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another part for the baby shinichi au, this time with ‘ellery’ making himself a nightmare for haibara to look after so she’ll hurry up with her antidote. this is probably right after she tells him he’s better this way because at least now he can’t run off and reveal his identity to people (plus he’s still ticked off about hattori being the one to name him after his favourite writer, how dare she allow that to happen)



The Blessed Messiah and the tower of Ai - Ver. Fatesona

HELLO YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS FIRST OF ALL and don’t forget to click for a better quality

I’m sorry for making you suffer but i like it. It’s been a while since i did this

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So here’s the casting : @sakudrew (Brandon), @rlynsss (Lyn), @tacticianwinter (Winter), @belowtheraedar (Rae), @oreowarrior (Floran), @lilleilder (Agathe), @soundlessroom (Denna), @jisunshines (Liefe), @krazehkai (Kai), @happywonderfuldays (Mai)

DCMK Character Interaction Oneshots I want to (but probably won’t ever) write

- Shinichi and Kazuha having a heart to heart over their common experience of having pined for oblivious childhood friends. Shinichi gives Kazuha a sympathetic pat on the shoulder as he concedes she’s had it rougher as he’s only pined from preschool to middle school. It doesn’t make her feel better. At all. 

- Ran and Kid in a locked room situation (not like what you’re thinking) as they play poker with the cards from his cardgun (RAN WINS EVERYTIME, much to his diminishing ego) as they wait for Conan to rescue them. Secrets get unveiled (”What do you mean you don’t remember my mistaken confession to you during that emergency plane landing? So that was really-??”) and advice is asked for (”So in a what-if, completely hypothetical situation, you find out your best friend *cough possible love interest cough* had a secret identity he was hiding from you all this time, how would you react?”) 

- Heiji and Aoko griping about Kaitou Kid impersonating their best friends one too many times (oh Aoko), and Heiji being impressed with Aoko’s mop-handling techniques and offering to teach her proper kendo form (somewhere far away, Kaito shivers in fear). Akako intrigued by the slight psychic impression she’s getting from Heiji, and trying to seduce him, to no avail. She thinks he’s being protected by the omamori he has with him, but really it’s because he’s as dense as a rock.

- Hakuba and Haibara: The Great British Sarcastic Wit Face-Off (Sera referees.) 

new concept for stardew valley:

polyamorous relationships

Cheeb Utena and Anthy!

It’s been years since I watched RGU but I never got to draw them, now I’ve finally sat down to do it. I’m hoping to make this into stickers maybe!