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I would like to state for the record that I will never not even in a million years ever be over the whole beth childs look with the suit and the sunglasses and the bun

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Command: you have to tell all your potential lovers 3 things you dislike/hate/find unattractive about them.

You must obey 3/6 


All people tagged in this; Because this says ‘potential lovers’, i have not yet been able to discuss with all of you if you are okay with me shipping Sansie with your character. Either because I have not yet found the right moment to ask or we might not know one another for so long yet. 

I am NOT going to force this relationship on you, nor will I blame you if you have no interest in shipping with me

See this more as a forced way for me to show with which characters I have an interest in shipping. If you disagree, feel free to ignore this or tell me in IM that you disagree with me. While I would rather not have you coming (angrily) at Sansie with your character, i can’t stop you from doing so.

OK! let’s get on with ruining any of Sansie’s chances for potential lovers!

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have you noticed that every time there a nct variety show that has taeyong in it, definitely has him apologizing for the mistakes he made years ago. i get it. we get it. everyone gets it. he made a mistake when he was young, and hurt many. but yo, how many times must a boy apologize for a mistake he made when he wasn’t even a teen. does it really take a person’s career to finally have people forgive him. look at taeyong when he is apologizing for his mistakes and tell me that he is lying or faking it. tell me that he isn’t remorseful at all. i dare you. stop and think about it for a second. aren’t you even embarrassed for bringing up a mistake a young teen did constantly for his entire life. so what, are people still going to bring this shit up when he turns 60?????? i don’t think so. so lay back a bit would you. 

Concerning the Sherlolly shippers who got insulted by my last post. I do apologise for tagging my shit w your tags, I changed it alright?
I’m sorry that I got so many people offended by just one little post, that wasn’t meant to be taken seriously at all. We all joke about each other and that’s what it was, a JOKE. I didn’t say ‘Sherlolly shippers are stupid or naive’, what I said was writting like a joke, so take it as such. Jesus Christ I’ve never gotten myself in a ship war, I never would have thought that ppl actually respond to post from a blog so small like mine.
Let’s be positive: I apologise to everyone who got offended, I take it back. Let’s enjoy Setlock (or rather not) and let’s wait all together for s4 because it’s going to be freaking awesome and devastating for all of us.