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I was wondering if you have any Johnnyboy Valentine's Day headcanons X3

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I SuRe dO :D

-Okok so like????? Johnny tries to go all out with gifts honestly? 

-Like ok he doesn’t have a lot of money but he will save as much as he can so he can spoil his lil princess 

-Pony?? He doesn’t have money at all so he spoils Johnny with poems and drawings xD

-One year they tried to go out on a Valentine’s date together, but it ended horribly

-So– it’s a tradition for them every year to watch a movie at the Curtis’ all snuggled up on the couch eating chocolates Johnny bought ;w;

-Their first kiss was on Valentine’s Day and let me tell you,,,,,,,,,,,,, Pony was like??? Too happy for words

-At some points they’ll put on love songs and just dance around the room all close to each other and– ;w; it’s so pure

-Like the gang leaves all night so they can be by themselves and together and qqufwgyt4wrew I love them

-Johnny loves to dip Pony and kiss him and Ponyboy will lowkey freak out bc ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man that’s adorable xD

-I’m so uncreative I’m sorry ;-;

-They feed each other those chocolates btfw–

-Snorts um ok don’t take my word for it but they’ll def get into some heated make out sessions on the couch


-It never gets too far though 


-And they’ll fall asleep on the couch together in each other’s arms ;w;

“Hey, Johnny?”

“Yeah, baby?”

“I love you…”

“I love you, too, Pone…”


Collab with sicorey!!! I’m so sorry I took so long omg. 

These were incredibly fun to color- thank you to Sicorey for the patience ;___; Thank you for collabing with me, bro!

i do (cherish you)

@cleiioo asked: daisuga!

daisuga, five times Daichi asks Suga to marry him plus once he says yes. Fluff. 3k. Read on AO3

The first time Daichi suggests it, it’s a joke.

“Sugawara Koushi,” he says solemnly. He’s bent on one knee, the floor is still sticky with sweat post-practice. He offers up the lost ring, found while mopping off gym floors. “Will you marry me?”

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Bonjour, everyone! This is later than late, but better late than never, I suppose! I’m Kelly (she/her, est, 16 years old), and I’m your local trash can of ideas who happens to suck at plotting. This is my brand new muse Cole, who is a huge daredevil, but also isn’t and kinda just likes to exist??? He’s dead inside just like me lmao. Everything you need to know about him is under the cut, give this a like and I’ll message you either here or on Discord (Tuan #2914)!

TW: Murder, Electrocution, Mugging, Violence

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The hike was awesome! We hiked 6.9 miles in almost four hours because I’m slow as molasses and I didn’t pause my timer when I stopped to take pictures (I only took 188 pictures this time–last time I went on a hike I took over 400, and they were all awful XD). Anyway, we went to the mines again because Mr. Owly has never been to them, and this time I got pictures inside the cave:

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I'm done. MATT NEEDS MITCH LIKE AUSTON NEED HIM. they are fucking sad because he isn't there ahhhhhhhh. Sorry

help him he didn’t blink for almost 10 seconds 

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Hey beautiful!

Umm… honestly… I feel so many emotions right now that if I told you all of what I was feeling, it wouldn’t make any sense??!! Lets just say I had to step away for a second and breathe (which I am pretty sure everyone else had to do as well lol) and had to collect my thoughts. I have invested so much of my time and passion the past 2 years into these characters ( I have never done that before in my life!!!) and to see them at this point, I am just in shock! I know I see people say this all the time but honestly if you would have told me 2 years ago that they would be getting married, I don’t think I could ever believe you haha! I just have a lot of feelings and I am just happy there are people that feel the same way in the fandom.. I love that we can all come together and hold one another through this magical, breathtaking moment in time! My love I wish I had a better answer but my mind is just flooded with so much emotion and excitement haha!  I really hope you are having a great day and I love you! If you need someone to hold you through all of this awesomeness, than I am here! (I also need it myself if I am honest!!!!)

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Okay so you know how we know nothing about naths family? What if Lila and nath are in class and the whole class is talking to each other and evreryones asking each other "what are you doing for Christmas? and someone asks nath and he pauses for a moment and then forces a smile and says that his parents are out of town so hes not really doing anything and so lila is just so confused so she takes him to her home for Christmas and they can both just be happy and ahhhhhhhh


LIKE NATH JUST “haha they’re um… not in town”
Lila just looking at him like “boi”


enjoy hawaii hun, have as much fun as u can get <333