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Friendly reminder that both Petra and Rafael came from messed up, basically emotionally abusive families, for awhile they both thought their looks was the only way to get what they wanted and they have since both learned they’re smart and capable, they were genuinely in love at a point before the show started, they run a business together (or did @Luisa), they suffered through a late term miscarriage and Rafael’s cancer together, they both scheme and have done shady things, there’s the whole long lost sibling/criminal sisters thing, Petra never knew her father/Rafael never really knew his adoptive mother, and the list goes on…they’re not perfect but there’s more to their connection than the twins #justsaying.

  • Jikook: does something
  • Salty shippers: he barely touched his neck. He was kissing his hand. They shouldn't force themselves to this level of fan service.
  • *Other ship does fan service*
  • Salty shippers: oMG!!!! Did y'all see that! Abdjdkx it's real, you can see the emotion! ...

it’s 5/6 so I have an excuse ok, here’s a quartet of ennotana multichap fic recs bye

birds of a feather by mew-tsubaki / @le-amewzing

learning us by tsucchi / @kenma-irl

ennoshita’s theory by thepessimist / @thepessimistsblog

close your eyes and kiss me by gilrael / @gilrael


It’s Friday the 13th. Person A and B decide to binge watch the horror movie marathon that’s on TV. While Person A is already snuggled in the blankets with the remote, Person B gets up and says they’ll go get snacks. While Person B is in the kitchen, Person A is watching a movie that’s already started. It’s right at one of the scariest parts where the female in distress is running away from murderer. It’s leading up to a big jump scare and Person A wraps themselves in the blankets, preparing themselves for impact. Suddenly, Person B jumps out from behind with scary face paint and a fake knife in an attempt to pull a little prank on Person A. They jump out right at the jump scare and it scares the ba-jeebus out of Person A. Person A screeches the unholiest of screeches and throws the remote at Person B’s face. It hits them right in the eye. Person B screams and falls back. “AHH!OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS YOU OHMYGOD I’M SO SORRY!” Person A babbles.
The rest of their night is spent in the Minor Injuries Clinic at the hospital. They end up laughing about it as bandages are wrapped around Person B’s head.

a trans tumblr user who passes well and does not typically focus on his Trans Experience on his blog but makes no particular effort to conceal his trans status either: did you know that trans people have a wide variety of appearances and behaviors and most cis people are not nearly as good at recognizing trans people as they assume they are

a plethora of anons on this blue hellsite: why are you, An Obvious Cis, so transphobic???


I hate all kind of fandom drama and I feel truly sorry for the people whose ships didn’t become canon, but I will also defend Thomas Hamilton with my life and will literally punch the next person that says something bad about him.



Most of us just mind our own business and stick to liking our ship and not hating on others.

You cannot judge this whole community because a few people insult you or talk shit about your ships.

It’s actually quite embarrassing for us when people from our ship community hate. It’s like that one relative who’s really racist or homophobic and just keeps saying horrible things and the rest of the family doesn’t agree with them, but doesn’t know what to say to them about it either.

And we are not all people with “gay fetishes.” Most of us are, in fact, just people who want to see sexual orientations other than straight up on the screen. Or, we’re just people with great gaydars. It is not often that we are portrayed correctly in shows or films either, and it means a lot to us when there are characters who are hinted as being non-straight in a popular program.

I’m sorry others make hate accounts about your ships, but that isn’t under our control. That isn’t the way most Johnlockers act.

The TJLC community is quite brilliant, and we simply want to ship in peace. It is unfair that some of us shame you for your ship preferences. I know it feels horrible. But please try not to immediately label everyone who is involved with TJLC as hostile. Because the majority of us really aren’t, and respect that there are others who ship differently. We may not agree with or support these other ships, but we do not have the right to shame you for what you believe. 

This goes for any ship and any fandom. Just respect each other. Please.

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What is your advice for viewers who see their favorite ships canonically sink 100x faster than the Titanic? This happened on a show that I watch, and the fandom is in total rage/grief mode.

I’m sorry about your ship! But I’m of the belief that canon is whatever you want it to be. You don’t have to consider anything canon if you don’t want to. What happened on the show is just as real as what’s in your fanfic/fanart/head. Sounds like it’s time for a fix-it fic!

hey so @hiyoriyuki and i have decided to set sail the mei/ochako ship

is anyone else on board

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thank you so much for this blog, u, guys, doin a great job ! i wish the best for you!:3 can i ask about your favorite characters and ships? (sorry if somebody asked already) another fandoms that you like? p.s. i'm shocked a bit that both of you are so mature q_q

My fave non-canon ship is Dean and Seamus; my fave canon ship is Aberforth and his goat.

I’m not much into fandom shit, but I do enjoy the show Criminal Minds, professional wrestling, and heavy metal music. ~Taiga

but my fave HP ship of all time is Sirius and Lily the end. 


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i have artist friends who are in aftg fandom but they don't draw anything brcause they feel the content will get hate and they don't want to deal with haters. i'm just so sad that they decide to not draw. 😢please keep drawing your ships

I’m sorry to hear that about your friends. It’s an eternal struggle as a content creator to be able to please everyone in the crowd, but the utmost important thing to remember is that they draw/write/create for themselves and no one else. If any one, hater or not, has the holier-than-thou gall to dictate otherwise what should or should not be created, in the words of Neil Josten, they can go eat an exy stick.

Don’t worry friend, I love my ships and I love this fandom so I would love to continue sharing my humble art with all of you.

Salt Mines

Context: It’s the meme-hating DM’s squad again, back this time with a new lineup of fighter, monk, warlock and ranger. Below are…a few of the highlights.


Warlock: So since we’re probably going to die on this boat anyway, what’s your story? How about you, [monk]?

Monk: I got roaring drunk and fapped to the statue of our temple’s god in the middle of prayer, so they kicked me out.


Fighter: I mean if we just go in a straight line we can probably make it to the next town.

Ranger: Have you never been to a forest before? You can’t just go STRAIGHT through a forest! Everything is knotted and growing randomly and frustrating…like my sexuality.

Warlock: Do you want me to try untangling the knots for you? ;)

Monk: While they do that I’m gonna go pee.


(talking to a native NPC)

Native: Well, sorry about nearly taking your head off then. But recently there’s been three ships’ worth of people like you coming here and tramping all over the place. Just a day ago one of them planted a flag on a hill and now his men would shoot anyone who came near, saying something like “This territory is ours!”

Fighter: Ah, imperialism. Never failing to jizz on a perfectly functional society.

Warlock: Don’t you give them gifts now, or they will turn around claiming they thought it was all free and refuse to pay you back even though they understand that gifts-giving is deals-making across almost all intellectual species.


Monk: Didn’t you and I come from the same city, [Fighter]?

Fighter: If we did, I’m denying to everyone that we used to know each other.


Warlock: What are friends, [Ranger]?

Ranger: Murder accomplices.

Warlock: Bingo!


Ranger: How did someone as straight laced as you get dragged off on a criminals-delivery ship like us?

Fighter: You think the ship would sail itself? I was a crewman.

Ranger: [sidles closer] Some ships do sail themselves.

Fighter: That ship already sank the moment you ruffians stepped foot on it. It sank right to the bottom with the weight of your sins.

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@ reylo vs j/ohnlock, I get what you are saying in that the situations are totally different. Not least because the sh*rlock fandom bullied away anyone who didn't believe in tjlc and this one bullies FOR believing. But my other (het) ship just got canonically turned into incest this week despite the ptbs' assurances that they were NOT related, and writers/bts ppl name checking our ship and faving our ship posts and seeming supportive/not ruling it out. All I can say is cautious optimism is safer


thanks for the concern but this IS me being cautiously optimistic. and honestly this is prolly controversial of me to say but if by some horrible accident reywalk is a thing and comes right the fuck out of nowhere in the plot my reaction is basically gonna be “well it looks like my reylo merchandise is gonna be a whole lot rarer and more valuable and my fanfics are gonna be even more Problematic lol” like baby’s first fandom for me was yugioh and that fandom is RAMPANT with incest ships that are hinted at in canon and no one bats an eye so i’m not that disturbed by it

but lbr if that were to somehow happen it’s gonna be disney who looks really bad for having stuff like this be approved official art, not me