Wan, would contribute towards Anakin feeling like, okay, yes, this is someone who isn’t just my teacher anymore (though, I think there will always be a streak of that, because, honestly, Anakin has an authority kink a mile wide).

Which then leads to the flirty dynamic they have in ROTS, because Anakin loves Obi-Wan and the more they settle into their relationship as peers, the more those feelings aren’t locked away because they’re not the right time or the place for them, while Obi-Wan was his teacher.  Which is why I think this pairing works for me–because we see them in that transition from one dynamic to one of equals, we see Obi-Wan treating him as a friend and someone to be relied on, we see Anakin adjusting to that new dynamic, we see the two of them settling into the back and forth banter that we have a million examples of (look through pretty much any of my comics or novels quotes and you’ll find either “they loved each other SO MUUUUCH” or “jfc, they’re bantering like an old married couple WHILE EVERYTHING IS EXPLODING AROUND THEM”) and that hits me right in the HELL YEAH place.

(And don’t get me started on Anakin’s feelings about Obi-Wan and Padme’s interactions, which are practically nothing and yet he still can’t stand it. THEY’RE BOTH HIS, some part of him hisses, knowing he’s selfish and that he shouldn’t be, but he can’t stop it.  He loves these two people with such passion and it’s by the grace of the Force that they both love him and understand that he’s never anything less than wholly genuine about how he just simply orbits two suns instead of one.)

//Hate to break a few hearts here, but folks.

Adrien is not the perfect little ray of sunshine that everyone makes him out to be.
Especially the writers.
I think they understand what they’re doing when they say that they’re tired of all the rape-bait and horrific fanfiction people keep writing that completely rips apart the characters as a whole in general, but! 

Adrien resents his father. Mildly. In Simon Says, in the Bubbler episode, heck, even in the Origins episode he has shown that he is fairly upset at his father. In Volpina, he actually sneaks into his father’s room and steals from him. I mean, would a perfect little child do that? No. 

However, this does not mean he is a bad character. This actually makes his character have realistic flaws and thus makes him far more relate-able than others. 

I’ve stated in the past that there is this trope about single parents; the kids are cruel to them, you feel horrible for the parents because they’re poor or alone or whatever other reason (ie see Gilmore Girls, she and Rori get along really well of course, but there are still the stigmas that come with single parenting) and you never really see what it’s like to be a single parent child. 

I was raised as a single parent child, and it was definitely not all rainbows and roses. Parents flip out, parents get stressed, and sometimes, parents are abusive in more ways than one. Neglect is abuse. It was only for a year, of course, but in that year, Gabriel should have been far more supportive and active in Adrien’s life with his wife, and Adrien’s mother, missing. 

Adrien was sheltered all of his life, with his only friend ever having been Chloé. For all we know, his mother was the only relationship he had that was remotely friendly, though I doubt that his father wasn’t a father while his wife was around. He obviously adores Adrien, but he sees him more as a symbol than an actual person in the series from what we have seen so far. Like a trophy son. 

Adrien knows this, and this was why, in Origins, he actually ran away and tried to go to school on his own. He ran away during the Christmas special. He shouted and yelled at his father in Simon Says, and in the Bubbler episode, it was obvious neglect and resentment there around his birthday. It wasn’t kick your teeth in resentment, but it was definitely there. 

I don’t like ‘perfect’ characters. I want a character to have flaws; if they are perfection, they aren’t human. If we needed dolls to run around perfectly on screen, we’d be looking elsewhere, not at Zagtoons. 

Marinette has plenty of her own flaws, and people constantly point those out, but if anyone even so much as mentions Banana Child having a flaw, there’s a huge fit thrown. 

Adrien is human. That makes him a perfect charater, but not a perfect person.
There is a difference. 

Lee Daehwi, a 16 years old boy who recived hate since the very first nayana perfomance for being “ugly”, who recived  hate for being “femnine” and “gay” since first episode, who went through incredible amount of hate for being ambitious about his dream to debut, who never cried in front of camera, who’s closest people in Korea were his friends, who, at his young age, can sing, dance, rap, compose and write lyrics, who never complained about a thing, who just went through all the hardships to his dream by working hard and not giving up.

I have so much respect for this kid, he deserves all the love and appreciation in this world. I’m proud of you, my son. 

Tom Holland Stans

I love how we all love Tom, and we automatically all love Harrison as well. But some of y'all are sleeping on Harry, I mean, what a legend. Matter of fact, y'all sleeping on the rest of the talented family I swear


character moodboard » dante quintana ft. purple

“Dante’s face was a map of the world. A world without any darkness. Wow, a world without darkness. How beautiful was that?”

“Y me pareció que el rostro de Dante era un mapa del mundo. Un mundo sin oscuridad. Vaya, un mundo sin oscuridad. ¿Cuán hermoso era eso?”


Tolkien Pressure 68/?


Assassin’s Creed meme - four otps/brotps (4/4) Ezio and Yusuf


I’m sorry about what happened that night.’

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Hey I don't know if you have done this already but if it's not too much trouble could you make a pros and cons/ what a slytherpuff relationship would include, thanks

We did some pros and cons but not what one would include so here you go! 😊

-a fuckton of witty banter
-sarcastic comments
-sitting in comfortable silence with each other
-binge watching all the shows together
-“I’m sorry I’m so clingy” -Hufflepuff
-“I’m sorry I’m not really good with showing affection that well” -Slytherin

FEEL FREE TO ADD MORE! (Those are just some key points I’ve noticed)

-miki (the Hufflepuff)


under different circumstances, i think you and i could’ve really had some fun.

At this point though I just want Bakugou to lose because this is the only good way he’ll learn.

It’s not even that I’m cheering for Todoroki (although I am too in a way tbh but also i don’t care enough about the tournament for that), it’s just that. Losing the tournament against Todoroki will force Bakugou to get some introspection again.

Also, while It was hella rude I’m glad Bakugou still asks for Todoroki to gives his everything, he doesn’t want to win against someone who wouldn’t even give his all, and tbh I think that even losing without Todoroki to use his fire would have Bakugou’s pride hurt. But in the continuity of Deku asking Todoroki to use both side because he is both side, it gives some credits to it.

But ye still Bakugou that was rude.

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! LOVE! DVD Special - Drama CD 3 Translation

Suuuper liberal translations in parts; let me know if you take issue with anything here! My listening ability is pretty amateur so I might have gotten seiyuu mixed up and stuff.

Message me if you’d like a copy of the audio to listen along to. ALSO message me if you have good listening skills and you’d like to have a go at the other drama CDs!

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Call-Out Post

Definitely sick of seeing all the hate towards BTS flooding my dash because of the concept videos.
If you were a real ARMY you would love their content and their comebacks even if it wasn’t exactly what you expected.
So what there are girls?
So what there’s possibly a romance concept?
It’s BTS.
You know they’re going to drop some amazing music and some great stories, like they’ve always done and always will do.
For those who are hating on them because you don’t like the concept… you aren’t real fans.
Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


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