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there are two kind of wlw ships:
Calm, cool collected gay who is most of the time low-key goth or a high femme queen and her gf a adorkable hyper girl who is sunshine and rainbows 24/7.

A angry gay who will fight u and fight themselves and fight anyone and their gf the chill happy smol who just likes tea and books and shit.

AU: Where Whiskey denied Ginger for being a field agent because he didn’t want her to die and also because they’re best buddies. Not because he’s a misogynist.


AU: After when Whiskey gets healed he wakes up and starts flirting with Eggsy instead of Ginger. “Scream my name, boy.”

AU: Whiskey finally gives Ginger his title because he wants her to be happy and apologizes to her. Champagne retires and Jack becomes Champagne.

AU: Whiskey isn’t a greedy business man.

AU: Whiskey moves on but still misses his wife. He really wants to help Harry and Eggsy but tells them he can’t do the whole mission because “personal” reasons. (Bonus: Jack falls in love with both Eggsy and Harry, though it takes a while for Jack to love Harry.)

AU: Whiskey has a better backstory and doesn’t betray the Kingsman and the Statesman.

AU: Where Vaughn and Goldman aren’t the writers of Kingsman: The Golden Circle.


it’s 5/6 so I have an excuse ok, here’s a quartet of ennotana multichap fic recs bye

birds of a feather by mew-tsubaki / @le-amewzing

learning us by tsucchi / @kenma-irl

ennoshita’s theory by thepessimist / @thepessimistsblog

close your eyes and kiss me by gilrael / @gilrael

Friendly reminder that both Petra and Rafael came from messed up, basically emotionally abusive families, for awhile they both thought their looks was the only way to get what they wanted and they have since both learned they’re smart and capable, they were genuinely in love at a point before the show started, they run a business together (or did @Luisa), they suffered through a late term miscarriage and Rafael’s cancer together, they both scheme and have done shady things, there’s the whole long lost sibling/criminal sisters thing, Petra never knew her father/Rafael never really knew his adoptive mother, and the list goes on…they’re not perfect but there’s more to their connection than the twins #justsaying.


It’s Friday the 13th. Person A and B decide to binge watch the horror movie marathon that’s on TV. While Person A is already snuggled in the blankets with the remote, Person B gets up and says they’ll go get snacks. While Person B is in the kitchen, Person A is watching a movie that’s already started. It’s right at one of the scariest parts where the female in distress is running away from murderer. It’s leading up to a big jump scare and Person A wraps themselves in the blankets, preparing themselves for impact. Suddenly, Person B jumps out from behind with scary face paint and a fake knife in an attempt to pull a little prank on Person A. They jump out right at the jump scare and it scares the ba-jeebus out of Person A. Person A screeches the unholiest of screeches and throws the remote at Person B’s face. It hits them right in the eye. Person B screams and falls back. “AHH!OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS YOU OHMYGOD I’M SO SORRY!” Person A babbles.
The rest of their night is spent in the Minor Injuries Clinic at the hospital. They end up laughing about it as bandages are wrapped around Person B’s head.

a trans tumblr user who passes well and does not typically focus on his Trans Experience on his blog but makes no particular effort to conceal his trans status either: did you know that trans people have a wide variety of appearances and behaviors and most cis people are not nearly as good at recognizing trans people as they assume they are

a plethora of anons on this blue hellsite: why are you, An Obvious Cis, so transphobic???

I just want to say that even if eremika doesn’t become canon we can all still enjoy and love it. This really goes for any ship. Not getting canon is not the death of a ship. Everything you loved about it is still there. Canon is nice but it’s not necessary. Trust me it hurts like bitch to see your ship go down but after sometime you can still continue love your ship.

And we if we do get canon telling other people to leave because they aren’t canon is bullshit. If you do that then your trash. I don’t care how stupid the antis are don’t go around saying shit.

We won’t disappear if we don’t become canon and neither will other ships. Don’t be those people that act like canon means you own the whole manga and now your ship rules over the manga.

Again I’m talking to eremika because that’s what my blog is about but this applies to all ships, even ones not from this fandom.

Im tired of seeing this attitude in my other fandom and I pray I don’t see that shit here too. Especially if it’s us that get blessed with canon.

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Notp. I’m normally all about rivals or enemies to lovers, but I just can’t see it going well with their canon relationship. Aside from the bullying, Bakugou has the emotional capability of a walnut when it comes to understanding Midoriya’s feelings, and Deku doesn’t really understand how Bakugou feels either. Bakugou feels like Deku is always looking down on him, while all Deku is doing is trying to help.  Their relationship is slowly getting better, but while their feelings have finally been expressed properly to each other (in the 117-120 fight), there hasn’t been a drastic enough change to put them in the spot for romance with each other. Bakugou still feels inferior, and mixing that in with his self-confident and proud personality just doesn’t really make for a good relationship.

Also, I see Deku as someone who would need an obvious positive emotional connection in a relationship, which is definitely not something Bakugou could easily give. Even when Bakugou (kind of) compliments Deku, its backhanded. While Deku is an incredibly persistent character, I don’t see him being able to take that all in stride.

Bakugou and Deku make an incredible rival match, which is my preferred relationship for them. They push each other to be the best they can be, albeit unknowingly. Deku forces Bakugou to confront his own self-reliance and pride, and in turn, Bakugou gives Deku a level of achievement that he can strive for without idolizing like All-Might and really helps show just how limitless Deku’s optimism is.

(Although I can get behind this ship in some really well done fics. May I Take Your Order, Dipshit is a pizza delivery AU that takes away their hero rivalry and childhood relationship, which definitely changes the way that their actions and emotions can be perceived, while still staying in character and true to Bakugou’s rather antagonistic nature. Also, How IKEA Sells All Their Beds. It takes place in canon, but honestly its just so fucking funny and light-hearted.)

Send me a ship: I’ll tell you OTP, BROTP, or NOTP!

Ayye it’s the Self Ship Witch again and I just want all of you to know that you can self ship for literally any reason you want.

Self Ship to cope with past trauma? Hella, I’m so sorry about whatever happened to you and your faves support you 100000000%

Self ship to feel romantic love? A m a z i n g I ship you and your fave

Self ship to feel like you have friends? Perfect I bet you and your fave(s) are the actual Dream Team™

Self ship to feel familial love? You know what they say, a family can be just a bunch of your favorite characters and you, 

Self ship just because it’s fun? You go and have your fun, make those headcanons, write that fic, draw yourself hanging with your faves, add some songs to that playlist, find fitting images for that moodboard, endless possibilities!

Self ship for all the above? Bitch me too!!1!!

i have never drawn anything so quick in my entire life so i’m sorry this is trash and i almost didn’t even post it because wo a h but i remembered it was irateshipping week starting today like as late as i could possibly remember so here we are

i imagine they eat a lot of meals together on the floor in front of the fridge like Adults

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I work at a call center for beyond bath and bed. The amount of idiot people calling in because they believe we're fed ex is just. Wow. Are you too dumb to track ur own order. OR EVEN JUST ASKING FOR 500 20% OFF. or even just telling us how stupid we are and that our company sucks. Sorry Linda about how your 600$ blender that arrived scratched. Please ship back the item so we can do a replacement. No? OK go fuck yourself bye bitch.

I’m generally nice to everyone. That’s pretty much a known fact. I make opinions about people by myself and not based on how others feel. Even if we have a falling out and you do me dirt, I’m still gonna give you another chance why? Because people grow, people are constantly changing. But you only get two chances with me. Just two and once you fuck me over twice I’m done.

With this being said, I was recently blocked by someone I considered a friend over some dumbass rp bullshit. It happened before and I let that shit go but it’s happened again. If you’re getting upset because YOU have a favorite sim and leave another one unused and wanna ship my only character with your rarely used one but never want to actually write or finish an rp with me, then you need to respect my decision to ship him elsewhere. Especially when I told you how I felt once before and you said you’d do better.

Recently I’ve been all about communication, talking through problems and finding a solution. I did that with his person they said they’d change and did the same shit yet again then got pissy at me because I decided to do something else with MY character honestly a lot of people are really possessive over others characters these days. You don’t have a claim to no ones sim just because you want a ship, it doesn’t work that way.

With that being said, please keep me blocked, please don’t lurk my shit, please delete my sim out of your game.

This is an @ to @sukusims

If anyone has a problem with this please direct allllll your messages to me.

I’m gonna sound really really stupid but

What is a Shaladin? Can someone explain to my stupid self about what it is? Is it like a ship? A group? I need to know y'all. It’s probably something super obvious and I’m just being dumb lmao, I don’t pay attention to fandom language as much as I do stories and theories lol.


I hate all kind of fandom drama and I feel truly sorry for the people whose ships didn’t become canon, but I will also defend Thomas Hamilton with my life and will literally punch the next person that says something bad about him.



Most of us just mind our own business and stick to liking our ship and not hating on others.

You cannot judge this whole community because a few people insult you or talk shit about your ships.

It’s actually quite embarrassing for us when people from our ship community hate. It’s like that one relative who’s really racist or homophobic and just keeps saying horrible things and the rest of the family doesn’t agree with them, but doesn’t know what to say to them about it either.

And we are not all people with “gay fetishes.” Most of us are, in fact, just people who want to see sexual orientations other than straight up on the screen. Or, we’re just people with great gaydars. It is not often that we are portrayed correctly in shows or films either, and it means a lot to us when there are characters who are hinted as being non-straight in a popular program.

I’m sorry others make hate accounts about your ships, but that isn’t under our control. That isn’t the way most Johnlockers act.

The TJLC community is quite brilliant, and we simply want to ship in peace. It is unfair that some of us shame you for your ship preferences. I know it feels horrible. But please try not to immediately label everyone who is involved with TJLC as hostile. Because the majority of us really aren’t, and respect that there are others who ship differently. We may not agree with or support these other ships, but we do not have the right to shame you for what you believe. 

This goes for any ship and any fandom. Just respect each other. Please.