sorry afke

I just had a game where 3 teammates left a match. 3! I’m assuming they were a premade. I had to sit through 10 minutes of walking around the map trying not to die. Seriously, don’t do that. Even if you think the game is bad, it’s gonna be ten times worse for your team when you leave.

Submitted by @dinosaurs-do-dream

Art by  DAdonikaaaaaa

{click more for the face of a woman who has given up on her soul for zelda}

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So I was just playing Cerberus’ first main story, ya know, like ya do, when I came across this little gem! I mean seriously hoLY CRAP CYPRIN WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!! WHY HASN’T THIS BEEN IN MY LIFE TILL NOW?! THEY LOOK GLORIOUS I MEAN GODS DAMN! HOLY CRAP ON A FRIGGIN CRACKER!!!!!! What I’m trying to say is that after this, I’m in desperate need of a CYPRIN route!

A very late prize for @scorpybaby‘s contest.  I am so sorry @feelme-mylove for the delay.  I hope that you enjoy this.  She requested her character with Hades.  Also, first picture of 2016 ^^;

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Hello - Raid Version
  • Hello, it’s me
  • I was wondering if maybe you could use Cure II or III
  • Popping cooldowns on everything
  • They say that you’re supposed to heal me
  • But ya ain't done much healing
  • Hello, can you hear me
  • Pay attention to mechanics cause I’m all out of MP
  • Why do you stand in AoEs?
  • I've forgotten how it feels to have one guy hit by a cleave
  • BOTH:
  • There's just one lockout to run this
  • But another wipe…
  • DPS 1:
  • Hello from the other side
  • You pulled too early and I cried
  • And tell you I'm sorry for AFKing right here
  • But if we hit it harder, maybe we might get a clear…
  • DPS 2:
  • Hello from the dead side
  • I said I cleared it but I lied!
  • But I’m still not sorry for all my mistakes
  • And by the way I won’t tell you when all my gear breaks anymore!